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    Well I'm glad I proved a lucky charm Thought that was an excellent win. Deserved to win through bossing the parts of the match that mattered and being clinical with chances. First half was iffy, Baird and Mackenzie looked like an accident waiting to happen - they couldn't handle Dobbie and nearly sold O'Brien down the river with two or three appalling backpasses. But second half they upped their game and McGinn shielded them well, while Queens became easier to defend against because Irvine and Eckersley were absolutely rock solid in the full back positions so they had to funnel all their attacks through the middle. Would probably pick Lewis Morgan for man of the match, he got in behind their defenders all afternoon and won the crucial penalty, but Mallan finished his chance brilliantly and kept the midfield humming over well. Didn't feel like Loy and Smith got into it as much but Saints easily did enough, controlled the game well once they were 2 up. That puts you in a much more positive position and I'm delighted. The fans were absolutely brilliant, made one hell of a noise and never stopped singing. Good luck for the rest of the season and I daresay I'll be visiting Paisley before too long.
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    I think it's only right that G Irvine should be applauded for his recent performances, he's took some amount of stick on here while being played out of position but since being switched back to his more natural RB slot he's put in some top class performances and it also gives the back 4 a far better ballance....Well done Gary..
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    There's an interview with Stephen in the Herald today. Said his agent told him not to sign for us! He did because he thought highly of JR as a teammate and his brother Paul raved about him as a coach. Also, of course, because it was St Mirren. Said we're the only team he would have come back to play for and that he didn't grow up a Saints' fan but he is now.
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    Update - More than 600 flags have been attached to their sticks. - The "design" is being worked on, no hints given but it's looking good already (imo) - Motherwell have been sound as f*ck, and granted us early access, we'll be up at the crack of dawn to place the flags on seats, if you find one on your seat, you simply wave it as the teams come out. - Due to the amount spent and the good quality of the flags, we request that anyone who doesn't want to take their flag home as a keepsake, places it in one of the bags that will be near the exits at full time. We plan to donate plenty of them to the panda club to add a bit of colour to home games. - Our singing section has fully sold out, could have sold it out twice. Cooper stand should be pretty lively on the day! Come on ye Saints
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    Eh up lads. Still harbour a soft spot for you lot after seeing your brilliant supporters at Hillsborough two years back and been desperate to watch you ever since. Happy to report I'm finally managing it today, sat on a train passing Annan now. Hopeful for another win to put you in a better position in the relegation fight. It'll be a tough game no doubt but it seems Jack Ross hasn't half improved the squad's personnel and level of play and fingers crossed today helps him to drag you to safety. COME ON BUDDIES! Queens 1-2 St Mirren (Dobbie 24, Sutton 35, Morgan 84)
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    We have just received the not inconsiderable accolade of being named by Brendan Rodgers as the best team his high-flying Celtic have played domestically this season. Quite an astonishing statement in all circumstances. As such, and despite the fact that we have much work to do to salvage a dire season, I believe that Jack Ross has shown enough to suggest that he has what is required to ultimately propel our club in the right direction. It is time to get full square behind our young management team and accept that we require stability, with a committed and ambitious management team at the helm. I think we have that, and if we back them, we will be heading back to where we belong sooner rather than later!
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    IN PRAISE OF 'ARRY I think 'Arry has been a bit of an unsung hero since he arrived. The difference in our central defence is night and day. He wins most high balls, reads the game well and is a leader at the back. But mostly he just clears his lines - no fannying about. And of course he is a goal threat at dead ball situations scoring 2 in the short time he has been with us (better than most of the strikers we have had this season). Thought he was great today against a £50M strikeforce. Well done 'Arry and I'll raise a glass to you.
