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  1. Let's be honest, the top 2 will be Dundee Utd and Falkirk, probably in that order, we will be fighting it out for the other 2 play off places with Inverness, Morton and possibly Dunfermline. QOS, Livingston and Dumbarton will be near the bottom trying to avoid the relegation playoff spot, and Brechin will be well adrift at the bottom with a record low points total.
  2. Just had a look at which players/managers are in the hall of fame, and I noticed that Ludo Roy has been inducted, I thought that was a bit of a strange one to be honest!
  3. That's a decent amount of season tickets sold for the coming season, hopefully the same support is shown from the fans as was in the last quarter of last season, it should not be underestimated how much that contributed to our survival in the division.
  4. What a breath of fresh air our new chairman is, so much better than the old regime.
  5. Who is McManus?
  6. Gary Mackenzie is just as good, if not better than Davis, and there is still a possibility Loy will return to the club, if not he is easily replaceable.
  7. I'd say the best 3 players were Mallan, Morgan and McGinn, 2 of which are still at the club.
  8. A bit of a step down for him, hardly one that got away to be honest!
  9. No doubt we will see his name appear in rumour mill in the future, probably every transfer window.
  10. I would have Ross Stewart as number 1 from the off, he is good enough.
  11. 2-1
  12. I wouldn't say so, he was never in charge for any games, it was more a case of changing his mind.
  13. Alex Miller by Hibs.
  14. Jack doesn't strike me as a Judas, especially given what he has been saying about the club and what he's building here.
  15. Fuxake, how much money have a the old board taken from our club, thank f**k we are well shot of them, did they really want to save the club or just saw an opportunity to make a lot of money?