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  2. I’m only staying the truth! He is a fat banker! 😃
  3. Good to see former players like Cody Cooke and Tony Andreu compliment the way St Mirren has treated them throughout the Covid lockdown. St Mirren are behaving the way a fan owned, community club should. Well done Saints
  4. “Obviously false” https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/stanford-study-suggests-coronavirus-might-not-be-as-deadly-as-flu/amp
  5. To be honest. Let them have colt teams in the leagues. But. Cap them at division 3 in a 3 division set up or divisions 3 and 4 in a 4 division set up.
  6. Fat banker...........you really are a pansy. 😂😂😂
  7. Sorry Shull, that really was a genuine question but since you've decided to be a confrontational arse about it carry on.
  8. Teams online for my pals and me. Unless the club can do a teams connection that let's us all join in. What do you think Div?
  9. Davis was good imo. Agree that I would rate him behind two of the three you mention.
  10. Lashing out with personal insults against someone shows your very poor character. ‘Could’ again these stories of possibilities & worst case scenario are designed for people like you. As of right now, lockdown has saved lives from a hellish virus that has contributed to at least 40,000 deaths in this country. You remain wrong in your claim lockdown has killed more people than it’s saved.
  11. Must've been a full moon last night judging by the absolutely barking posts that #thichasf**k put out. Looks as though he is still howling at it this morning.
  12. Not in our name, PLEASE. Get this thrown out before the ink is even dry.
  13. Today
  14. For now, my last words on the subject of Cnut B Teams. If listening to Sportsound later, take note of the pro sectarian minded wheeled out who are in favour of the latest farce.
  15. Hope you’re enjoying your middle class lockdown holiday @bazil85 the blood is on your hands saved no-one killing millions https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20200528-why-most-covid-19-deaths-wont-be-from-the-virus?ocid=ww.social.link.twitter
  16. The fat banker broke lockdown with an unnecessary journey. He’s broken lockdown more than once. He pretended to isolate.
  17. I see Mr. Yaxley-Lennon is in trouble again - quelle surprise as Stephen would never say! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cumbria-52937781
  18. What can I say. I’m a popular guy 😃
  19. Exactly and it's the folk screaming "end the lockdown " and the likes who will presumably be contributing to it's existence as I assume they practice what they preach (or perhaps more likely they are just all mouth and following the letter of the law like the majority of us) ? I have ignored the lockdown where possible since it started.
  20. I’ll be round at friends tonight, in their house with more than one household in attendance. Just as I did last Saturday. Those who wish to continue with a lockdown that has saved no-one and killed thousands, fill your boots.
  21. While we’re wittering on about ineffective face masks and irrelevant, meaningless made up R numbers, they’re just getting on with things in Paris and Rome.
  22. Forty Diddy Clubs can destroy the SFA and SPFL. Not one non sectarian person like me. While all fans of all Clubs are complicit in the corruption, then Scottish Football will remain screwed.
  23. Anybody can read the Forum. All are welcome. Why don't you make a relevant point about the subject instead of asking stupid questions. The new scenario just appeared last night. What do you think ?
  24. He's bored so he's decided to bore everyone else.
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