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  1. Would be rather amusing if Kenny McLean signed for Rangers for a large fee considering he was released from their youth setup.
  2. Our support will have a great role to play tomorrow. Important that we get behind the team from the first minute to the last. COYS!
  3. The rules in Scotland are clearly different to those in England. Lennon broke those rules by not fielding his strongest side. Fine the bastard. Raith missed an opportunity last night to put us under pressure. Feck em. They may well rue the day the fielded Ryan Stevenson in goals.
  4. The rules in England were changed a few years ago to let managers field anyone from their squad. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/14166038
  5. If we start like we did against Ayr, then Raith will be forced to change that game plan. Here's hoping for some early goals from Saints.
  6. At one stage this season Raith were 19 points ahead of us with a goal difference of 22 between the sides in their favour. What a turnaround. It is so important for us to win on Saturday. I'll settle for 6-2 to Saints.
  7. Hopefully Jack and (Victor) Fowler were at Easter Road tonight watching our next two opponents. Could do with a repeat of the Ayr result of 6-2 against Raith on Saturday.
  8. Can't ask for a better result than that. Nothing like a last minute kick in the baws.
  9. Hopefully the next Chairman report can resolve this officially.
  10. LPM - are you planning on raising these concerns at the AGM on Saturday?
  11. Good point. Whatever happened to the monthly communications from GLS?
  12. Ach if that is the case I will not bother going to Raith or Hibs games. Thanks for the heads up Mystic Meg.
  13. They both probably chucked it after Hammarby.
  14. What street names will be in place? I will start with Torfason Terrace.