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    Unfortunately the practice of having to pick out a perceived 'weak point' in the team for the focus of all frustration seems to be endemic among our support. At the start of pre season it was Samson who was the target after dropping one in against Dundee. 'We should never have f**king brought him back, he wasn't good enough last time and he's still not good enough' one shout from behind me came, 6 minutes into his debut. Sammy then settled many nerves and it was Jack Baird after that. Yes, he was deservedly criticised after his mistakes at Cappielow but the one performance was enough to convince several that he'll never be at a level required and was enough of a basis to justify him staying out of the side indefinitely. Jack returns and looks excellent for several weeks. Time to move on. Gary Irvine isnt in the side so he's escaped the ire as he's normally a bit of a heat magnet. So it falls at the lap of the big gangly awkward looking lad who hasn't really done anything to justify the frustration being thrown at him. He's got a decent touch, retains possession, can make the ball stick in the final third, has a great ethic and strong positional sense. But he's ungainly, runs awkward and is lanky so sticks out like a sore thumb. There were 4 young lads of about 17 at the East Kilbride game who sat behind me and whilst not shouting, were actively discussing how 'he's so f**king shite' and 'what a lump of wood' even when he scored the winner 'it wasn't even a good goal anyway, it was easy to put that one away' I ended up turning around and laughing at them and telling them thank f**k they aren't in charge of the side. Think it's time we started laying off our players when they are clearly giving it everything and mostly to good effect. These are relatively good times and they don't come around often. There's always room for improvement and constructive criticism is part of that, that's understandable but some of the sustained abuse isn't warranted. I always love hearing those who are loudest in their criticism then being vocally supportive when the subject of it turns their form around as it shows objectiveness and the willingness to give the player a chance based on merit rather than preconceptions. Unfortunately that doesn't happen too often, the two options are vocal abuse or passive silent seethe that said player is proving their precious opinion wrong.
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    The Legend Conor Newton

