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    Er, isn't the UK an island? It certainly looks like it on the map?
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    JJ McG

    Ian McShane Signs 2yr deal

    Has been a superb signing and the guy is only 24, only going to get better under JR at St.mirren.
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    Mate , I reckon Bute should go to war ................ Scotland will support you- remember we have Trident
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    Phoned the local trading standard's when i told the woman she started laughing in disbelief ! She has passed on the details to the department been told they will look into it and get back to me.
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    Lewis Morgan

    See 5 journalists have been asked to pick a best XI in Scottish football with the condition that only one player is allowed from any club. Young Lewis made it in to 4 of the 5 XIs. Not kidding myself that any of these journalists have actually watched him regularly or are picking him for any other reason than Brendan Rodgers said he's good but it's still another decent wee bit of publicity for the lad. Interestingly, the only other championship player who made anyone's XI was the young full back Gallagher from Falkirk (one XI out of five) who Lewis absolutely destroyed in the first game and hasn't recovered since according to Falkirk fans.
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    We need to match them for effort on Saturday, if we do that I think we have more quality than them to see us through. We cannot have a repeat of the Morton & Dunfermline performances. I love to turn them over in their own midden ( again ).
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    You didn't answer the question about Playground insults. I ask again . Where did I insult anybody . As for your " non comments" OK. Then the implication in your questioning was that I liked hanging around playgrounds. I would ask you . If you are any sort of decent minded human being you do one of the following , 1 . Apologise for the inference and Retract your ridiculous and malicious quetions or 2. Remove the post . Up to you , let's see what you're made of. I did ask a question on another thread about what is acceptable banter and what is too far. You my friend have crossed a line .
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    He only started that recently.......
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    It says "Service" not "Warranty". If they are saying that he must pay for it then "Service" must be available to him. "Service may not be available to all the islands around the UK and Ireland. Please check with your retailer or contact our customer service department." Of course, it also says "They do not affect your statutory rights or the obligations of your retailer and your contract with them." and I would assume that your statutory rights supersede any warranty T&Cs.
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    St Mirren Photos & Vids

    Only partially correct Fecking Awesome Football
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    St Mirren Photos & Vids

    Name the Game
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    Tried Haig Club when it first launched, found it to be vile stuff neat, not any better with a drop of water
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    Without knowing any of the details I find this astounding. Hard to believe any island seems to be seen outwith the UK? Maybe you should stop paying tax?
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    Now the chuckle brothers have departed the thread, for now, I'm going for a 1-3 result with us roaring back after going a goal down. As I mentioned above, before FTOF started taking the piss, if we get a win here this would be a superb 8 from 10 winning streak, way beyond what most could have hoped for. Dunfermline play Livingstone this week so a great chance to create a gap from one, or both, of them.
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    faraway saint


    It's really easy, you know they are 95% shite and you are just wasting money. Not bought a newspaper for about 20 years. It's a habit that's easily broken.
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    Time for Wee Bassa's walk. Hope it's a fecking monsoon
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    Holy f**k that's dire.
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    Eric Arthur Blair

    Ian McShane Signs 2yr deal

    McShane makes the SPFL team of the week https://spfl.co.uk/news/article/spfl-team-of-the-week-18/
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    renfrew bud

    Dinnae Shoot The Fecking Messenger

    http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/local-news/st-mirren-fans-could-soon-11361268 Surely not
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    Hutchison Vale Community sports football club added 2 new photos. 7 hrs · SPONSORS NEEDED FOR OUR BIGGEST GAME IN CLUBS HISTORY Dear Sir or madam We are looking for potential sponsors who would like to support our senior team Lothian Hutchison Vale in what is the biggest game in the clubs history, after a fantastic result a 5-3 win over Ladbrokes 2nd division Leaders Stirling Albion, we have been giving a brilliant home draw Vs Ladbrokes Championship Leaders St Mirren, We would be looking for a Match Sponsor, ball Sponsor, Programme Sponsor your advertising board would be put round the ground perimeters as the game will have Television coverage, there will be a lot of interest for this game, we hope you can help please contact Les on 07852557406 Many thanks Match day Programme Advertising for this famous Scottish cup game Full Page £150 Half Page £100 Quarter Page £50 Eighth page £25 Board around the ground for the season including free advert in all programme £300 Website Advertising We will be pleased to give you a quotation dependent on your requirements
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    Suppose as long as Anderlecht lose Celtic will be quit happy.
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    faraway saint

    St Mirren song

    Suppose ah better..............................Great Thread.
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    If you have a look at chaos theory, the coastal outline of the UK or other "islands" is fractal. This means that if you were to measure the perimeter exactly, you would essentially have a finite surface area enclosed by an infinitely long border.
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    No, its is 6289 islands, and your just one of them, please keep up !!
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    It also shows that McKenzie Street used to be MacKenzie Street and the bottom end of Well Street used to be part of Blackstoun Road. Not that this has anything to do with the school.
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    Sounds like someone who does not know what they are talking about or have been given instructions to try and get out of warranty claims any way they can. If you got the appliance on a credit card, you should be covered by insurance that way.
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    I prefer big Broonies song . .
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    Betting Thread 2017-2018.

