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    Well done to St Mirren today. You can probably tell from my username that I'm a Hibs fan. Thought your team were a credit to your club today, worked their socks off and there was also no shortage of quality on display, particularly from Morgan and McGinn and to a lesser extent Mallan (IMO anyway). More than deserved your point, an argument could even been made that you lot deserved to pick up all three but hey ho, I don't think any of us particularly care now! Also, massive credit to the St Mirren fans today. Filled the half of the stand you were given and made a hell of a lot more noise than the likes of Hearts and Rangers who bring double the numbers but about 10% of the noise. Not heard an away support like that at Easter Road in a long time. If you could keep that squad together and add another couple decent players I think you lot could definitely win that league next season. When you lot beat us 2-0 you were probably the only team to have beaten us this season that actually deserved to. Whether you'll be able to do keep them together is the key but then again, with the job Jack Ross has done I'm sure he'd manage to replace them fairly well. Good luck next season. I hope and expect to see you lot back in the SPL very soon.
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    It wasn't luck. It was hard work, commitment, guts, and tactical wherewithal. I'm not thanking 'God' or anyone or anything other than Jack Ross, his coaching team, our BoD, and the players. THAT is the reality! ETA - no, I will thank others - our supporters. We should (well, most of us) take a bow also. I am immensely proud of the St Mirren support in recent months. The measure of a fitba support is how you back your club when the chips are down.
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    Who celebrates finishing 7th in a league of 10? Not St Mirren and nor should we! What we celebrated at full time today was so much more than a point. So much more than finishing seventh having been bottom for the vast majority of the season. What we celebrated was the preservation of history in a Lazarus style rise from the dead. Truth be told, had we ambled through the season in a humdrum fashion and finished seventh this season, most fans would have been venting displeasure at best. Instead, almost 2,000 of us stood shoulder to shoulder when not hugging one another, applauding a set of players who gave their all for the cause. Credit to the Hibs fans at this point. This was THEIR party, but for a few moments, they respectfully allowed us to gatecrash it. St Mirren FC is 140 years old. In 140 years, Saints have NEVER played outwith the top two divisions of Scottish football. I have supported Saints for around 40 years... Almost a third of the clubs existance! I think that entitles me to be passionate about them. I have seen more lows than highs, more misery than celebrations... But when we DO celebrate, us Buddies know how to savour the moment... We have usually waited decades for it, suffering in the meantime. Right up until the final whistle today, one more goal by Hibs and Saints would have faced a relegation play-off. Worse still... Against our Manager Jack Ross' last team Alloa, currently managed by cup winning captain and Saints legend Jim Goodwin. That thought alone was a painful one. So... When the whistle blew, we were partially celebrating a hard earned point away to a very good championship winning side in Hibs, but we were celebrating so much more. Relegation COULD have meant people losing jobs. COULD have resulted in us going part-time and spending unknown years in the doldrums. We were celebrating the preservation of 140 years history in an escape act that Houdini himself would have admired. We were letting the players know that we truly appreciated their efforts and know they gave their all. We were letting them know that for 95 minutes today we were going into every challenge with them and were willing them over one final hurdle. In a team filled with teenagers and youngsters, the inhumane pressure they have faced up to and overcome is testimony to the leadership of Jack Ross and his inspirational Captain Marvel Stephen McGinn. We were celebrating their coming of age and the potential birth of something that hasn't excited me as much since a young manager called Alex Ferguson got me addicted in the first place! No. Nobody should celebrate finishing seventh in a league of ten. I hope we never do! Slainte.
