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  1. Disgrace

    Makes you wonder if Dunfermline done this on purpose so that we were not in the ground to support our team. We should treat their support the same when they next visit, only open one gate and have it break down, let them stand outside for 45 minutes!
  2. St Mirren v Raith Rovers . Challenge Cup Rd 3

    So what happened to the West Stand being for only home fans this season, or does this just apply to league games?
  3. St Mirren v Raith Rovers . Challenge Cup Rd 3

    So if it's only the main and west stands open where are the away fans being put, not that there will be that many?
  4. St Mirren Under 20's 2017/18

    Makes a mockery of us having to play our first team against Hearts under 20s.
  5. Another great performance yesterday, this season is shaping up to be better than the millennium winning championship!
  6. The points they have picked up in their last two games were a point at home to Morton and a win against Brechin, Dunfermline pumped them 5-1, this should be our benchmark. I'm very confident we will have a comfortable win on Saturday, my only concern is the referee having other ideas.
  7. It shouldn't matter who the ref is, but when you hear it's Collum you always fear the worst, he is never in control of the game and will definitely make mistakes on Saturday, hopefully the mistakes are in our favour.
  8. Tunnel panel ideas

    Pretty smart, but if we want to intimidate the opposition then change it to this is Feegie, this should do the trick!
  9. Basically if we are up for this we will win the 3 points, I think we will be and I reckon we will win with something to spare, Inverness are worse than Dundee Utd, that says it all really.
  10. Ffs, this is really getting as boring as f**k. I come on here to read the match thread and other posters comments on the match, not to read argumentative posts from other fellow supporters. Div made a statement recently about why he started this website, it seems to have fallen on deaf ears, come on to f**k lads PM each other if you want to bitch and leave the website for the supporters who want to read about St Mirren related stuff!
  11. Transfer deadline?

    Haley McQueen is tremendous, if I was Gordon I'd still be bathing her!!!!
  12. Transfer deadline?

    Dumbarton have signed Froxylias, be interesting to see if he's any good.
  13. That will be some game in 3 weeks time when we face them at East End Park, who will play the Junior Mendes roll in this game?
  14. I reckon this will be a high scoring draw with defensive mistakes in abundance, 2-2 or possibly 3-3.
  15. That was Celtic last season in Europe.