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    A timely reminder

    I started this website 15 years ago to give Saints fans a platform for discussing the club and the team with each other. We won't always agree on everything, otherwise there would be no point in having the forum at all. The only thing we all have in common should be a desire for the very best for the club. We want the team to succeed on the park and the club to thrive off the park. That should be a given. It's important to me that when we disagree we do so constructively and with respect for each others views. It's also important to me that the forum is not used as a vehicle to continually attack the club. The club make mistakes and should be called out on it when they do, but the players, the staff and everyone else associated with the club shouldn't be continually attacked by their own. It's not what the forum was created for. The stuff posted in the last 48 hours on a couple of threads, which have now been hidden, has been miles away from the sort of stuff I expect to read on here, and yes I'm including myself in that. It's been poor. Let's draw a line under it and move on and try harder to be civil to one another, using the ignore function if necessary to block out those users you don't wish to engage with.
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    We need you to stop talking shite.
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    Davie Longwell

    Was down at the stadium today and bumped into Davie Longwells Dad who I know from the u20s games. He's was telling me that Davie has left Orlando and signed a 7 year deal with New York Red Bulls to manage their Academy. Good luck to him. .
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    To be fair, if Stelios was an opposition player, to a man we'd detest him. He's an utter bastard, always up to something to get under the skin of the opposition. I wouldn't be surprised if he drew the red card yesterday by saying something or doing something to warrant a response. As it is though, I love the guy. We need a nasty side and Stelios is definitely our bad boy. A constant annoyance as a personality and no shortage of talent. What a guy.
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    Stop being a twat.
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    SMISA Wall

    The club could still be in limbo or worse if it hadn't been for every single name on that wall . A fitting mark of acknowledgement .
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    SMISA Wall

    WTF? Give it a rest, shull, FFS.
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    Brucie passes away (89)

    I know for a fact that Bruce did not like the idea of Colt sides in the Irn Bru Cup.
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    Saint Garf

    Misery Guts V Happy Clappers

    Although it goes against most other aspects of my nature, when it comes to St Mirren, I'm a pretty dedicated happy clapper. I don't have the power to influence anything that happens at the club, but I feel the team would benefit more from my support and blind faith than it would from moaning and berating players. Obviously, things happen that I'm not pleased with; players come in who I'm no sure about, guys leave who I'd want to keep, we lose to teams we should beat, we concede soft goals, but it's all part of being a football fan, if the game ever made me miserable for more than half an hour post-match, I'd stop going. You probably get more lows than highs as a buddie, but that just makes the good times all the more special. The Morton game will be forgotten in a matter of days, but the Millennium Champions, the Challenge Cup Final against Accies, winning the League under Gus, 3-2 at Fir Park, 2-0 away to Falkirk, 2-1 against Rangers, 4-0 vs Celtic, Mallan's goal against Raith, Loy's goal at Easter Road...They'll all live with me forever. Happy Clapper for life!
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    Watched a different game from me. Not the most mobile but never hides, held the ball up well and a lovely assist for Reilly's first. Great guy for Stewrat to learn from. Big mistake if we let him go to a rival
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    East Lothian Saint

    Jack and James Staying

    All you "Jack Ross must go" guys bad News. Personally I'm Delighted Jack Ross: St Mirren manager & assistant James Fowler sign new contracts 37 minutes ago From the sectionFootball Sharethis page Jack Ross guided St Mirren to Scottish Championship safety after taking over last season St Mirren manager Jack Ross and his assistant James Fowler have signed new three-year deals with the Paisley club. The duo joined the struggling Buddies in October 2016, ultimately securing their Scottish Championship status. Ross' team also reached the Challenge Cup final, losing to Dundee United, and the Scottish Cup last eight, where they lost to eventual winners Celtic. "We are delighted to get these deals completed," St Mirren chief executive Tony Fitzpatrick said. "Jack and James are two highly thought of young coaches and have done a tremendous job since coming in last season. The club has lacked a bit of stability over the last few years so it's great to get these contracts agreed. We are really excited to see what happens in the season ahead."
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    Speculation Thread