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    As for the fans last night? 800 odd turned up by the sounds of it. f**king magnificent backing of the team from first to last minute. Most stayed right to the very very bitter end. A few points of praise here. When we conceded goals there was no abuse from the stands that I could hear. When Billy panicked, nobody appeared to abuse him either. I think we all understood that the team had tried like hell but ran out of legs after playing Hibs and Celtic. That led to applause at the end despite the result. As the players thanked the crowd, someone shouted out "Don't give up" at the players. I won't lie, I had a lump in my throat. What a wuss I am. One final note to mention was when one of the security guys appeared to attempt to stop someone (presumably Div) from filming. Immediately over 100 people around him closed rank and all started filming at the same time. Whoever you guys were, that was a f**king awesome display of solidarity. That sent a message alright. Football is OUR game. It doesn't belong to the SFA or the clubs. If we want to live stream a crappy quality feed through Periscope then we are going to do it. Brilliant. Great night. Great atmosphere. Shame about the result but within minutes I'd moved onto thinking about the next game. Sure the players will too. We are not going to win all of our games buds. Suck it up and move on.
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    Thought I wouldn't be making this game, as I was waiting two weeks for the tickets to be delivered. Gave the ticket office the benefit of the doubt, as these tickets have been selling fast and at a high volume in the last few days.. So I gave them a phone yesterday and it turned out they had sent my tickets to my old address, despite me leaving a note on the order, deleting my old delivery address on the ticket website platform and calling them beforehand as well as changing it on the website prior to my order as I know a lot of people have been having problems with the ticketing website. They told me that it was my fault and they "sent it to the address on their system" and couldn't do anything about it as they'd already sent the tickets out: I'd have to buy more tickets. Sent a wee note through the door on my old flat just in the off chance that they hadn't chucked it in the bin at some point in the last two weeks, which would've been fair enough. A couple of Saints supporters answered the door and said they'd hoped I'd appear and knew they were tickets as it was the same style envelope and handwriting as theirs! COME ON YOU SAINTS!!!!!!!!
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    7 games played in 22 days and 4 league wins under high pressure conditions. You can't underestimate the monumental effort from the players. Well done to all involved. Disappointing the other results but from Ayr's point of view we turn them over then they beat Raith. 24 hours later we beat Hibs. Today they win at Dunfermline but they still can't shake us off as we win on the road too. I think we have a big psychological advantage going into the game in 2 weeks' time. Just need to do what we've been doing on the day. As for Dumbarton, Raith and Dunfermline I think the Ayr result today will have shook them up more than ours. Let's see now how they perform under the pressure we've coped with the past few weeks.
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    Great result if not our best performance in recent weeks. Mallan MOM for free kick and his hard graft him and McGinn put in. We gave them to much room in midfield. Big shout for Gary McKenzie superb again. Hope Harry Davis injury is not to bad. real good player for us since he came to the club. The great escape is on. Well done to Jack and James.
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    That was fantastic, the best performance from a Saints team for about three years. When we took apart TNS 4-1 people said it was cause they're crap, same when we beat Ayr, now some are saying Hibs are poor. I say we were fantastic and Jack has brought in a team to be reckoned with. Come on ye Saints and all that. Best atmosphere at a home game for ages.
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    Don't know how many of us were down there today but that was as good an away support as I can remember. The singing was non-stop and the atmosphere created by it was unbelievable. Players want to play for that. You can see it in their body language and efforts on the park. Today was brilliant, even though the other scores were a boot in the baws. If we can keep that up in the stands then I'm sure the players will continue to respond with their best on the park and that might just be good enough to get us out of this thing. If not? So be it. The fact that there are still threads running debating Jack's suitability to be the manager at this stage of the season, in the middle of the run we're on, and needing everyone pulling together is, quite frankly, f**king ridiculous. If we go down there will be plenty of time for recriminations and "I told you so's" but in the meantime why can't we just give it a rest and enjoy some of the best football and atmospheres we've had in a long while?
