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    Here's my piece and I hope just like my young nephew other youngsters were inspired by Saturdays atmosphere. My nephew (12) is brought up by a Rangers supporting father, has an older brother (14yr old blue nose) and the latter has never even considered supporting St Mirren (fair enough). The youngest though has been following Saints since around the age of 7/8 years old as he wanted to be different and because his uncle supported them and seen the passion i carried following my team. He has a season ticket for Saints, though doesn't get to as many games as he would like due to living in Edinburgh. Unfortunately his old man has been taking both him and his brother to Ibrox though and has probably been there more than St Mirren Park this season not through choice. He has became distanced with the club, probably as far back as Ian Murray era. I took him to the game on Saturday and I have never seen such a transformation in his mood. He was absolutely buzzing prior to kick-off and when we entered the ground to our seats, his jaw nearly hit the ground when he seen the atmosphere and surroundings he had just entered. The flag displays, drum (this has to get the green light for home games) and 90+ minutes of singing had him on cloud 9. After full-time i have never seen him so happy at the end of a defeat. He immediately asked me to take him to the Ayr game if he could get through for it. My point is, the atmosphere created at the away games for the last couple of months has been outstanding and something i would like to see brought to home games. The drum is a major part of this and if that kind of noise can inspire youngsters to a better match experience, then I think its a no brainer. I thought it would be easier to sway these things with the SMISA takeover.
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    In spite of what Lex says, O'brien was a bit of an unsung hero last night. He's made a wonderful stop at 1-1 that prevents Morton going in at HT ahead. Yes he's not the most convincing at crosses. He's 21 though and that is certainly something that can still be coached in. He's a very good keeper indeed. It's easy to see what he brings, he's brilliant at full stretch, pulling off good stops both against Ayr and Dumbarton at crucial times.
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    I would advise anyone to go back to the Morton game highlights and watch the Morton goal. Stelios was pushing upfield, he went in for a tackle to win the ball, was a baw hair away from winning it, but the Morton player came away with the ball. What did Stelios do? Watch the footage and watch him, not the Morton player breaking forward. Stelios jumped up and ran back at full pelt almost the length of the field. He hesitated at the end, anticipating a cut-back. If he'd just kept going he would have cut the cross out. It was a valiant effort. The likes of Jason Naismith would have been blowing out his arse. No offence to Jason. Apart from his goals, apart from being two-footed, apart from being a threat, apart from being skillful, and apart from having a great engine and looking like he cares... I cannot see what Stelios brings to St Mirren. Time we got rid of this dud.
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    Mystery? Seriously? Think Alex Rae. Its about time you acknowledged that you were wrong about Ross, and stopped being a bit of a fud.
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    First Match today that I have experienced The Drum . When I arrived, my seat was across the Aisle from it and I feared the worst. I couldn't have been more wrong. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY MAGNIFICENT The Dude in charge of the sticks was fecking brilliant and keeping those beats going for 2 hours was amazing. WELL DONE THAT BUDDIE AND CONGRATULATIONS TO THE REST OF THE SINGERS ALSO. in fact, the 5000 Saints fans were brilliant. 10/10. THE DRUM MUST BE ALLOWED INTO ST MIRREN PARK Sort it Tony Fitzpatrick
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    A tale from Falkirk The first thing I noticed when I stepped off the train was the buses. One after the other blue and white buses streamed passed as I tried to cross the road which separated me from Behind The Wall, the pub where the bus left for Falkirk stadium. I eventually walked to the underpass to reach the other side and the deviation enticed me into another couple of hostelries before I reached BTW. No tickets left for the bus. Feck it, another few Buds were in the same position and we commandeered a couple of taxi’s to the Stadium. Magennis made some sublime runs down the wing. McGinn scored a belter and totally connected with the saints’ fans in his after-match celebration. The free kick that led to their second equaliser IMO was never a foul and we left with a point. The bus stops outside the ground were crowded but there wasn’t a bus in sight. I decided to walk. Half way back an old wrinkled man in a flat cap was standing at a bus stop. “Son” He beckoned me and started asking me about the Number 42. Feck I haven’t been called “Son” in a while and I had no idea about the Falkirk bus routes, I didn’t want to leave an old guy in the lurch so I looked about for a time table with details of the number 42 and tried to explain I knew feck all about the buses when he grabbed my scarf with his long bony fingers and said “Your team was playing at Falkirk and the number 42 was running down the wing. What’s the young boys name? He impressed me.” I told him and he went on about how he had been going to Falkirk for over 65 years and he had seen many a player but that our boy was a prospect. “Magennis, I’ll keep an eye on his progress” he muttered as he let go of my scarf and disappeared back into the shelter. I had time for a quick pint in Sportsters before getting the train. I wonder who else is keeping an eye on his progress because it’s becoming apparent to everyone and not just us that the boy is indeed a prospect. Well done Kyle. Good Game. COYS
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    Over the last couple of months we have had some stunning performances collectively and individually but someone who rarely gets a mention is Gary Mac. Keep him fit and he has been great. What a difference having an out and out quality centre half makes. Alex Rae never made many decent signings but this guy has been outstanding recently. Wins almost everything in the air and is an aerial threat at set pieces and is comfortable with the ball at his feet. I believe this guy is the best centre half we had for some time. Has to be a contender for POY
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    Of course Ross is responsible for the games that we've lost since he took charge. However, only a complete idiot or a total plum nurturing a four month long cream puff could deny that he has been responsible for our excellent winning streak of late. We may or may not survive, but at least we're doing it with entertaining,quality football and with a fair degree of fight.
