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  2. Yep get it right up him, our club wasn’t good enough for him, the Paisley bastard !!!
  3. Things Robbie Nielson says you need to be a Premier League team: Money Cojones Things Dundee United have: Money Get it right up ye ya shite talking tangerine fud!
  4. You'd better remove that. The SFA will probably punish us retrospectively and makes us take the penalty shoot out again. I'm surprised Beaton didn't send the ball boys off.
  5. I see our Allan Picken’s wee behind the goal camera. Com’n Allan Picken give us the footage. A world record of “likes” await you.
  6. I'm not one to criticise refs after games. They are only human, and it is incredibly difficult to get every call right when things are happening so fast (and nowadays you have players cheating thrown in to the mix as well). However, over the two games there have been a series of utterly baffling head-scratching "are you f**king serious?" decisions that could have seen us relegated. Not least yesterday we had a perfectly good goal chopped off, a penalty awarded against us, a red card against us, and two red card calls for United not given - every single one of them clearly the wrong decision! If these are the best refs the SFA can provide then its clear there is a massive problem in Scotland. Surely we need to look at bringing in VAR and bring in expertise from overseas to run both the VAR system and the SFA's dysfunctional appeals and compliance system. These things are always said to be "too expensive for Scottish football" but its a multi-million pound industry in this country, and every club already has multiple cameras at every game. VAR installed on a smaller budget might bring some problems but it can't be worse than the nonsense we have been subjected to this season from the 4 penalties at Ibrox to Beaton's attempt to relegate us yesterday! I'd expect the club to be making some noise over this in the coming days, and to appeal Nazon's red card whether he is going to be staying here or not.
  7. Just seen the Ballboy giving it Whit a fecking wee legend The rest of the ballboys were brilliant tae.
  8. Today
  9. St Mirren 1 Raith Rovers 3 Charlton 2 Sunderland 1 FECKING KARMA
  10. I demand a new player of the season vote. The award must be passed to the ballboys behind the goals giving the United players the finger during the penalty shootout Utter mayhem yesterday. What a f**king club we are.
  11. How f**king thick are those United fans for celebrating like that with an hour of the game to go? Bet they enjoyed the rest of the day.
  12. As I switched Sportsound off as I left the Car to go into the Stadium yesterday, the last thing I heard was Neilson's pre-match interview. What has stuck in my mind , when he says " we're ready and we've practiced taking penalties" Did ye aye ?
  13. Looks like my Self Destructing prediction sums Sunderland's season up perfectly.
  14. Don't know if it is the academy system or something their mother puts in their tea but all 3 McGinns' all come with "the right stuff". They all have given 100% for the Club and jersey. Not always our greatest individual players but when you look at their attitude, professionalism, commitment etc. a lot of other players could learn from them about what it means to be a 'professional". If some of our "talented" prima donna's over the years had shared that attitude, they may have gone on to far greater heights. Both McGinns have had their lows this season but don't think the fans ever doubted their commitment. That attitude OK has instilled in whole team.
  15. Masochistic psychopath! I see your logic tho!
  16. What a fecking brilliant day yesterday. The Play Offs are absolutely superb.. Hope we finish 11th next season.. Bring it fecking on.
  17. I wonder what unique and bizarre ways to torture us St Mirren will come up with next season?
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