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    Stubbs Sacked

    If that's the case we should just give him Josh Heaton.
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    Next St Mirren Manager - Merged

    St.Mirren offer an absolutely fantastic opportunity for any prospective manager. A club with no debt, with money in the bank. A club with a place in the Premiership. A club with a dedicated training ground. A club with a young and ambitious board of directors. A club with a proven youth academy, one that has delivered over £2m in transfer income in the last few years. A club with a stadium that is still under 10 years old. A club that is well on the way to becoming fan owned. A club with a record number of season ticket holders this season. A club whose supporters have demonstrated that they will absolutely adore a manager that they can identify with. A club with a tremendous and proud history. There will rightly be a queue of managers absolutely desperate to take control of our fantastic club.
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    Stubbs Sacked

    If they were involved in Stubbs player recruitment then thank f'ck for their resignation.
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    Players in the huff

    Clearly, the only solution is to get rid of Stubbs, Jackson and Rice for their mistakes. Get rid of GLS, the BoD, and any club official for their mistakes. Get rid of any players from the Jack Ross era who may or may not have been under performing and are making mistakes. Get rid of any players Stubbs signed who are perceived as ‘sub standard’ for the Scottish top flight and their mistakes. Get a brand new chairman, board, management team, and in January, once the squad is entirely, and I mean entirely, filled with new players of their choosing.... then we can all move on. Then, if it’s still shit, get rid of them all and start again.... and repeat. I don’t think it’s going out on a limb to suggest that of those interviewed, Stubbs did the best job of convincing the BoD he was the man. You often hear stories of actors going for jobs and when they are asked ‘can you ride a horse’ or whatever, they say ‘oh yeah, expert, horses? easy...’ having never been on one, but they need to get the job and they need to impress. Pretty sure Stubbs would have impressed with talk of contacts, quality loanees, and his Rotherham experience hardening him for the challenge, learned from his mistakes, fired up for the task, ready to pick up the torch from Jack, refreshed after a break from football, yadda, yadda. To some extent then, I feel Stubbs told them he was an expert horseman, oh aye, no trouble. I actually feel very sorry for GLS and Fitzy, who clearly, absolutely, must have been convinced Stubbs was the best candidate from those who applied, to take us on into the top flight. We are all sitting wondering how quickly feelgood factor can be blown out of the water, just think how those two men feel. They gave him the keys and he pretty much trashed their car for them. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but mine is that GLS and Fitzy have been burned and must be hurting, even more than us. Time to back them, and hope the next big decision they take works out.
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    Next St Mirren Manager - Merged

    Wish you would shut the f**k up .
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    Stubbs can go now

    Changed my mind.... can’t give that coaching team any more time. No fight, no desire, no hope. Livingston are average yet look like a great team against us. I’ve kinda had this nagging feeling about him not being the right guy from the start but wanted to give him the chance. We will go down unless we get rid of Stubbs... the players don’t fight for the guy .. totally apparent after today.
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    Caring Gary

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    Stubbs Sacked

    Probably the best decision for the club as the players clearly weren’t prepared to work for him. Another example of player power and won’t be the last. Maybe some of these players should follow him out the door if they’re not willing to give 100% for the fans regardless of who’s in the dugout.
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    faraway saint

    League within a league

    If anybody really thought we could threaten any of the top 6 this season they are seriously delusional. The talk about competing today is a fair point, but Aberdeen will take 4 goals off quite a few teams this season, especially at home. I've thought that the top 6, who are, in no particular order, Celtic, Rangers, Aberdeen, Hearts, Hibs & Kilmarnock, are streets ahead of the rest, and will hand out many a thumping to the other teams in the league. Our survival depends, mainly, on what we do against the other diddy teams. We've already beaten one, next week we have the chance to beat another. The level of panic after today, not a surprise as the usual suspects have been waiting on any opportunity to blame the manager since he was appointed, is amusing. This season was always going to be tough, even if Ross was still here. The club need the support they got last season, always easier to "support" when we're winning, for some. We looked today what we are, a team who've just come up from the diddy league and are still in transition. Can we survive, who knows, but the club deserve support as it's well documented the difference that made last season.
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    scrappy coco

    Stubbs Sacked

    The embarrassment of being the only team to lose a league game to Sevco this season probably pushed GLS over the edge,
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    Next St Mirren Manager - Merged

    Not for the first time my friend, and unlikely to be the last. LPM, the only Saints fan who hated Jack Ross, but rates Alan Stubbs Absolutely. Fucking. Barking.
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    Grow a Pair