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    Great result Last 20 minutes were horrendous mind you. Thought Mallan was outstanding, ran himself into the ground chasing everything down plus a moment of quality with the goal. To give him his due, Irvine has turned his form around, would like to see him for the first goal again but his performances have improved 100% since he came back in at right back
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    Find it incredible that after going to a difficult venue and putting in a respectable performance there are people determined to find someone to have a go at. Yes, it wasn't the best pass from Stevie Mallan that led to the equaliser, but if it had found it's target we could be salivating over a fantastic pass leading to a great goal. Don't notice too many people having a go over poor decisions from Stephen McGinn leading to the second and third Celtic goals and quite rightly so, we were beaten by a better team with better players and we made them work for it. Let's celebrate what we done well instead of always looking for negatives. I'm disappointed to lose, of course I am, but proud of my teams performance and looking forward to Kirkaldy on Wednesday night.
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    Just taking time to think back through the team individually, they were excellent to a man. There were the obvious stand out performers like McGinn, Stelios and Mallan. But 2 guys I was delighted with who haven't been mentioned as much were Gary Irvine and Cammy Smith. It was great to see Irvine finally playing in his own position, he's taken a lot of stick this season, but he had a quietly solid game and proved he's a good player when played on his natural side. As for Smith, I thought he was excellent. He wasn't directly involved in either goal, but he was a constant nuisance for their defence. His central role was also key in stopping McGinn and Bartley playing out for Hibs, they were never given time to settle on the ball and pick out a pass. The amount of work Cammy got through last night was immense. We're definitely a better team with him in the side. How he wasn't getting a chance for United I'll never understand.
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    I believe they were bad because we made them look bad.They have quality players but we closed them down , doubled up every time on their danger men and thoroughly deserved to win The Saints team from pre xmas would have sat back and try to contain.....and got slaughtered
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    WE’RE ON OUR WAY Feck knows where were going but the whole of Dumfries was bouncing yesterday as the more confident supporters in our mist suggested a return to the Premier League was on the cards. It was a cracking day out. The respectable number of St Mirren fans who arrived on the two coach train from Glasgow at midday day joined the car and busloads of supporters who had obviously decided to make a day of it. Robert the Bruce supplied burgers, chips and a pint for £5.45, catering for us thrifty Paisley Buds and once lunch was sorted we were on our way to the ground via various pubs. The Queens fans although scarce were very welcoming and the banter was good. The four pubs at the ground were heaving and the Spread Eagle was bouncing as the North Bank and its Drummer boys gave it Laldy. Lots of us couldn’t get in because it was jam packed meaning we had to visit the other three pubs. Again the Queens Fans took the invasion in their stride and we had a few laughs with them. The North Bank played their part and the first half was a little bit jittery. Baird and McKenzie rode their luck and I worried a few times that O’Brien might just be too wee for a goalie but between them and the Post (How’s that for balls – clear the lines by hitting the ba aff yir ain Post) they kept a clean sheet. Wee Stevie Mallon produced his magic and that was it We were on our way. Mobile phones were waving everywhere. I assume it wasn’t some periscope protest but the fact that for the first time in who knows how long we were on our way up the table. The ‘As it Stands’ league table had us above Ayr Utd in Ninth and we were on our way and we had to show it. “WE’RE ON OUR WAY” reverberated around the North Bank for a solid 25mins non-stop but sadly despite the win, we’re still tenth. The main thing is that we’re still in it and we’re still fighting. Feck knows how it will all turn out but this Saturday “WE’RE ON OUR WAY” to another cup final. So COME ON YE SAINTS. Get your tickets, get your Displays sorted, get your drums out, get your singing voices tuned and get on you’re way to Fir Park. WE’RE IN THE FINAL. WE’RE GONNAE WIN THE CUP, WE’RE ON OUR WAY COYS
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    Spot on, also thought young Kyle Mcgennis was superb when he came on.... Great result..
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    First Match today that I have experienced The Drum . When I arrived, my seat was across the Aisle from it and I feared the worst. I couldn't have been more wrong. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY MAGNIFICENT The Dude in charge of the sticks was fecking brilliant and keeping those beats going for 2 hours was amazing. WELL DONE THAT BUDDIE AND CONGRATULATIONS TO THE REST OF THE SINGERS ALSO. in fact, the 5000 Saints fans were brilliant. 10/10. THE DRUM MUST BE ALLOWED INTO ST MIRREN PARK Sort it Tony Fitzpatrick
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    My opinion is if Jack had his squad that he signed in January from the start of the season we would be championship winning contenders right now.