    Wee interview in today's Daily Ranger .... “You’ll never have to buy another drink again.” It’s a phrase that Conor Newton still has ringing in his ears. He hasn’t been back to Paisley since his second loan spell ended in 2014 – but one goal has set him up for life if he ever decides to return to the town. When St Mirren fans talk about their side’s League Cup 2013 triumph, they really mean the moments the ball hit the back of the net. Newton, who was on-loan from Newcastle United, has never been a prolific goalscorer. Even he admits he probably shouldn’t have shot from the edge of the box while the clash remained finely balanced at 2-1. “I should have taken another touch,” he laughs down the phone, “I should have taken my time... not that anyone was complaining.” As history would have it, Newton’s snapshot, while finding himself faced with just Hearts keeper Jamie MacDonald, would find the back of the net. The masses roared as the red-headed Englishman with a Geordie accent gave their side a 3-1 advantage, while 150 miles from home. But still Newton maintains that in hindsight the occasion may have got the better of him. “Watching it back I have to wonder what I was doing,” he says. “I think the moment just took over. I’ve just looked up and seen the keeper and thought why not. If anyone else was to do that I would have been shouting and screaming at them. “But you’re in a cup final, and sometimes you have to be greedy. Thank God it went in because I could have got all sorts of grief if it hadn’t.” For much of the game, St Mirren, and their supporters, were on tenterhooks, finding it difficult to break down a stubborn Hearts side. Ryan Stevenson’s early goal, taking a deflection off of Newton’s old mate Paul Dummett, saw the Gorgies deflate the Geordies in the Paisley ranks. Isma Goncalves’ strike levelled things up before Steven Thompson famously fired his hometown team into the lead shortly after the break. But Hearts were always in pursuit of the leveller – before Newton played a deft one-two with Goncalves before thumping home. Two goals in the lead, Saints would have been forgiven for believing the trophy was theirs. But with just under half an hour left to play, Newton is adamant that you couldn’t be any further from the truth. “From a neutrals point of view it must have been a fascinating match to watch,” he admits, “But to play in? It was terrible from a nerves point of view, “It was end to end and we were just so nervous. “We came back from behind – but when Ryan Stevenson scores to get Hearts a goal back, they were piling on the pressure in the end. We were clinging on for dear life in all honesty.” When Craig Thomson blew for full-time, it brought an end to 26-years without a major trophy for St Mirren. For a generation, it was their first glimpse of the Saints lifting some silverware when Jim Goodwin collected the League Cup before lofting it in the air in front of the black and white masses. Being so far from home, there was a little piece of Newcastle at Hampden, with a family caught up in the occasion and becoming Buddies for the day. So as the whistle pierced the chilly Glasgow air, Newton looked up to his family to share the moment with his nearest and dearest. “When that final whistle goes it was just relief and elation,” he added, “You see the fans celebrating and you realise just how much it means to everyone. “Obviously I wasn’t a St Mirren supporter, I had only really been at the club for a few months, but you got caught up in the moment. “My family filled a bus from Newcastle, the whole Newton clan, around 30 of them where at Hampden so to be able to share those memories and have them there to see – that was special. “It really was the romance of the cup. St Mirren fans won’t mind me saying it, but they aren’t a massive club, and no one really expected us to get as far as we did, especially when you consider we played the likes of Aberdeen and Celtic just to get there.” The infamous parties went on in Paisley for days, with Newton’s strike sparking days of bevvying on the streets of the town as the players took in the adulation of the support at every possible opportunity. Mobbed by fans telling him they loved him, the midfielder was more than happy to share the moment. And although he has hardly been in the town since that day, Newton says one promise never passed him by, joking: “I was told I would never have to buy a drink in Paisley again – and one of these days I’ll have to take them all up on that offer.” Newton’s burst on to the scene was something which he explains happened literally over night. At the age of 21 he got the all in January asking him if he would be interested in joining up with Newcastle teammate Paul Dummett, who had been at the Buddies since the start of that season. Having been forced to bide his time in a Magpies youth team littered with talent, he admits he jumped at the opportunity to link up with a senior side. However, one training session with Paul McGowan and Jim Goodwin, he laughs, opened his eyes to what it would take to make an impression in Scotland. “I was more than aware what I was getting myself into because Paul had been at St Mirren for the previous six months,” Newton explained. “In all honesty the move was a bit unexpected because I hadn’t played much football, let alone at senior level. It was daunting because I had never really been among experienced players before apart from being used as a mannequin from time to time in Newcastle training, where you were basically invisible. “I went up in the middle of the night and stayed with Paul at first and it was a fantastic time. I wasn’t really in the set-up at Newcastle so to be given the opportunity to test myself in Scotland was one I really looked forward to. “I remember the training being really difficult on the first day, thinking ‘I’m really going to have to up my game here if I am going to get any sort of chance’. Going in for a challenge with McGowan on day one opened my eyes to everything it would take.” Looking back, that St Mirren team that won the cup in 2013 was the strongest in some time. Newton admits that he was shocked to see the side relegated a couple of years after his departure back down south. Having watched from afar as the team started to struggle, Newton highlights the talent and personalities in the squad that Danny Lennon and Tommy Craig had built over that period. “Down south sometimes people laugh at the game in Scotland,” he added, “But I was blown away by the talent which we had in that St Mirren side. Kenny McLean, Paul McGowan and John McGinn were all unreal players. “Gary Teale, Jim Goodwin, David van Zanten were all great, experienced pros to have around the place too. Goody obviously had a bit of a reputation but there was no one you would rather have alongside you, these guys helped me straight away. “Looking back it was a real good group of boys. There is a lot of guys who have gone on to great things. “All you have to do is look at Graham Carey, he is flying at Plymouth and I think he scored 20 odd goals in League Two last season. Carey is a boy who struggled to even get in the team at times at St Mirren. “Sean Kelly got a move down south for a while, and Jason Naismith was coming through the ranks too and has gone on to have a good career.” Newton is now turning out for English National League side Hartlepool United following stints at Rotherham United and Cambridge in recent seasons. With a young daughter, he revealed that he was always on the hunt for a move closer to home this summer, with Hartlepool coming along at the perfect time. However, although only four years since that day at Hampden, Newton concedes the cup final drama feels like forever ago. But that’s not to mean he doesn’t still revel in the glory... “I look back on the whole cup experience as the best in my career. “I maybe didn’t appreciate as much as I should have back then, but looking back everything just fell into place at the right time. “St Mirren will also hold a piece of my heart because of that. It was the best time of my career, and I have the fondest of memories.”
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    Reading some of this absolute rubbish about Ross Stewart. He's a young player just getting used to full time football. JR has said a couple times he brought him in as a player for the future. He's had some really impressive performances for the u20s. Think some fans need to get off the young man's back and I'm sure will be a terrific player for The Saints.
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    A large amount of negative pish being spewed tonight. We don't have the finances to have match winners in every position. We have some young players who are being blooded and will take a bit of time to develop. Like it or not that's where we as a club are. Some of us need to stop acting like we've got some sort of entitlement to win the league with scintillating performances every week.
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    Latvia Under 21's v Scotland. Under 21's

