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  1. 2nd yellow
  2. Same Referee from Tannadice. He was worse that day. He has been shit today along with 10 guys wearing black and white.
  3. What time does the open day start/finish??? My daughter has her swimming lesson at 2 & was wondering if was worthwhile heading down before or after. Cheers.
  5. Is this one if Shull's new idea's???
  6. How do you know this??? Why did St Mirren confirm it today then delete all social media regarding it??? Come on Shull tell us.
  7. Something dodgy going on here like Shull says above all facebook/twitter & apparently official website too have deleted news of Reilly signing. Very strange.
  8. Sleeping while driving is quite dangerous Shull, (I know do it most mornings after nightshift). You need one of these -
  9. Confirmed on St Mirren twitter. Welcome back Super Stelios.
  10. Just had a wee look there Zander Diamond is one of the 12 new signings. Didn't realise Evans was their manager he has got a good managerial record. Hope your treble comes up as long as St Mirren don't do a Brighton
  11. Yeah triple signing for Raith today Buchanan,Spence and Euan Murray ex Motherwell youth player who was playing down south. Menstrie I know nothing about English football but like a bet why are Mansfield a good bet for next season???
  12. Got a feeling the St Mirren twitter/official website will reveal a double signing at the same time like they did (twice) 2 weeks ago. Craig Samson says "deal will be signed tomorrow" so I expect his and Reilly deal both signed around same time and announced together.
  13. The thing that worries me more than anything if he goes is how does he get Dundee a better playing squad cheaply, Lewis Morgan, Kyle Magennis would be first on his list you would think maybe Stelios & Davis too.
  14. Douglas Mcneil just tweeted 10 mins ago first tweet states Gordon Scott says Jack Ross is under contract and no permission will be given to Dundee, 2nd tweet says as far as Gordon Scott is concerned that's the end of the matter