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    St Mirren captain Stephen McGinn is hoping for a cup and survival double 4 hrs ago / Exclusive by Graeme Macpherson STEPHEN McGinn Sr. was said to have been a decent footballer in his day but never made a career out of the game. His wife Mary still plays netball socially, as does their daughter Katie. It speaks to an active family if not one of outstanding sporting pedigree. Which makes the fact that all three of their sons made it as professional footballers all the more remarkable. Stephen, Paul and John McGinn are not the first trio of siblings to forge a path in the game – the McLeans blazed that trail in the 1960s, before the Wallace triumvirate emerged at Southampton two decades later – but it remains a rare enough feat. All will be in action next weekend at diverse locations; Paul, the middle brother, for Chesterfield at home to Rochdale in League One, John, the youngest, could feature for Scotland in their World Cup qualifying tie against Slovenia, while Stephen, the eldest of the three, will lead out St Mirren for their Irn-Bru Cup final appearance against Dundee United. If distance means it has been harder to follow Paul’s progress down south, the other two brothers will go and watch each other playing whenever the opportunity arises. And they are not slow to offer feedback either, both complimentary and critical. “We are a close family,” reveals Stephen over a coffee in a café near St Mirren’s training ground in the Ralston area of Paisley. “But it wasn’t like we were three extremely talented or blessed kids who were definitely going to make it. Certainly Paul and I had to work really hard for everything that we’ve achieved. By all accounts my dad and uncles were good players although none played professionally. My sister and my mum both play netball. So I don’t know if it’s the genes or just because we’re three boys who used to play football all the time as kids. That’s all we every really did growing up. “I think having two brothers in the game brings the best out in each other. Even when I played against John recently, I wanted to take him on as he’s a Scotland player and I wanted to prove I’m as good as him. We’ll all go and watch the others playing if we can. And we’re not daft. I might come off the park after a game and say, “I was rubbish” and John or Paul will say, “aye, you were”. That spurs you on but it also keeps you grounded.” He is smiling when he says that he was “completely jealous” of John when he won the League Cup with St Mirren in 2013 and then the Scottish Cup with Hibernian last summer. In truth, he could not be more complimentary of his little brother who, at 22, is six years his junior. “I’m completely biased but I can’t believe Celtic haven’t come in for John as yet,” offers Stephen. “I think he would definitely do well there. There are teams from England starting to show an interest in him and, although he’s loving it at Hibs, there will come a time when he’s going to be playing at a higher level. He’s an international footballer in the Championship which shows how highly Gordon Strachan thinks of him. “He’s in no rush to leave Hibs but the pinnacle for any young Scottish player just now is to play for Celtic or in the English Premier League. If John doesn’t ever get to one of those levels I don’t think he’ll have done himself justice.” It could be said, too, that Stephen is playing below his capabilities having returned to St Mirren in January after spending the best part of the last seven years in England, latterly with Wycombe Wanderers. Rooted to the foot of the Championship, his agent strongly advised against the move. The chance, though, to be reunited with manager Jack Ross – a former team-mate – and the lure of returning to a club he feels passionately about proved too strong to turn down. “It was tough because of where St Mirren were in the league but I wouldn’t have come back for any other team,” he adds. “I did wonder if I was signing up for a sinking ship heading for relegation. “But there were two reasons. Firstly, the manager is someone I trust. I thought highly of him before as a player and a team-mate, and then when he went into coaching he had my brother Paul at Dumbarton and he raved about him. “Plus it was St Mirren. I was talking to my dad the other day about how it has been such a big part of our lives for at least 15 years now. You start to develop a real feeling for a club. Even earlier this season after Wycombe games I’d be checking for the St Mirren score and I’d be gutted if they had lost. The English guys around me couldn’t understand it. “Having being part of