Saints Fans Issue Christmas Challenge to Team

Saints Fans Issue Christmas Challenge to Team

Yesterday morning we launched what we thought would be a bit of community minded festive fun ahead of a huge run of pre-Christmas fixtures for the team.

With Christmas on the way we are even more mindful of those in our local community who are struggling and following up on the amazingly successful foodbank collections we've seen at the stadium in recent times we thought we'd join in and try and raise some funds for the Renfrewshire foodbank.

Our challenge to the team was simple. For every point gained in the four fixtures leading up to Christmas the B&W Army site would donate £25 to the foodbank.

That means a glorious 12 point haul against Motherwell, Hamilton, Livingston and St.Johnstone would mean a whopping £300 donation.

We would LOVE for that to be the case! Here's our initial tweet...........

B&W Army Christmas Foodbank Challenge
So then we started getting messages from other fans who wanted to join in, and it started to grow and grow and grow and now we've got pledges coming in from all over the place. That list of heroes is shown further down the page and we're updating it every couple of hours.

And now, together with our £25pp pledge this leaves us here..........
£ Pledged Per Point
Points Gained
£ Total Pledged
£ Donations Banked
Totals last updated Jan 23rd 1400. Donate >> here

Want to Join In?

Pledging is now closed, as the games have begun, however everyone can still get involved by making one-off donations to our fund as our Just Giving page is now OPEN!

We will be in touch with all pledgers after the last game against St.Johnstone on 21st December to arrange for payments which will be made on the same JustGiving page as linked below. You can donate as you go, you can donate all at the end, just please donate!

The 500 initial pledging heroes are listed below!

The Pledgers

Here's the current list of all our #12PointsOfChristmas Pledging Heroes!!

Last Updated 5th Dec 0930

(I've taken out pledge amounts and twitter names from this public list to protect privacy. Every pledge is equally as important. List is sorted in alphabetical order of surname)

