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  1. Tougher league now Utd are staying down but quite glad as I really dislike them.
  2. A few transfer clauses I've saw in papers/football news over last few years have included payments made to selling club after - A certain amount of games A certain number of goals A cap for their country if we had the certain number of games and the cap for their country clauses inserted into Mclean and Mcginn deals that would be even more money coming back (assuming Mclean gets capped soon) rather than just having the stand alone sell on clause.
  3. Just read in todays PDE that Jack Ross says "we have a couple of pre season friendlies arranged". Anyone any idea who/when/where these are???
  4. Really pleased about Todd signing on for another year. His performance's off the bench were quite good especially (obviously) setting up 6th goal v Ayr & took his goal at Tannadice brilliantly. Not sure where his best position is as he is a midfielder but sort of looks good as a striker too.
  5. Hope your wrong on this one.
  6. Quick Question, what is the name of the "Oh Wee Stevie Mallan Song". I thought it was the Rolling Stones my other half thinks it's The Strokes starting to think neither of us is right. Edited to add --------------- F####R just found it The White Stripes not happy she thinks she is funny beating me to finding it.
  7. I really thought Mallan would gave ended up at Hibs or Hearts as he is the sort of player (like Mclean and McGinn) who would fit in easily to their first team. I'm actually glad that is someone like Barnsley he is going to hopefully not too much pressure on his shoulders(due to small price tag) and he ends up being their best player over next season or 2 then get a big money move to someone else and our sell on clause gets us a nice little earner.
  8. Keatings just signed pre contract agreement with Dundee United. Like you I think maybe Sutton is finished so if Loy is back at Dundee 2 strikers required straight away.
  9. One player who I really wanted to go for was James Keatings but he just signed a pre contract with Dundee United.
  10. Saw something on Facebook about Glenvale afc winning a cup the photograph was at 2021 Stadium so presume it was today.
  11. Very good comments there. Does anyone know what the song was that Hibs were singing and was also on the tannoy just before kick off where their fans were building up to song starting by having their hands out shouting wooooooh??? Trying to explain to my son what it is but forgot the name of the song. Definitely helped with the atmosphere. Edited to add Carnival de Paris 1998 world cup song
  12. Previously the club has had open days in pre season which have been a success, but due to the bond that has developed between the players and the fans an end of season one(next weekend preferably) would be a great idea. It is mainly for us as a support to say thank you to the players & management for the effort they put in to turn this season around, (not to celebrate avoiding relegation). I know the POTY awards is next weekend but hopefully the club could arrange something for us lesser mortals.
  13. Just made it what times kick off??? Place is in darkness.
  14. Just as the Saints players were leaving the pitch I watched what you mentioned above at the same time a few fellow Saints fans started shouting abuse about Hibs had a quick word said show a little respect like the Hibs fans are doing they quickly changed their tune.
  15. Cheers mate, had a conversation with a HIBS fan on facebook on way home from game and he said pretty much the same as you. Noticed the reception you gave our players that's the way football should be respect for fans and players. Best of luck in SPL next season top 6 no problem I think.