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  1. Aye and we are man or woman enough to take the consequences as well. Not sure what your point is.
  2. You want to know who else is 18? Kyle Magennis. You wont find him posting stuff like that. At 18 he is not a child.
  3. Why are you talking about 7.6Bn people for?
  4. Albino Rovers. Oh well if you are going to make a typo it might as well be a cracker. Made my day.
  5. Amazing crowds in all of them.
  6. Tory manifesto. 1) Deferring care costs until after death? Excellent idea. The £100k limit is not high enough but it's a lot better than what is in place now I think. 2) No rise in tax or NI. At a time of pay rising slower than inflation this is good. 3) Increase in living wage to 60% media salary by 2020 is excellent. 4) Policies on immigration, independence and fox hunting are bollox. 5) Increasing spending yet again on the NHS without fundamental reform is ludicrous. 6) Scrapping winter fuel allowance for better off pensioners is probably the right thing to do providing the savings are not lost in the noise of means testing costs. 7) End of free meals for schoolkids. Unsure about this one TBH. Clearly the vast majority dont need this. I would have liked to have seen benefits sanctions modified so that instead of receiving nothing, those sanctioned are given food vouchers so they can at least eat. Housing costs are still paid AFAIK. We cannot have people left with nothing no matter what "crime" they have committed.
  7. OK if you are being civil then I will return the favour and give a fuller explanation of where I stand. I am not asking you or people like you to be quiet at all. A bit less personal abuse wouldn't go amiss and if you want to see some examples of the worst of human behaviour go and have a look at the P&B politics forum. At least it is reasonably decent on here. Here are my concerns. 1) Left wingers trying to hold the moral high ground by arrogantly claiming only they care about people at the bottom. People who want to do this can talk to themselves. 2) Our welfare budget is totally out of control and needs trimming. We are currently paying some perfectly healthy households up to about £23k per year to sit at home and do nothing. That is backed up by people who work in the benefits offices themselves. That is indefensible. Totally and utterly indefensible. Why? Because we have disabled people, who need that money, being thrown to the wolves of PIP assessors. When maximum benefits were cut to this £23k level, those affected were howling and wailing against the "unfairness" of it all. These are the people who need to STFU. We are "helping" all the wrong people. It's not about deserving and undeserving poor. It is about those who genuinely need help and those who don't really need help but they will take it because it is being offered. 3) We have a culture of dependency and entitlement as a result of an incredibly generaous welfare state. How exactly is that benefitting those on welfare or the rest of society to be paying people so much welfare that they financially lose out by getting a job? 4) Point 3 has left us with a massive and toxic culture of "victim mentality". Although I am still an SNP voter for now, there is no doubt that they have played to the galleries on this. It's doing my head in and they need to stop it. 5) An inability for the left to discuss welfare without talking about "the rich". This is just intellectual bollox. Focus on one thing at a time. The size of the welfare budget is a problem. Not just financially but because of the effect it has on our culture (see points 3 and 4). If we want to discuss "the rich" I am happy to do so but not in a discussion about welfare. The two are unlinked. A quick wander around online forums and I am beginning to think my dad was right. No religion and no politics.
  8. When you learn to ask a question as in the first sentence without coming to a conclusion as in your last, I will be happy to clarify.
  9. I wish you would remember that sometimes.
  10. Really?
  11. For the overwhelming majority of people things are not pretty bleak at all. What I personally want to hear is a bit less whining and a bit more silence from those who don't really need help so that as a society we can focus our efforts solely on those who do. Give me a world like that and I will be happy. We have too many thrashing around taking up precoius time, money and effort who simply don't need it and others in dire need suffer because of it.
  12. There is nothing more tedious than someone grandstanding for attention. Why on earth do you think anyone cares whether you will stop your direct debit or not. I thought I was the King of the pompous and self absorbed. If you want that title my friend you will have a battle on your hands.
  13. Who are you talking to? I ask because nobody seems to either like your posts or respond to you. Genuine question.
  14. Sorry bud but I just don't get this victim mentality at all and I am genuinely unsure how to respond to it other than to repeat my suggestion for how to get around these types of employers. Don't work for them and take responsibility for creating your own job. Nobody owes you a living. I agree that greed is not necessarily good but neither is dependency on others for a job and an entitlement complex. Nobody is stopping you run your own business so get out there and do it if the alternative is as bad as you are making out.