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  1. Agreed, think he should stay irrespective of where we end up. Also, while we have a tough run of fixtures, you can say the same for Ayr and Dumbarton. Looks to me like we are roughly playing the same teams, and some of our better performances have been away from home. all about the positivity, it's all you can be!
  2. Yes. I man that's achieved nothing in 16 years. Definitely the answer. a legend in his time. Not the answer now.
  3. Poor comment. it was a dreadful pitch, and game difficult to control in the middle of the park. Had some great passes, was tidy on the ball and provided an assist. For his first start, id say it wasn't too bad.
  4. Couldn't give a f**k about the cup. There are only two things that matter now. The first is getting to 9th place. The second is winning in the playoffs.
  5. I'm sure it's not. the only frustration is that there has been zero improvement. Today, we played like a team that didn't know each other. Defensively we were appalling, no buddy plays (shite American term!) and it looked like we didn't know how to defend a corner. 4 out of 6 defenders that played today weren't here in December. the other issues was that, despite a good turnout, the fans hand no real rapport with the team. This wasn't a fans &a team gamlvanised performance like Falkirk all those years ago. i only hope we treat the two cup games as friendly games. Ross has to field his best 11 in both games, the team that will see us through to the end of the season barring injuries. f**k rotation etc. This is it.
  6. He's 34 now and not remotely the same player he was with us. Any time I saw him play in the MLS he was sitting much deeper...and we have an abundance of those players now.
  7. Read that their owner isn't well, part of the reason the sale of their players to Villa has dragged out. Possibly a driver in their unwillingness to meet us.
  8. Harsh on Rocco. He's in need of an operation but has put himself on the line for the club.
  9. We won't get anywhere near that. i spoke to a scout last year about Scottish players. He said that English clubs pay more for Scottish players that haven't played a top level game, or limited games, as they haven't developed the 'Scottish style'. Thats why we will get treble the money for Kyle than Stevie.
  10. Maybe Ross wants to play two up top instead of the one we have at the moment and felt what we have currently doesn't allow for that. Factor in that Clarkson seems to be dropping deeper as a player (whether that by design or necessity at present) then it's not that difficult to comprehend.
  11. He'll be here until the end of the season I heard. The Dons or Portsmouth.
  12. Great news, hope we get a few others secured. sad day when they're are more posts on a bloody seat plaque than this. Sign of a forum I guess.
  13. Exactly this. I stuck a piece of chewing gum to the back of a chair last season. It's been removed now. I'll not be back.
  14. I'd say they just remain. my company still has an advertising board there, and at many Scottish grounds, despite the agreement with the SPFL coming to an end last season! It's also for a product we've pretty much delisted...
  15. Disagree, definitely wearing rose tinted specs there! a 5-1 defeat at home to Airdrie when Tony got sacked the second was particularly desperate.