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  1. Play Mehmet

    It goes without saying that to ensure a win we must play Billy today......i'm sure you'll agree Shull
  2. Play Mehmet

    Will be looking for Billy to be at his reliable best again tomorrow
  3. Play Mehmet

  4. Play Mehmet

    Billy was magnificent yet again yesterday
  5. Play Mehmet

    Thought i'd bring this one back early.... it is vital that Billy is the first name on the team sheet this coming season if we are to do anything decent.
  6. Play Mehmet

    Big Billy will do the business today as always i think he'll get 2 goals today.
  7. Play Mehmet

    Looking for another brilliant performance from the big man after he was easily MOM on Sunday.
  8. Play Mehmet

    Billy was immense AGAIN yesterday, he deserved a goal.
  9. Play Mehmet

    Well done Gus on getting the big man on a new contract My only criticism is that it should have been a 3 year contract not just 2.
  10. Play Mehmet

    Billy was the only one who did anything of note yesterday and i'll be looking for the big man to do the business against Shitetic.
  11. Play Mehmet

    Well with Big Jim Hamilton cup-tied on Wednesday it looks like we'll have to rely on the big man again, i'm sure he'll deliver.
  12. Play Mehmet

    Tis the colour of the jaiskit Underneath beats a black n white heart
  13. Play Mehmet

    Yet again Billy is there when it matters, well done big man!
  14. Play Mehmet

    You took the words right outa my mouth....to quote Meat Loaf
  15. Play Mehmet

    Looking for Billy to provide the quality that will unlock Rangers defence.