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  1. Craig Slater Slates St Mirren

    The man has made his own life and career choices as he is perfectly entitled to do. Why does it bother you so much? He hasn't been a Saints player for years.
  2. Buddievision - poor value for money

    If you think repeatedly dishing out personal abuse to complete strangers online (over 3 years now in my case) when you are around 50 years old is great then wire in chief because behaving like that tells me you have more problems than I know how to solve. You clearly have issues. Joking apart, I hope you find a way of fixing the hole in your life which has caused your behaviour. Banter is one thing but I am not about to wish ill on someone who has problems. Good luck.
  3. Latest Scores

    If being a cock means not having your shitty poisonous attitude then I am happy to be one. I will never wish a career ending injury on anyone. WTF is wrong with you?
  4. Craig Slater Slates St Mirren

    The man has ambitions for himself. We could do with a few more of those in our country instead of the army of depressing "put people in their place" obsessives we currently have polluting our streets and holding us back as a nation.
  5. Exactly. People are entitled to express their opinions. I'm not sure where this modern phenomenon of taking offence at everything and constantly chucking personal abuse at those with differing views comes from.
  6. He didn't suggest that at all.
  7. Buddievision - poor value for money

    Maybe but at least I don't spend my days polluting the forum with endless and utterly pointless personal abuse against posters I don't agree with. Really don't know why tou bother posting if this is all you can come up with. You and TPAK thingy are really showing yourselves up as a pretty intolerant and nasty pair underneath the wafer thin surface of your compassionate lefty fakery.
  8. Buddievision - poor value for money

    When you start asking people to pay money you can rightly expect harsh criticism when you provide absolute crap in return. Nobody cares how much effort the staff at BuddieVision put in. Why on earth would they? Why on earth SHOULD they? This is the world of commercialism. You cannot get away with amateurism when people are paying. Either buck up or accept you will have no customers by the end of the season.
  9. Latest Scores

    The compassionate side of the left wing showing through here. I thought the left was on the side of good in the battle against evil?
  10. We are 5 points clear at the top of the league and already miles ahead of the points total we ended up with in May. We are winning pretty much every week home and away. Last night we beat the most expensively constructed team in the league without our top scorer. But you reckon we have nothing to celebrate?
  11. Chris Sutton

    You spend waaaaaay too much time worrying about what other people think and say. It really isn't healthy. Get offline and get a life FFS.
  12. Stand Still When Snowing

    Why on earth would I possibly use the word "mistakenly"?
  13. Stand Still When Snowing

    Did you remember not to use personal abuse in your communications? Maybe that's why you didn't get a response. People like you always make this mistake.
  14. Stand Still When Snowing

    Yeah, THAT is Trump's biggest problem. Not the racism, sexism or the mental illness but his attitude about his self worth.
  15. Stand Still When Snowing

    I have the same problem with your posts as I do with Drew's and Faraway's: reading your personal insult-strewn tedious pish makes me fall asleep half way through your post. If I miss things, you only have yourself to blame.