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  1. Oh FFS. I shouldn't post late at night.
  2. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/39240400 I've been whooshed haven't I?
  3. I think you should have an opinion whether you have the faintest idea what you are talking about or not. I also think that each person should sit and think very carefully about posting negative bullshit about either our team's performances or our manager's performances when they don't watch any games whatsoever. A bit of self awareness wouldn't go amiss.
  4. As others have said, if we can't beat Ayr, Dumbarton and Raith at home then frankly we don't deserve to stay up.
  5. So looking at the run in and being honest, how many points do we realistically think the bottom clubs will have at the end of the season? Dumbarton will get 4 more points - 35 points. Raith - 3 more - 36 points. Ayr - 5 more - 36 points. Saints - think we will beat Ayr, Dumbarton and Raith plus at least 1 point from Hibs, Dundee Utd and Falkirk. Reckon we will win one of those. Total 39 points. We will be right behind QOS and Dunfermline IMO both of whom will hit 40.
  6. Honestly I cannot understand why you are not enjoying things right now. Plenty of time to consign this season to the bin when its over. Right now this is sport at its best.
  7. Yes but we beat Hibs and Dundee Utd. We have a game in hand and they have to come to our ground. I would say they will be shitting themselves.
  8. Its weird but I am actually really enjoying the excitement of all this. Large crowds, fantastic support, team playing its heart out every minute of every game. Goals, wins, disappointments, cup final. This is sport at its finest. This is a story we will be able to tell our grandkids.
  9. Violence of all kinds is wrong unless purely and demonstrably in self defence. I think we are too willing to "support our boys" unconditionally without really thinking through what they are voluntarily doing in our name. This guy is not alone in engaging in this sort of act. When we call people "heroes" we enable this type of person to think they can get away with anything. There are no heroes and this man should be jailed for life IMO.
  10. It is looking like 36 points needed to be safe. I reckon that if we beat both Ayr and Dumbarton we will be off the bottom.
  11. FFS what a miserable pile of crap. Historical context is irrelevant. In football, the past does not predict the future. It really beggars belief that this needs pointing out. Oh and we would have SEVEN games to go including a game in hand over them. This season has been very tough but by FAR and away the worst part of it has been listening to you bang on since about September. You are not a realist. You are a bottler. You personally gave up on the team well before Christmas. That is a bottler in my book. Stop fluffing your own pillows. Fortunately we have stronger characters in charge at the club and on the pitch. We may survive or we may go down but you will always be remembered as the guy with so little resilience that you mentally gave up in November. Your choice of course but f**k me what a way to live. Part of Generation Biscuit. Apply slight pressure and you crumble.
  12. And that is the problem with statistics right there. In the hands of ill-educated people or those with an agenda, they can be manipulated any way you like.
  13. I also reckon we will need 4 wins and IMO that will take us above two other teams. If the team is focussed (and they will be) on winning every single game then we are very capable of winning more than that too.
  14. I found it. Made up stories and poems are not my thing though so I didn't read any of it. Have trouble suspending my disbelief.
  15. Funnily enough Google doesnt know what Gallovegian means either. Wouldnt surprise me if the tshirt already existed.