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  1. W7 Fans & Banners

    How can it be a season long ban?? It's from December to May . Another twisting of the punishment from the silly little boys group.
  2. W7 Fans & Banners

    At the end of the day they did something stupid(admitted it) now crying all over social media because they got punished. As much as people think the club are coming out looking bad I think the boys are coming out looking alot worse. What if their initial petty protests don't work then stop attending games???
  3. I see on St Mirren fans Facebook page that the club has banned any displays until end of the season because of the recent banner at the derby saying "Greenock Scum". The general consensus on Facebook is the club are overreacting but imo I think the ban is justified due to the wording on the banner. Thoughts???
  4. Bring on the Rangers

    Cool cheers. Had actually checked the SFA website but no obvious link anywhere on that as to when draw was taking place plenty information though if you want to pay £55 for a kids football top. [emoji6]
  5. Bring on the Rangers

    What time is the draw taking place???
  6. Only when the big teams enter the draw. Our goals were on Sky Sports last night but not BBC go figure.
  7. Dundee United V St Mirren

    Alot of knicker wetting on here regarding last 3 results 2 away games against the 2 favourite's for the League Title before season started who both in the 2 weeks before us sacked their manager and as seems to happens(except at St Mirren) the players started to perform alot better, add to that a Derby match. I don't really worry about not winning any of the last 3 really hard games as we have another 24 to go and we will spend alot of that time occupying all the top 4 positions after last few season I would still happily accept top 4 as think we are a team suited to the play offs. Also seems many people saying Dundee United are terrible well if they are terrible being joint top is a really great terrible imo. Saints, Dunfermline and United have squads of very similar abilities.
  8. Dundee United V St Mirren

    I think if you look at the fixtures it's impossible for us to be as low as 5th after Inverness, but don't let the truth get in the way of a dig at St Mirren.
  9. Wouldn't give Scotrail the money for that journey far too expensive. Especially since I've got a 2 day return Glasgow to Warrington in 3 weeks time for 2 people price £18.
  10. Livingston game

    At least mine was posted in the right forum(well according the forum police anyway) na na na na na.[emoji3]
  11. Is it not only 2 players called up??? That's what I thought anyway so probably wrong.
  12. We should cancel your season ticket and cancel your B&WArmy account. [emoji6]
  13. Match Postponed due to international call ups.
  14. Chairman's statement

    See our old friend Stuart Dickson is commenting on said statement on Facebook. For someone not interested in St Mirren still seems interested to me, unsurprisingly he is having a go at the club.