    You want him to tell lies?
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    I wonder if any St Mirren fans will go to this and get a staunner' if we win, pretending we've just beaten Heart of Midlothian FC in a cup competition? Hint... The Bootleg Beatles aren't the real Fab 4, and Gallus Cooper was merely a wonderfully named Scottish Alice Cooper tribute act. Final hint, the mob currently wearing five comedy stars and masquerading out of Govan urnae' the real Rangers. I am no Billy Big Baws... I can handle the fact St Mirren dropped out of the top flight. We deserved to be relegated. Despite me seeing us win the Scottish and League Cups, winning Division 1 titles, reaching many major semi finals and playing in Europe... I do not think we are big shots and should be automatically up there with Aberdeen and Celtic... However, I retain a strong sense of pride and love for my hometown team, and we should simply not be lining up against fcuking U20 Colt teams. Never. Unless as a pre-arranged closed doors friendly, or something to fill a blank international week to get match fitness for some first teamers. A fcuking joke.
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    ANY chance of a wee bit of respect for Kilby now please? As my home town team I have seen them play and know what they are capable of. They were never going to ship 5 or 10 goalsto us but that oponion based on having seen both teams play was apparantly me being negative. I would gladly have taken a scrappy 2-1 win with no injuries. Indeed, I do so. Worst result in our history? An embarrassment? That kind of talk belongs at Ibroke and Darkhead! Show some respect with a wee splash of realism please .
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    We need less of your shite more than we need a new keeper. He was at fault for the first goal. Both Irvine (slip) and Stelios (awol) were also at fault. Samson had a decent game thereafter and recovered well. One save when the forward was through 1 on 1 was top drawer. I don't suppose it is worth pointing out that he had to deal with at least half a dozen pass backs to his weaker foot... All of which he did without error. Seriously.. Drop the agenda and at least pretend to be a supporter! Are you really THAT deprived of attention you feel the need to reinvent yourself as the James Traynor of the forum?
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    Rory Loy

    Black & White Army‏ @bawarmy 1h1 hour ago Hope you are ok @Loyman5 and reset assured that the two dicks who were abusing you do not represent our support as a whole. Rory Loy‏ @Loyman5 59m59 minutes ago Replying to @bawarmy Thanks. Was a sore one. Severely winded, was struggling to breath. I know first hand how good Saints fans are. Good luck till we meet again.
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    If Reilly plays like that every week, we will have landed an absolute gem. His work rate was outstanding, and he can play a bit too! I thought Sutton was great today. A really excellent performance by the big man. We MUST keep him. McGinn played the captain's role superbly. He absolutely bossed the midfield after the shaky first quarter. Overall, I thought that was a cracking game of football. Great, morale boosting start to the season. I'm loving my fitba again. Happy days!
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    Sutton and Reilly, two players written off by some in here before the league had even kicked off. Tremendous. The pair of them.
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    Gavin Reilly. I Year Contract

    I wonder if Dunfermline fans are still laughing at us for signing him. From what I've seen he should be getting signed up on a longer contract pronto.
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    Own goal! Hurrah! Equaliser, boo! Red Card! Fcuking boo! Wee Gavin Reilly! Manager sent to stand! Boo, Thomson, boo! Wee Gavin Reilly! Livvy hit bar! Full time! 1-3 Saints win! Fondue set! Canteen of cutlery! Cuddly toy! Set of steak knives! 3 points away from home with 10 men! DIDN'T THEY DO WELL!
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    Morton v Saints 12 August

    Some Saints fans are sounding like the Falkirk fans who thought they only had to turn up last week to win. Let hope the Saints players don't copy the Falkirk players reaction to it since I don't see this game being easy for us.
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    Better Off With Delilah Or even Munoz

    The ignore function is your friend.
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    Second Decay

    SMISA Wall

    https://www.stmirren.com/news/fans/fans-news/1014-smisa-wall Great idea. Couldn't see my name from the photo, hopefully more will be posted to look at soon as I won't get the chance to get the stadium for a few weeks.
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    Jack Baird

    He's 21 and he's made almost 90 first team appearences, he's made a more than adequate breakthrough into the first team and he's only going to get better. He'll be captain material in a couple of years; vocal leader who will run through walls for us every week, just needs to improve a few areas of his game like every other young player. It would be absolute shite to write him off already.
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    Hackett at both ends......(reminds me of my ex wife)
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    Super Stelios

