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  1. Soonish then [emoji6]
  2. When you going to another saints game........ [emoji14]
  3. Poz, yer art work looks good [emoji6]
  4. There is loads of clubs that play a knockabout game after a training session and they pick the teams by all sort of means. Over V under 25 Over V under 5'11" Over V under shoe size 10 Left footer V right footer School named after a St v school not named after a St. Support a team wearing certain colours V support a team wearing other colours. Blond/ginger hair V dark hair Baldies V Hairy's The main thing is they're team mates and stick and enjoy together.
  5. I miss bill leckies march reports that he added humour to. Likewise not heard a Highland league round up on Radio Scotland for many a year. Does anyone know if the reports still have a humourous side to them. Ie. He showed the same commitment to the tackle as a failed kamikaze pilot. [emoji23]
  6. Just was wondering what bit if any you disagreed with. The only but I had doubt about was the 90% figure.
  7. Didn't you say you had Faraway on ignore?
  8. Genuinely, how is it bigoted?
  9. Not everything though. [emoji6] The free minutes, texts and internet I get on my phone cost me £10/month [emoji26]
  10. You've got good eyesight, I can only just make out the goals at the home end. 🕶
  11. How much were STV/ITV paying to show England vs Germany compared to what they offered the SFA to show Scotland vs Canada?
  12. Just home from work and had seen some reports coming through at 3 regarding the attack. Another sickening attack on innocent folk no matter if they were civilians or police officers, white or black, Christian or Muslim. The scary thing is this can happen anywhere and it is near impossible to prevent. 🙁
  13. Would the third place be where an overworked janny asks if you would want him to locate his broom handle. [emoji33]
  14. Slightly off topic, Referee Craig Thomson definitely looked like a saints fan I remember going to the games. 🤔
  15. Was it not Vialli looked like Alex Bone [emoji6]