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  1. W7 Fans & Banners

    With above banner- Absolutely I am sure the police would intervene on the first one
  2. Betting Thread 2017-2018.

    Familiar theme here FAS. Close but no cigar 4 8 16 25 47 52- Wednesdays winning Lotto numbers, but I deliberately got one wrong............. U decide
  3. David Cassidy...................gone

    Will Celtic Fans be singing a song to mark his age?
  4. Here is a thought , try, for once posting something that isn't totally negative, anti St Mirren or totally defeatist... Everyone is entitled to their views , however your views pretty much replicate a troll...... And Trolls are assholes who just get their kicks winding people up..... As ur called Froggie- I am expecting a link to pond life So if your are above - P"ss off or Get a life---- There u go - a choice!
  5. Ancestry DNA Kit.

    I keep getting called a [email protected] by my family, so I wouldn't bother
  6. Yeah that's a real toughie
  7. Listen to your self Froggie FFS..... How many teams have been leading Celtic after 55 mins>???? Jack and the team will fear no one, but fairly obvious you cack your pants on a regular basis You would give an aspirin a headache pal
  8. Again its a great draw Remember getting them at Love Street when we were in Championship, and they fluked a draw before just beating us in replay....... Again, we are not going to win the cup, but imagine a wee draw up there , Kenny Maclean taken out by our Midfield .................... I am loving this season so far, and this has just added to it Also the talented kids McGinnis and Morgan will perform
  9. Just start your own Thread Shull ignore the Road to Hampden one You probably thought that was about a Road
  10. Personally , as we have ambitions for higher things I think its a great tie and one that will truly test Jack and the lads... Look we are not going win the SC so a good performance can really spur us on............. Lets just see what Dons turns up, If the Dons v Well then we will win............... I am not scared , only team that can truly beat us is Celtic
  11. Welcome back TC Start a Sack Jack thread after we "lose"
  12. Project Brave

    Simple and possibly highly sexiest response Get about 11 ladies like this down to St Georges , make a few genetically advanced friends . Sorted ................................. World Cup 2034 here we come !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Ok Arbroath averaged a goal every 2 mins 30 secs, at best being 6-0 we were averaging 5 mins 48 mins , which means at best we would have been 8-0 at half time, so yes Shull I agree we could of I should have won the 2nd half 29-0 ....... Sack Jack I say
  14. ICT vs St. Mirren 25/11/17

    As we have Brechin and Sons coming up, we need to get back to scoring lots of goals- Oh hold on !!!!!! Caley 1 Saints 7 ( after 35mins)
  15. Bring on the Rangers

    Rangers The Rangers The Teddy Bears Sevco Another record- the biggest ever crowd ( official) to watch Hamilton win a League game, beating 2014 v Tic at Parkhead.... So far the " new" addition has won 3 leagues with only about 20 internationalists , one diddy cup, be part of a cup final where a 2nd tier team won- Hibs. They also have a Penis on 45k a week, Alves on 35k a week Hamilton XI had less than Alves on their payroll for one that game.............. Sevco, just don't seemed to have learned that the Gretna model is not sustainable
  16. Kezia Dugdale In The Jungle

    FFS She asked for permission to go, it was turned down, therefore like any normal worker she is now AWOL So she either comes back to her day job of eh working for her constituents and representing them, or she gets sacked Goes to Oz, makes an errse of herself, makes money and them looks forward to a chat show on E4 next year..... Looks like she has made that decision so hey Ho
  17. Road To Challenge Cup Glory

    A lot of thought went into that!!!!!! Sons v TNS could be played in B+Qs car park
  18. Project Brave

    Correct, anything the SFA do is either for OF or one of them............. Mackay is a prime example of the diddies at the helm, like picking Jack.............. Our game wuill stay in the dark ages until they go, but they wont cause the OF like them working on their behalf
  19. Project Brave

    See Serco mate, going bust is just part of the long view
  20. Road To Challenge Cup Glory

    Aye about 28 teams so far Apart from New Saints, Crusaders, Dumbarton and their collected 500 supporters, they must be ecstatic!!! Fir Park Beckons!!! Mind u with who is left, u could play final at Ralston
  21. So Farewell Then Hampden Park ?

    No because he would only have 3 threads, if you had said arse then maybe yes
  22. What A Bore.

    We call it a Fart- Shull calls it a Thread
  23. There is always the Scottish Cup, so I maybe Jack's selection next weekend meets with your approval But I am sure Jack like the rest of us, doesn't really give a Hamsters scrotum if you approve or not
  24. This / these games are ideal opp to try new players or systems...... If he had done it in Scottish Cup or League then I would take your point. And I dont want that prick at QOS anywhere near Saints, if u do , then please with my blessing go on their forum and support them. Jack stated he wanted to win this, I believe him..... Your seriously not going to let this go, even though we are top of the league and so therefore his decision is completly justified