    I've just dropped 4 guys off at Central who are going to the U21 game tonight then flying to Slovenia from Newcastle tomorrow.They were slightly hungover from last night and asked if it was ok to have a curer in the car.1 produced a 1/2 bottle of whisky and they tanned it.....1 drink each. The £40 they gave me for a £15 hire helped me forgive them.
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    For some, and by this I mean the guys around me in M4, they don’t fancy Stewart so give him pelters pretty much as soon as he comes on the pitch. One old arsehole shouted to ‘get that waste of space off the pitch’ at Hilson within about 3 mins of him being on the park. Genuinely don’t get why these guys go to football. Even when we are top of the league it’s as if they are waiting on something to go wrong Kinda like the reaction to Jack Ross last year, some didn’t fancy him for whatever reason, and once their mind is made up they can’t be seen to admit they got it wrong
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    Lewis Morgan

    I thought Ross did very well when he came on . He won free kicks ,throw ins and generally took a wee bit of pressure off our midfield . I think he looks very tidy ,especially with the ball at his feet for a big guy .
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    Injury Updates

    Being told 'Get over it' is probably the most harmful thing to tell someone going through any sort of difficulty. It's attitudes like that which prevent people going through any sort of issues from truly opening up about it for fear of being perceived as weak. I struggled physically as a result of a completely debilitating back injury I suffered at work that put my life on hold for 18 months before a specialist finally listened, diagnosed that a disc had been herniated in two places and decided surgery was the only option. The mental knock on of 18 months of chronic, unrelenting pain was profound and something I genuinely wouldn't wish on anyone. Through all of this, I was given little or no support in my work and told to 'get over it' by bosses and colleagues as I struggled to do an 8 hour shift of heavy manual labour at a time when I had trouble even standing up and couldn't take sick leave due to the fact that I was relatively new to the role. Yet I just plugged on in the mistaken belief that I'd get through it to the other side and it would all subside. This had a terrible effect on me physically, though it was only with hindsight that I realised how badly affected I was mentally. The attitude of those around me made me feel like a fraud and I wondered for so long if anything actually was wrong with me or I was just unable to physically hack the job and it was all in my head. A cocktail of painkillers, muscle relaxants, and restless nights was all I had for the majority of 2015 and half of 2016 until my surgery last May. I genuinely feel for anyone whose head isn't in a good place for whatever reason and like others, I hope it's a load of murmured shite in the case of big Gary. But if there is any truth at all in it, he will hopefully be back when he is ready.
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    Julian Banjos