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    Hello Not related to our current world-beating form, but to similar form, almost 40 years ago. I finally dug out this old badge, bought in the Saints shop in the Piazza in about 1979. Memories!
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    Chairman's Update Drum hoped to be in place this Saturday...new kit and sponsor to be announced later this week... Chairman's Update "I had hoped that this update would come with the first piece of silverware of the new era sitting in the trophy cabinet but unfortunately it just wasn't to be. Saturday’s game could have gone either way and although desperately disappointed in the result I think we can be justifiably proud of the performance of both our team and our support. We had allocated a specific area at Fir Park on Saturday as a singing section but as it turned out the entire St.Mirren support became one 5000 strong singing section. I have said in the past that there were times during my involvement with the stadium construction when the hairs stood up on the back of your neck because you knew that what you were doing was something special. I felt that way on Saturday as the game drew to a close and the entire St.Mirren support willed the team on. It was actually very emotional and I feel that we are on the verge of convincing a lot of people who have drifted away from football that we have a team worthy of their support. It goes without saying that the next two Saturday’s are massive for this club and we have tried to do everything possible to encourage our regular fans to continue giving us the support that they have all season and encourage others to join them. We have reduced adult ticket prices in the family stand to £10 for the game against Ayr Utd and with that you can have 2 free under 12s tickets. In addition to this we are again giving away free kids tickets to local groups. For the Dumbarton game we are offering all season ticket holders the opportunity to bring a buddie for £10 and with that purchase they can have 2 free under 12s tickets. For the last 3 home games of the season we will also be housing away fans in the north stand in anticipation of a good home support and hope that the West, South and Main Stands are full and making plenty of noise. We are also working on a way to bring in the drum without it impacting on other people's enjoyment of the game. We expect to have this in place for Saturday’s game against Ayr Utd and for the rest of this season and beyond if it works out. When asked in interviews at the start of the season what I would consider success I said that obviously I wanted to get promotion but that for me the most important thing was that I wanted to enjoy my football. We are never going to completely dominate teams for 90 mins but I think that you can see what Jack and James are trying to build and the style of football and passion we want to play with. I am enjoying my football and I am sure you can all relate to how hard that must be given the position we find ourselves in. The feedback I am getting from our support is that most of you feel the same way. While results just now are the most important thing we continue to strive to improve things off the pitch and we will be making an announcement later this week confirming our new kit sponsor and supplier. Never before has your role as the 12th man been more important and you can all see how the team reacts to that support. Let's get behind the boys and make sure that we give it our all for the rest of the season."
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    I had a brilliant day yesterday.The Court Bar was great,nice to meet a few boys that I hadn't chatted with for a while.....especially Big Gary.Respect to the bar staff too,place was mobbed but they coped admirably. Really enjoyed the game,a bit disappointed at the end but proud of both Players and Fans.The Utd fans we met on way back to the bus were full of praise for us too. Good old fashioned pub crawl last night.We stayed in The Court til half five ish,they had Hibs v Falkirk live on TV!!!!,then went to The Cave,Kennedy's,The Library,Balnagowan and finally Tannahills for one for the road.The Wifes turned up at Tans so we knew that was the beginning of the end altho to be honest.......I think we'd had enough by that point. Back to mine with pizza and chicken pakora,no more drink was consumed,before my mate and his Mrs left around 11:45.I was in bed for 11:46. A smashing day out.Love my club and love my fellow Fans.
