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Eaglesham saint

Gary McKenzie

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On 10/11/2017 at 10:38 PM, faraway saint said:

How do you know this?

Also, why are you in a position to question his injury?

To summarise, what  a crock of shite. :byebye


On 10/14/2017 at 11:10 PM, car-d bud said:

How i know this is not important,look at posts from 12/9 above, what i`m hearing is similar,next time you`ll see him in a Saints jersey is when an experienced Harry David is fit..................amazing how much confidence playing beside an experienced centre half gives you,and how quickly you regain your fitness knowing this................

I dont get the "why am i in a position to question his injury comment,i am only relaying what i know to answer the question in the topic. 

As i said,if we have someone who is becoming injury prone cut them loose,we did with Ben Gordon,we cant afford to keep paying wages to players sitting in the stand at their own behest.

Would you not want to be picking up as many win bonuses as possible if you were him?



Jack Ross saying today that Gary Mac will be at least another few weeks before he`s match fit, By that time Harry  Davis will be back and have had a few weeks ahead of the Big Man. Can`t wait to see them pair up in January,will be like getting 2 new players in ...........

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