    Best Home Form for 40 Years

    That's us 6 straight league wins at home. That is the best run of home form since Fergie's team won 8 straight (Oct '76 - March '77). The league-winning team of 67/68 and the cup-winning team of 1926 also managed 8 in a row. Conveniently, if we won every home league game this season then we'd beat the (unbelievable...) 18 home wins on the bounce which occurred between April '35 and March '36. Another wee stat is we're now 11 home games unbeaten in the league. That's the best run since MacPherson's team went 17 unbeaten through the whole of '05.
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    I`ve skipped over the vast majority of posts here so apologies if i repeat what others may have said . We won!! Like last week , we did not play well.... but we won. This team have the ability to grind out results when we dont play well, an attribute that last years squad did not have. We did not defend well , we lost out in midfield too often and our forwards at times were wasteful...... BUT WE WON !! I said this last week and i will say it again, the club & the team at the moment have a spirit about them which will see them bounce back from adversity, overcome negativity and fight tooth & nail to overcome the opposition. We are in a good place, the majority of the fans know it and will get behind the team, the players know it and will fight to the end for each other and with every hard fought result like today and last week , you can bet your bottom dollar that the other teams in the league will know it too and realise St.mirren are a team to be reckoned with . C O Y S !!
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    Great support of a 20 year old boy settling into first team football for the first time in his career I actually think the big man has been quite useful so far. Very raw, granted, but I think he'll become a good player for us.
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    Really not getting the continued pelters for Stewart. Thought he looked very capable today. Gave the ball away very little, covered a lot of ground, did well at the goal.
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    McShane makes the SPFL team of the week https://spfl.co.uk/news/article/spfl-team-of-the-week-18/
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    Injury Updates

    Just under 500 Scottish men per annum commit suicide. The above is an indicator of why men cannot talk about personal issues.
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    Most fans couldn't give a shiny shite about this competition. Welcome distraction when we were struggling last season, chance to play into some form, but this season we have bigger fish to fry. Took the chance to rest some players, give some fringe players a game and throw in a youth for his debut. The attendance showed how much people care about this... Time to move on.
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    Welcome Jack Ross

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY JACK! Jack signed for us a year ago today and what a year it has been. Here is hoping we are celebrating again next Oct. And the one after that. Looking back at everything he has achieved in the past year, Jack Ross can’t help but raise a smile. St Mirren manager Jack Ross is proud of the club's achievements since his arrival Looking back at everything he has achieved in the past year, Jack Ross can’t help but raise a smile. But that’s not to say that his job in Paisley is done. Far from it. Today marks a year since Ross agreed to take up the reins of a club that could then only generously be described as a basket case. In that time St Mirren have somehow managed to stave off an inevitable relegation, reach a cup final and now found themselves top of the Championship. Hurtling towards the dropzone, Ross came in and grabbed the club by the scruff of the neck, making them a respected force again as he oversaw the most memorable fightback in the Saints’ history. It may be only 12 months down the line, but if you asked Ross, he wouldn’t have been surprised if his first anniversary in the hotseat had already past. “It feels like I have been here a long time,” he laughs. “In terms of how comfortable I feel anyway, it feels like I have been here years. “It has been a good year. Overall I think it has been a very good year in terms of results and performances and how we have managed to progress the club. “Sometimes you don’t realise how far you have came in that period because you have been immersed in it. “But we still have a long way to go.” You only have to look at Ross’ record to see how far Saints have come. Their wretched home form, which had seen them go months without a win at the Paisley 2021 Stadium on a number of occasions prior to his arrival is now a distant memory. In 26 matches in the town following his appointment, Saints have won 16, drawn four and lost six, most of which came in the early days of his reign. Add in the fact that the Buddies have scored 57 goals in that period and conceded just 27 then you will see why the ground is fast becoming a fortress. The progress within the short period of a year is something that the gaffer admits he is delighted to have achieved. But he highlighted the fact that the fans are now back on side as one of the more memorable triumphs of the past year. He said: “I have pride in the fact that the club has progressed because I genuinely do have an affection for the club. “I view the club as mine in that sense, especially when I’m down at Ralston. “Everything that we do down there I take pride in, so the fact we have managed to progress the club, both on and off the park, is something I am proud of. “But I also take a lot of satisfaction from the reconnect that we have had with the supporters and people around the club because I think that has played a massive part in us moving forward as a club as well. “It will be a big part of us trying to keep progressing as well and trying to keep that relationship there and improving it.” When St Mirren supporters discuss last season, it is easy to forget the dark days of the start of campaign which seen them without a league win until deepest December. In the end, remarkably, St Mirren would end the season in seventh despite finding themselves staring relegation in the face for much of the season. Leaving it to the final day of the season, Saints produced a sterling display at the home of champions Hibernian to earn that crucial point required to avoid the dropzone and play-offs completely. What followed were scenes of elation from the stands, the players and the dugout. “I made it clear after the game that it wasn’t a celebration of finishing seventh in the Championship,” Ross said. “It was a celebration of a massive achievement. “In that period clubs didn’t just roll over and let us win, we had to put together a fantastic run of results that only just allowed us get out the situation. It was remarkable. “My favourite at the moment has to have been Easter Road because it was such a big game for us and to go into that environment with the result we needed, probably put the icing on the cake in that regards. “There were a lot of different emotions after that – and I think I was shattered as well. “I think I was just proud of what we managed to achieve. “It was such a big day for Hibs as well, and with the crowd and the occasion it just felt like such a big game. “Hopefully, there will be more days like that to follow, with us on the other when we are on the other side of things.” So, with one year in the bag, it is time for Ross to look ahead. Sitting plum at the top of the table, it is easy to see where the club’s hopes lie for the coming months of the season. “I’ve made no secret of my wish and ambition”, Ross said. “We have to temper expectation to a degree because we have come such a long way in a year. “The fact we find ourselves top within that year changes things slightly. But I have always welcomed the pressure. “I never hide from ambition and make sure my players don’t either. “We are clear on what we are trying to do. “It isn’t going to be pretty every week – let’s just say we don’t draw a lot of games. “But I’m not going to change the way I approach games and I am going to continue to be as positive as I can.”
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    faraway saint