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    What a fantastic turnaround. The manager and the "new " team have been tremendous but let's not forget the job is not done until we are mathematically safe and we can start to plan for next season. The time to celebrate will be when we cannot be caught .
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    Thought I wouldn't be making this game, as I was waiting two weeks for the tickets to be delivered. Gave the ticket office the benefit of the doubt, as these tickets have been selling fast and at a high volume in the last few days.. So I gave them a phone yesterday and it turned out they had sent my tickets to my old address, despite me leaving a note on the order, deleting my old delivery address on the ticket website platform and calling them beforehand as well as changing it on the website prior to my order as I know a lot of people have been having problems with the ticketing website. They told me that it was my fault and they "sent it to the address on their system" and couldn't do anything about it as they'd already sent the tickets out: I'd have to buy more tickets. Sent a wee note through the door on my old flat just in the off chance that they hadn't chucked it in the bin at some point in the last two weeks, which would've been fair enough. A couple of Saints supporters answered the door and said they'd hoped I'd appear and knew they were tickets as it was the same style envelope and handwriting as theirs! COME ON YOU SAINTS!!!!!!!!
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    Had thirty minutes to spend with Photoshop before the final of Masterchef starts...
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    Good on him. Supporting his team. What we need are more like him - going to see Morton or St Mirren. FTOF.
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    Funnily enough, we have played 10 league games since the transfer window closed and JR had his own squad to choose from and not AR's.
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    Considering what Jack did with the last 8k we gave him I would give him another 8k to overtake Celtic
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    I fail to see why the boards need replaced at a cost of £1500. Sure, they carry a JD advert at the bottom. Simply print self-adhesive new adverts and affix over the bottom. I worked in the graphics business. We did this sort of thing all the time. Each board could be re-sponsored by an individual or company paying for the new advertisement covering the old JD logo.... cover every one with Joma logos. £1500 my arse.
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    Spoke to a few old Buddies that I hadn't seen in a few months/years in the many bouncing pubs in Paisley last night. The general concensus among the folk I spoke to was that Jack Ross is the guy we have to go with next season, regardless of the league we're in. I think, as a whole, the St Mirren support is buying into what we're doing in a big way and there is genuine long term optimism there. The strong numbers still attending, enthusiasm and vocal backing of the support sort of reinforces this viewpoint. Yes, there will always be detractors but the overall mood of the support certainly hasn't struck me as that of a club seemingly doomed in our position.
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    I forgot to mention - big shout out to Jamie Langfield. During the pre-match shooting practice, a Rory Loy shot flew over the bar, and not far from me, smacked a Saints fan in a grey sweatshirt right in the face. The guy was wearing glasses, his glasses flew off and the poor bloke took a tumble on the gangway stairs. Rory Loy looked mortified. The guy was helped up by a couple of fans and they gave Rory Loy a thumbs up, and the shooting practice carried on. As the players left towards the tunnel, Jamie Langfield jumped the barrier, ran up to the fan (who's glasses were in two pieces), and made sure he was OK. It seemed that Langfield was indicating that he could get the trainer to check him if he was in trouble. The fan indicated he was OK, and Jamie Langfield gave the guy his gloves and his training top. We gave Langfield a round of applause. Well played Jamie Langfield.
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    Bring it on - 3 more seats to win, then a second IndyRef! This is the PM who said she wasn't going to call an early General Election but circumstances change so any objections the Tories want to put forward about a second IndRef have just vanished. The choice is plain - Independence or permaTory rule!
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    5 months ago we got horsed in Greenock. Last night we blew they away. The difference? The squad is now JR's and not the dross he was left with. Poor Shankland was booed by both sets of fans last night for being useless. Even Jim Duffy hasn't improved Shankland any yet some were expecting JR to somehow get results from players that had poor attitude, workrate and little skill. What a transformation from that last outing with players like Clarkson, Shankland, Hutton, Walsh, Webster, Langfield being replaced with players that want to be a success. If the season had started in January we would be top of it now and coasting towards promotion. Thank f**k we did not replace Rae with the likes of Jimmy Calderwood but appointed JR. Jack Ross Must Go? - yer havin' a laugh.
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    It doesn't matter if you like Jack personally or not , but no rational football fan would fail to be impressed with what he has done to our team . . It amazes me that Brendan Rodgers was willing to speak better of our current team than some of our own fans . .