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    Sunshine on Leith Only just recovered from yesterday. What a day. Started off with a tourist pint in Malones. Someone said in an earlier post he couldn’t understand why so many Buds were milling about Waverly station when there were pubs close by. Good Point. The Cask and Barrel was the second port of Call our Band of Buds joined the rest of the B+W army who had congregated at the HIBS end of the bar. Any Hibs fans had to sit in the Hearts section. Possibly too many cask ales here. No singing allowed or even aloud though. We got a row but more than a few singing Buds left for ER in good spirits. First half was OK. Didn’t think anything too scary happened around our goal. Our support was immense and our singing voices were better co-ordinated than our more numerous hosts. I think all that practise we’ve had at all our must win games must have paid off. Few horrible minutes of worry in the second half. Hibs must have made some Zillion passes to set Holt up for their goal but thankfully we had the Power and the Rory to lead us from relegation and the Saints came well and Truly marching in. The After-match celebrations were Brill but the Hibees couldn’t co-ordinate their singing and I wasn’t that impressed with Sunshine on Leith. Middleton’s pub was heaving after the match. It was like drinking in Paisley town centre. Buds packed in and in very good singing voice. Victory/survival/start of a new Era or just pure relief the Buds were bawling out the full Saints repertoire. We tried to get a Decent sunshine on Leith Going but the handful of Hibees in the bar didn’t know the words. Disappointing. So out we went into Edinburgh. Quite literally Sunshine on Leith was shining everywhere and the amount of Buds we found at Street tables enjoying a beer was quite overwhelming. I reacquainted myself with Buds I’d met at various locations across the country at, on route to or returning from away games. These likeminded buds who like me, scoot about the country in trains enjoying the odd beer with fellow football fans were all in good voice. A true band of Buddies united by black and white apparel were having a night to remember in the capital. Over the course of the evening we got talking to a few hibees who invited us to a wee restaurant on Leith Walk for a curry. It was a pokey wee place where you took your own drink but armed with suitable supplies we rocked the place. The food was Brill and after a serious conversation with two swedes about whether Larson or Ibrahimović was the greatest ever Swedish player we all got down to a serious rendition of Sunshine on Leith. Even the swedes joined in. “OH when the Saints” was the follow up and all too soon we said good bye to our new found Hibee and Swedish friends. Not sure if the restaurant is normally as noisy but no problems with singing in there. I left my Buds who were travelling back to Paisley and went in search of the North Berwick train. Whilst I was standing looking at the departures board two guys who were a bit unsteady on their feet bumped into me. I turned to find Black and white staggering figures who were holding each other up and noting my similar dress sense Shouted “Hey mate you’re a Bud.” The black and White army bond is truly a magnificent thing and Saturday was one of the reasons I love being a Football Fan. Being a Bud is special and I’m proud to be a Buddy. This love will last for ever. Come on ye saints.
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    My dad's name was roundly applauded at the start of the game and we won 5.0. Great day!!! COYS
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    I made this today to thank you for your support over the course of the season. Hope you enjoy it! If you like it you can download the source file from here; http://www.blackandwhitearmy.com/downloads/The-Great-Escape-16-17.zip (540Mb)
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    Apologies for interrupting your discussion, but as a Hibs fan I just wanted to say that the St Mirren team and fans were a class act today. Apart from not getting a stonewall penalty that you should have got early on, for parts of the game you were excellent and matched us comfortably. The least you deserved was a draw out of that. God knows how you were fighting it out for playoff places at the bottom of the Championship when you play like that. As for the fans, I know I can speak for a lot of Hibs fans when I say that's the best away support at any game at ER this season, right behind your team the whole game. Hope you noticed that your players got applause from our fans too after the game. Well done, and I fully expect St Mirren to be pushing for promotion next season if they continue the form they've been in recently.
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    I've not posted on here for a while but just want to thank the people that have sent messages texts tweets etc for there support and even the guys that have posted on here. I have to say it was an honour to be asked by SMFC to take over the job. Both myself and Colin feel that way. The buzz you actually get at walking in the main entrance with a club tie on on a matchday is something you can't explain. Saturday was our first game without phil who I have to thank. Obviously for the past 20 years but also for showing us how things run on a matchday for the previous 2 home games. Looking forward we obviously want to enhance the matchday experience for supporters. And by next season hope to have a few new things in place. On the volume issues that's something we will obviously look to address going forward. Although at half time on saturday there were cheerleaders doing a routine on the pitch. So for the girls to hear it had to be at that level. Colin and myself are just 2 life long buddies kinda living out a childhood dream. But we both very much appreciate the feed back. Which I have to say was on the whole extremely positive as I mentioned before. Also speaking to people we've have had nothing but positive things said. We understand that we will never be able to please everyone. But hopefully we will for the majority of fans enhance the day.
