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  1. 2021 Short List

    I see the decision will be made in December. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/five-towns-and-cities-shortlisted-for-uk-city-of-culture-2021 "The shortlisted areas will now be invited to submit a final bid by the end of September. The panel will assess the final bids from the shortlisted cities before a winner is announced in December."
  2. The Great Politics Thread

    I agree, if the tories aren't able to provide the resources to protect our borders then they should hand in their resignation. What else are they allowing to enter the UK. [emoji44]
  3. London Dump Uber

    Oops [emoji44]
  4. London Dump Uber

    And on
  5. London Dump Uber

    And on
  6. London Dump Uber

    I was actually posting in jest this time. [emoji23] But do agree that somtimes they do go on.[emoji6]
  7. I was going to ask what row. [emoji14]
  8. I see the vent above the missing window is also missing, making me think the window and vent are only missing/hiding because of the pertruding section. [emoji106]
  9. The Great Politics Thread

    Bud the Baker Looks like he can't answer your question or admit he was wrong, or the more logical explanation that he's been found out lying again. No wonder the poor soul has such a lonely existence that he has returned to troll on here after what he wrote on the official site.
  10. Artist seems to have added an extra window Unless this was actually craigalea primary as it was listed as,
  11. QoS Game

    2 x 0 = 0 not🖕or [emoji111]️
  12. QoS Game

    Hope you didn't take the friends request rejection personally. It had nothing to do with you being a twat. Cnut yes, but not as a twat [emoji14]
  13. London Dump Uber

    Touche. Hope you're having a nice break, not [emoji14]
  14. Betting Thread 2017-2018.

    Not anymore than usual [emoji14]
  15. London Dump Uber

    Only thing your good for is weather forecasts. In fact your not very good for that. It's either raining (Paisley), pishing doon (Smokieland), Sunny (Tenerife) and that concludes your input. PS is it leeky in leek 🤔