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    Fair play to you lot. Better all over the park tonight and taken great advantage of our defensive frailties. Even when we've had the ball at feet in the box we've done nothing, and you've swept up the high balls all night long. The turnaround from earlier this season has been remarkable and you are well worth what is, right now, an absolute beasting. I wouldn't be surprised if you got a fifth.
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    My youngest daughters first game tomorrow. I always ask her if she wants to go to the football when I'm getting tickets for me and my eldest daughter. She shocked me today when she said yes. Her Grandpa would have been delighted. Hope she's a charm.
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    The new St Mirren muriel is finished....
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    He's responsible for it all. Some of us, though, can see past the poor spell where he had players he didn't particularly want, and see more merit in assessing what he's done with the players he did actually want, as this will be the situation going forward - he'll be allowed to sign his own players. There really is no need to rage against anyone praising him as though you and he are mortal enemies. Let it go and appreciate the turnaround in the club's fortunes lately, and enjoy the great football we've been playing without feeling the need to go over old ground constantly...
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    From the OS ... (good news indeed) Lewis Morgan is making good progress after suffering his injury at the weekend, but manager Jack Ross has cautioned that there is no timescale for his return. A scan has confirmed the winger has suffered no break but there is some ligament damage and bone bruising. stmirren.com caught up with the 20 year-old yesterday and while there is no date for a return to action, Morgan is staying in a positive frame of mind as he the club enters it's last six matches of the season. Hopefully I can get back before the end of the season and feature in a few of the games because there are massive games coming up for the club and I want to be involved in it. But at the moment I'm just trying to remain positive and try not to get too caught up in it. "I've had a couple of scans and I'm just waiting to see how that is but at the moment it's still quite sore. The swelling is going away and the bruising is coming out so hopefully that is a good sign. "I was running full tilt and I was trying to hit the ball as hard as I could and I think the impact has snapped my ankle back. It was a sore one at the time, very sore, so we'll just have to see what's happening with it. "They were keen to get me straight to the hospital, so the ambulance came and picked me up. But the gaffer spoke to me, he text me straight away to see how I was and he even came in during the game to say that he would have a catch up with me. "I think everyone is together," he continued. "Everyone was asking how I was and it's great having a gaffer who you know you can speak to any time. He's great with all the lads and he's been brilliant for me. "I've had a lot of messages from them [supporters] asking how I was and just luckily it's not as bad as first feared. Even at the games I've noticed a real difference since the turn of the year and I think the fans are seeing it on the pitch as well. "We're both doing our part now. The fans have helped us and hopefully we are helping them enjoy their football again." Saturday's 6-2 win over Ayr was the joint highest victory for St Mirren at the Paisley 2021 Stadium since opening in 2009. Morgan believes that the side have been due a result like that and was pleased it all came together in such an important match. I think that's probably the first game it has all come together in terms of creating chances and taking them. We create chances like that every week and maybe we've not been taking them. But when it all clicks like that we knew at one point we were going to turn a team over and luckily it was in a massive game for us. "It's something I've not been involved in," Morgan confessed. "We just played with a freedom, everything was clicking and we were just really ruthless. That's great for goal difference purposes because it could come down to that. "I think everyone is really confident now. I read somewhere that over the last eight games we would be top of the league. There's confidence running through the team at the moment and we're definitely confident we can get ourselves out of this."
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    Had a double result yesterday. The score, cracking result. & After the match, the wife was picking me & my son jumped into the car & he said "we won 6-2" Living in London for 30 years & Innes being 'english' & having little interest in football, these were words i never thought i'd her. I was nearly crying. Further in his story, he said "us", i was bawling. Best results ever yesterday. Was for me. [emoji16]
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    That Gary MacKenzie booking is truly woeful. Time wasting at 5-0 up? Seriously? The guy is left walking a tightrope for the rest of the game, where one mistimed tackle could see him off and suspended. I noticed that he came back on to have it out with the ref at full-time. Not sure what the topic was, the booking or the challenge that dirty bastard put in on him just before he went off.
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    I think we'll catch Dumarton, Raith and Ayr and end up finishing 7th. How's that for positivity.
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    Alan Murray who operates the scoreboard has been in touch regarding what will hopefully be our last home game of the season against Raith next Sat, April 29th. As per previous seasons the club want to remember the buddies that have passed away during the season with a minutes applause with their names appearing up on the scoreboard. If you would like anyone remembered in this way Alan has asked if you could send over their name to [email protected] Ta much
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    It was also very brave. He's young yet, when the accepted wisdom tends to be that keepers are at their prime in their late 20s, and even into their 30s. I like his passion, too. He strikes me as a player who wants to better himself. He has embraced the club, and tries his best. My guess would be that he will improve month by month.
