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  1. The Great Politics Thread

    Oh dear https://www.bloomberg.com/amp/news/articles/2017-09-22/u-k-credit-rating-cut-to-aa2-by-moody-s-on-fiscal-outlook
  2. The Great Politics Thread

    Imagine the fuss if it was an MP buying houses that were for sale and then selling them on again.
  3. London Dump Uber

    Really? It's just really ironic comng from shull who was having a go at folk for the same
  4. Yeah, but yknow they're all associated. I say this having enjoyed the surging and swelling (over, missus) on the terracing and a concert field in at Donnington.
  5. London Dump Uber

    The abuse of fellow St. Mirren fans etc, etc,
  6. I get your point about the swells and surges, however you could argue Hillsborough had both?
  7. Ffs, don't mention HoF boards...
  8. Darren Whyte Gone

    Hopefully this lower league experience is the making of Darren.
  9. QoS Game

    I'm pretty certain the performance will be better. Hoping the result is [emoji6] Think that back four picks itself through necessity rather than anything else. Unless Gary MacK is fit...
  10. Disgrace

    In your attention seeking opinion. Of course no one really bothers about your opinion, in whatever alias it is.
  11. Disgrace

    Yes. Please see my earlier point [emoji6]
  12. Darren Whyte Gone

    Didn't we play 4 fullbacks against livi?
  13. So Farewell Then To A Great Conservative

    Teddy Taylor was one of those great conservatives who thought Nelson Mandela should be shot.
  14. The Great Politics Thread

    Making a donation?
  15. Disgrace

    I can get the 1454 from Gilmour St to St James and be in my seat at St Mirren park for kick off.