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  1. Deep fried mince pies

    You have to applaud these chippies for finding such creative ways of getting free publicity.
  2. Stand Still When Snowing

    We have a population of drivers who generally don't know how to drive in good weather. They routinely see speed limits as a target and not a guide and barely any of them understand what an appropriate braking distance is. Given this knowledge I am astonished that anyone would question why things grind to a halt in bad weather. It's fairly obvious I would have thought. The sooner we get self-driving cars and ban humans from driving, the better.
  3. Foodbank Collection

    FFS what is it with people these days that they can't do a charitable thing without publicly blowing their trumpets about how virtuous they are. The original post was fine. It didn't really need anyone else piling in with their self-nominations for person of the year 2017. I would blame Facebook and the "like" generation for all this nauseating self-back-patting nonsense if we hadn't been plagued by it for decades. The term "voluntouring" for example pre-dates Facebook I think.
  4. QOS v St Mirren 23rd Dec 2017

    Given that Paisley boasts Ferguslie Park amongst others, I am not sure any of us should be talking about the crime rates of other towns.
  5. QOS v St Mirren 23rd Dec 2017

    Stats might not lie but they can be made to say anything you want and therefore cannot usually be trusted.
  6. Billy Mehmet top

    And this attitude is widespread amongst the population. It provides a lovely environment for fraudsters and scammers to cream a fortune. ALWAYS check. ALWAYS.
  7. Billy Mehmet top

    Virtue signalling. There really is nothing this current generation of humans do better.
  8. Brechin v St Mirren (9th December)

    Bit early for me. Most of the top sides are playing each other over the next few weeks and Livi have two games in hand. Shaping up nicely though.
  9. Billy Mehmet top

    I edited my post while you were responding. If you re-read it and still want to leave your response like this then I will respond to it.
  10. Billy Mehmet top

    Next time you try and do something like this you might want to cut out the post where you berate other forum users for not having bid. If you calm down and stop making this all about you for a second you might understand some of the hostility. If homelessness is something you genuinely feel passionate about then what is usually required by charities is personal involvement rather than money. I am sure a few hours of volunteering work would be a far more effective form of help. If you actually want to help these people of course rather than stroke your own ego as you did with your comment about handing over a fiver to the first homeless person you met. John Bird who runs the Big Issue and spent many years on the street says himself that handing these people money is absolutely the wrong thing to do.
  11. Brexit Negotiations

    So it's probably just as well you are not a negotiator by trade
  12. Billy Mehmet top

    I wasn't going to respond but then you pressed the hard sell "chugger" button and annoyed me. First off, the link you provided requires a login so that's not great. Secondly, and I don't mean to be rude here, if I want to give money to a charity I will approach the charity directly. I trust absolutely nobody when it comes to this sort of thing. Finally, my advice is not to harangue people with posts like the one above.
  13. The Dark Side Going For McInnes - What Of Jack

    Billy Davies' press interview a few months back fell into the same category. They would be absolutely perfect for each other. It's fair enough to THINK these things but you don't f**king say it out loud unless you want ridiculed.
  14. Stephane Bahoken

    This guy deserves a HUGE amount of respect for two reasons. Firstly for openly admitting his own failing when he was playing here and secondly for overcoming his problems and making it to the top. Mooy at Huddersfield is another one. It is very refreshing to hear about people who have this attitude.
  15. The Dark Side Going For McInnes - What Of Jack

    That press release by Rangers is as crass and classless as anything I've seen coming out of a football club in my lifetime. They remind me of someone who has just been dumped on date night - "Ah dudnay fancy um anyhoo". f**king criiiiiinge.