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  2. Understandable - hopefully a win on Sunday and you can put it behind you - we won't be in the play-offs next year!!!
  3. Here is Ben's take on the game. Note how most of the stand we were in was empty and Utd said they could not give us any more tickets? What with that and our ban on flags, banners and the drum I reckon they were running scared of our great support.
  4. It was pulling the roller blind down at 4pm leaving loads of us stood in the street after several! Hours queuing & walking away that irks me
  5. To be fair the combination of the sudden surge in demand plus the ticketing website f**king up would be difficult for anyone to deal with. The staff aren't sent up to deal with situations like this regularly. They are lucky if they sell 500/600 tickets on a normal week and that's with a working online system to help. When everything f**ks up at once its obviously going to cause chaos.
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  7. Please let it be Boris[emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  8. Cheers, I feel I can put it behind me now [emoji2] St Mirren 3-1 United Crowd - capacity crowd + the double sold seat support ( potentially inside or outside if game wasn’t loaded onto the smart cards )
  9. TBH I'm not sure that buying a ticket tomorrow or Sunday will make that much difference to anyone wishing to snap up one of the remaining tickets. However, it wouldn't have hurt to have it open for a couple of hours on Saturday.
  10. The main reason it’s bothering me as much as it does, is because of the way so many people were treated on Monday, it was disrespectful, disorganised & a full detailed apology has not been forthcoming.
  11. ETA; I checked all top 4 leagues in England & Scotland ; re: Play off final ticket office opening St Mirren are the ONLY club not to open the Saturday before ( or day before ) the play off finals This list obviously includes 12 clubs
  12. You can buy online ( aye that works well this week ) or from 10am ...... erm , Sunday
  13. No abuse bud but the squad is better. The guys Stubbs inherited but deemed not good enough were under no pressure from any of Stubbs signings as they were generally not very good. Ok signs a number of guys that improve the squad therefore the current members of the squad lift their games to compete for places. No doubt you will now question the professionalism of the players who needed pressure to lift their games or something else to have a go at the big bad fans and players who turned on poor Stubbs. So be it....tight lines.
  14. Didn't work out that great last night did it, despite your facts with added comments. Now we're at home and favourites the balance, and it's slight despite your view, is in our favour.
  15. You are on my prayers Fiona big massive hugs
  16. Is Danny not contracted to us for next season? Signed a 2 and a half year deal in January 2018. You are correct.
  17. Theresa May getting ready for the upcoming marching season
  18. Is Danny not contracted to us for next season?
  19. He had 3 months and did the same thing at Rotherham - twice caught out for being incompetent - you think he will get another gig our size? What Oran brought in after the window closed was better than the 13 Stubbs brought in during his entire tenure - and the guys Stubbs told to leave are doing it for OK Who is the tunshie - Stubzo Stubzo - every time...
  20. Naw - we are having some balloons in the away end . . . hopefully with sad faces on them...
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