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  1. Nothing to fear. Especially if DULL AND DREARY DEREK is still the Dons Manager Aberdeen 1 St Mirren 2 Crowd 8787
  2. Possibly Linfield v Celtic if the Ulster Bigots beat a Team from San Marino.
  3. 1973/74 What a superb Strip. Black and White in all the right places. Not the greatest Team we ever had but a few standouts there and a few not so good. Bobby McKean was always a hero in a St Mirren Kit. Davie Miller we could do with now. And the legendary Tony Fitzpatrick. Big Gus scored 5 v Hamilton previously. Ex Hibee and Ex Scotland Goalie , Herriot was not very good at all. Finished that Season in our worst ever position. Fergie was to arrive soon.
  4. Read one of my favourite jokes in Tam Cowan's Column today. ' What about the poor wee cannibal who was ate before he was seven .. Brilliant LOL
  5. Good luck to the girl. Meanwhile, back here, absolute uproar. Jealousy, hatred, envy and total bitterness. Well done Kez. FECKEM
  6. Pre Season Friendly 19th July 2017 Clydebank v St Mirren Kick Off 8pm At a Neutral Venue yet to be decided
  7. FFS ! http://www.footballkitnews.com/9370/new-celtic-strip-13-14-nike-glasgow-celtic-home-jersey-2013-2014/
  8. No priorities please. Try and win every competitive match we play. Doing that.... We can win promotion. Win the Scottish Cup And we could be in the Challenge Cup Semi Final. Prioritising might mean we end up with nothing. 100% at all times. WE HAVE A SQUAD OF FULL TIME TRAINED PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL PLAYERS.
  9. Will only be 13000 attending if Aberdeen Season Tickets are valid or maybe if admission prices are slashed to a fiver or less.
  10. Baker Street Paisley

    Thanks Bud
  11. Baker Street Paisley

    Seriously, what does Paisley get if it wins the vote ?
  12. We are second top in one of the SPFL leagues also
  13. Baker Street Paisley

    What are we voting for ? What will be the outcome of Paisley winning the vote ? Explain please
  14. Starting on BBC2 this Friday at 10pm. A six part Series.. I heard today on Radio that it is genuinally hilarious. ( we'll see ) Hope it is as good as Rab C Nesbitt or Still Game. And not as bad as Limmy, Burnistoun or Gary W*nk Commander. http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/latestnews/2015/two-doors-down-casting
  15. Telly Programmes

    Whit ye watching ? Presently viewing Hole In The Wall on CBBC, along with the wee yin. It's funny BRING ON THE WALL !!!!!!
  16. Our Match is in the St Mirren Matchday Thread.
  17. Bring on the Rangers

    16.45 Live on Sky Sports News and Sky Facebook.