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  1. Chant Lyrics. Tune of sugar sugar

    And I would sing 500 more Just to be the man who sings a thousand times To fall down at your door Da da da (da da da) Da da da (da da da) [emoji41]
  2. Seen that yesterday. Absolute Dickson level of stupidity [emoji23]
  3. They're will be inconvenience for some that travel to and fro with public transport that bit is correct. As for the politics in the decision ask where the 350m a week from the eu is getting spent that we promised, ask about the privatisation of the NHS England that's reducing the funding of NHS Scotland, ask about the warnings of wards getting closed and moved to a super hospital in Govan with the impending amalgamation of Argyll & Clyde Health Board and Greater Glasgow Health Board in 2002ish.
  4. I had to reinstall it. Works fine now. 🤞
  5. Just a wee reminder. We're the team in black and white stripes. [emoji1267][emoji106][emoji835][emoji836][emoji173][emoji836][emoji835][emoji106]
  6. The Katie Hopkins Thread

    Name your price and I'll tell you [emoji14]
  7. Don't think it will be mentioned until the teamlines are handed in. [emoji106]
  8. Jason Naismith Leaves

    The guy is hopeless and plays for a duff club. But less about Jason's faither [emoji14]
  9. Jason Naismith Leaves

    I beg to differ [emoji852]
  10. Juniors

    Spoke to Davie after the Scottish Cup game. Thought he would have seen the season out but did think it was hurting him how things were going.
  11. Sportsmans Dinners.

    The ballet dancing winger routine is hilarious [emoji23]
  12. The 3 Monthly Spend

    Let's make sure of 17/18 first before thinking of consecutive titles [emoji106]
  13. Total Cunts

    I'm with shull. Just to p!ss him off [emoji23]
  14. New Contracts for Davis & Baird... Now!

    The gift that keeps on giving [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  15. Total Cunts

    You been on the rum truffles again [emoji39]