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  1. Who started the problems in Ireland is another thread altogether!
  2. Wee Bazza might try and emulate it at Ibrox [emoji3]
  3. Yeah, there is the law of the land however it isn't all. People frequently have to break unjust laws in order for them to be changed. The suffragette movement for example. I'm not attempting to defend or justify McGuinness' previous behaviour with this post.
  4. It was me TPAFKATS Or is that a line from the eye test chart?
  5. I was never directly affected by the atrocities committed by the IRA or Martin McGuinness. I'm now of the view that if the victims, relatives and those who opposed him politically can forgive then I'm not really in a position to hold grudges.
  6. A few posters on here should really visit specsavers
  7. I wasn't watching her, I was reading updates from news organisations.
  8. Can't believe how much Scotland have regressed since Scott Brown returned. Actually, can't believe how far we have regressed in last 18 months. Actually, make that 18 years
  9. John Young - Tony Iommi
  10. Dot

    Show some respect to Mrs Cotton
  11. Thanks for the update
  12. pm confirms that the attacker was British and known to both police and MI5
  13. Trevor Brooks / Abu Izadeen was the guy named by Channel 4 that I was referring to in my post. His solicitor however has stated he's still in prison.
  14. Yes great response from the police, heroic in many cases, to this awful event.
  15. Dead includes the attacker who has been identified as British national who was an Islamic extremist. News reports him as previously being Abu Hamza's right hand nan ( no pun intended) He has previous served jail time for his behavioursand was last known to have been in Hungary. Bound to be questions asked of security services as to why such a high profile extremist can do this.