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  1. It's a health board decision, ratified by the health minister. It's actually easier to get to the new kids hospital on the QEUH site from Inverclyde than it is to get to RAH. From West of Johnstone it's much the same. Out patients will still be treated at the RAH. Emergency Dept (A&E) is still at RAH. Politicians claiming this decision will cost lives are scaremongering to a ridiculous level. The money that would keep ward 15 open can be better spent in the NHS.
  2. Closing any ward or facility is always very emotive. In this case there is a national centre less than 6 miles away which will actually be more convenient for many who currently use Rah. It's a storm in a teacup which will be used to try and gain political advantage. The NHS is always a political football no natter who is in government.
  3. Strange thread title, The Ward 15 RAH or NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board might have been more appropriate?
  4. The Politics Thread

    Wrong thread?
  5. Yeah, we are definitely some distance away from being in the top 6 teams in Scotland. Not sure anyone seriously stated otherwise to be fair. The individual criticisms are very harsh though.
  6. Take the rest of the weekend off from being a cock.
  7. Do we want to risk eckersley if he's no fit?
  8. His confidence is fine going forward. It's defending that's the problem.
  9. Samson poor at the goal. It's not difficult to get a cap on yer heid either.
  10. Samsons effort at the 3rd wasnae great either.
  11. Comedy stuff, unless you're a Buddie
  12. Total Cunts

    Ach, don't worry then - the UK ain't a country [emoji6]
  13. The Politics Thread

    Boris wants to build a bridge across the English channel to France. I wish he'd make his feckin mind up about links to Europe.