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  1. Getting my cups mixed up, the league cup is only slightly diddy.
  2. Diddy cup but great day out if we get to the final.
  3. But he will always be remembered for the goal against the dead team.
  4. The always thought that they were 2 Feyenoord fans who liked it here so much had decided to stay.
  5. Could we delete this thread incase it gives anyone any ideas!
  6. Hope it works out for you down there, and we see the financial benefit in a year or 2!
  7. Seemingly he died shortly after playing a concert in Detroit on Wednesday night, sad news.
  8. Is it any wonder both Rangers and Celtic have won so many honours between them when you see some of the decisions in that game that robbed us of a cup final appearance. It was commonplace in those days though and I can think of many other games against the two of them where we were done by shocking refereeing decisions.
  9. There is no danger Barnsley will be in the EPL in the near future, they are more likely to be heading to League 1. Somewhere like Leeds, one of the Sheffield clubs or even a club like Reading or Fulham would be a far better option, plus as others have stated Barnsley is a shithole.
  10. I don't think this is the best move for him, Barnsley aren't a very high profile club and he could easily be forgotten about down there unless he is a standout for them, I think he should hold out, bigger teams than Barnsley will come calling soon enough.
  11. Is he really, I never saw him at Easter Road on Saturday, in fact I don't remember seeing him at any games recently.
  12. To be honest the Montrose goal was a belter, but Mallans probably shaded it due to the build up one twos, though what the Rangers and Celtic goals were doing in the list is anyone's guess, nothing special about any of them!
  13. But surely if the money's split between the 4 teams every set of fans should be paying?
  14. Fuxake, your getting more negative than Elvis!
  15. I think the Hibs crowd will be fairly quiet on Saturday, whereas we will be well up for it from the off and throughout the game, hopefully it can spur the players on to get the required result.