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  1. Lewis Morgan

    Its a good point u make Look how much talent just rots away from the first teams. Celtic one of the worst of taking talent and then wasting it. Scott Allen, and now Hayes, and possibly Armstrong..... Stevie is a talent but as shown he gets better with pressure, hardly any of that with Barnsley U23s with one man and his dog watching
  2. Lewis Morgan

    Here is thing though, if its Celtic he wont play, just be loaned out to some 4th English mob. Look at Mallon, cant even get on the bench in the ELC , no game time, just a fee for his agent. He needs to be Hispanic be considered for Sevco That's why I believe Lewis will put his trust in Jack. Hold off till the move is right for him
  3. The Great Politics Thread

    I have apologised to those who I offended,
  4. The Great Politics Thread

    Yes maybe was a bit easy wound up. So will apologise and move on
  5. The Great Politics Thread

    I have not given any abuse, and this was about the Tories, your the one who decided which wee bit to extend and then make pathetic threats. My point was Ruth using her power to push LGBT-as your so fascinated about my work email and FB, dig a wee bit deeper and you will see I have a sister in states married to another woman, which I am delighted about. Humans have rights Oak, its your generation that decides we should have walls and groups . That is what is wrong, and I am sorry Men in dresses is not right, everyone has rights, a woman in Holland got done for peeing in a lane, do you think a man would of. See when the world is all fair and everyone has rights, then judge views on who gets what.....
  6. The Great Politics Thread

    Spot On Welcome to Toryland- Assumptions and arrogance with very little talent to sustain it. Having to deflect to maintain the upper hand they must have...... Wasting your time mate, Tories don't even like themselves
  7. The Great Politics Thread

    You really are a shit stirrer aren't you............. do u have any friends ?? Most on here think your a prick,,,,,, and hope ur PC contracts a serious virus....... Would put u on block but find u quite entertaining-- U know like Danny La Rue- Your Hero. Heroine
  8. The Great Politics Thread

    Maybe if your computer died we would all be better off, and way and watch Loose woman and give as peace.... And yet again as u are clearly unable to read well Trannys should not have rights no.................. We have far more deserving normal people to consider.... Trannys should go back in their closets ,
  9. The Great Politics Thread

    Love this, where did I say anything about partners ha ha, that was him..... I do have issues with that yes, men in dresses should not have rights IMHO....... Glad ur ok with it.... I will look out for you in a Black and White Mini Skirt next home game
  10. The Great Politics Thread

    That's not the platform for LGBT, they have a voice, however how BiSexual or Transvestites can have rights is beyond me and I am sure millions of other people, yet say that in 2017 and your " homophobic" . Does it really matter what the SNPs had said , and do seriously believe any life changing bill should rely on 50.000000000001% . There is the problem. With the 45 Club abd obviously Remain still being a huge voice.... Your really good at telling what I am or what I wanted- Typical self absorbed Tory. I never wanted 51% or school kids, I wanted the electorate to speak and they did, by losing we gained more power. By winning Brexit we sure will be gaining lots of new powers, trouble is they sit with what is the Tories and what they now are and stand for. Not the party my parents voted for as Unionists ............ You really do sound like Ruthies scriptwriter, " Losers" , sure you don't have a wee tin whistle and a 1690 tattoo to go with it....... Obviously in pink to go with your BT support
  11. The Great Politics Thread

    No, No , No- I never said anything homophobic so don't play that card, I said about her bleating about LGBTrights and abusing Power- thats two totally different things. But a good try. I am fully aware of the Tories main stance, however I also aware that they also allowed blatant racism to spout from their senior members . As for Cameron he is the main reason we are in the total mess we are in. Even Trump needs a 66% majority in both Houses to push legislation .... Cameron twice could have quashed rebellions by simply putting 60% on Indy and Brexit..... He could have killed off UKIP and the SNP at the same time So yes I totally blame the Tories for the mess we are in..... and yet you and many other Scots support them in the name of unity? Fair enough been Scotlands downfall for over 1000 years and the reason we never will be independent . We are far to divided
  12. The Great Politics Thread

    Oh come on, are u serious??? She is a Class A Clown- Oh and so true to her word. Remember her decent Remain speech, 2 months later she is ripping it up and pushing Brexit when her country voted 62% to stay. Its all about anti SNP rather than Pro Scotland, and the fact that she also throws in her LGBT views I find pretty appalling, at least KD kept her private life private............ In an appalling Tory party, with laughable Front Benchers like BoJo and David Davis , yes she will stand out .................. Big Deal She doesn't represent Scotland , she does represent LGBT- What is it with Scottish Tories??---- God help us if that becomes our FM........................... Her an the Irish PM can have a wee party I am afraid Politicians that are any good are in very short supply, maybe the internet has exposed most of them........ The only thing that matters to me and my Kids, is to still have a world to grow up in. As the Tories are all for Trident that ends it for me, especially with that nutter Trump making threats and slagging off nations...................... the Tories are on the rise for one simple reason my friend, bigotry, sectarianism and the orange order- A wee alliance with the DUP - Lovely... You must be proud
  13. The Great Politics Thread