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    A short tribute to our number 10. Hope you enjoy!
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    Suppose I should be in with the doubters/non-believers, although I'm more than happy to be proven wrong. I wasn't a great fan of Jack Ross being appointed after what he did at Alloa last season. Effectively he was getting it on the basis of a couple of good months with them at the start of this season. However, if guys like Davies, Warnock and Hughes (thanks God he turned us down) hadn't been linked with us then I'd probably have been more accepting. Certainly of the four candidates it supposedly came down to he was the best/least bad option at the time. The first few months under him were horrendous and I had accepted we were down. When Morton scored on Hogmanay and their fans sang "The skunks are going down" I found it hard to disagree. I voted against the SMiSA money going into the player pool because I didn't think it would make any difference. I was even against us doing any transfer business in January as, being realistic, we were screwed. Far better to blood youngsters for life in League One rather than build a squad that would get relegated then we'd need to build another squad with those youngsters the main part of it. Even if we did get a good squad together, it would take too long for them to gel for it to be worthwhile. Confirms beyond any doubt that I know absolutely feck all about football. The turnaround has been nothing short of incredible and Ross, Fowler and everyone else deserve full credit for that. He made 10 signings in January and only Fjelde and Storie have made no impact (which is different to being pish like Hutton). The rest have all done something of note to greater or lesser degrees - even Todd, whose goal against Dundee United would have been vital if we'd held on. Even more remarkable is the way we've played ourselves out of trouble. We've not shitfested our way to safety, we've played exciting, attractive football. We had to go for it because draws wouldn't help but the attacking intent has paid off because the goals we rattled in against Raith Rovers, Ayr and Morton are a huge part of the goal difference that helped keep us up. We've also had to do this with endless midweek games, injuries to key players (Davis and Morgan) and getting sod all help from other teams for the most part. It shows how impressive a job the management have done that some folk were only half joking they wouldn't mind if we made the play-offs because it would mean the season would continue. The past few months have been the best I can recall outwith the title winning seasons of 1999/2000 and 2005/06. Following midweek games on Twitter has been nervewracking and enjoyable at the same time (aside from the Raith game). The Irn-Bru Cup final was the most fun I've had at a Saints game for years. The 4-1 win at Cappielow is one of the few Saints games in recent years I've missed that I wish I was at. Avoiding relegation at the start of the season shouldn't have been the aim but circumstances changed that. Ultimately, the celebrations on Saturday weren't just about avoiding the drop, they were about the end of an amazing few months which have seen the connection between the team and the fans at its highest in years and the completion of the great escape without even needing the play-offs. So aye, I gave up the faith - but I rediscovered it. When did I think we'd avoid the drop? About five o'clock on Saturday night...
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    The reality is that when the going got tough, you TC and a few others bailed on the team. Why dont you give the rest of the support, who stayed supportive during some of the darkest days of our history, space to enjoy their moment? Nobody needs your version of damning with faint praise. What this group of players, management, board of directors and fans have all achieved is absolutely incredible and you have no f**king right to piss on anyones chips.
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    This deserves its own thread. I reckon Mallan's 3rd (yes, it WAS a hattrick) is the best goal I have seen scored at the 2021 Stadium. Arguably, it is the best goal I have ever seen scored by a St Mirren player. I'll need to see it again, but I had to give myself a wee pinch to check that it actually happened. I was sitting just to the left of the goal in the South Stand, so had a fantastic view of it. It was one of these goals that you simply have to shake your head at, as it just didn't seem plausible. I could see the white of his eyes, and Stevie knew exactly what he was looking to do with that strike. Arise, Sir Stevie Mallan - what a memorable hit that was!
