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  1. To be fair Mooy tried cycling away, but there were nae wheels on his bike.
  2. "super mighty preemptive strike" I bet Trump is raging he never got to use that phrase.
  3. I take your point about how the arts seem to make allowances for sexual perversions among those who have reached a certain level of critical acclaim. In this particular case, IIRC, townshend didn't have child porn on his computer.
  4. Bloody lying journalists!
  5. Do you need a mandate if the parliament has voted for it?
  6. So no dubiety despite the not guilty plea? [emoji2]
  7. I wasn't at palmerston so didn't witness the incident. The not guilty plea intrigues me - was he apprehended on the pitch / track?
  8. Although I quoted your post, my reply was also just expressing exasperation at the whole process including how the media will polarise and also make it about leaders personalities. As for May and the Tories, they would be expected to seek advantage from the opinion polls showing how far ahead they are. It isn't really about Brexit though as they already have a majority together with an official opposition that hasn't yet opposed any Brexit votes.They are however also seeking to use any increased majority as a mandate to push through the new post Brexit legislation. This'll be the stuff that severely reduces workers rights.
  9. This is what is wrong with our electoral system and electorate. You are voting to elect an MP, in my case Mhairi Black is the current incumbent. Nicola Sturgeon isn't standing in any constituency and I'd be amazed if anyone posting on here is currently served by Theresa May as their MP. We are not electing a PM or President and it isn't a rerun of any single issue referendum as that would be, well a referendum. All of which makes the whole GE a complete f**king nonsense from a f**kwit of a prime minister who reckons we should have unity in a parliament.
  10. They used to put people on that register if they were caught pissing in a public place. Depends on how you define innocent I suppose. All a bit off topic anyway
  11. Where, East Lothian? [emoji9]
  12. Are you Gordon Brown? I'm sure that the Labour manifesto for this general election will include details on how they will introduce federalism into the UK. Seems like they've been promising it for almost as long as they've been abolishing the House of Lords [emoji14]
  13. Shame, seemed like a nice guy...
  14. Although the Tories have a 20% lead in the polls, this doesn't necessarily translate to a white wash in June, esp with the FPTP system that we have in Westminster. There's a lot of safe labour seats that will still be labour especially if a UKIP protest vote is now null and void. Of course, the election might make the current tory election fraud allegations politically irrelevant.
  15. Well, you are assuming that this chemical weapons attack was carried out by assad. I've been at the end of the Internet world (otherwise known as northern Scotland) but when I made my previous post there was no real evidence that he was responsible. Also, you dont seem to realise that just because you, I and most other plebs find attacking people irrational it appears completely rational to these 'leaders' I mentioned.