Mark Aaron
Victor Abercrombie
Craig Adam
Hamish Adams
Greg Aitken
Gavin Alexander
Robby  Alexander
Ross Allan
Doug Allison
Stewart Archibald
Paul Armour
Helen Arnott
Colin Arthur
Shirley Back
Karen Baillie
Dean Baird
Scott Baird
Anne-Marie Balfour
Anne-Marie Balfour
Eric Balfour
West Bank SMFC
Alan Barr
Alan Batey
Lorna Berry
Aaran Bissell
Kyle Blair
Michael Blair
John Blair
John Blair
Kenneth Blair
David Blyth
Ross Blyth
Craig Blyth
Stewart Booth
Scott Booth
Lewis Bowden
Donald Boyd
Northbank Boyz
Richard Bradbury
Colin Bright
Ewan Brock
Chris Brookmyre
Gordon  Brown
Colin Brown
Russell Brown
Neil Brown
Fraser Brown
Laura Brown
Jack Bryant
Clare Buchanan
Chris Buckham
Fraser Burns
Ian Burns
John Byrne
Cameron  Caldwell
Scott Cameron
Andrew Campbell
Alastair Campbell
Stewart Campbell
Alexander  Campbell
Paul Campbell
Alfie Cannan
Peter Cannan
Jorge Carbajosa
Lawrence  Carberry
Ewan Carmichael
David  Carson
Brian casey
Alan Cassidy
James Cathie
Stewart Chalmers
Robert Chappell
David Cherry
Lindsay  Christie
David Christie
Calum Christie
Iain Christie
Fiona Clark
Nicky Clark
Gordon Clarke
Andy Clews
Callum Coakley
Kris Cochrane
Alan Colquhoun
Deborah Cook
Kenny Cook
Cairters  Corner
Mr Corr
Sonny Corry
Liam Couttie
Jack Couttie
Ben Couttie
Mary Clare Cowan
Ryan Craig
Donald Craig
Robert Craig
Connor  Crawford
Ross Crawford
Gregor Crawford
Alan Cross
Alastair Cunningham
Fraz Cunningham
Martin Curr
Graeme Curtis
Graeme Cuthbertson
Chris Dailly
Jamie Dargan
Roddy Darroch
Stefan Davidson
Graham Davison
Gary Dawson
Graeme Dawson
Susie Deans
rebekah deary
Jim Delahunt
Sylvia Devenay
Robert Devine
Stuart Dickson
Alex Dillon
Kenny Docherty
Francis Donnelly
George Donnelly
Ger Doran
Bryan Dorey
Alan Duff
Mikey Messi Duffin
Ryan Duffy
Daniel Dunbar
Tracey Dyer
Bob Dymond
Paul Edgar
chris elliott
Elaine Elmes
Raymond England
Michael English
Dawn Ewen
Morrison Family
Andy Farmer
Chris Faulds
George Fender
Fraser Ferguson
Stewart Ferguson
Robert Finnie
Grant Fleming
Paul Fleming
Nicky Fleming
Ross Foot
St.Mirren Football Club
Mark Forrest
Vhairi Fraser
Bryan Fraser
John Galt
Brian Gannon
Richard Gardner
John Gemmell
Jennifer  Gibson
David Gilchrist
Emma Gilgallon
Laura Gill
Paul Gilligan
Stewart Gilmour
Darren Gilmour
Jamie Gordon
David  Gordon
Jack Graham
Aileen Graham
Eva Graham
Steven Graham
lauchlan grant
Iain Gray
Ally Gray
Matthew Gray
Euan Gray
Andy Greig
Jamie Greig
Lorraine  Gronan
Kevin Hall
James Hall (Skyview Capital)
Harris Hamilton
Iain Hamilton
Iain Hamilton
Samantha Harley
Tom Hastings
Cameron Hastings
Eric Hathaway
Alan Hayes
Neil Hayton
Ian Henderson
Matthew Hesselmann
Davy Hetherington
William Higgins
Paul Holgan
Steven Holgan
Rob Holland
Graeme Holmes
David  Holmes
Stephen Howcutt
Sophie Hughes
Gary Hunter
Misery Hunters
Liz Hutchieson
James Hutton
Karen Ingram
Tom Irvin
David Irvine
Steve Irvine
Mark Jardine
Scott Johnston
Barry Johnston
Alan Jones
Michael Keane
Allan Kelly
paul kelly
Darren Kelly
Steven Kelly
Steven Kelly
Michael Kemp
Stuart Kerr
Robert Kerr
David Kerr
Graeme Kerr
Grant Kerr
Stuart Kinloch
Niamh Kinney
Anne & Kevin  Kinney
Alastair Lang
Gordon Lang
Kenny Leckie
Geraint Lee
Drew Leitch
Andrew Leitch
Euan Leitch
Ian Leyden
Mark Logue
Fiona Longmuir
Chris Loudon
Mark Love
Sharon Lowe
Drew  Lyall
Chris Lynch
Calum MacAlpine
Ewen MacColl
Billy  MacDonald
David  MacDonald
Ruaraidh  Macdonald
Joe MacFarlane
Bruce Macfarlane
Stephen Macfarlane
John Macgillivray
Ceara Macintyre