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    As it says in the title. Good solid signing. http://www.stmirren.com/news/club/all-news/878-adam-eckersley-agrees-two-year-deal
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    Just wanted to say good luck next Saturday and hopefully somehow you's can get the result you need to stay up, you's have always made it hard for us this season and I expect another close game i think it will be a draw.
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    Can I chuck my work now,if stephen earns that much,surely he'll look after his auld da.:)
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    Mentioned MacKenzie on the match day thread. Watched him closely over the last few weeks, looks, to me, the ultimate team player. His goal threat, we are due a few penalties as he's getting obstructed/hauled at almost every corner, and his willingness to be all over the park is a shining example to other players. Hope he stays with us for years to come as he could be a St Mirren great. Already helping Baird who was getting plenty of criticism, some warranted, some not so much, and I believe for us to have areal successful team we need a strong steady defence. We're still not out of the woods but, whatever happens, I hope MacKenzie is a Saints player for a long time.
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    I'll never, ever be embarrassed to celebrate SMFC achieving something. Yes, if you'd told me at the start of the season we'd be celebrating avoiding relegation I'd have scoffed at the notion. How can a club like this possibly celebrate simply staying up? Sometimes though, the end result is only half the story. We didn't just avoid it, we were dead.... totally gone and almost instantly, we just turned. We started getting results and played some fantastic, swashbuckling stuff in the process. In doing so we also completely changed the culture and stigma hanging over our club in the last decade. That's not just one the park, but from chairman and board all the way to fans, everyone did their bit. I've never seen or heard a team talking the supporters up quite so much as our current crop and they are right to do so. This is the celebration of finally getting to see our club move on into a new era. It feels like the start of something pretty special. That buzz doesn't happen too often so we're very much going to enjoy it.
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    4 points in December. That's what we had. We were 1/6 on to get relegated. He's brought his own guys in and done the business. Agree about the open top buses, however the last 3 months have been astounding. We go again in August, his team , preseason behind him, and title challenging expectations!! In jack we trust x
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    Unfortunately I don't believe we as a club could knock back £300k for a player who could run down his contract and leave for nothing. Do I think he is worth more. Course I do but I would happy we got something for him now and negotiate a sell on fee rather than get sod all next summer. Stevie has totally deserved this move. For the last two years he has scored over ten goals from midfield in struggling teams. I hear he works on improving his game after training so it's an example to other youngsters at club that if you work hard on your game and showcase your skills in our 1st team for two / three years you also can achieve a move to a better league and bigger club and progress your career. That is how we sell our club to youngsters we target. Sign for us and if your good enough you will get your chance in the 1st team. Give us two / three seasons then move on to bigger things. I hope Stevie's career goes from strength and I will watch that with keen interest. I am grateful I got to see this talented young man in action for us and I thank him for the many fantastic memories.
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    I think a wee word is due for Gordon and the board tonight. It was a huge call to sack Rae so early in the season and to appoint JR when there were more experienced candidates available. Absolutely vindicated now.
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    Your lad was absolutely sensational today. You must be bursting with pride. He strikes me as a grounded young lad who has his head screwed on. He appreciates the support he gets, and he grafts in return. For me, Stevie is one of the most the talented players I've seen at St Mirren (in 30 years) and it has been a privilege to watch him play.
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    Fantastic news. From OS St Mirren Football Club is delighted to announce the signing of Cammy Smith on a two-year deal. The forward joined the Saints on loan from Aberdeen in January and impressed, playing 17 times and scoring twice. Cammy becomes the latest player to pen a new deal as he makes the move to the Buddies permanently. Over the last six months I played every week and I just liked everything about it really," he told stmirren.com "The manager and coaching staff were a massive aspect of me coming back here and the potential we have next season to really push. "Game time is massive at this stage of my career. I still feel I'm quite young but I feel now at a stage where I need to play every week. "We know it is a tough league, but it's an enjoyable one as well so I'm looking forward to it."
