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    Can you believe that one of our players played in the first ever win over Brazil at any level.So proud of him and he was outstanding in the first half.He had a strain in the second half and had to be replaced.Pleased to say a large number of family members were there to witness the game.
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    Tomorrow marks the first anniversary of Tams passing and as i will be in Arrochar i am posting this today.The past season has been very difficult without the wee man at my side but can i just thank the many St Mirren fans who at games have quite simply put a hand on my shoulder or a knowing nod in recognition.The fact his name is still chanted at games and the young player of the year award being named in his honour shows the high regard he was held within our support and has helped Mary,Steven and the girls come to terms with their loss.Please remember them in your thoughts and prayers. I humbly ask that you take time out and raise a glass or 2 to remember Tam who was quite simply the greatest guy i have ever known. We,re on our way Tam We,re on our way.
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    Saints have apparently given Dundee permission to speak with John Hughes .
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    The guy is on holiday with his young family, FFS. He works in a job that will often take him away from his family at weekends and evenings. He will be cherishing this time away from the rigours of a post that he has thrown himself into with no small level of commitment. Give the guy a break. Yes, it would be good to hear from him, but that's no reason to beat him with a stick over it.
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    You would have been first in the queue to slate the club and Jack if he had left. Now you're slating the club and Jack because he's staying. The only constant with you is that you are hell bent on slating the club and being uber negative about everything around it. You have morphed perfectly into the pantomime villain role left vacant by Stuart Dickson.
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    The annual "when's the strip coming out" followed by the annual "it's shite" posts.
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    There is no buy-out clause in Jack's contract, which has two years to run. That in itself would appear to rule Dundee out of going any further than an initial enquiry in my opinion. The Dundee fans seem to be giving it billy big baws on social media but the reality is that Dundee (last season turnover £4m) are not much bigger than us (our turnover in the Premiership was £3m). They do not have an established training complex, they have two very old stands in an otherwise impressive enough stadium, that are both costing them a fortune to maintain, and that is contributing to dismal financial performance (a loss of £500K in last accounts). Their youth system has produced nothing of note that I can remember. Throw in the fact that they haven't won a major honour since 1973 and I can't really see much justification for their attitude. They currently play in a better league than us and currently get more fans through the door and that's about all they have to offer. We have plenty of potential to grow our average attendance, and our infrastructure is one of the best in the country. Use this as an opportunity to reward. Give Jack a new contract in Paisley and let him continue to develop what he's started.
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    Was speaking to John Nelms last night. He was presenting trophies at my son's football team's awards night. Unfortunately I was introduced to him as a "massive St Mirren fan", so he was a wee bit guarded. He was telling me that his Texan consortium tried to buy us when we were up for sale, but the asking price was way over what the club was worth. He said he really liked the club, but the Dundee deal was much better for them. He also spoke about the idea of advertising on the stadium roof for planes from the airport. I obviously asked about Jack Ross. He said that he had 6 managers on his list, but Saints refused permission to approach Jack. I notice he's quoted in this morning's papers saying he didn't break any rules and didn't approach Jack, but his friend did say he had arranged flights to go and speak to him. Helms also said that "they monitor lots of up and coming managers" and that he is "a big admirer of Jack" and "he is definitely still on our radar". Later in our conversation I asked about us getting Loy back on loan, joking that I would buy him a beer in return. Helms did say that he had spoken to Jack about that situation recently, but didn't give anything away about the outcome. I wonder if Loy was all he spoke to Jack about??? Anyway, he seemed a nice guy and it was interesting hearing about his past interest in buying us.
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    Dougie McNeil on Twitter saying Jack is 100% staying.
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    Amazing to think some of our "supporters" have now tied themselves up in so many knots over this that they are now openly calling our most popular manager in the last 20 years a "cunt" here on the forum. I should be surprised, but I'm really not. Stay calm, don't believe everything you read is my advice.