Duncan Mackay
Stewart Mackenzie
Gordon Mackenzie
Lisa MacKenzie
Alan MacLean
Roderick Maclennan
John  Macniven
Graeme Macpherson
Sean Madden
David Magowan
Cormac Maguire
Iain Malcolmson
Carolyn Malloch
Brian Manson
Alistair Marr
Macfarlane Family Mart8n
Debbie Martin
Shaw Martin
Ross Martin
John Mason
Josh Mathieson
Steve Maybury
James Mcara
Jamie McArthur
Iain McCabe
Stuart McCabe
Andrew McCallum
Chris McCallum
Stephen Mccombe
John McCormack
Scarlet McCourt
Andrew McCourt
James J  McCuaig
Jenny Mccue
Derek McCulloch
Martin McDade
Colin McDonald
Andrew McDonald
Danny  McDowall
Jamie McDowall
Paul McDowall
Jim McFarlane
Christopher  McGeough
Scott McGinigal
Andy McGonigle
Euan McGonigle
Chris McGuire
Ryan McIlwham
Paul Mcinally
norman mcintosh
Stuart McIntosh
Gordon McKay
Roy McKeag
Thomas McKee
John McKenzie
Stuart McKenzie
Paul Mclardie
Ian McLaren
Kenny McLauchlan
Jim McLaughlin
Ross Mclean
Kevin McMahon
helen mcmillan
Jennifer  McMillan
Ian McMillan
Scott Mcmorran
Laura McNally
Daniel McNeil
Douglas Mcneil
Paul McNeill
Elaine McNish
Scott McPhee
Andrew McPhee
Euan McTear
Steph Mcwatt
Alistair Meechan
Ross Melville
Derek Millar
Scott Millar
Ross Mills
Ally Mitchell
Fraser Mitchell
Ryan Moffett
Philip Monaghan
Gary Montgomery
Ellen Moore
John Moore
Veronica Morgan
George Morris
Graham Morrison
Jamie  Mort & Friends
Peter Mullan
Paul Mullan
Paul Mullen
Derek Mullen
Alison Murray
james Mylet
John Needham
Ruth Neil
Robert Nicol
Bandha Nicol
David Nicol
Kenny Niven
Stephen Nixon
Julie  Noble
Eddie O’Donnell
Ryan  O’Neill
Michael O'Kane
Fraser Orr
Graeme Orr
Colin Orr
Dave Orr
William Parker
Tam Paterson
Ian Patrick
Iain Pattison
Kenny Paul
Ian Pearce
Gerry A Pearson
Allan Picken
Adam Purdie
Ross Quaile
Sharon Quinn
Robert Ramsay
Derek Ramsay
Davy Reid
Stephen Reid
Jim Reid
Colin  Reid
Kenneth Reid
Graeme Reid
Chris  Reilly
Craig Reilly
Jim Rennie
Stuart Rennie
Alan Richardson
Alan Richmond
Ross Ritchie
Calum Robertson
Euan Robertson
Gary Robertson
Craig Robertson
Stephen Robertson
Andrew Rodgers
Andrew Ross
Brian  Roy
Malina Rush
Scott Rush
Gordon Russell
Neill Russell
Barry Ryan
Connor Ryan
Tom Salernitano
Guy Salernitano
Michelle School of Dance
Christian Shannon
Gerry Shannon
David Shannon
Lavina Shannon
Jim Sharo
Ally Sharp
Alister  Sim
Graeme Simpson
Karen Singh
John Skinnider
Alistair Sloan
Scott Smart
Ian Smart
Niall Smillie
stephen  smith
Derek Smith
Robert Speir
David Speirs
Daniel Speirs
Derek Sproule
SLO St Mirren
Scott Stafford
Ferguslie Star
Andy Steel
Martin  Steel
Kenny Steele
Murray Stewart
Martin Stewart
Gregor Stewart
Carol Stirling
Mark Storm
Stephen Storrie
Alan Struthers
Tile Bar Supporters Club
Mark  Syme
Lindsay and Graeme Taylor
Martin Telfer
Nicky Thoirs
Michael Thomas
Stuart Thomas
Alan Thomas
Huw Thomas
John Thomson
Callan Thomson
Euan Thomson
Scott Thomson
Graeme Thursby
Niall Todd
Hannah Toohill
Gareth Toop
Fraser  Torrance
Pauline  Trevarthen
Scott  Trevarthen
SMiSA  Trust
Chris Tunstead
Gareth Vaughan
Gary walker
John Wallace
Ian Wallace
John Warnock
Kenny Wastell
Ryan Watson
Alan Watt
Rachel Watt
Stephen White
David White
Chris White
Malcolm Whyte
Grahame  Whyte
Lewis Wight
Paul Wilcox
Grace Wilcox
Gordon Williamson
Ian Williamson
Louise Williamson
Ross Wilson
Paul Wilson
David Wilson
Paul Wilson
Ewan Wilson
Bryan Wilson
David Wilson
Scott Winning
Colin Wood
Calum Woodger
Corinne  Woodger
John Wright
Blair  Wright
Scott Wylie
John Young
Chick Young
Zhou Zhou