    What a guy .... The Cypriot star was back on the goal trail as the Buddies ran out 3-1 winners over Falkirk, firing the equaliser following Nathan Austin’s early opener. The result was the Paisley side’s first win on the first day of the campaign since 2006, when they defeated Inverness Caledonian Thistle away from home. But Stelios says he didn’t pay the record much attention having become so accustomed to winning since joining the side in January. Stelios said: “No, I wasn’t aware of the record because since I’ve been here we haven’t lost much. We win games. “From what I know, and from what the manager has passed on to us, it’s all about having that winning mentality in the club and the dressing room. “That was exactly how we wanted to start the season. “We know we didn’t start the game well but we showed the attitude of a team that wants to be high up the league and achieve something this season. “We came back and showed that we want to be up there. “It was the best start we could have asked for.” Having got their Championship campaign off to a flying start, Stelios insists that St Mirren must focus their attention on achieving promotion this season. And the full back revealed he has been left impressed with the players around him in the squad. Stelios added: “Realistically, with what we have shown and the players we have got at the club, we have got to be up there and among the play-offs. “It is a strong league, with the likes of Falkirk being up there before and Dundee United and Inverness all wanting to go up too. “There is a lot of talent in this side. “We have a lot of potential with the likes of Cammy Smith and Lewis Morgan. “The new guys too, Gavin Reilly, Ross Stewart and Jordan Kirkpatrick, they are still young and they have got ambitions.” After opening his account for the season, Stelios raced towards the supporters in trademark fashion to celebrate with them. And he has promised to do the same throughout the season as he looks to repay them for their loyalty. He said: “Everyone knows what I think of the supporters – I love them. “I think they have shown what I mean to them, they are glad that I am here, and I am glad to be here, so every time I score in front of them, I will run to them because they deserve the happiness and I want to share my goal with them.”
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    Quick look through the posts, and a lot of people highlighting good performances from all over the pitch, but don't think I saw anyone mention Irvine, so I wanted to give him a mention. Personally I would have given him man of the match yesterday. He made 3 or 4 absolutely crucial interceptions, didn't let anyone past him, and was incredibly composed at the back when under pressure. He did the dirty work that complemented the more eye-catching play from McGinn, Reilly and others.
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    SMISA Wall

    Found my name on the wall - might no mean much to other folk but made me feel very proud.
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    Davie Longwell

    Nah, don't be daft, he was 'hopeless' ( allegedly) it's not as if any of us can list all the successes of our set up thanks to him : Really pleased for him, he was underrated, underestimated ( by many ) , Good luck to him.
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    SMISA Wall

    Shambles. Should have been unveiled before the end of the season so that kids could take photos in front of it to show their pals during the school holidays.
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    Rory Loy

    He did well for us but he's no Gavin Reilly...
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    It wasn't out of nothing. We'd been playing well, and the goal was coming.
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    Jack Ross Must Go.

    Contract extension until June 2020 for both Jack and James. https://www.stmirren.com/news/club/all-news/1036-jack-ross-and-james-fowler-sign-contract-extension
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    I wasn't expecting to beat them either. Then they went down to ten men and I thought we would beat them. Then they went down to nine men, and I nearly creamed my pants at the thought of a St Mirren captain lifting the League Cup above his head while 35,000 of those cnuts shuffled out of Hampden staring at their shoes... then we fcuked it up. Those fcukers should have been put away and sent home to count the cash in their latest EBT envelope. Was Hammarby bad? Damn right it was. Nothing I have ever experienced watching St Mirren even came close to how bad I felt exiting Hampden after that 2010 final. Not Hammarby, not the Gretna away cup defeat, not the ball through Billy's legs defeat at Dens, not even seeing the bib strip for the first time.. I genuinely thought that 2010 defeat was so crushing it could set our club back for years. That's why 2013 was so sweet - a mere three years later we consigned memories of 2010 to Room 101.... we righted a wrong, won the goddam thing.... and in style too. A come from behind thrilling final 3-2 win. A classic final with great goals. Sometimes I still don't believe it. That's not the St Mirren way. To suffer the ultimate kick in the baws to one of 'them' but not to suffer forever and a day regretting our implosion? The stuff of dreams. Hammarby? Bad enough, but not even close to the stomach churning let down of 2010. Looking back at Hammarby, we were crushed because we fcuked up in European competition. That's where we were, playing in, and expecting to win in, European competitions. Christ, I'd take a 'Hammarby' every season to be back at that level of competition.
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    The problem with this idea is that if we have another poor result we will be almost on the Falkirk game with no form or confidence. The fans will be running out of the feel good factor we gained from last season and, IMO, we will be no closer to a strong starting 11 and could well get gubbed by a Falkirk side who are on a run of form. I would suggest we get as good a team as we can muster and win this game and build on some confidence.
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    For me the most pleasing thing about today was Gavin Reilly ,some of the abuse he got from Pars and on here was totally unwarranted . we must rid ourselves of criticising players before giving them a chance to settle in. Superb stuff COYS
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    I think McGinn is our digger in midfield and unlike Goody he is really subtle about it. McGinn is winning the ball in midfield in ways that I have not witnessed for some time as he is always putting a foot in or blocking with his body or a wee push on the ref's blind side. McGinn for me is the essential cog in the machine. The problem is he needs a Magennis or a Mallan to push forward as McShane doesn't. Until Magennis is fit I would try someone else next to McGinn - start with Kirkpatrick. I know he was truly awful at Firhill but his record of goals from midfield from last season suggests he has a lot more to offer.
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    It was just one of those nights.We could have scored 10 on another night.Their keeper had the game of his life including a couple of saves he knew nothing about.EK left the field to the sporting applause of the Saints Fans.
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    Football Fans and Behaviour

