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  1. I too will be missing the game as spending my daughter's 5th birthday in Disneyland Paris no wi fi available in the park and even with my roaming switched to on couldn't access internet today so will rely on old fashioned telephone calls or texts for updates(Nightmare). Hopefully the cup gets brought back to Paisley and the 5000 buds have a great party.
  2. Surely some kind fellow Saints fan could pop down the club shop for you and get the flag & scarf and meet you on Saturday. I would do it no problem but unfortunately going on Holiday on Wednesday and missing the cup final.
  3. Oh dear the Jaggy Thistle that weekend was pretty mental alot of shit happened in that pub that due to legal reasons can not be divulged in a public forum.
  4. I have regularly turned up late pretty sure 1 turnstile stays open until half time then you get in through exit doors.
  5. Due to family/work balance have only managed about 25% of matches last few seasons but felt the last few weeks to make a concerted effort to attend as (Every Little Helps) in terms of supporting the team. Managed to make 5 of last 6 only missed Hibs game but really think this is a joint effort from players, management and fans we all seem to be as one at the minute. It's a journey I'm glad to be part of but know that there will be a Raith Rovers type result/performance somewhere along the next few weeks(during first half today thought it might be today). Quick mention to Lewis Morgan on his performance today absolutely outstanding. Any Saints fans not at game have a look at QOTS match report on their official website very complimentary on our support,Morgan and Saints in general.
  6. A wee heads up to anyone travelling east tomorrow night the M8 is closed eastbound after the Kingston Bridge overnight (I travel this way but detour to m74/m73 to avoid the roadworks). Traffic Scotland doesn't give details of diversion route but previously I got caught out by road closure here and every vehicle came off motorway towards city centre and up past old police headquarters at pitt street and due to amount of cars tied in with numerous traffic lights was a good 30 minute before got back on the motorway.
  7. Think the run of games has had an impact on the last 2 results had to put so much effort in the Ayr,Hibs and Celtic there just didn't seem alot left to give. Unfortunately Wednesday against Dundee United will require another big effort from the players.
  8. After Wednesday and today's results finishing 8th looks a bridge too far for this team. As much as there is alot to admire about our performances over the last few weeks our inability to win games when not at our 100% best is killing us. A draw today would have been acceptable had we won on Wednesday but after 3 big efforts against Ayr,Hibs and Celtic some players are looking a little jaded. Would love to be proved wrong but 9th to me is our best hope and 2 legged matches v Airdrie & Alloa.
  9. Raith Tannoy just announced it's illegal to record live football and anyone caught will be ejected from the ground and arrested.
  10. Sitting here at a freezing Starks Park, first half we started quite brightly moved the ball about well but pitch is really bad for bobbles and we are continually playing ball to Mckenzie who plays it to any of the midfield players to return back to defence Raith clicked onto this straight away and we have been very lucky to get away with them nicking the ball off us a few times 30 yards from goal. Definitely not a night for pretty football need to win ugly and could actually do with a few earlier route one balls as playing ball about at back is just pressuring us.
  11. What if you decided today after 11 that I think I might go??? You can't purchase a ticket, the same as Dumbarton away few weeks back I don't always decide I'm going to game until Saturday comes but surely in 2017 I should be able to just go at last minute to a football stadium with empty seats without advance purchase/planning.
  12. Betfair had us at 55/1 yesterday tried to put a bet on only to be told Betting on St Mirren was suspended. We are 50/1 on there now. My preferred betting website due to working great on my crap phone is Bet365 & Stephen Mcginn is 80/1 first or last goal, 22/1 anytime goal considering he already has 2 goals at Parkhead already in his career some of my money is going on him.
  13. Yes, just go simple as. I would be disappointed if the players who signed in January after saying how good the fans have been recently were to walk out to a poor away support. Look at FA cup in England small teams take anything from 3000- 10,000 to the big teams. I'm going down in morning for 3 tickets(2 for my Celtic supporting other half and daughter & 1 for me).
  14. Can't believe all the crap on here about how this affects St Mirren????? It doesn't affect us at all Ayr could still have won whether Raith had a keeper or not but seeing as Ayr are now 1 point behind Raith Rovers if Raith finish 9th & Ayr finish 8th and are within 3 points then Raith could surely claim this cost them more than anyone else. If Raith then proceed to lose the play off then this farce will have the Raith board and SPFL looking complete rockets. The only people to blame for St Mirren being 8 points behind Ayr are ourselves.