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  1. John Sutton

    Didn't take you long to get back to showing absolutely zero support for our manager or one of our young players. Have you LOOKED at the league table recently? We are winning and you are still not happy.
  2. The UEFA Nations League

    What the absolute f**k is this nonsense?
  3. Injury Updates

    Aye that's what Gordon was doing. When he said "political correctness gone mad" what he ACTUALLY meant was that he just cared deeply.
  4. Injury Updates

    It is also worthwhile pointing out that the only people who need to know about what is keeping Mac out of action are the club board, the manager and his family. As fans, all we need to know is that he is out of action with no date for his return. He should be getting 100% support from all of us IMO regardless of what is keeping him out,
  5. Injury Updates

    FFS. The neanderthal is strong in this one.
  6. Teams you have a strong dislike for!

    I think we can safely say that in the entire history of human civilisation, those words will never have been seen in that combination before. Another in a long line of stunning firsts IOBS. Please never stop posting on here.
  7. Teams you have a strong dislike for!

    Or they could just be normal functioning people with a lives outside football.
  8. Teams you have a strong dislike for!

    I dont hate any team. I dont hate any person. Life is too short.
  9. Injury Updates

    Maybe the problem isn't the lack of news but the villagers themselves? Gary will be back when he is ready to come back. In the meantime perhaps the villagers should get a life instead of speculating.
  10. Catalonia

    I doubt it. I generally don't employ the same weapon twice. I don't need to. There's plenty of other types of vinegar in my locker. Besides, there are more worthy adversaries out there than TPAK thingy. Why waste my time chomping on the chaff when the field is full of wheat? That would be an example of the type of vinegar I am talking about.
  11. Ross Tokely

    If this is an example of the sort of withering wit you subjected Tokely to, I am surprised you didn't bore the poor bastard to death.
  12. Ross Tokely

    It's rarely stopped ANY of us before.
  13. Ross Tokely

    Actually what you said was "However, it was satisfying relentless in nature " I can only take you at your word.
  14. Ross Tokely

    I'll try my best to dumb it down for you guys.