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  1. Disgrace

    There were only 2 turnstile open that night and remember 2 or 3 buses arrived just as a few hundred of us piled off the train end result being a massive queue quickly followed that took a while to get in. Only way teams can avoid these issues is having quite alot of turnstiles open but more often they aren't willing to waste the money on wages for staff to sit at empty turnstiles for the majority of the time they are open.
  2. Disgrace

    My point being I got off the train and joined the queue at Morton which was half way towards the home end I got in after game kicked off and there was still a large queue outside waiting to get in we won 4-1 but don't remember the outcry from fans who missed part of that game. Pay at the gate didn't stop the issues that you have when 1000+ people turn up to a football match within about 15 minutes of each other. Buying tickets first doesn't help but pay at the gate wouldn't really have made much of a difference going by Morton experience.
  3. Disgrace

    Pretty sure there was a similar situation in April when we played Morton we won 4-1 no mention of turnstile/tickets issues after that game.
  4. Disgrace

    I was there at 2 O'clock got my ticket when ticket office staff eventually got key to box with tickets in that was around 2.05-2.10 there was no queue then. Took a walk into Dunfermline as really grudge paying for overpriced rubbish food in football stadiums. Never found anywhere I fancied for food so walked back to stadium for 2.40 and no queue at any turnstiles just quite a big queue for ticket office went to first turnstile and without the need of someone in a yellow jacket scanned my ticket and went in.
  5. Don't think Dunfermline did vary their corners every one was hit low and nearly every time we were took by surprise as if we hadn't seen it before. Their corners against a decent defense would have been terrible but ours made them look good. Look at the 2 corners the highlights show pretty terrible corners but our defense managed to miss the chance to block/clear before front post.
  6. I just typed in Dunfermline Athletic into YouTube and game was first one on the list.
  7. We don't post highlights of losses but the highlights are on DAFC YouTube channel. Just watched it doesn't make pleasant viewing. I left before the red cards and both are debatable imo.
  8. Disgrace

    Took a leisurely drive from Howwood to Dunfermline via Kincardine left at 12.35 arrived at 13.45 actually posted on here that they had keys to open ticket office/portakabin but supervisor had keys for the small safety deposit box that had the money and the tickets so waited until around 2 O'clock to purchase ticket. As others have stated about hunger I was wanting something to eat but don't understand the obsession of paying £5 for let's say a scotch pie and a cup of tea. I took a walk into Dunfermline centre but never found anywhere suitable apart from Gregg's so just left the food amazingly I managed to last until I got home to get some food. Left the match to my parking space right outside car showroom and took another leisurely drive home via Scotland's most ridiculous new tourist attraction (it's just a Bridge FFS) arriving at Sandro's chippy in Johnstone just after 6. All in all a nice wee relaxing day apart from between 3.05 and 4.45.
  9. Morton scored 2 minutes into 2nd half we will probably lose a goal 2 mins into 2nd half it's the St Mirren way.
  10. Game delayed 5 minutes according to tannoy guy nice to know seeing as it's 3.05 and no one on pitch yet.
  11. Kick off delayed by 5 minutes saw something that Dunfermline were starting to use smart card entry system from today. Presume issues at both ends of stadium
  12. Made it via Kincardine traffic very quiet just now. Ticket office at away end is open but not selling tickets just now as they don't have the key to open the little safety box with tickets in.
  13. St Mirren songs

    As long as we don't copy that S###e Man Utd song again "I'm into something good".
  14. 1877 Club Supporters Bus

    They ran 2 buses from the stadium for Easter Road last season. This really isn't on the same scale it's only the 6th game of the season if we keep playing like this we will have the same issues for the other big away games ie (United, Falkirk & Morton). Just wait until it's Dumbarton away with the limited away capacity & the non season ticket holders shouldn't be allowed tickets bandwagon starts.