a successful period for five years in my first spell and then John coming on the scene and winning the cup, I still feel a lot for the club. We weren’t boyhood St Mirren supporters but I’d say now I’m a St Mirren fan. “I feel so invested in wanting to do well here, for the club, for this manager. St Mirren has never been in the third tier and I don’t want to play any part in that happening. We are starting to get some momentum going and we have shown we are a match for anyone in the league. I’d hate to get this far and not get it over the line. Instead I’d love to be remembered as the captain that led us to the great escape.” McGinn was on the books but still waiting to make his debut when St Mirren last won the Challenge Cup in 2005, and had recently left for Watford when the Paisley side reached and lost the 2010 League Cup final to Rangers. “I remember playing Cardiff on the day of that [latter] final and I cost us a goal as my mind was elsewhere,” he recalls. “I was devastated I wasn’t playing in the final. And to watch it later and see the boys lose to nine men was a horrible feeling. I felt a bit guilty actually that I wasn’t still around to try help them.” It is why he is treating this cup final appearance – his first at senior level – with the seriousness he feels it merits. “When I came back to the club there were two challenges set: can you stay in the league? And can you win the cup? And those are still the objectives. “We’ve got a week to look forward to it now and we’ll try to enjoy being able to switch off from the pressures of the league for a short while. It’s a big thing for St Mirren. We’re struggling in the Championship so not in a position to look down our noses at anything. “I remember being a young player when St Mirren last won this cup and how good a day it was for everyone involved. That team really kicked on after that and won the league. Hopefully it could do something similar for us if we were to win it. If I could finish the season with the cup and having stayed up these would be the proudest months of my career."
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    Update: 13/03/17 I've been deliberately quiet on this during the priority sale for season ticket holders. As mentioned previously, it's only fair that ST holders got their choice first. General sale opens tomorrow at 10am, so we're now good to go with our section. With huge thanks to Campbell Kennedy, we've secured seats together for those up for a party - ideally located behind the goals (slightly to the right) If you would like to join us - just ask the ticket office to sit in the "active" or "singing" section, (they'll know what you're on about) - and they'll give you a ticket in our part of the ground. We have space for over 200 buddies. As for the flag display, Motherwell have kindly agreed to let us in early to set up. Also confirmed that our flags fall within stadium guidelines. If you can volunteer some time pre match to help set up - drop me a PM. I shall repay you in beer. This display does require mass participation. If you find a flag on your seat, wave it like hell as the teams come out. Keeping schtum on the specifics, but we think it'll show our club in a good light! Any questions, feel free to ask (or PM) COYS
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    Yes that is how I see it. Winners generally tend to have won half the battle before the game even starts. It isnt bullshit bravado or kid on positivity. It is merely this: Does anyone on here genuinely believe in their heart that a team containing Stephen McGinn is about to be relegated in a 4 way battle involving two part time teams and when we all have to play each other? I dont. There isnt a shadow of doubt in my head that we will reach at least 8th. Not a single doubt. Wednesday cannot come quickly enough.
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    Why? Because we might end up failing to survive relegation? f**k that. Sport is about passion and emotional commitment. Risking being emotionally crushed is what makes the good times special. Avoiding it is for cowards. We want to go to Kirkcaldy absolutely f**king buzzing as a support and with a team full of belief that not only are we going to pump and demoralise Raith but that we are going to survive relegation with matches to spare. This attitude is how people turn around seemingly impossible odds.
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    Get this thread to f**k..... Now!
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    Emergency loan to cover suspension is morally bankrupt and undermines the whole disciplinary system.
