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  1. Juniors

    How'd 'Lie manage to get into 2nd round?? Did you get a bye in the 1st???
  2. Tratorria Genova

    been in a few times. foods excellent. enjoy
  3. Juniors

    Girvan 0 Pollok 5 Glenafton 3 Arthurlie 2
  4. Juniors

    Take a look 'Lie fans. That's who you're playing against next season
  5. Juniors

    Arthurlie going down
  6. Juniors

    SHULL Whats the score? SHULL SHULL Whats the score????? he he !!
  7. I'm Listening To....

  8. Juniors

    CARNOUSTIE PANMURE 3 ARTHURLIE 0 Makes up a wee bit for The Lok getting gubbed
  9. I'm Listening To....

  10. The Katie Hopkins Thread

    She scrubs up no' bad!!
  11. Ref Kicks Player.......

    Hear that the Nantes Chairman wants ref banned for 6 months. I think he should never referee again!!
  12. Mallan to Barnsley???

    Played again today. He's managed to push his way into the first team where he should be.
  13. Juniors

    Fixed it for you!!
  14. Juniors

  15. Juniors

    YIP - FIVE!!!