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  1. They all stand up. Less about segregation and more about blocking the view from the disabled platform.
  2. You couldn’t move them to M1 & M2 because of the disabled platform, so it’s likely to be the family stand if anything. difficult one, but as the OP highlighted there is significant money to be made. Christ, if we hadn’t given Rangers the family stand way back, we might not have been able to afford sacking Rae
  3. Really? I thought he was quite poor positionally and with decision making. Just don’t feel he’ll make the cut.
  4. http://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2018/04/20/do-monumental-gamble-rangers-fans-discuss-hiring-st-mirren-manag/
  5. No new contract for Cardeebuds.
  6. Anyone that quotes TC’s post requires punting.
  7. Danny Mullen

    Don’t recall him diving or squealing. He is great at winning free kicks in the last third. I don’t think he dives often, but get his body in a position that invites contact from defenders.
  8. Bid accepted for Kyle McAllister?

    Hard to compare when Morgan has never played in the top league. Will be interesting to see whether he stays with Celtic or they put him out on loan. Hope it’s with us, but they might fancy sending him South for more experience.
  9. Skyview and Involvement with St.Mirren FC

    How has their asset stripping of Saints went?
  10. W7 Fans & Banners

    Hopefully the SLO’s bring everyone together on this, as it would a shame to see an end to the singing section. lets face, the atmosphere was pish in the Premier League n’all.
  11. W7 Fans & Banners

    Agreed. There’s a jobsworth out there trying to justify themselves and their own self importance. We’ve never had a sell out, why we still piss about with seat numbers is beyond me.
  12. Massimo Donati

    I’d imagine he’s relatively cheap, plenty of experience and can bolster the squad. Makes sense. it potentially makes the Hill signing seem a little pointless, unless he’s joined with a view to coming on board permanently next season?
  13. Livingston v St Mirren 17th Feb

    Agreed on the physicality aspect. Seems we struggle with that side of the game at times. Davies should have been able to cope with Miller much better, he’s a far superior player. That just highlighted that it was one of those days.
  14. Wake up call

    Jack must go. as strange as this may sound, I don’t think we’ll ever lose a game 1-0. Because, in that position, we will probably go on and nick a point or even win. They way we play, and the fact we chuck caution to the wind, means all our defeats will end up looking sore. yesterday was sore.
  15. Tony Watt

    He can’t play for a European club this season, so waste of time contacting him. likely end up in the US.