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    DVZ (legend) from OS .... David Van Zanten is a rare breed of player that has passed through St Mirren. The Irishman can boast that he's won more silverware at the Buddies than almost anyone else who has played in the black and white. Alongside winning the League Cup with Saints in 2013, Vanzy was part of the last St Mirren side to triumph in the Challenge Cup. He knows what it takes to win it and has urged the current crop of players to make the most of Saturday's occasion when they go head-to-head with Dundee United in the IRN-BRU Cup final. For some of the players there it could be their first final and could very well be their last as well," he told stmirren.com. "You just don't know. "They have to take advantage of the situation that they are in and the only way they can do that is by going and giving everything they can and trying to win the game. "Leave nothing behind at all, go and give absolutely everything you've got. Run yourself into the ground and just make the most of it. Don't leave anything behind in the dressing room." Van Zanten set up John Sutton's winning goal in the 2005 final, crossing in to the Englishman who nodded beyond Hamilton goalkeeper Dave McEwan to seal the Saints victory. He believes that Sutton will appreciate the final more this time around and expects the 33 year-old to have been a pivotal part in the dressing room ahead of the big day. He'll know how we all felt after that final and how much it meant winning it. His experience will be vital in that team and that squad. I'm sure he'll be telling them all about it, how good a night we had after it and how we kicked on after it. "I'm sure he'll be drumming that into the players. Go and win this and then kick on in the league and get safe. "If they win the final Jack will not let them get too carried away," he continued. "Let them know that there is still plenty of work to be done. He's done a brilliant job since he came in. "Obviously it's taken a while to get going but he's managed to get a few players in in January that have really help the squad. Fingers crossed they can go and win the final and stay up and what a magnificent achievement it would be for Jack. Reflecting on his own experience winning the cup, Van Zanten admits it was a great day in his career and hopes that Jack Ross' side can use this weekend's final as the catalyst to stay in the Ladbrokes Championship the same way the 2005 team used it to push themselves to promotion. He said: "It was absolutely brilliant. I know a lot of people kind of rubbish the cup competition because the Premier League teams aren't in it. "But when you get to the final it means everything. It doesn't happen that often, getting to finals so it meant everything for us. "It is one of the big memories I have of my career - winning that game and that final. That season we were obviously trying to get promoted and it gave us a taste of success and what it felt like. Winning that final helped motivate us to go on and win the league that year. "There's no feeling like it. The euphoria of it is second to none, it's amazing. It gave us that taste to go on and win the league which we knew was a much bigger achievement. "It gave us the taste for it but also the confidence to go on and win the league and hopefully it will do similar to the players that are in there now. If you go and win this cup final, it will hopefully give them the confidence and belief that they can stay up this year. "It's a great feeling knowing that I'll always be a part of that history. Everyone who has been at the club knows how great a club it is and how close the fans are to the club and what it means to everyone in the area. I didn't know too much about St Mirren when I came across to Scotland. But now I consider myself a big fan of the club and knowing that I'll always be remembered in the history means so much to me."
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    So we're supposed to win every game to prove Ross might be the right man to lead the club? That's absurd. As far as the players he's brought in go he's not going to play all ten of them is he? You don't think there's a place in the side for Irvine, McKenzie, Mallan, Magennis, Morgan or Sutton? Should he play the new guys just because they're new? What if some of them were brought in as squad players? Vulnerable when pressured? What a load of shite. Every game has been a "cup final" since the Ayr match and they've responded to that pressure with 4 wins a draw and a defeat. Outside of the Raith game, played on a truly shitty pitch, they've played very well with pace, power, goals and clean sheets. We've given ourselves a real shot at staying up and, for most of us, the games are pretty enjoyable for the first time in a long while yet some still can't just get behind them without the pointless criticism. If we don't manage to survive you'll have your day in the sun and can tell us all how you saw it coming but I genuinely don't get why you can't just enjoy how it's all coming along right now?
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    Great picture of him from Saturday.
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    I have a season ticket but would love to see the club do something like a £5 for adults and kids free or a £1 for Raith game get a 7,000 plus crowd. Alternatively as you say maybe do something like £25 for both Ayr and Dumbarton game. Something to think about and publicise straight after we hopefully win the cup. Tap into the feel good factor while the going is good. The club have to think on their feet el pronto as you won't get this level of interest every season with so much to play for. My Celtic supporting brother in law has been to about 5 games in last couple of months and seen us win everyone of them. He is now hooked and took my wee nephew down to Dumfries today for their first saints away game. Both coming to the final next week and absolutely loving the St Mirren experience.