     11 Fold Accumulator @ 350.63/1 £0.20 You cashed out for £6.42 Settled  Won Yes @ 10/11 Doncaster v. Portsmouth (FT 2v1) Both Teams To Score   Won Yes @ 4/5 Gillingham v. Wigan (FT 1v1) Both Teams To Score   Won Yes @ 5/6 Scunthorpe v. Fleetwood (FT 1v1) Both Teams To Score   Won Yes @ 10/11 MK Dons v. Walsall (FT 1v1) Both Teams To Score   Won Yes @ 4/9 Southend v. Peterborough (FT 1v1) Both Teams To Score   Won Yes @ 4/7 Oxford Utd v. Charlton (FT 1v1) Both Teams To Score   Won Yes @ 4/6 AFC Wimbledon v. Rotherham (FT 3v1) Both Teams To Score   Lost Yes @ 8/13 Shrewsbury v. Bristol Rovers (FT 4v0) Both Teams To Score   Won Yes @ 5/6 Rochdale v. Northampton (FT 2v2) Both Teams To Score   Won Yes @ 8/13 Blackpool v. Bury (FT 2v1) Both Teams To Score   Won Yes @ 8/13 Bradford v. Oldham (FT 1v1) Both Teams To Score  Back to the top   9 Fold Accumulator @ 121.68/1 £0.50 You cashed out for £10.23 Settled  Won Yes @ 5/6 Gillingham v. Wigan (FT 1v1) Both Teams To Score   Won Yes @ 8/11 MK Dons v. Walsall (FT 1v1) Both Teams To Score   Won Yes @ 4/7 Oxford Utd v. Charlton (FT 1v1) Both Teams To Score   Won Yes @ 8/11 AFC Wimbledon v. Rotherham (FT 3v1) Both Teams To Score   Lost Yes @ 8/11 Crawley v. Chesterfield (FT 0v2) Both Teams To Score   Won Yes @ 5/6 Rochdale v. Northampton (FT 2v2) Both Teams To Score   Won Yes @ 8/11 Cambridge v. Yeovil (FT 2v1) Both Teams To Score   Won Yes @ 8/13 Blackpool v. Bury (FT 2v1) Both Teams To Score   Won Yes @ 8/13 Carlisle v. Wycombe (FT 3v3) Both Teams To Score  There is always one.
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    We will need the extra Capacity when we are chasing Tony's target next season of the SPFL Premiership Title. Then, subsequently when we enter the Champions League in 2019/20.
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    Fake Saints shirt on ebay

    A one off! Must be worth thousands. If my mammy wis here she could knit a copy.
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    Falkirk v St Mirren Championship 21/10/17

    This won't be a easy fixture for us believe they will put up a bigger fight than they did in the last game would be happy with a draw in this 1 a win would be fantastic but we do struggle going away too falkirk so going to say a 2-2 draw
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    Injury Updates

    Displaced kneecap was the injury, which he had sustained on his other knee a couple of years ago also, with a 5 month lay off. This one has taken a little longer to recover but he shouldn't be far away.
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    I don't think Magennis will start this match but in a couple of weeks hopefully he will be back in the team from the start with us playing a 4 ,4 1,1 with Magennis or Smith playing off Reilly I would imagine. Until then Jack will make his team selection depending on the weaknesses of the opposition I would think rather than sticking to a particular formation.
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    I'm actually a big fan of Sutton, but appreciate he's "getting on" a bit. If we've to maintain our early season form it's horses for courses. Some teams would suit us to play Sutton, others maybe not so much. I'll leave it to the manager, I'd imagine he knows abut the players more than anybody on here.
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    I see all the real saints fans are immersed debating our next big game... and then there are the others, poor souls, hoping to be noticed. lets give them all a big hug.... welcome..! If you dont already know (and loads of people on here who actually know me in the real world do) my name is Tony Black... maybe everyone should name check themselves? Then we would all know exactly who we are dealing/conversing with. as Delia would say " c'mon then... lets be 'aving you"
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    I'm Listening To....

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    I go with this view.
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    Filling in the corners of all 4 stands would make a huge difference to the look on the inside of the stadium, and help with solving the problem of swirling winds during the bad weather. I do agree with Elvis that more could be done to make the outside of the main stand more aesthetically pleasing. Well done to SMISA for the work already carried out as it has made a difference, feels more like home these days, although nothing will ever feel the same as the old girl love st.
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    A lot of fitba people have came out and said our ground is ideal Kilmarnock,Motherwell,St Johnstone have 3000 rattling about in grounds too big for them For our wee ground we have never had a sell out,have we ever reached the 7000 mark?
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    East Lothian Saint

    Whisky Drinkers

    A good mate of mine bought me a dram of black bottle the other night (in this pub a dram was a double) and whilst I seldom refuse a dram I just always assumed black bottle was a peaty Islay blend. I was surprised to find it was very smooth. Apparently they have changed the recipe and are going back to the Speyside taste. If you like your whisky smooth like I do give it a whirl. My fecking head was next morning but......
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    St Mirren Photos & Vids

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    Saw Blade Runner 2049 last night at the IMax at Braehead last night with EAB. Visually stunning, excellent music both the original score and the soundtrack. Explores the themes from the original movie and has plenty of obscure references (both real & imaginary) from Kafka to the bible and a finale to match the original - just have to work out what it was all about now. At 2hrs 43mins it's quite long but I didn't feel there was much slack although EAB thought 1 scene could've been deleted. ****************** A bit unsure about the ending which seems to contradict the premise of the fillum, careful about spoilers, but otherwise enjoyed it very muchily!
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    St Mirren Photos & Vids