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    Firstly I'm sad to lose a player of genuine quality and one that excites me as a fan when watching the team. The award of a free kick anywhere within 25 yards of goal created a wee buzz of anticipation around the Saints fans home or away and I will definitely miss that. From a club perspective though it's good to see these players getting a move to what is after all a very big league. Although it's the 2nd tier in England the money going around in that division is mind boggling. I'd be sure the Championship would be in the top 5 richest leagues in European football. It says a lot about the work that David Longwell, and now Allan McManus and his team have done/are doing at Ralston that we've had two graduates go to that league in the last 6 months. McLean and McGinn have also went on to receive international honours since graduating from the academy and Jason Naismith is plying his trade in the top flight too. It sends a message to existing players in the academy that if they are good enough and work hard enough they will get a chance, and if they get in the first team they can earn a move on to bigger clubs who can offer bigger rewards. Secondly it says to prospective players and their parents that this is a club who can provide that platform. It has to be a great incentive for young players to join us over other clubs. Thirdly we don't stand in the players way of moving on. Again this is important. We promised McLean he'd get his move if he signed a new contract and we promised Mallan in January that he'd get his move in the summer if Barnsley came back in. So, all good. The issue then is are we getting value from the players? In McGinn's case the 33% sell-on clause could yet yield us a 7 figure bounty on top of the £100K we sold him for in the first place. The previous board were lambasted for the decision to sell him to Hibs for that amount but if he does leave Hibs for say £3m which is not unreasonable to expect, then it will bring us in far more than we could ever have sold him for. McLean has a 10% sell on clause as part of his deal. Not quite in the same ball park as McGinn but still with a very good chance of getting a decent move South. McAllister and Mallan are now down there playing in a league where clubs regularly buy and sell in terms of millions of pounds. Barnsley themselves sold John Stones to Everton for £3m and then coined in another £7m when Everton sold him to Man City. They are just further up the food chain that we are. It's always a gamble but I think both those lads have a real chance and if they do go on to become 1st team regulars then the easter egg could yet pay out handsomely on both. I can't disclose what was in the Barnsley offer email they mistakenly sent me but suffice to say there were a number of components and incentives on the deal over and above just a plain up front fee and a sell on clause.
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    Sore one for me this year as the wee man's ticket jumps to £130. Still, needs must, and if I hadn't spunked £300 on Lewis Morgan's shirt when I was pissed in the Bankhouse then I might have thought differently. You live and learn.....
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    Think Jack Baird has proven in the last few games just how potentially good he is. Not a single foot has he put wrong. He is more than worthy of a new deal and has bags of promise.
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    Had we such a talented side for the entire season that question would make some semblance of sense. The truth is that our goalscorer today, Rory Loy, joined us in mid January. Our inspirational captain joined in late January. The impressive Cammy Smith, maverick talent of Stelios and solid industry of Adam Eckersley also joined in January. Not to mention our keeper who, despite a couple of cock ups, has provided a marked improvement between the sticks, and Harry Davis who played a big part before an unfortunate injury ended his season really. These additions have helped bring the best out of the mercurial talents of Stevie Mallan, and afforded Lewis Morgan more opportunities to run at players and cause havoc in opposition defences. Young Magennis, whom the manager showed great faith in when bringing him into the team to replace the hapless Hutton, has been another gem. That talented side including guys like Webster, Hutton, Shankland, Gallacher, Langfield and Clarkson will probably have continued to struggle, I think you'll agree... [emoji106]
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    Well, tears have just about dried up now. Like others, a few months back I could never have seen this day. Finish 7th? By Tory logic we're Champions! As much as I liked Jack as a player, I wasn't sold on the managerial appointment and the first 3 or 4 months bore that out. However, what a difference he and JF have made since the transfer window. They had the guts to make radical changes to the playing staff whilst sticking to their plan of how they wanted their side to play. Added to that, they enjoyed a Chairman and Board who were positive in outlook and prepared to back the management team. So, congratulations to all and I'm sorry I doubted you....greetin' again. [emoji24] Oh, one last thought. Congratulations to the fans who have travelled in such numbers over the last few months and with such belief. Every one of you deserves the celebratory Sunburn on Leith that's coming your way! [emoji3][emoji481]🥃
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    Remarkable that we are going to take close to 2,000 to Edinburgh on Saturday. The players and the management have rightly had a huge amount of credit the second half of the season but the supporters deserve recognition too as they have been absolutely outstanding IMO. The away support is ridiculous when you consider what we get at home. We're taking around 50% of our home support to away games at times, it's brilliant.
