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  1. Ross County sack McIntyre

    Might be a hard taskmaster although he does seem to give his managers both time and money.
  2. Falkirk sack Houston

    Yeah, although Falkirk much keener to get him than he'll be to take it? Assume he'll be getting paid by county for the rest if the season at least so he'll not need to jump straight into another job.
  3. Craig Samson

    When I see the pace it's coming back to him, I'd like to see him take a controlling touch first - when he has time of course
  4. Craig Samson

    Well played yesterday Mr Samson. Quick off his line, full of instructions to a defence that hadn't played together and even came for some crosses. Now, if he would just take a touch with a pass back...
  5. Jamie McCart

    Ffs shull! It's bad enough being an attention seeking, post building troll, but to piggy back on another...
  6. QoS Game

    Didn't play great , won 3-1 [emoji122][emoji122][emoji122][emoji122]
  7. QoS Game

    Live on cooncil telly and the weather is pish. Don't see that many turning out.
  8. London Dump Uber

    You keep on bringing up other stuff all of it irrelevant to my comment. You complain about people making nasty comments on the forum then you do it. That's hypocritical - background is irrelevant. I'm not being biased in this
  9. Darren Whyte Gone

    The manager and his team obviously feel that Darren needs more experience and that McCart is the short term answer. Not sure why it's an issue
  10. Disgrace

    Is there a possibility our club told them 3 to 400 coming on supporters buses and that's been misinterpreted by dung? Or its just shite from them [emoji3]
  11. Disgrace

  12. The Great Politics Thread

    Did the AAA rating go before the 2014 referendum or was it just after?
  13. London Dump Uber

    I didn't ignore anyone else's posts. I was pointing out shull's hypocrisy. Other posters were irrelevant.
  14. The Great Politics Thread

    Oh dear https://www.bloomberg.com/amp/news/articles/2017-09-22/u-k-credit-rating-cut-to-aa2-by-moody-s-on-fiscal-outlook
  15. The Great Politics Thread

    Imagine the fuss if it was an MP buying houses that were for sale and then selling them on again.
  16. London Dump Uber

    Really? It's just really ironic comng from shull who was having a go at folk for the same
  17. Yeah, but yknow they're all associated. I say this having enjoyed the surging and swelling (over, missus) on the terracing and a concert field in at Donnington.
  18. London Dump Uber

    The abuse of fellow St. Mirren fans etc, etc,
  19. I get your point about the swells and surges, however you could argue Hillsborough had both?
  20. Ffs, don't mention HoF boards...
  21. Darren Whyte Gone

    Hopefully this lower league experience is the making of Darren.
  22. QoS Game

    I'm pretty certain the performance will be better. Hoping the result is [emoji6] Think that back four picks itself through necessity rather than anything else. Unless Gary MacK is fit...
  23. Disgrace

    In your attention seeking opinion. Of course no one really bothers about your opinion, in whatever alias it is.
  24. Disgrace

    Yes. Please see my earlier point [emoji6]
  25. Darren Whyte Gone

    Didn't we play 4 fullbacks against livi?