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  1. What is our chances

    McCall is not a nice guy who cares what he thinks, why do we even listen to anything he says
  2. Pre Season Friendlies

    Early days, don't read to much into pre-season friendlies
  3. Ryan Brobbel

    Faraway Ar@@@@@e
  4. Ryan Brobbel

    No just putting it out there, just thought he was TNS best player and read some of the clubs he's played for
  5. Ryan Brobbel

    What's the chances of Ryan signing for St. Mirren, he's only 24 and looks a good prospect
  6. Scottish Cup Quarter Final Draw

    The only good thing about this tie is it's a money spinner
  7. 2nd Anniversary

    Looking back it might have been better for us all if they had bought us
  8. Where is our season heading now?

    Stuart Dickson why don't you just become another glory hunter and support the old firm and do all Buds a favour
  9. Where is our season heading now?

    Why don't we all wait till the January transfer window closes and see what changes to the squad have been made and we all might have a better idea how the rest of the season might pan out
  10. Happy New Year

    Well said Whydowebother nice one, happy new year ta all Buds COYS
  11. The Saturday Night and we're shite thread

    Tedious Tom maybe not the drink,but agree with the rest
  12. Inter UK Super Cup

    Ayr again lol
  13. Joey Barton On Loan

  14. Talking Tactics - Have your say.

    It would be great to see Saints play with 1 forward but unfortunately we don't have 1
  15. Just please NOT Gus McPherson