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  1. So you want this season's strip worn for part of this season and next season's strip worn this season and for only part of next season with it only being for sale after this season had finished but after it had been worn before next season has started. 🙃[emoji43][emoji37]🤒🤕
  2. I couldn't hear the bell for the last lap for the rattling [emoji23]
  3. You took your time [emoji14]
  4. I seriously worry for your obsession with Jack Ross. Please tell us what he's done to you previously. It's good to talk.
  5. Likewise you should to take a minute to decide, does my post make any sense before posting. [emoji6]
  6. Correct [emoji106]
  7. If it's good enough for St Mirren....... Starting to like the Away top even more now [emoji14]
  8. Fiver Off [emoji106]
  9. That's an outrageous answer. How dare they tell you the truth. Heads should roll. [emoji23]
  10. With all that love for our club, I'm surprised you didn't shout it from the roof top. [emoji106]
  11. No idea myself, was just wondering what costs would be actually incurred. TV's - you say 5. But would one at each area be enough so you seen the action wherever you were standing. Signal - would it be wired or wireless. Would a internet connection be required. Power - Would a new socket and trunking be required for each screen. Security - are they required to be in a secure cabinet to protect from damage and/or theft. Insurance - would it mean an increase. One advantage is that it could be used for advertising before the game and at half time as I don't believe you can show highlights (at half time) though I may be wrong.
  12. Not a bad suggestion, have you thought or got an idea of the costs involved?
  13. [emoji45]
  14. I'd refrain from spending money removing it until there is a replacement in place or the badges started to fall off. [emoji106]
  15. Not all of them, this Miss wilnae ever [emoji14]