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  1. Christ. Did he not learn aff his brother?!
  2. Really? Don't think it was rough enough! Nothing there to suggest he's a reasonable footballer. Living off the fact he played some game for Rangers, but offered very little since. He's genuinely nowhere near good enough for this level.
  3. Cornetto? As useful as an ice lolly. Smith is a dreadful keeper and a fecking trumpet to boot. Hopefully Shull hasn't applied for any of the scouting roles.
  4. Did you have a seat plaque removed too?
  5. Wasn't it looked at, but the cost a relaying the steps would be too much? Something to do with the depth of then?
  6. Jack said on the radio the other night that Stelios was one he wants to keep. if that's the case, Stelios would do well to stay and learn off Ross and Fowler who've played his position. If he improved defensively then what a player he'd be.
  7. I know. Im setting myself up for both sides of the coin...
  8. If we make the playoffs I won't be despondent. If that was offered to us in January then we would have taken it. and Ayr will win on Saturday.
  9. He was watching the Periscope feed...commented when McGinn scored!
  10. Even if the unthinkable happens and we a relegated, the management team must stay.
  11. Was going to ask the odds of Morgan playing. Noticed he was in hospitality on Saturday with training gear on so hopefully he's fit to play tonight.
  12. Has ability but zero heart. Probably too late for him now.
  13. Haha! I agree that they'll be a dirty mob and try to kill time all game. however, having Stelios back might actually work in our favour. They play quite a narrow midfield and Stelios should find plenty of space.
  14. Was it 'nice' football when we beat Ayr down at their patch?
  15. Agreed, think he should stay irrespective of where we end up. Also, while we have a tough run of fixtures, you can say the same for Ayr and Dumbarton. Looks to me like we are roughly playing the same teams, and some of our better performances have been away from home. all about the positivity, it's all you can be!