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  1. With outside lavertys [emoji43] Sounded better in my head. [emoji26]
  2. Any more of your cheek auld yin and you'll get one of those spuds inserted where the sun don't shine. [emoji32]
  3. Could or actually going, cause yer drawings poor.[emoji13]
  4. Could you not have used a blue pen to finish it off, that would have kept someone amused. [emoji6]
  5. I've worked on a boat with that name. It should be renamed 67th anniversario now [emoji57]
  6. Pfft, I'd hate to see the reverse side as it doesn't even have full stripes on the front or the sleeves. [emoji14]
  7. And............. [emoji23]
  8. What were you doing on the pitch, hooligan [emoji23]
  9. Thats not a dugout, thats a massive drum. [emoji23] Que the France 98 drum intro..........
  10. Shows you what i know, i thought it was live [emoji23]
  11. Just switched it on there and seen him win the 9th frame. Some nice long pots from him, you sure you know what you're talking about [emoji14]
  12. Macca now winning 5-4 [emoji23]
  13. Nothing wrong with some decent humour, Faraway take note [emoji14]
  14. I'm looking forward to a grown up debate on here, with folk given personal and reasoned opinions.
  15. Sorry DJ your mistaken with the amount, the approx numbers for the EU referendum was London 2.26m remain 1.51m leave Scotland 1.66m remain 1.02m leave