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  1. Dumoulin a worthy winner of the 100th Giro.
  2. Haha, aye mibees. Hamilton likely to bring more than 400 over 2 games as well though?
  3. Not sure United have ever brought 1400 to our stadium? Game is shite so far
  4. Boom, boom, boom! He loses pink jersey. Some stage today, including yet more unsporting behaviour from the usual suspects. Not as bad as the Trek rider who 'bottled' the Movistar rider who cut in front of him though [emoji23]
  5. Aye, the most obvious link being what UK got involved in 'liberating' Libya
  6. Glad to see the squad building early in the close season. Looking a bit better depth wise so far? This time last year our then manager was moaning that he couldn't identify players due to our league status being in doubt until late in the season...
  7. It was good, certainly compelling. once I watched the first one, I wanted to stick with it. Although it's five hours, there's about 15 mins of adverts each episode and as usual you get 5 mins of recap at start of each episode. BTW, the butler done it.
  8. My copy arrived today [emoji106] Not had a chance to read yet, but had a wee look at the pictures
  9. The Trial concludes tonight. Like a 5 day version of Crown Court
  10. [emoji23] At, not with...
  11. A few different reasons being reported for them being in Libya. Also claims he was banned from his mosque and reported a few times to the police.
  12. All these cunts seem to have ID on them when arrested or whatever. Last guy in France took his ID card along with grenades and assault rifles. 9/11 hi jackers were also id by their passports or bits of them found at ground zero if I'm not mistaken?
  13. Went to Syria and was directly recruited by Daesh, IS or whatever you call the cuts. Source - French Interior minister according to Sky news. Also just returned from Libya as well. Seems he was identified by a bank card found on his person.
  14. Nibali, Moviestar & Katusha showing their usual standards of sportsmanship