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  1. Nope. I think Top Cat posting at half time that he wanted us to lose the game is the supporter of the year.
  2. No it isn't FFS. How can WINNING a game be the same as Rangers LOSING a game?
  3. No it isn't. What's embarassing is Top Cat posting at half time that he WANTED us to lose this game.
  4. Misery Guts V Happy Clappers

    Agree with Garf. There will always be those whgo are incapable of coping with the slightest problem in their lives - even losing a football match. Virtually no resilience whatsoever. A large percentage of those who have no resilience also seem to have this uncontrollable urge to vocalise their inner turmoil. In doing so they suck the life from everyone around them. I will never choose that way of life and quite frankly they can call me what they want because I don't listen to them. I really don't understand how anyone can live like that with every day causing them to breakdown mentally.

    Honestly I feel sick even thinking about leaving for a game as late as that. The same people who leave themselves absolutely no spare time whatsoever tend to be the first to complain because the game is not delayed for them. I always try to get to a game with about an hour to spare. Couldn't cope with the stress of a last minute panic.
  6. LGBT and Scottish Football.

    Who is being paid less only because of their gender, colour etc? Name and shame.
  7. LGBT and Scottish Football.

    The point Black Lives Matter are making is that right now, all live don't seem to matter. Their message is not aimed at you or me or anyone like us. It's aimed squarely at those, like the US police, who clearly don't see it that way. As for equal pay for ALL? Really? Pay should be based on what you can negotiate. Period.
  8. Darryl Duffy

    For f**ks Sikh.
  9. Site Settings

    Bit of a hiccup or two ver the last day but looks fine to me now.
  10. Steven Thomson

    I dont believe you. If you saw a guy walk past your unlocked car with a wallet on the passenger seat wearing an old tracksuit and a burberry cap are you telling me you wouldnt flip the lock button? Everyone judges on appearance and first impressions. Take your virtue signalling elsewhere.
  11. Sounds like a slow day on the taxis......
  12. Steven Thomson

    I don't know what is more cringeworthy - someone going out and getting a "footballer haircut" just because EPL players are doing it or someone growing a "footballer beard" only because Messi did it. Thommo did both. It's almost as bad as that thing Jordan (Katie Price) started when she began using serious amounts of fake tan and shaved her eyebrows before using a Sharpie to grow them back in. Within weeks, council estates up and down the country were choc full of idiots doing the same thing. Brrrrrrrr......
  13. Talent So Young - That Wee Lassie

    Yes, I like your edit. It's funnier than your first effort.
  14. Talent So Young - That Wee Lassie

    Then STFU ya daft bam. You clearly don't know what you are talking about. Come back when you actually have kids.
  15. Talent So Young - That Wee Lassie

    Do you have kids or not?