    Get a grip. Trying to twist every topic to somehow be about you is the kind of desperate, needy antics that you'd expect from an emotionally stunted 12 year old. You're embarrassing yourself, now. My advice would be to take a wee break from posting, for your benefit and that of everyone else. Back on topic, this is depressing to hear. About 25 years ago I similarly challenged an arsehole who shouted racist abuse at a player during an Airdrie match. I was also surprised by the lack of support I received from others. It's a very sad state of affairs that we don't seem to have moved on a great deal. I would always call someone out, though. Failing to do so is as good as condoning it.
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    Saints v Hearts.

    behind closed doors today ended 2.2. goals from Ross Stewart and Jordan Kirkpatrick. strong hearts team. got to speak to Isma after the game. great guy.
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    Jack Baird

    I don't think MacKenzie played any better that Baird on Saturday. Both had lapses, but both were in the team for a match that got our season off to a cracking start. That is where the focus should be just now. I like Jack a lot, and I'm glad he is at the club.
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    You'll have no forum left at this rate Thought the turning point yesterday was when we realised that neither of their fullbacks could defend. Morgan and Stelios overlapping was great to see, thought Reilly was great. McGinn and McShane can almost stroll it at this level. On Samson - he did well overall, distribution could be improved, job for Langfi... err, aye. With the style of football we play, we're going to score plenty and lose a few too. At least it's fun to watch! Onwards to Greenock
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    Big Ross Stewart did really well again when he came off the bench. It's great to have an option like him, he offers something different and is really awkward to play against.
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    Better Off With Delilah Or even Munoz

    I reckon Samson's intervention in the 2nd half when a Falkirk players was bearing in on goal and Gary Mac was running the risk of bringing him down saved the big man giving away a penalty and possibly earning a red card. Yes, he should have put Loy's effort over the bar, but aside from staying on his line a bit too often for my liking, he was generally fine. Keepers, as the last line of defence, are often on a hiding to nothing, and any errors are more costly than those of outfield players. In short, shull is talking pish.
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    Rory Loy

    I don't remember any occasion when Loy dived today. Nor do i recall him gaining any sort of reputation amongst any group of fans for diving. I think this is all in your head, shull. I do, however, remember two brain dead morons abusing the guy who scored the goal which guaranteed survival last season. Without him, we could have been playing Albion rovers today. Some people have very short memories.
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    the barrhead teacher

    Rory Loy

    Appalling abuse of loy by couple of fans. Clearly hurt himself when he went down. Stewards ignored what was going on. Well done stelios for Making it clear the injury was genuine.
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    I actually quite enjoyed that today. We didn't play brilliantly but also didn't play badly. Scored 5 and could easily have scored another 5 but equally could have conceded a few as felt we were quite sloppy and wasteful with the ball at times in the game. The 5-0 win also prompted me to spend £61 on home top and shorts. #fullkitwanker [emoji41] Also loved the SMISA wall. A great feature and something every St Mirren fan should be proud of. Not everyone can contribute and it doesn't make these fans any better than those that didn't but it is mark of the commitment and support shown by those who did. We are stronger together and plenty of positives will come from fan ownership in time. Have faith buddies. I think we all have to take a step back and try not to get too high or to low with results this early in the season. It's all ifs and buts but if we hadn't conceded so early against Livi then things might have been different. We created a good number of chances in that game and didn't take them. It's disappointing the cup is over but we move on. This isn't a bad squad but it also isn't a great squad and like any other squad will take time to gel. We have to stick together as a support and club and quickly foster the spirit and camaraderie that we saw develop towards the end of last season. Back your team as best you can as it is our club and we all want to see it do as well as it can. I think we will see a committed performance by St Mirren next week against Falkirk in front over 5,000 fans. I am looking forward to it already. Stick together and be positive and the good times will come.[emoji41]
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    1/10 Cringe
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    SMISA Wall

    All in all, you're just another prick on the wall...
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    SMISA Wall

    Looks great. always thought those grey fences go do with brighting up. well done all.