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  1. Bud's forget the troll that isn't still appreciative that Jack didn't relegate us. Tick tock lex.
  2. Can they not just accept they were wrong and admit it. The clocks still ticking and tocking for the admission. 🕰️
  3. Ffs, another tick tock troll post. Sad sad man.
  4. Hope you enjoyed the walk [emoji14]
  5. You do know that something that seems funny in your head, doesn't always come over funny when you post it repetitively. [emoji14]
  6. No wonder he disappeared in shame. [emoji23]
  7. Now that's got to hurt. [emoji23] [emoji13]
  8. How can the minutes of the previous AGM be accepted as a true recollection if they're not published beforehand. Are they only read out at the next AGM for the members to accept?
  9. From what I know of constitutions. If there's no objection to the proposal regarding the changes to the constitution, no vote would be required as it would be taken it was unanimously​ accepted.
  10. Imagine anyone wanting to go home after work? And what was Jack thinking of, dropping someone that wasn't fit to play because he was sick?
  11. Just remember what the tories promised recently.
  12. C'mon div answer the question. Do you think Inwas in line for a Gibraltar cap? I was thinking Inwas was a mistake for i was, i was. [emoji23]
  13. Tock [emoji38]