    Darren Whyte Gone

    Surely the point it that the manager picks who he thinks is the best player? All this "our own" means next to feck all, it's the quality of the player, IMO.
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    East Lothian Saint


    Sorry we missed you Ian. The Elizabethan was a brisk 10 minute stroll away except for maybe the "the old obese f**ker at the back of the stand screaming at the ref " that oaky mentioned who may have done it in 20 barring heart attacks, seizures etc. We kept a seat for you and your good lady but it turned out the organisation at pub was run by the same crew that were stewarding the ground. At 1.15pm we were told they couldn't take any more food orders because people had sat at the two big tables and they were dealing with their order first. Maybe it was the old obese F**ker and his mates who had ordered an awful lot of food but It was quite bizarre that a pub/restaurant that clearly advertises its speciality in serving food couldn't cope when lots of tables were spare. It wasn't football traffic they were turning away, it was old wrinkly regulars who looked like they had eaten there every Saturday for the last 70 years. Maybe Dunfermilne is a really quite place that is only able to cope with crowds smaller than 4 men and a dug. Anyway after meeting our friends and having a small refreshment we did the 10 minute brisk walk having chosen to leave it late. Why sit in a poxy football stadium watching an empty pitch staring at obese old F**kers when you can have a pint instead. A day out at the football is not just about the football for some of us. If our entry had been delayed because of like minded supporters and I missed the start. Fair do's I would accept that. It's a risk of the strategy I adopt. The reason most of us missed the start of the match was not because of the time we turned up but because the stewards were inept. The system the club had employed was seriously flawed and the chief stewards couldn't deal with a situation and system that was clearly adding to the problem. Fans who's tickets didn't open the turnstiles were being sent by the turnstile operator (not really a good description of someone who couldn't open an automated turnstile) to the steward who would open another gate, tear the stub from their ticket and let them in manually. About 1 in 5 tickets didn't work which meant every one behind the stranded defunct ticket holder had to back out the turnstile and move back the queue to get out. This was even more complicated if the said useless ticket holder was was an old obese F**ker. The organisation was a complete shambles and the chaos was exacerbated by inept leadership amongst the stewards who would have been better deployed at gates tearing off ticket stubs instead of watching people sometimes going through turnstiles that didn't work 20% of the time. Being late wasn't the problem. The issue was Dunfermilne FC ,who like the Elizabethan weren't geared up to deal with anything more than the statutory 4 men and a dug and if they had been the only ones who had turned up and they had deviated from their normal routine, let's say the dog stopped for a pish at a different spot than normal, it would probably have flummoxed the head steward and two of the men and probably the dug would have missed the start of the match as well. The only thing more pathetic than the stewarding fiasco was Oaksy's suggestion than late coming fans are somehow inferior to the punctual ones like him, unless they are old, obese f**kers of course.
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    Excellent video from a Slovak living in Scotland
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    Not a good performance from us but Brechin were much better than I expected if I'm being honest. If we put a performance like that in 12 months ago there's no way we would have won the game so I'm delighted we can grind out a result like that. Fans need to be more patient, positive and supportive when things aren't great. It's a long season and getting on players backs will not help anyone.
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    The kid was barely on the pitch and folk around me were moaning about him, not giving him a chance. Someone gave a sarcastic comment right before he crossed it for Hilson. Give him a chance and let him develop.
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    Darren Whyte Gone