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    If they finish the job, I, for one, wouldn't grudge them it.
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    Stelios came on, flicked a ball up and over an opponent's head with the outside of his foot, ran around the guy who was inside-out by now and ran onto his own flick... he's a defender. Defenders in Scotland aren't supposed to do this sort of shit... it was magnificent and I roared with approval. If there was a B&W Army award for cult hero - the boy would be a shoe-in. He can play, he seems to have personality, and he entertains. Surely we need to see Stelios in the stripes next season.
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    A quite truely breathtaking performance from everyone on and off the pitch. Mallan's goal was phenomenal. What a talent! We don't realise how lucky we are to have him, McGennis and Morgan. Outstanding talents. We just blew them away after we scored the first goal and we could easily have won by 7/8. We just did not let up and kept going at them. Brilliant to part of what was a special collective effort. We have a terrific blend of extremely talented young, hungry players and some streetwise older but not too old players who are playing some brilliant stuff. Delighted to be guaranteed not to finish bottom. I almost don't want this season to end. The last time I enjoyed going to football as much I do now was Hendries team in 1999/2000. Well done Jack Ross and co you have turned the good ship St Mirren round and building something very special. Heading to Easter Road next weekend for what should be a memorable day out. I think we will get the result we need but if we don't I have a lot of confidence in this team that they will get us through a play off. I am absolutely loving attending games these days. Long may it continue.
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    Several people on here over the years have been slagging off the youth academy at St Mirren but they haven't done too badly for the club recently. We must have made £750k from the sale of Kenny McLean, John McGinn, Kyle McCallister and Stevie Mallan. Plus we have Baird, Morgan and McGennis playing regularly and contributing to the first team with more coming through the ranks. Well done to all the coaches and staff behind the scenes at the youth academy. Keep up the good work!
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    Someone, it may actually have been TC, wrote on another thread that this team should never have gotten itself into this position. Another attempt to take the shine if their achievements, however, THIS team didn't get us into that position. THIS team has played 14 league games together and only lost twice and even in one of those defeats (Tannadice) played well. Our run has been remarkable. The players have cheered us all up and made it fun watching Saints again. Somerset, Starks Park, Parkhead, Cappilowe, Falkirk, Tannadice and Easter Road. The crowds got bigger and more raucous week after week and that no doubt played a part. We are staying up and I can't stop smiling. Neither can my daughter and that's what it's all about.
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    I was sorely tempted to post last night and call out some of the negative pish that has been spouted on here over the last few months but I thought "f**k it, we're all Buds and everyone, despite how some have articulated it, has been desperate for us to stay up" and let it be. However, this f**king tripe, no more than 24 hours after another great performance that secured our Championship status, is beyond the pale. Aye mate, you're entitled to your opinion but it's f**king dogshit. This has been one of the best runs I can remember as a Saints fan and I've been following them as long as you. We've played with pace, power and confidence. Have scored goals for fun and have excited and entertained the fans with a brand of football that no team in our league has produced. It's been a wonderful journey over the last 4 months and I simply cannot understand any Saints fan wanting to take the gloss off that. FFS![emoji35]
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    Love this picture, emotion on Rory's face clear for all to see
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    Just watched a few videos of our performances since January. This lad was outstanding. It is a cliché to talk about covering every blade of grass, but this lad did. II think he should be top of the list for players to keep.
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    It's absolutely unbelievable that anyone could put a negative spin on what we have achieved in the last few months. Some folk just aren't happy unless they are moaning about something. Can't really say I'm surprised right enough.
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    Does it matter? He signed 10 players, 7 of whom were first team and 3 of whom became backup players and were generally on the bench. That's an absolutely brilliant transfer window, a compete success.
