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  1. Div, kids are likely to want to order socks for the full kit. Will these come online at some stage?
  2. From the AGM report Accelerated payment clause One other element of the deal briefly touched on at the AGM was around accelerated payments which could be triggered to the consortium over the next year. Gordon paid his portion of the share purchase up front, and SMISA – having planned to get a loan to cover our share – had initially promised to do the same. When this didn’t go to plan, we had to negotiate a deal for monthly repayments to the consortium. They agreed to this, but only if we and Gordon added a clause which said if the club came into any unbudgeted income, some of that money be used to get them what they are owed quicker. So if St Mirren receive funds from the sale of an asset, the club will lend a portion of that money to SMISA to make the accelerated payment to the consortium, and SMISA will repay the club. This only applies up until the date we are due to make the final repayment in summer 2018. There are three points members should be clear on here. One is that payments only apply up to the sum we still owe them at that time – they won’t get a penny more than they are due. Second is the club will not lose out as a result – any money which comes out of the club to make the repayments will be repaid by SMISA in full as soon as we can. Lastly, the power of the club board is in no way affected – they don’t have to sell anything unless they choose to. A compromise was negotiated where this clause did not apply in January 2017 – so it wasn’t triggered by the transfers of Kyle McAllister or Jason Naismith. But it may kick in if a player is sold this summer. Again, the clause was part of the share purchase agreement, which we had authority to conclude, and which was approved by our lawyers. This was a clause we were reluctant to agree to. However, we were negotiating a million-pound share purchase and this was a highly complex situation in which none of the three parties (us, Gordon and the consortium) got everything they wanted – as with any deal, everybody made compromises.
  3. Let's not forget that a chunk of any fee received would be payable to the previous owners.
  4. Yup. https://www.stmirren.com/news/club/all-news/943-season-ticket-holders-go-free-against-dundee
  5. Let's not forget Ayr. Kicking off the season with a trip to Albion Rovers followed by a home clash with Forfar Athletic.
  6. What channel is this on? Does it matter if you are not a ST holder?
  7. Is that so we can drape them over our seats like on holiday? Just to really piss off the PATG punters.
  8. Surely the whole point of an Open Day is to reach out to the wider community - especially those who are not season ticket holders.
  9. The only people who can verify this is the ticket office and the company behind the system. I just don't trust the data that is being displayed. Happy to be wrong as it means that we really must have increased in new season ticket holders.
  10. Div, I don't believe that W5 only has 4 seats available for new purchases. There must be something wrong with the website if it is coming out with that information. Just based on where I sit there were certainly far more than 4 free seats last season. If that section is wrong then I don't trust the data for the other sections. Why would the club set a target of 1000 ST if we exceeded that last season. Makes no sense.
  11. I have to agree as the majority of existing ST holders will already have signed up to take advantage of the discount. We are Paisley buddies after all. It would have been interesting to know how many ST holders we had last year in that stand. I fear that we are going to end up with reduced facilities once again in the West stand for the majority of games.