    f**king hell that escalated quickly, bloody entertaining though
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    Quite amazing that we're the only team to have beaten Livingston in the quarter and we did so away from home and playing with 10 men for over an hour.
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    For the money we had our stadium is ideal. I'm in the minority as I like our ground. The "souless " part is mainly due to the shite football we've been used to watching.
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    Great post, what value is attained by abusing our young players? Some people need to look at the big picture, we are trying to win a league here!! We fought and fought to win this game today against a very stuffy Brechin team!!
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    Harry Davis

    The signing of Davis was/is a risk. Signing any player returning from a bad injury is a risk. Looks like the manager and the board agreed it was a risk worth taking and if it works out then we have a very good player to call on for 18 months. The injuries to Gary MacKenzie were unfortunate, and it looks like he's going to be out for another wee while hence the manager moving to bring in McCart to provide cover and competition for Buchanan and Baird whilst those two recover. Injuries and suspensions are part and parcel of the game and hopefully our situation will improve. To be winning games like yesterday without MacKenzie, Davis, Magennis, Eckersley and Buchanan and dealing with the in-game injury to Todd was very encouraging.
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    QoS Game

    Baird shaded it for my MotM. He looked liked the experienced old head in that defence. Did the simple things very well and was very commanding in the air and on the ground. Well done, Jack! McGinn was excellent this afternoon. A real skipper's performance. Lewis Morgan is a star. That's all that needs to be said. Very happy with the result today. Not the best performance, but I wasn't confident that we'd get the win, so delighted with that.
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    John Sutton

    To sum up, Stewart and Sutton are backup strikers, with 8 starts and 4 goals between them this season, which is pretty decent. Our starting trio of Morgan, Reilly and Smith have 44 starts, 25 goals and 13 assists between them, which is why they are in possession of the starting berths. I look forward to both Sutton and Stewart - and maybe even Daryl Duffy - contributing more as the season goes on, both from the bench and in any starts they might get. It's a long, hard season.
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    We could limit entry into the Scottish Cup to League Clubs only. We could rebrand it as the League Cup.
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    Points collected in the opening quarter: 99/00 - 18 05/06 - 19 17/18 - 21
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    Dumbarton v St Mirren 14th Oct

    Yet again we get a win when it matters. Great to get the monkey off our back regarding Dumbarton. Excellent finishes by Reilly and Sutton, with the latter looking a lot more like his old self . Good to see JR getting right once again.
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    Injury Updates