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    A fantastic point at a very difficult ground. Results elsewhere must not be allowed to overshadow that. Thats 4 points out of a possible 6 from our first two games from hell. Anyone who tries to put a damper on that is a bellend TBH. Only 3 more games to go and I still expect is to get another five points at least.
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    Shameful my arse. He wouldn't have been slow on coming on here to smugly wave his TOLD YOU SO pompoms if he hadn't been so catastrophically wrong. You and I both know that if you post shite on here, you better expect to be called out for it from time to time. To be honest, I think he has gotten off pretty lightly after making such a rip-roaring c**t of this thread
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    Like the Morton goalie fouling one of our players at the fourth goal then whining he's the one getting fouled.
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    No complaints here, we didn't turn up, your mob were outstanding!! Saints are staying up!!!
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    Fantastic performance and result. Next up the two form teams go head to head. We can do this. JR has me eating humble pie. I thought it was too little, too late. Thank Feck the board don't listen to us keyboard managers. ETA 'Mon the 'Ton on Saturday!
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    We don't need a new one. We'll persevere with you.
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    Cheating? I take it you haven't seen the highlights yet? Can't understand why some Saints fans go out of their way to find negatives that don't exist - that's what the oppositions fans are for.
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    Stelios was great today. Super. Loved the way he approached El Alagui after a tough challenge and rather than get in his face, put an arm around his opponent and with dramatic hand gestures, a shrug of the shoulders, and a flourish only continental players can carry off, seemed to gesture 'come on tae' fcuk big man, nae' need for that'..... I paraphrase. Maybe he did go a bit 'continental' after being flattened, but that boy was superb today. Back-heels, flicks, great engine, tackles, creative going forward. A real find.
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    Joma it is, and it's bespoke design, sold by the club, and available from the shop at the stadium. Oh my days. http://www.stmirren.com/news/commercial/commercial-news/752-st-mirren-announce-new-partnerships
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    What's with all the moaning about the referee not sending Flood off? Mallan went in with a clear elbow to Telfer's face and it was a straight red card all day long, and twice on Sundays. Also, the referee awarded St Mirren a ton of free-kicks in dangerous positions which we messed up. Mallan should have been salivating with the amount of free-kicks the referee awarded us. Some of them were for instances where no contact was made, but Loy and/or Mallan jumped, sensing contact could come. The referee also awarded us several free kicks every time one of their defenders came in hard at the back for a high ball. The referee was more than fair. We lost because we missed at least three great chances - the Loy post-hitter, the Mackenzie flying header, the Morgan shot dragged wide, and a great cross that bounced unchallenged two yards from their goal line with no-one there to knock it in. Add those missed chances to the sheer amount of free kicks we cocked up and there you have it. They took their chances and we didn't. Beaten fair and square.
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    Baird was outstanding , certainly made me eat my words ! #gojacko
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    Yes , mallan & Baird took a lot of stick and should be given credit for their performance tonight ( wasn't there, simply going on commentary) Now, what about that manager guy? Don't you think he might be due a smidgen of credit also ?
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    Like the vast majority of St.Mirren fans I just leave the day to day running of the club to the directors and those employed to carry out duties for the club. I can't imagine for the life of me what the motive would be behind someone "investigating" a new shirt sponsor and starting to post pictures of directors of that company and ridiculing them on a supporters website the very day they have announced a significant sponsorship deal with the club. Then we have riddled statements suggesting Gordon doesn't have a binding agreement to sell to SMiSA, we get posts suggesting the SMiSA AGM will be rocky. All of this coming just over 24 hours before one of the biggest games in the history of the club. Why would anyone want to start all this now? Where were all the protests these last few years about JD Sports involvement with the club? A company that was branded "a sweatshop" on national television and widely criticised for it's working conditions for employees? The investment from Skyview should be warmly received. This ain't some rockets trying to muscle in and buy the club, in actual fact the link between them and Saints comes from a local Saints supporter who Stewart Gilmour has confirmed on twitter "has been around many years". This is a nothing attempt to gain airtime because of some friction in SMiSA which has led to Lord Pity Me leaving the board. I couldn't care less about that right now but that is why this thread is where it is and where it will remain. Concentrate on the football and this sort of utter shite can wait until after the season is over.