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  1. Or you could get a kicking from both sets of fans!!!
  2. He's just been warming up to win the Sprint on the Champs tomorrow!![emoji13]
  3. It looks like we are the team 5-0 up the way they are stroking the ball about as if they had all the time in the world, only to completely f**k it up and give it straight to a Thistle man!
  4. No fight, no urgency, no leaders, no game plan!
  5. Partick Thistle
  6. Is this game PATG? Can't say I've seen any info about it anywhere!!
  7. Still living in the past. Can't deal with progres!
  8. Barcelona, Paisley Charity, Renfrewshire, Summer and Victory. Not sure of the other one.
  9. Five goal humping ~ it was 6-1. But that is the only defeat in 14 U21 games at Greenhill Road.
  10. Sutton has 43 goals in 101 starts and 22 sub appearances counting last season. By Saints standards of recent times that is a pretty decent strike rate. And better than Sir Thommohawk!
  11. And that's a kit!! Prefer that to what we got.
  12. Ross Stewart Mk2 and Gregor Buchanan must be working under cover going by that page!
  13. They also won the Toulon tournament. As a team you have to admire and respect them, but unfortunately the 'British' media will start to hype them up and become unbearable.
  14. Think it's top teams plus a couple of 'best runners up'. ETA - Actually, it could be the 8 group winners plus 4 best runners up plus the four European teams = last 16!
  15. Just watching the long are they going to allow Tierney to be treated on the pitch? He was perfectly able to walk when he was chasing the ref to get action against the Dons player. He will have to go off anyway as per the rules, so get him off now and get the game going again. Oh! And Stockley is a lucky man!