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  1. Massimo Donati

    No memory loss. First Italian according to here: - http://www.stmirren.info/id345.html
  2. St Mirren v Brechin Sat 24th Feb

    And God help the knickerwetters if we don't score early. Or jeez......Brechin could score first......mass suicide on the cards from some folks! The league will be won. It may have a few more ups and downs. But we will get over the line.
  3. Club Deportivo Borgonyà

    Good 4-0 away win for Borgonya today.
  4. Not that we won it in 53! Should have been 50!
  5. I'd say 1959. Didn't win the Renfrewshire Cup much in the 50s. Don't think Lapsley would have been captain In '53.
  6. One Club Player

    Correct. 18 years service. Him and Norrie are the only two 'one-club men' I can think of in the last 30-40 years.
  7. League or Cup

    Pretty much the same as above. League all the way this season. Any other season when we are not challenging for a title, I would gladly take a cup win.
  8. Kenny McLean

    Or four - nil up. One man comeback attempt that just falls short!!
  9. Dumbarton. 13 jan

    10 8 League 1 Scottish and 1 League Cup
  10. Mark Hill

    Ethan Erhahon was born in 2001!!!
  11. Speculation Thread

    But do we think Stevie Clarke can still offer something to the team?
  12. Which he already has!
  13. Smith is a two year deal but Reilly is just one.
  14. Gotta add Reilly to the priority list. Not had a striker as prolific since the days of Dougie Somner. Best since then has been 20 in all competition. Gavin already on that. Next target the 35 Somner got in 79-80. Half way through the season. Over half way yo the target.....it's do-able
  15. Hearts have an option to recall in January. They wouldn't let him play against LTHV as they didn't want him cup tied!