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    Perhaps not a popular opinion but if he compliments the current squad well and has been doing scouting work for the side that Jack Ross is happy with, then I think we should perhaps give him a year as a coach/scout if there's a space for another and allow Clarkson to make a positive out of this and use the next year to further any aspirations he has on that side whilst also recovering. If he feels he can play football at some level again, use our facilities to rehabilitate whilst actively contributing to the coaching/scouting staff next season and allow him to go and find his next club next summer. Absolutely no issues with that, I'd imagine. I don't envisage a situation where Jack will cut him loose completely.
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    Spoke to Gordon about 15 mins ago. He is in Spain (on a pre-planned trip). That now makes Tony, Jack, James and Gordon who are all abroad on holiday at the moment. Gordon told me " We will do everything in our power to keep Jack at this football club, without putting the finances of the club in peril. If I need to go and visit Jack in Spain then rest assured that it will be done"
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    To be fair I cannot understand the logic of an Open Day being restricted to those who have already signed up for the new season. For me, an Open Day should be about attracting new fans as well as giving something back to those who have already signed up. The doors should be open to anyone and everyone who wants to come along on the day. It would be slightly absurd for me and my son for example to want to go along to the Open Day as season ticket holders but tell my wife and daughter that they can't come with us. Madness!
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    From the man himself " Yes im back in Glasgow today , signing on monday " accompanied by a thumbs up. Definitely back.
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    Hope we go balls out and improve the offer. Stelios is a cracking player and in his own way genuine box office. The entertainment value ramps up when he is on the field. The guy obviously loves it at Saints and that's a biggie for the support. I hope Jack finds the cash somewhere. No harm to the Alloa left back but if we want to fill the stands then we need to get the team that saved the Club back together and Super Stelios is a key ingredient.
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    Loy's a good player and a goal scorer. The main reason I want him back, though, is because I'd like to go into next season with as close as possible to the team that finished last season. A team with a habit of winning games together, a team with an attacking philosophy and a cutting edge. The Partnership of Smith and Loy was no small part of that. We've already signed one half up...
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    Let's face it, there are total cunts of all religions and none. Maybe we should just refer to them all as such - and let the TV and Press do the same. Let the press say that "3 total cunts killed and wounded people and were then shot dead by police in London". Don't report what they believed in, don't report their religion, don't report their nationality, don't show their faces, don't do anything at all that will spread their message. I felt the same way when it was the IRA/UVF etc. killing innocents and still feel that way about the whole f**king lot of the total cunts, irrespective of religion/belief/motive or where in the world it happens.
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    Thanks to the paper for explaining how two people in different countries could meet up.
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    Anyone interested in the history of Coats should get today's Herald , the magazine has a great story on their history. Did not realise this was once the third biggest company in the world. That the blockade by the French during Napoleonic war silk was not getting through to the uk. Thread made by cotton was invented by Scots. BBC2 June the 7th at 9pm there is a documentary called The Town That Thread Built. If your a bud don't miss it.
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    Can't believe people are believing what they read in the Daily Record
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    Ok , So the story so far for Non Season Ticket holders like me: I`m not invited to the so called "open day" the club i`ve supported through thick and very thin for almost 50 years is holding. I have to pay £10 to watch a pre-season friendly while my ST buds get in for free. I have to pay more than them if i want to take up the option of hospitality. I have to wait in the queue for whats left for tickets for most away cup matches. So what have i done to warrant being treated this way? I will pay up to £85 more for my match tickets over the course of the coming season. I will continue to pay £25 per month towards the purchase of our club I will continue to co-organise the bawa footy and personally contribute approx £250-300 per season in pitch fees I will of course buy ,or have bought for me this seasons strip& no doubt various other st.mirren gifts will add to the total I must be f**king daft ! Now before i get the usual responses of "Season ticket Holders put money into the club when they need it most" or "no-one is forcing you !!" ...... I understand that fully and i certainly dont want this to be turned into an ST holders V Non ST holder debate as to who is the biggest fan . We all support the club in our own way, some attend through rain ,hail or shine while some of those who cant attend through Geography, work or family commitments attend when they can but are no less passionate about our club. I had hoped the new regime would have been a departure from Gilmour & co who seemed to treat a certain element of the fans with almost contempt and i sincerely believe that it is much,much better now but still things like this come along and you wonder . The open day fiasco and the requirement for us Westbankies to reach 1000 STs or we would again be disadvantaged in certain games doesn`t fill me with hope.
