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  1. Official website saying tickets going on sale Friday no mention of allocation so presume we have plenty.
  2. This is why I would have (accepted) our unbeaten run coming to an end either at Falkirk or Tannadice if we had won one and lost one purely for the selfish reason of having that 1 extra point rather than drawing both.
  3. Agree with all of the above, we have arguably the toughest run in. i'm expecting Ayr to be already relegated by the last game so therefore Raith will have an easy home win while we go to Easter Road on Party day. Dumbarton i'm sure will pick up at least one more win in their 3 games. Therefore nothing less than 3 points at home to Raith for us(can see them getting something from Hibs midweek before they play us as think after winning the league and cup semi final Lennon will rest a few players) he will probably rest some again away at Ayr as well. Think 5 points minimum needed but more likely to get 3 or 4 therefore play off it is. Hopefull we just smash United and Raith and let the others fight it out while we have a day out in Edinburgh.
  4. Excuse my ignorance but "St Mirren fans will be in the lower tier of the West Stand (Shed)". Is that the stand behind the goals or the one where we normally are down near the touchline. I was under the impression stand behind the goals was one tier like St Mirren park.
  5. Remember this game fondly my boy was 6 too and was crying because we were getting beat. My mate who couldn't make game phoned me about 70 mins mark and I told him we would definitely equalise. He asked why I thought that replied that just had a feeling we would and that would be us safe. My other mate at game at game with me took his son to toilet about 85 minute mark and missed o'donnell equaliser he was raging. Remember after the celebration had died down a little the guy next to me saying why is everyone so happy we could still get relegated next week tried to explain to him we were safe as Falkirk played ICT the following week and as we were above both we were safe he eventually clicked on.
  6. The way I interpreted your first post was you were having a dig about the size of the crowd apologies if I took it the wrong way. I am more recently been a 10-15 game a season fan due to various circumstances but back in February decided if I could i would re-arrange alot of things to make as many games as possible and only missed the Hibs game since and I think since Ayr away crowds both home and away have been great in size and the backing they have given the team.
  7. Alot less??? 300 less isn't alot especially slap bang in middle of school holidays I think it's quite good going as is 3600 home fans for a team bottom of the league for 7 months. My Morton comparison was you saying it was one of the biggest games of the season. Well Morton are in their highest league position in over 30 years yesterday was one of their biggest games of the season yet could only muster just about 2200 home fans. Outwith Morton only Celtic and Hearts had bigger crowds than St Mirren yesterday again pretty good going from a team that's been fighting relegation 3 seasons in a row. Fantastic support unfortunately not fantastic supporters on here.
  8. Ayr United 650 away fans, Dumbarton 268 there is the missing 400 for you. Just 15 miles away the team in 1st place took 2000 away fans to the team in 3rd only 4200 at that game.
  9. Glad you mentioned this sure I wasn't the only Saints fan (Worried/Gutted) about Davies injury and impact on the defence. Baird has had a few dodgy moments in the past but has settled in great since Davies injury and really pleased for him as sometimes he has took alot of stick.
  10. As in the thread title Morton after taking feedback from their own fans have decided to re-open the cowshed for away fans to help generate a better atmosphere. Maybe Tony & Gordon could follow suit with regards the drum.
  11. I too will be missing the game as spending my daughter's 5th birthday in Disneyland Paris no wi fi available in the park and even with my roaming switched to on couldn't access internet today so will rely on old fashioned telephone calls or texts for updates(Nightmare). Hopefully the cup gets brought back to Paisley and the 5000 buds have a great party.
  12. Surely some kind fellow Saints fan could pop down the club shop for you and get the flag & scarf and meet you on Saturday. I would do it no problem but unfortunately going on Holiday on Wednesday and missing the cup final.
  13. Oh dear the Jaggy Thistle that weekend was pretty mental alot of shit happened in that pub that due to legal reasons can not be divulged in a public forum.
  14. I have regularly turned up late pretty sure 1 turnstile stays open until half time then you get in through exit doors.
  15. Due to family/work balance have only managed about 25% of matches last few seasons but felt the last few weeks to make a concerted effort to attend as (Every Little Helps) in terms of supporting the team. Managed to make 5 of last 6 only missed Hibs game but really think this is a joint effort from players, management and fans we all seem to be as one at the minute. It's a journey I'm glad to be part of but know that there will be a Raith Rovers type result/performance somewhere along the next few weeks(during first half today thought it might be today). Quick mention to Lewis Morgan on his performance today absolutely outstanding. Any Saints fans not at game have a look at QOTS match report on their official website very complimentary on our support,Morgan and Saints in general.