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    The big difference now is we are a club that people want to play for. This couldn't be said for quite some time. Not only are we attractive to the players who are signing back on but we should be able to attract some good quality new signings as it's obvious even for those looking on from the outside that St Mirren is a happy club at the moment and is going in the right direction. Long may it continue!
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    Me, along with at least 2 mates and my brother are getting season tickets this year for the first time in about 7 8 years. Been picking and choosing my games and went to much more this season. This is the first time I've wanted to go every week in a long time and I couldn't wait til the next game towards the end of this season. Watching a team who actually give a f**k makes you care so much more.
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    Future international for who? Does his maw come from Gibraltar?
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    Sat 6th May 2017 Awake at 6am, 9.30am sat out backdoor reading pde and drinking a coffee out of Tam McGarry's saints mug . Half 10 on way to pick up my wee nephew for his first pub brekkie before a game, 11am Burger and Keg with my buds Darn, Franky, Andy (the other McGarry legend) and the weans, beers and burgers and usual banter. Half 12 bus...buzzing, banter, nae nerves at all from me. Half 2 in the stadium - still nae nerves sunny day in Leith loving it! 2.40 - it was like someone kicked my stomach NERVES hit in like HELL. What followed ....an absolutely amazing day and night...nail biting to feck that last wee while, tears at the goal, tears at the whistle, and tears several times since. Great we journey back then langs for a few. Night tho - that was special...Bankhouse for the POTY, went and met the McGarry's, Broons and Magennis's - great wee area to ourselves great view thanks to a big chunky coffee table and just stood singing, cuddling and having an amazing night watching an amazing group of players, management and backroom staff and us fans letting off steam. The most emotional season EVER. End of night myself and young Laura Broon the only 2 of our gang left....cannae get a taxi for love nor money...then Ginto's mum phoned and came got us.....phew cos it be a hell of walk to glenburn when you are Gary Mac'd . What an absolutely amazing day...I feckin love St.Mirren. This is a very special time for our club and I really hope JR can retain a good part of this squad. exciting times ahead.
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    Get the new strips out ASAP... have a launch day at the stadium with players signing autographs... have ST deals available on the day and get new ST holders to sign up, maybe offer a discount on the new kit for sign-ups? Get right in and grasp the feelgood factor NOW!
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    I also wish they would drop the 6 games chat. There were plenty of cup games at the start of the season too, and scraping past the likes of Albion Rovers, being hammered by Hamilton Accies and not being able to compete against Championship teams in the league was all more than enough evidence that they had created the worst St Mirren team in living memory. They had to go. We should really be trying to recover their wages due to gross negligence. They would both do well to keep their mouth more firmly shut in the future.
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    McCall... sits down to a takeaway fish supper tonight, ponders inability to even draw, much less win, against a team who had their keeper sent off after only four minutes.... shakes head, dunks a chip into curry sauce tub... remembers they also missed a penalty... throws fish supper in bin and lies down in a darkened room. Yogi... sits down to a portion of fritters and a single sausage... ponders the league table at Christmas. Thinks about the job vacancies he might have applied for... mind flashes back to Stevie Mallan's goal and shipping five that might have made a difference... throws fritters in bin and heads into garden shed for a greet'. Ross... opens a bottle of chilled fizz and contemplates a fortnight in Orlando. Ach, fcuk it...I'm gonnae' celebrate too. Do, do, do, de, doo... Andy Dorman!.... Super Stelios! Etc......
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    Absolutely incredible. The classic rollercoaster of emotions between going behind, getting level and what was going on at Stark's Park. Cannot believe we have stayed up and not even needed the play-offs. Did not think there was a hope of that happening. What a day. Absolutely emotionally drained. We are staying up!
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    The world really IS a better place when Saints are ok. the club's ability to make me happy astounds me. i might never grow out of this childish passion - and I don't mind that.
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    Sorry mate, I'm going to take a bit of umbrage to that. Loy has absolutely worked his bollocks off for us since joining for my liking. He does some amount of dirty work in the wide areas and to be honest, I didn't think he was remarkable or out of the norm today, such is my satisfaction with how his work rate has been in the last 6 weeks.