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  1. Thanks for clarifying.
  2. Sort out the regulators, forget about the titles.
  3. Not Lambretta...shame.
  4. No bad, however I think janey godley peaked when she stood outside Turnberry in front of the world's press and welcomed The Donald with a sign that read "Trump is a c**t'
  5. That's unbelievable...
  6. I think the name helps
  7. I'd like to Thomas fit enough to start the tour - has anyone ever crashed out of all three in the same season [emoji15]
  8. Dont see Baird giving up his crown that easily. Or...Morgan following in the tradition of McLean, McGinn and Mallan.
  9. You'll have to learn to multi task. Or Google an image of golfer Laura Davies
  10. Surely 3 full backs should be enough to get us through the season?
  11. Froome confirmed for the Vuelta
  12. Aye, women's golf is all about the touch, shotmaking and short skirts.
  13. Who will be our local scapegoats would be a more popular thread [emoji6]
  14. No, that was a post [emoji6]