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  1. St. Mirren v Dunfermline

    Can only presume that the ref rated it as a genuine attempt to play the ball which would only be a yellow if the penalty is awarded under the rules. Either that or he bottled it knowing it was going to be a second yellow meaning a red. Some decent play today although the final crossing at times let us down. The West stand assistant was a complete bewilderment at times today. How standing so close to things and manage consistently to get so may wrong was unbelievable.
  2. New Initiative For Family Stand

    Also a special deal for youth groups and boys clubs on Saturday £20 for 2 adults and a load of kids. Also giving out those banger things that will really piss a few people off with the noise.
  3. St Mirren give Barnsley permission to speak to JR

    It is all just a horrible rumour started in Dundee by a Mr S Thompson as it may be their only way of catching us.
  4. St Mirren give Barnsley permission to speak to JR

    Money talks and is he likely to get offered anything bigger at the moment? Hopefully he will feel that Barnsley is not the right club for him at the present time
  5. Nathan Austin

    The few times I saw Austin he looked as if he was very quick which is perhaps something that would play to our strengths but if he can't score then a lucky escape. Baird seems on a downwards spiral at Inverness so it is all good,
  6. Nathan Flanagan

    Youngster released by Hearts signed a 2 year deal seemingly. Left winger? https://twitter.com/N_Flanagan31
  7. St Mirren v Livingston(Postponed) 11/11/17

    Livi will take plenty of points from teams in the top 4 which over the course of the season will be to our benefit.
  8. St Mirren v Livingston(Postponed) 11/11/17

    Thought Baird had another good game with his distribution good and some great diagonals, Along with Eckersley and Morgan who has the magic to turn games that we are heading for defeat in into draws and then wins. Also better delivery from corners and free kicks now McShane has stopped drifting them in aimlessly
  9. Speculation Thread

    Have we been done and signed the wrong striker from them?
  10. QoS Game

    Morgan will get most of the plaudits for scoring 2 goals but Liam Smith got assists for the first two. Mcginn was outstanding and bossed the game looking as if he wanted to make up for last week and had a physicality today that left Rankin and a few others in a heap. Baird had probably one of his best games for us and won pretty much everything in the air and kept things simple and cleared his lines when he had to. Has the aggression that McCart looks to lack.
  11. Lewis Morgan

    Not this season tho so far been inconsistent and not guaranteed a game
  12. Jamie McCart

    Hopefully we haven't Hib'sed it
  13. Ben Gordon

    Thought you had to be released before the transfer window closed to be a free agent. We could have signed him on a Neil Lennon emergency loan though but not if he has been released
  14. Ben Gordon

    Contracted when window closed so can't sign til Jan?
  15. Lewis Morgan

    Just imagine what price Falkirk would put on Lewis if they are knocking back 750k for a crap left back
  16. Lewis Morgan

    Would be good to know if any of them came in on Thursday and how much it tested GLS's resolve
  17. John McGinn

    Do we still have a sell on clause for Paul?
  18. Lewis Morgan

    We will be fine Alan Gow will be available at the end of September.
  19. Transfer deadline?

    Might still be fit before Davis
  20. Lewis Morgan

    Morgan's pish don't waste your time
  21. John McGinn

    Jackson Irvine in the process of going for 1.5 million there is your minimum benchmark
  22. St Mirren v Dundee United SPFL Championship 26/8/17

    There were 4 big home wins last season against Hibs & Utd both midweek games when the attendances dip by 1000-1500, decent atmosphere then the Saturday games against Ayr and Raith who at the end of the day weren't very good, when there was a better atmosphere and we ramped it up a bit due to roughly 4000 home fans This season the home games against Falkirk and Utd I think we have taken the atmosphere up another level, keep the performances up and hopefully more fans come back every week and the team keep delivering on the pitch.
  23. St Mirren v Dundee United SPFL Championship 26/8/17

    Was very funny when Morgan ran past him at speed, looked like he may catch him for all of a fraction of a second and then gave up when Lewis hit the turbo, couldn't even get close enough to foul him.
  24. Livingston v St Mirren SPFL Championship 19/8/17

    Right Thomson ya Paisley bassa blow the whistle!