    It is also worthwhile pointing out that the only people who need to know about what is keeping Mac out of action are the club board, the manager and his family. As fans, all we need to know is that he is out of action with no date for his return. He should be getting 100% support from all of us IMO regardless of what is keeping him out,
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    I don’t normally comment on other people’s opinions as a rule as I like to see various opinions, but in this instance, you really do talk pish sometimes. Apologies, but you really do.
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    Eric Arthur Blair

    Lewis Morgan

    Lewis has been awarded SPFL Championship Player of the Month for September.
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    Defend Better and inprove away form

    There's little doubt that to win the division we will need to defend better but there's also little doubt, in my mind anyway, that when Davis, MacKenzie and Magennis are fit again then we'll be a much better side both offensively and defensively. We've ridden our luck a wee bit so far this season but to be sitting top of the pile despite a fairly horrendous run of injuries is great testament to the management and the players.
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    Defend Better and inprove away form

    Top of the league but it seems every silver lining has a cloud.
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    Bud the Baker

    Dumbarton v St Mirren 14th Oct

    One win in eight games against Dumbarton since we were relegated. Three points out of twelve in each of the past two seasons. If we're gonna finish in the top four we need to do better. Let's start by turning them over a week on Saturday.
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    Our Compere

    Think Cambo is doing a great job to be honest! Lots of enthusiasm, and who really cares if hes' got the odd annoucement wrong? Keep up the good work fella!
  41. 8 points

    QoS Game

    Nah, I watched some good football on display this afternoon. Much, much better than some of the turgid shite we witnessed in the latter SPL years. Open games with a few goals beat cagey, feart to concede shitfests every time.
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    QoS Game

    Any team that prevents Dobbie and Lyle from scoring has done pretty well. Room for improvement, but we can't always dominate for 90 minutes. We weathered the storm for periods of the second half. That wouldn't have happened this time last season. Thought Baird had a very good game today. He powered through every header.
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    An acid test passed against a team we have struggled against for years in a stadium we never win at, fantastic result. A dream opening quarter, keep this up Saints starting next week against a surprise struggler, the type of team we need to be at least not losing to away from home if we want to be champions. Special wee mention to Dumbarton tv, that was a really nice, tightly edited highlights package.
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    Accies & the Nigerian Prince!

    Dave King will stop at nothing to get money.
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    Missed the last two games because of work but got my tickets for the YOUR RADIO 103FM stadium. Feck that's worse than PAISLEY 2021. Bring back BOGHEAD it was cheaper! Mixed thoughts about this one. We were woeful there last season, even during the Great Escape run but in Jack we trust and hopefully they will come out fighting after bottling the IRN BRU tie. We have to keep pressure on Dundee UTD and stay ahead of them as long as possible. The tough fixtures we all worried about at the start of the season are about to repeat themselves. With Falkirk, Morton and Dundee UTD games looming we want 3 points. Anything less will be a body blow. We must learn to beat the wee teams so we can concentrate on staying ahead of the real challengers. So COYS crack the rock and 3 points from its sons please.
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    Defend Better and inprove away form

    That's not fair, you checked actual facts instead of just making it up. [emoji23]
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    The Spanish Government could've ignored the event yesterday and then not recognised the outcome. It would've been much better than sending in a paramilitary police force to beat up grannies. The official response from UK gov was simpering and shameful.
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    scrappy coco

    Lewis Morgan

    I would say it was closer too 75%....
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    Saint Garf

    Liam Smith - 1 year loan

    I've been impressed with him so far but maybe hadn't realised just how much he contributes. I just watched some of the game back on iPlayer, have to say, he was at the heart of most of our positive play yesterday. Involved in both goals and pretty solid defensively. Looking like a great bit of business so far.
  50. 7 points

    Darren Whyte Gone

    Whyte isn't even a defender , he's a midfielder. If we'd played Whyte at CB tomorrow and lost, then everyone would have been on JRs case , especially when you consider that if McCart hadn't signed with us he would be playing for ICT , Dundee Utd or Raith, who were all lining up to sign him , this weekend . We nicked in and nabbed him simply because we need what he can bring to the team at this point in time !