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  1. Project Brave

    Having games defined by age at youth level isn't discriminatory, it's equality.
  2. Farewell Malcolm Youing,

    He was some songwriter. Amazing riffs over the years
  3. Betting Thread 2017-2018.

    Saw a Buddie on twitter last night who had us for 8-0. He cashed out and won 700 odd quid [emoji106]
  4. Chris Coleman takes Sunderland job

    Yeah, if there's one job to avoid it's that one
  5. This. Although a few Tom Hendries on here upset about losing the 2nd half [emoji23]
  6. Project Brave

    Positive discrimination is still discrimination...the clue is in the word discrimination. [emoji6]
  7. Project Brave

    I've not watched many professional footballers training in Scotland however I'd be surprised if it was as little as 2 hours a day. Mibees twenty years ago.
  8. Project Brave

    Your attempt at humour was clearly wasted on me...
  9. The chirpiest checkout operator in the world!

    ...and once again! [emoji6]
  10. The chirpiest checkout operator in the world!

    As a child I always found egg, rum and muck (sic) quite humorous Isles.
  11. Project Brave

    My attempt at humour wasted on you. You don't recall Fitzy's previous 'success' at recruitment?
  12. Graham Carey

    Wow, never realised it was that early.
  13. The chirpiest checkout operator in the world!

    Amazing amount of deflection in that last sentence...so unlike you [emoji23]
  14. The chirpiest checkout operator in the world!

    Lidl have self scan checkouts in some stores. I generally try to avoid them unless I'm only getting a couple of items and the checkouts are busy. It's encouraging the supermarkets to employ less staff [emoji6]
  15. Graham Carey

    Didn't he play about 3 minutes in the cup final?