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    At the stadium at 6.15pm where I was the only one at the ticket office. 4 final tickets please. Answer we closed final tickets 6pm. Explained where I live came to the stadium early to purchase tickets. No you can't buy them stop selling at 6pm with no budging. Went to the main stand reception and asked for Tony unfortunately he was with Jack Ross. So back to the drawing board. Understandi if there is a big crowd at the ticket office. I was the only one. Disappointed.
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    1. Brendan Rodgers says a good thing about St Mirren; 2. Brendan Rodgers isn't really that great - he's underachieving; 3. Anyway, he's only saying it to wind up The Rangers, or Aberdeen, or, or...; 4. Let's dismiss what the fanny said and hope everyone will get back to discussing St Mirren's impending relegation instead; 5. We can now get back to being f**king miserable; 6. Phew!
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    I'm no Neil Lennon fan, nor do I particularly care about the fortunes of Celtic FC and their manager. However, if St Mirren have played well in two difficult games against bigger clubs with bigger resources and probably better players, and the opposition managers say something nice about us, I'm quite happy to believe they said it because they believed it and believed it was deserved.
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    I am happily preparing to eat my words from earlier in the season when it looked to me like performances were getting better but where we were losing out in the vital head to heads with other struggling teams in key games. It is looking like Jack and James have recruited well, identified our weak spots and rectified those and brought in a few other good young players and some players in their mid-20s with some first team experience and now not as much rests of the homegrown youngsters shoulders. we've still not passed the points threshhold where I think Jack's job becomes safe even if we go down narrowly, but at the moment it is looking like if we can play the way we have done in our last 4 or 5 games then we should pick up enough wins in March to start climbing off 10th place. Well done Jack.
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    RIP. Part of a truly legendary Scottish team, no matter who you support, a great team, the likes of which will never be seen in Scotland again.
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    The positivity around the place is remarkable for a team rock bottom of the league. Brilliant perfmance from everyone, players, coaching staff and fans. Absolutely brilliant, let's do this !
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    Hibs are absolutely ripping the arse out of the loan system....have they no reserve centre halfs in the club? can they not reshuffle the squad. That is what having a big squad is for. That could cost us big style if Ambrose plays well tomorrow niight and snuffs out Sutton. And as for Stevenson playing in goal for Raith....pish, sbsolutely pish. I will be f ff furious if Ayr win tonight and we lose to Ambrose inspired Hibs And, I cant believe there are some St Mirren fans hoping Ayr will win tonight to give us a chance of catching Raith....there is one team we should be aiming for. The one directly above us....if we catch them then we can aim for t he next one up...I would take a play off place right now....WITHOUT A SHADOW OF DOUBT (cap locks ON for emphasise!)
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    I've read this twice now, I'm still not sure if I should get the bus or train tomorrow.
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    If you dropped your cup final tickets outside the court bar today, I've left them behind the bar.
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    Wish we could get a guy who was "never a football manager" who could win us the league cup.
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    If we only took 3 points from games v Hibs and Raith, it matters hugely where they came from. Had we lost to Hibs and defeated Raith then we would be closer to the pack. Our inability to beat teams just above us is what will kill us.
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    Just got back from match 20 mins ago. Cannot remember the last time I saw us play this well. Could easily have been 6 goals. Absolutely f**king exhausted but worth it.
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    Stuck a fiver on Ayr to win last night [to soften any blow] then put the whole £9.76 on Saints to beat Hibs .Now £58.57 up....COYS!!
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    And the mad bet of the week award goes to
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    I'd like to put a word in for Davis. I've only seen him in the TNS and tonight's game on TV but he's absolutely strolled it at the back both times. Always in the right place, calm on the ball and good in the air.