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  1. shull

    Goodwin Please, Not Neilson

    Robbie Neilsonzzzzz is on Sportsound now until 5pm.
  2. shull

    Goodwin Please, Not Neilson

    I hope legend James Goodwin will be our new Manager. I do not want Neilson. I dinnae think he is any good plus he is a fecking bore on par with Boring Boring Brendan and Dull & Dreary Derek. His interviews in the Media are a fecking drone and will put Scotland to sleep , with Jimbo heading for the Erskine Bridge. He'll put the Dressing Room in a coma. GOODWIN PLEASE, Gordon
  3. Thick as feck https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/demoting-rangers-wrong-decision-scottish-11720473 And we would need an Interpreter to translate his fecking mumblings to the players. NAW. GOT TO BE GOODY
  4. The draw for the group stage of the 2018/19 Betfred Cup will be made on Friday May 25 and will be broadcast live on BT Sport 2 at 6.30pm. The 40-team group stage includes the 38 SPFL clubs not involved in European competition plus Highland League winners Cove Rangers and Lowland League champions Spartans. The format remains the same as the two previous seasons, with the eight group winners and four best runners-up joining the four UEFA participants in the last 16. The full group stage fixture list will be confirmed during the week commencing Monday June 4, once broadcast selections have been made. Betfred Cup dates 2018/19 Group stage MD1 – Weekend of Saturday July 14 Group stage MD2 – Tuesday/Wednesday July 17/18 Group stage MD3 – Weekend of Saturday July 21 Group stage MD4 – Tuesday/Wednesday July 24/25 Group stage MD5 – Weekend of Saturday July 28 Second round – Weekend of Saturday August 18 Quarter-finals – Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday September 25/26/27 Semi-finals – Saturday/Sunday October 27/28 Final – Sunday December 2
  5. shull

    Who Should be in the Sin Bin

    Jesus feck
  6. Cove v Cowdenbeath again
  7. Hopefully, we will have a Manager who will take the Tournament seriously.
  8. Easy We're on our way to Hampden , maybe more than twice
  9. Group H Kilmarnock St Mirren Dumbarton Queens Park Spartans
  10. Group H Kilmarnock St Mirren Dumbarton Queens Park
  11. Group H So far Kilmarnock St Mirren Dumbarton
  12. Group H So far Kilmarnock St Mirren
  13. shull

    How Telling

    The Clueless Clique ( Posse ) celebrated absolutely fecking wildly when Samson got an Extension to his Contract. And they all know, he really is a poor Goalie, who should be freed. But they all love,, ONEUPMANSHIP, MOCKING, POINTING & LAUGHING, ABUSING & BULLYING. ( pathetic individuals ) Christ, it was Forum Ejaculation, when the dud goalie saved a penalty. Not a word, when he blundered his way through the rest of the Season. http://www.blackandwhitearmy.com/forums/index.php?/topic/44355-sammy-signs-new-2-year-deal/ First post sums up every one of the fandans up.
  14. 1973/74 What a superb Strip. Black and White in all the right places. Not the greatest Team we ever had but a few standouts there and a few not so good. Bobby McKean was always a hero in a St Mirren Kit. Davie Miller we could do with now. And the legendary Tony Fitzpatrick. Big Gus scored 5 v Hamilton previously. Ex Hibee and Ex Scotland Goalie , Herriot was not very good at all. Finished that Season in our worst ever position. Fergie was to arrive soon.
  15. shull

    Goodwin Please, Not Neilson

    Your bed is nearest the switch.
  16. shull

    Telly Programmes

    Whit ye watching ? Presently viewing Hole In The Wall on CBBC, along with the wee yin. It's funny BRING ON THE WALL !!!!!!
  17. shull

    Who Should be in the Sin Bin

    Me and my 2 aliases
  18. shull

    Who Should be in the Sin Bin

    Cannae beat a right good quoting. Keep up the good work, Rick
  19. shull

    Jack Ross has spoken to ............

    What's the Livi game got to do with anything.? He has always been a poor goalkeeper. And he should not be anywhere near our first team. He has been dreadful this season. Lucky he had an iron curtain defence in front of him.
  20. shull

    Football Photos Of Interest

    Apart from fans, What is missing from this below ?
  21. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/local-news/jack-ross-want-leave-legacy-12524524
  22. shull

    Jack Ross has spoken to ............

    May as well wire the 50k to Samson's Account. Jack's last pish act and legacy.
  23. shull

    Jack Ross - Leaving A Legacy & Memories

    Fecking Laughable. Samson is his bloody legacy. I wish Ross had fecked off at the Title Parade. He could have asked the Open Top Bus Driver to drop him off South of the Border. The adulation we gave Ross. The least he could have done was stay for one more Season. And the galling thing is... THE COMPENSATION WILL BE SWALLOWED UP WITH SAMSON'S FECKING UNDESERVED CONTRACT.