    Yeah apologies was a long winded rant....... the non Shull approach - why use 21 posts when 1 will do
  14. The Great Politics Thread

    Please can u supply any evidence on exactly how Ruth is brilliant- Unless of course your part of the LGBT movement?
  15. The Great Politics Thread

    I am sure like most on here, I work closely with England, I also work within Europe Like most pro Indy Sites the overwhelming focus is on how poor wee Scotland gets raped and pillaged on a regular basis by Big Bad London..... This is not only totally untrue it also, more importantly , distracts for the true major issues ...... Its a road that is not only pointless, for anyone with any intellect its also insulting.... At the height of the SNPs power in 2015, they had a great chance with control in the Scottish Parliament , 56 MPs and an Indy Vote hovering around 50% to push on. Push Trident removal, seek investment, solidify industry.... But what happened, well we started feeling sorry for ourselves, Strugeon pushed the poor wee Scotland button , and with ignorance and totally lack of respect for the vast majority of the UK, and pushed ahead a crazy agenda for what? More Power? Or just more legislation?? SNPs got the Brexit Vote they wanted, ideal. Scotland In , England Out ( Actually London in to) what did they do with that mandate, well nothing, except press the poor wee Scotland Button again, alienating themselves in Europe, in the RUK and of course in Scotland......... The Basques being stormed by troops shows how things are dealt differently in parts of our EU cousins All down to the wee ankle biter Sturgeon , who managed to take herself from being one of the most respected Politian's in Europe, to just a wee noise in the corner.... and now does active harm to Scotland and the UK, her stance on Trump 9 even though he is a Class A ass, is far to vocal) So now SNPs despite Brexit looming, a weak Labour, a corrupt Gov is still going backwards.................. why- Because the SNPs have become more Anti English than they have Pro Scotland...................... Forgetting that the English not only highly populate Scotland, the religious factor, and that England in most cases, receives less funding, more bills- Education Higher and School, prescription charges and the like............... In fact, I would go on to say that Sturgeon has been far more effective for the Tories that Ruth has................................. I would also say for a woman who was not elected to her position , and therefore a mere Civil Servant , she should simply be sacked and replaced by Scottish Multi Party representation ..... No doubt this will upset the feelings of the poor wee Scots on here, but hey I was always a Patriot first , and never really a nationalist - whatever that stands for?
  16. Probably get shot down in flames but my understanding was a Flat Fee of £70k
  17. Messi to be renamed Greedi

    So what you saying? Is it better than the 2021 experience?
  18. QoS Game

    TBF- With a 67% Win Rate in League, Diddy Cup at 100% and a couple of wins in League Cup we are hotter more often...... Furious at Buchanan and Ecks for stupid red cards, we need a settled side and those muppets should be dropped, if Mackenzie and Davis are soon to return
  19. The Great Politics Thread

    Mate welcome to Politics, they all talk shite Ever read any manifestos??? But yes agree with your second paragraph, I guess the SNPs are honest to the degree they have become gullible.... The White Paper was based on Oil revenue and that the all would be good in the world...... IMO Under Nicola they have become totally predictable. They have done great things but always manage to get drowned out. My clear issue is SNP has the bark but not the bite.... The Tories will tear people to pieces , Labour just does it to itself...... Can see Ruth being the new FM at this rate
  20. The Great Politics Thread

    You have taken that too far!!!
  21. The Great Politics Thread

    As an SNP member I am somewhat at pains on this one. your point though is pretty lame, in that with the Scots giving the tories the MPs to take the power grab they most defiantly will. Willie Rennie is an arse but since 2014/15 SNP have been in decline , that's not my opinion but the polls. The fact that Labour can only go one way and the ruthless Tories will bite and scratch , the humble SNP are getting squeezed , with this stupid Indy 2 shout we have nailed our own coffin shut. Strugeon made a fatal call on that one, Alex lost his seat and we got Ruthie........ So please guys I am not that assehole Oakie so stopping ganging up on me or I will be upset and cry
  22. The Great Politics Thread

    Everyone knew this was going to happen, and let be honest here----- The Scottish and Welsh Govs are powerless.................. I actually for once agree with Willie Rennie, SNPs are dead and will lose next Scottish elections
  23. Some actual good ties between Highland v Lowland..... Anyone got an idea what the prize money is in Round 1