    Having watched St Mirren since 1974 , I have experienced some ups and a number of downs. Cup Wins, League Titles and European Football. Narrow squeaks where we just avoided going down to the third league in Scotland. The comments on social media and the forum appear to show a club in meltdown rather than one which won their league last season and who are currently 3 points off 3rd Place in The Premiership. One too, which incidentally, made more progress this season, than last in the League Cup. The board handled the difficult situation of losing their successful manager and with that, any momentum in the transfer market. Enter Alan Stubs. Appointed as manager after a full interview process. Arguably, a more experienced manager than the one we lost. Different in style and personality, that's true. He has a 3 year contract and is in the process of building a squad. Some players appear to have difficulty in accepting the changes -.tough. That's life in football. Get on with it. Fans and supporters need to grow a pair and face up to the fact that the step up was never going to be easy. Any who thought we would have beaten Aberdeen in the League Cup or be sitting in 3rd place or higher should seriously think again. Time to grow a pair and support the board and manager and that includes the players. Will this post make me popular..... Absolutely not.
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    Ok I’ll bite. So what you’re insinuating is that people in W7 are part of some well hidden illegal activities and deserve to be disturbed at 9am? No one is bullshitting about how innocent they are, no one has done anything wrong. If we’d been involved in any issues previously I could maybe accept your dig - but please enlighten me, what exactly is the crime? For clarity, a member of the groups house was visited , the police warned about “organised violence”, when was the last time our fans have got involved in anything like that? Certainly not in recent memory and anyone that’s stood with us at games would know that the group is nothing like that. W7 is family friendly, lots of young fans waving flags, singing etc. Some of the banners might be on the edge of what’s acceptable, but that’s what makes it fun. Take fun away and you’ve officially ruined Scottish football. Stop making out that there’s some deep rooted issue within our support. We have one of the most vocal supports in Scotland, but also one of the best behaved. It’s comments like yours that damage the clubs reputation when the media go seeking a story that isn’t actually there.
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    Stubbs can go now

    I would but your head is so far up your own arse that it would be impossible.
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    Transfer Window Countdown

    We will get who we get. Either way, when this window shuts, we need to drop the agendas, reset our expectations and get behind the team if we want to help them turn the corner. We dont want to make things any harder for the team than it already is. If we are relegated, then we are relegated but FFS surely we dont want to say that we buckled at the first sign of trouble? We cant criticise the team for not showing bottle and then have 34 more weeks of the sort of knicker wetting pish we've seen on the forum this week. As for Stubbs, let Gordon deal with that. Let us concentrate on giving the team our full support. Show some f**king dignity and class.
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    Gary Mac & Adam Eck

    Just finished reading Alan’s book “How Football Saved My Life “. I found it a really interesting read and left me with nothing but respect for what he (like many others) have been through. As well as his 2 illnesses he describes his life in football and without going into too much detail he tells us how important he sees team spirit and players bonding are to him, Centre Half partnerships, coaching styles and what he has gleaned from top managers throughout his career. I know none of this guarantees you will be a successful manager but let’s just get behind the guy and see what happens..... at least for now. Interesting as well that during his pro licence at Largs it was St Mirren board members who did his mock job interview. Would have been old board of course.
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    Stubbs Sacked

    Embarrassing for all involved with the club, clearly the wrong man was appointed. Next appointment is f**king huge. No fannying about waiting on CVs, go and get who we want ASAP
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    Next St Mirren Manager - Merged

    50,000 cnuts at Ibrox have done it.
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    The police asked the club to provide evidence of criminal behaviour within the stadium this season....
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    Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.
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    Give Alan Stubbs A Chance

    Just watched a recording of today's Match from BBC Alba. Wasn't great. But not the worst St Mirren performance that I have ever seen. Plenty worse than that , early 1970's, through the 1990's and the early 2000's. The Transfer Window is shut. We have our Squad. Let Stubbs, Rice and Jackson get on with it. Might just need one good performance to get some confidence. At least, give them a go at it till December/January.
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    Hearts away. 01/09

    This almost seems pointless now but here we go..... The team that won the Championship last season was somewhat short of what was required to compete week in week out in the top division. Then you take out two of the key players in Morgan and Davis before you start recruiting. So, common sense would suggest to even stand still we need to recruit an experienced centre back and pace in the wide areas. Just to stand still. As yet we haven’t managed to do that. Then we need some of last year’s mainstays to be replaced with a bit more experience/quality, moving them to be squad players. As yet we haven’t managed to do that. I always thought we needed, at least, 5 better players to come in who would start and complement what we already had. We recruited a load of inexperienced guys who’ve collectively been a bit of a shambles. So, the answer is that we still need a hatful of players to be competitive. A free agent striker will not solve our current problems.
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    Stubbs can go now

    No doubt Kpekawa was having a nightmare of a game, but to send him back out for the 2nd half only to sub him 3 mins later was poor poor management. Why subject the guy to the verbal abuse he got when walking off when he could have just made the sub at h/t. Stubbs should be ashamed of himself for doing that to a young player no matter how bad he was playing.
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    I do see and feel your sense of frustration at Alan Stubbs. Us at Rotherham were upset by his appointment as we wanted an experienced manager (we turned down Gary Bowyer, Steve Mclaren and Tony Mowbray). He brought in players who were substandard and the chairman even said he was worried about the new signings. He let both Leon Best and Matt Derbyshire go and took an eternity to bring in the ageing Dexter Blackstock. On a THREE year contract that the chairman had to pay up. He had no connection with the fans. He always sat on the bench during the game and let assistant John Doolan do the talking. There was a huge cheer when he decided to do some managing from the sides. He said after his last game that the players are told the same things and dont listen so he is either confusing them or they dont want to know. We paid him off after 5 months around 350 k and Doolan went too. The team was that bad that next manager Kenny Jacket walked after 5 games. So yes he is not management or a people person.
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    Kenny Miller Free Agent

    Anyone who says Kenny Miller wouldn’t improve our squad needs their head checked.