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  1. Fuctifano. I don't care one way or t'other, I was just explaining what he said. Neither do I, I just thought I would "challenge " the pish he prints !!!
  2. Ok, so he is saying that 500 Dumbarton fans went to Wales?? Is this in the history of going to Wales ever, or this one match??
  3. Livingston v St Mirren 17th Feb

    There were 3 in 2009 that were acceptable
  4. Read your previous posts !!!!! What all 23000 of them !!! I am due to die by 2035 so I cant mate sorry So where did the 477 come in, is that how many fans Sons actually have ?
  5. No, its more suited to a Saints fan wanting promotion back to the top league...... as in priorities................ Can u share the link that shows 477 Sons fans travelled to Wales?
  6. Livingston v St Mirren 17th Feb

    I am sure I have never been in the back of your cab, however I know your a gobsh!te
  7. How about my back garden I will tell the 23 Sons fans to stay out the Flower Bed Does football get more gripping than this??????
  8. Jack Talks Tactics

    Mate even if he dropped to say 60% that's still 22 wins, add 5 draws that's 71 points, which is what Hibs went up on last year............. Assuming last 11 games we win 5 lose 5 and draw 1 To put this into context and why Saints and 10-1 on at some bookies For Livi to get to 71 points they need 28/36 points available or 9 wins and a draw from last 12 games............ Livi have won only 50% of their games, they would have to increase that to 75% United need 31/ 42 Or 10 wins and a draw out their last 14............... United have won 53% of their games they would have to increase that to 72% in their last 14........... Remembering that one of them or both if they draw will be further out the equation if/ when they drop points............. We really should beat Brechin and if we do, and Livi or United drop points watch our odds get even shorter................
  9. Livingston v St Mirren 17th Feb

    Mate, as Shull has more posts than anyone else, he therefore knows more about football than anyone else, as ably proven in at least 5 of his 60000 posts The BOD, even with promotion , may sack Jack for not winning the Diddy Cup 2 seasons running .................... and Shull called it ......................
  10. Jack Talks Tactics

    Where you considering applying for Jack's job if he had left? Jack has a 68% Win percentage this season, Livi have 50%. Utd 53%, and Pars and Morton 37%, The winners of any league is about the whole season, and so far Jack is miles ahead on tactics, and I have also seen a few win ugly games this season
  11. Jack Talks Tactics

    Lots of really good points, and I agree on the way Jack sees the game. I also agree we need to bulk up, mainly to keep the ball. Against Dons it was obvious it was more a head to head in the first 45, we have pace and skill, I bet in training we look a fantastic outfit. So its not just about height , its about weight- Cue Maradona, Messi and Neymar..............
  12. Jack Talks Tactics

    Trying to find a football team for you that doesn't lose football matches Give me a year, I am sure there is one out there
  13. Wake up call

    I can believe the over reaction, cause it happens all the time,,,,,,,,,,,,So many Knickerwetters !!!! We lost a game of football, the better team, on the day ,won, we didn't reach our previous performance levels The players aren't robots???? We move on, we learn and next week at home we win.................... Livi play United so someone behind us is going to drop points End of ....................................
  14. How many friends you got?? 2500 ??
  15. I a m glad he is staying to, but realistic to realise a talent like him has to move on to progress........... unless Tony has convinced him Champions League is the goal
  16. Tony Watt

    True- Neither did I bar 2 Cup games
  17. Was that stipulation on the Barnsley application form?
  18. Scotland Football Club

    I think its ok, god we were all mentioning his name as soon as Strachan was gone Rather have him than MON............... What amused me was the Dempster, Lennon link and Petrie calling the shots So basically , aye lets move forward but keep yer hands aff ma Hibs .............
  19. See after we go 5-0 up tomorrow, can we just ask Jack these questions directly Personally I think Drew is Jack , so lets ask him
  20. Tony Watt

    He scored one goal , that's why he is even been mentioned Rubbish player- Ask Hearts fans
  21. Livingston v St Mirren 17th Feb

    We will lose the 1 if Sammie doesn't play Livi 0 Saints A lot With Love and Hugs Tony xxxxx
  23. Livingston v St Mirren 17th Feb

    I think we should just call off the game We are all in potential shock.... Maybe
  24. What Ross has won is respect of achievement, what he has already done is shown that he managed a team miles adrift and got them safe, then pushed on to trash the rest. Its not about trophies for Barnsley ........................ England is , in short, far larger in every way to the Scottish Game, Salaries, players, crowds, However in this case you're spot on.................. They are very very small fish Turnover dropped from £9.4 million to £4.8 million. 2016 Net liabilities of £5.1 million. The club really is worth nothing. Sold players for £475,000. Who does that relate to? blivy, Mar 3, 2016