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    Fairly sure his wife died in her late 20s of a brain tumour. Perhaps he re-married. Either way he's been left to bring up 4 kids and by all accounts he's actually a good bloke.
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    My biggest pet hate Bud. I f**kin hate inconsiderate f**kwits who drop their litter and expect someone else to clean up after them !! Id have f**kin snipers to take the bastards out.
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    You say nearly relegated. I say Inherited a dispirited bunch of players ,shipped out the under performers and duds ,kept those who wanted to fight for the cause, brought in his own players to strengthen our team and pulled off one of the greatest comebacks since Lazarus to keep us in the league. Added to that i feel JR & his team (including your mate GS) manged to give us our passion for the club back , instill a sense of belief ,pride and hope for the future making St.Mirren park a place that people actually enjoyed coming to and watch our team. But hey , you carry on with your minority views and shit stirring.
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    EXACTLY!!! I chucked the forum years back as I got bored of all the aliases and their tedious shite. I've still always had a look about now and then and recently starting posting again, but some of the stuff is still pathetic and clearly some folk don't even like saints. Jack has made a statement, let him enjoy the rest of his holiday and let's get back to getting excited about possible signings and daily ST sales updates. Noo how do you do this ignore thingy...
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    Imagine that you have been offered a job and have had the brazen audacity to give it some consideration - to weigh up your options. Imagine then, that you decline the offer, but are promptly summonsed by your employer to publicly explain your "behaviour" in not immediately knocking it back. Finally, imagine, if you will, that this entire episode was largely played out through the lens of tawdry rags masquerading as newspapers. Can you imagine that? Thought not
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    I see the already humiliated Ross haters are out in force today. [emoji6]
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    I've been tweeting him a bit, seems fair to assume that he's been offered a deal but that the numbers aren't what him or his agent are looking for. He wants to stay going by his tweets, but it's looking increasingly unlikely that is going to happen unfortunately. For me having a guy who can play left back or right back, and who gets forward from those positions and can score goals is a very worthwhile asset to have in the squad. Shame, but I guess we move on.
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    I thought our local press coverage was not the best, until I had a look at the Local Dundee press coverage of Jack and his supposed move to Dundee. lies and more lies with some cringeworthy crap about Dundee will get their man because they are a great big massive club. Made for some comedy gold.
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    Robert Grieve on Twitter suggesting that Jack will sign new contract when home from holiday. Thank you Jack, but thank you also to Gordon Scott - well played, Sir!
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    Holy f**k! My heid is burstin with some the pish on here. Div, can you freeze this thread until there is something to moan/be happy about? I think we all need to sit in the sun with a cold drink and relax, just like Jack on his holidays just now.
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    If this is Dundee United's standard these days, I see no reason why we can't win the league.
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    No doubt he'll be sold for £10m in 5 years time and JR will get blamed for letting him go.
