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  1. FFS. That was the very definition of an open goal. I ought to know better.
  2. You surely dont expect the EU to agree to allow us to maintain our benefits whilst not being a member? Nothing is easy when human beings and egos are involved.
  3. In fairness if you really want to convert Tory voters into supporting another party, I think this attitude is not helpful. Neither is the one which labels Tory voters as racists, bigots, childless, selfish or stupid. Exactly the same negative and damaging attitude which say the Yes campaign lose and which will see IndyRef2 lose as well (if it ever happens now). It's incredible to watch a group of people so unwilling to learn from one lesson after another. Almost as though you guys are obsessed with self-inflicted wounding. Lesson One: General elections, Independence referendums, Brexit, Holyrood elections and council elections are not, never have been and possibly never will be battles of Good (lefties) versus Evil (Tories). Until you lefties learn this simple rule you will never convert enough people to your causes to win the biggest battles. I'm giving you this lesson for free because I've sat and read through enough mind-numbing pish online to make my conpassionate side want to help you.
  4. Fair enough.
  5. It is going to need everyone to stop pissing about with party politics and to work together because we really will be f**ked if we don't. Good to hear the SNP adopting a more reasonable tone with the Tories. This is the sort of thing which might win them back more voters - a LOT less whining.
  6. FFS stop whining bud. Backing down on migrants already here was the correct thing to do.
  7. Joking apart, I sincerely hope that Jack is working on the mentality side of the player's game as much as the technical side. We only want winners at the club from top to bottom. Technically, the gap between the top sides and ourselves is pretty narrow. Mentality is everything. This is why I don't mind Fitzy talking about winning the SPL because IMO there is no excuse for not having that as a goal, otherwise what is the point. It is really nice not to be hearing whining about financial constraints.
  8. How do you cope with the loss of your manhood?
  9. It is nice to know that we have managed to build a great team without saddling ourselves with debt. Cant wait for the start of the season. All this training is fine but the 1st league match is the mane event.
  10. We do have a beautiful country. Whenever that is not true it is almost exclusively because of other people and their behaviour, obligations etc. The greatest gift is to have enough money to live away from as many of them as possible.
  11. Show me a post you made at ANY time whilst Aaron was here where you showed you realised that he had that potential.
  12. I was wrong. This one tops the lot. Aaron himself has stated that it took a while for his attitude to get sorted. Without the correct attitude, no amount of managing (whatever the hell that means) would have created that £10m player.
  13. This is the most ridiculous thing you have ever posted on here, and there has been a fair bit of competition for that title.
  14. Fair play. If we could just get IOBS to issue the odd apology for posting abusive shite when he is drunk the forum would be a happy place.