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  1. Ronnie

    Alan's first signings

    Forgot about him.
  2. Ronnie

    Alan's first signings

    Who are the 5 then??? Kellerman, Heaton,Cooke ????? & Stokes.
  3. Ronnie

    Stubbs Already Doomed

    A slow start is quite likely too with Rangers,Celtic and Hearts in first 5 matches (realistically after they 5 we are looking at most likely 1-6 points what we end up with who knows).
  4. Ronnie

    Fixtures 2018/19

    https://www.stmirren.com/news/club/all-news/1924-fixtures-2018-19 6 Midweek Matches. 1 Visit only to Both Celtic and Hibs Both Midweek Matches. Our Double away games are to Rangers,Aberdeen,Hamilton,Hearts and St Johnstone Our Double Home Games are Celtic,Hibs,Dundee, Livingston, Motherwell and Kilmarnock. Winter Break from last weekend in December to Wednesday 23rd January.
  5. I see the photograph of Jack Baird sporting the Away kit on here more than once but where is this photo from as it's not on official website???
  6. Ronnie

    League Opener

    Would it really??? seeing as we already play Kilmarnock first game of season I think the decent atmosphere and big crowd might not be there as it is we will definitely play them 4 times next season this gets a bit boring like it did in the championship. Sent from my TA-1033 using Black & White Army mobile app
  7. Ronnie

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Alex Rae told anyone who would listen after his sacking at St Mirren that he had best win stats/record of last 30+ years he was actually right so stats don't always tell the full story.
  8. Ronnie

    New Manager Latest Odds

    That interview with GLS is so depressing proves once and for all it wasn't a master stroke getting Jack but rather a Stroke of Luck. 2 of the 4 candidates supposedly getting interviewed do not even match the criteria GLS talks about (Knowledge of Scottish Football).
  9. Ronnie

    New Manager Latest Odds

    It looks like it will be one of Stubbs/Caldwell/McIntyre/Kearney for the job using GLS criteria (knowledge of Scottish football) McIntyre probably shades it.
  10. Ronnie

    League Cup

    3 midweek games in 11 days slap bang in middle of school holidays. 1 Saturday home game against a team who 99% of Saints fans hated watching over the last 3 years. The new format is terrible and the fans don't like it. Safe to say I won't be at any of these matches.
  11. Ronnie

    New Manager Latest Odds

    I would probably accept McIntyre but not Dodds heard him on radio quite a bit last season and seemed to continually talk down St Mirren every time he was on. I'm not the forgiving type.
  12. Ronnie

    League Cup

  13. Ronnie

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Another top class signing we had a barrowload of them during the 80's & 90's. On the subject of Mark Crilly I have saw a couple of times over the last few years a guy driving a White Audi or BMW with the Name Crilly on the registration plate wondered if that was/is Mark Crilly. Edited to add - we signed him in 2003 my memory is playing tricks on me thought it was earlier
  14. Ronnie

    New Manager Latest Odds

    Was it not his home town team that he started his playing career at??? Helsingborg?????