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    One year deal and into 1st team. https://www.stmirren.com/news/club/all-news/933-nathan-flanagan-signs-one-year-deal
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    With Top Cat casting doubt over this signing, I am now confident that this lad will bag 20 goals for us next season. Tickety tock! Welcome to the best club in the world, Gavin! BTW, we aren't all bawbags
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    Confirmed on St Mirren twitter. Welcome back Super Stelios. https://mobile.twitter.com/saintmirrenfc/status/874225307464724480/photo/1
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    Just wondered what the chances were of the St Mirren Scoreboard being turned around during the week to face the traffic driving by the stadium. Could it be turned or could it be set up on something that would allow it to be movable. It could be used to advertise future saints fixtures, tickets, strips, corporate etc. There must be thousands of people passing the stadium everyday. It's a fairly prime spot. Surely there would be demand to sell as advertising space to airlines etc. It seems a waste that its only used for a few hours about 20-25 days a year. It might not seem a great idea but if we could generate an extra few bob here and there at the club it all helps to what happens on the pitch.
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    Exit poll says Stelios will sign but an overall majority of fans will not be in approval. Reports suggest a deal will be done between 585 West Bank season ticket holders and the minority 423 season ticket holders in the South Stand to get the deal over the line.
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    I think this is a good signing that ticks a lot of boxes. I always wanted O'Brien to do well and sign on for another year or two but the money he would have been looking for would have been unfeasible for us. He looked promising but didn't look commanding enough in any game and can see why Jack hasn't followed that one up. Good luck to Billy! I think Samson will do well for us this season and will be just what our squad needs. He came to us from Ayr when trying to rebuild his career after being released by St Johnstone and did very well. I can see a similar set of circumstances where he is trying to build back up his confidence and reputation after a few ropey years at Killie and Motherwell. He isn't guaranteed a first team start every week either so he will get pushed and that is good for everyone. I think we will be the winner with a committed goalkeeper who will win us a good few points this season. Welcome back to the club Craig.
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    'Those are not the two words we were discussing'?
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    Really disappointed, although not wholly surprised, at the slow but sure turnaround against Ross. I'm far from the group who can see him do no wrong but at the same time his overall performance has to be seen as something special, not discounting the style in which it was achieved. There's been outright statements that are embarrassing and others that seem to indicate Ross has gone from an articulate manager to an idiot to be seen to be looking at Dundee as a career move. Whatever happens his achievement shouldn't go unnoticed as some wise forum member said, bottom at Christmas means almost certain relegation. Cut him some slack and sit back and enjoy the ride, nothing changes for St MIrren, always a drama around the corner.
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    GLS and Tony Fitzpatrick will be dealing with this i have no doubt. If anyone can talk Jack into remaining with us it's those two... Dundee's only advantage over us is the league they're in, there's nowt else attractive about that job. Stay at St Mirren and become a legend Jack!
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    Just waiting for Div to start a 'Deal done' thread, then we can relax in the knowledge that we won't be on the lookout for a new manager. FWIW ; my 'prediction' is that you will get a statement from Ross saying- "Whilst it's always flattering to be linked with other clubs, I've started a job here at St Mirren and I intend on seeing it through" But , don't expect that statement tonight.
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    Good evening folks! Was at a meeting tonight with another member of the group the chairman and our 2 new SLOs just a wee update to let everyone who may not be on Facebook see. So heres a few quick updates. We still need 1000 season tickets within the west stand to guarantee we have the full west stand and can be housed in W7. Gordon Scott wasn't up for offering us an area which isn't in w6/7 due to blocking current ST fans views or kicking them out there seats. To boost up the numbers of ST sales / ensure we still have an area to sit together we have decided that a good few of us are going to buy our ST seats within the big empty block in W1. This isn't an official singing section of any sort just everyone guaranteeing seats together should we not reach the 1K marker / cup game with small away support. We set up a crowdfunding campaign2 days ago to give us a head start for the new season. We aimed to raise £100 to cover the basics for the next year. Drum, decent mallets, flags, materials etc of the £100 we aimed to raise we have completely smashed it and raised £362 already. We will keep the campaign running for a little while yet and see what we can raise. We have bigger numbers for next year, bigger support, bigger drum, bigger flags, bigger funds. absolutely buzzing for it! COYS https://www.gofundme.com/st-mirren-singing-section should anyone like to donate