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  1. Lewis Morgan

    Who would you drop to get him in the team?
  2. It is indeed! The Benjamin Button of Love Street! Old in the 80's before his youthful debut in the 90's!!
  3. Just look at the class players we had back then. Kenny Geals, Bobby Cousar, Eammon O'Neill, Danny Diver......
  4. Jamie McCart

    Welcome to the club Jamie. Hopefully he does well and tells his old man how good things are at Saints and He will send more promising youngsters our way if needed.
  5. QoS Game

    If Buchanan was sent off for second booking will his suspension start straight away?
  6. 140th Anniversary Kit

    Uninspiring to say the least. Training kit with a 140th badge on it! Not much 'historical' about it.
  7. St Mirren songs

    The one about seeing the Morton fans run away?
  8. I got there just after half past. The Guy was just bringing them out.
  9. Yeah, picked up a team sheet myself on Saturday, not normally too bothered about them, but as you say, needed something for the game.
  10. Good stuff. Got all of them. Best part of my collection is having every cup semi final and final since the 1955 League Cup. Also got complete home and away for the championship seasons and every ASC and European programme. Oh! and a very understanding wife!!!
  11. IRN BRU CUP....2017/18

    My money's on Zero!
  12. Dominic Thomas from Killie. Looks like he thinks he's a world beater! Greedy bassa. Simple pad and he would have created several chances. Away from the game. Nice to see the stewards moving in to stop all the wee boys kicking our ground to pieces........not!
  13. He was right up for it. The 'discussion' with Eckersley in the first half showed his passion and will to win. Made it clear in no uncertain terms that Eck had not done his job properly!
  14. Challenge Cup

    SCOTTISH Challenge Cup Featuring WELSH, IRISH and NORTHERN IRISH clubs and two second round matches played in ENGLAND! Truly an international competition. Interesting to note that Dumbarton, one of the oldest clubs in Scotland, today played their very first competitive match against a non Scottish Club. TBH I had not really thought about Saints v 'foreign' opposition. The late seventies/early eighties spoiled us with the ASC and Europe.
  15. 1993/94! Managed seven on the trot. 13/11/1993 – Clydebank League 1-0 30/11/1993 – Hamilton League 1-0 03/01/1994 – Falkirk League 3-1 11/01/1994 – Airdrie League 3-0 18/01/1994 – Morton League 5-1 25/01/1994 – Ayr United League 3-1 29/01/1994 – Montrose Scottish Cup 2-0