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  2. May I be permitted to pass on a little bit of information......,
  3. Mind and record Ant n Dec's Saturday Night Take Away. Thanks, I have just programmed my TV to record the match. Hopefully I'll be wanting to watch it again and again... Dot Count: Main Stand: M1 50, M2 77, M3 151, M4 38, M5 14, DIR, M6 84, M7 74, M8 129, M9 39 = 656 South Stand: S1 163, S2 234, S3 200, S4 275, S5 198 = 1,070 West Stand: W1 233, W2 195, W3 120, W4 128, W5 171, W6 195, W7 168 = 1,210 Total available tickets = 2,936 Capacity of the three home stands = 6,283 6,283 – 2,936 = 3,347 tickets sold in the home end. Plus the away support (presumably 1,654) = 5,001 tickets sold.
  4. Think this is a really nice idea, maybe something to go up next to the SMISA name boards?
  5. I know, I know. My point is that teams from Scotland who do well in Europesn Competitions have a bearing on how many teams from Scotland are given places in these competitions.
  6. I agree. ([emoji2398] Ricky) There are also those (you know who they are) that court the negative attention. Never happy unless they are having the same argument with several people at once over several threads that have nothing to do with what they are arguing about. Don't get me wrong, we've all went off topic but there are some that just constantly do it. Funnily enough, it's all the ones I've put on ignore now. [emoji38]
  7. antrin

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    Which “Scottish” team are you now fantasising about?
  8. Mind and record Ant n Dec's Saturday Night Take Away.
  9. As I said. If you haven't got it you won't.
  10. The club shall never be owned or part owned by a third party organisation who may put their own interests before the club’s.
  11. ^^^^^^ someone just can’t handle being wrong [emoji23]
  12. The club will always focus on bringing through and developing it's own young talent. Ending their youth academy, whilst not the sole reason, has definitely contributed to Falkirk's downturn in the last few years.
  13. I’ve never abused or threatened anyone on here and I have certainly never ‘ran to Div’ with anything. If you want to see a real example of someone that can’t take it back. Have a look at some of your posts in recent days. Name calling, bitterness and claims to be better than everyone else. The main issue with your take on this, is it’s an evolution of the image you present ‘ I’m right, everyone else’s wrong, I’m smarter than everyone and know better’ You don't. you’re one of the most regular noted contributors on here and not for positive reasons. If what you’re claiming is true, you’re likely the single biggest contributor to the problem.
  14. Even if that team’s business model is based on the exploitation of ethnic and nationalist hatred? Even if that team’s ill gotten success has been at your own club’s expense?
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