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    Another thread ruined 🙄 Let’s get it back on track - FTOF, f**k Rangers, f**k Sevco, f**k Andrew Dallas and hopefully the f**king cunts go bust again soon and don’t pretend they exist again through a third club.
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    FT 1-0 Second half was all St Mirren really, we missed several good chances and should have won by more in the end. Kept waiting for a Killie onslaught that never arrived, they were awful. That’s them just 4 points above us now, they look very catchable on today’s showing. Been a pretty decent December for us, certainly much improvement on last term. This time last season we had just lost 2-1 to Killie and were in 11th on 12 points, saved from bottom by the remarkable shiteness of Dundee. This year we are 10th with 19 points. Goody is doing a great job and if we have a half decent January window we will be fine. Would love to keep a hold of McLoughlin in particular, he’s brilliant.
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    Glenn Middleton

    We weren't even in discussions for him although previously had been in the summer, it had nothing to do with his recent injury…….just you keep on pretending you're ITK 😂
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    Speculation Thread

    and didn't they do well.
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    So Farewell Then Colin Weir

    Very sad. The Weir Foundation does a lot for charity. Before it was set up and shortly after their win, they sent our charity a cheque for 15k and a lovely hand written letter after a request for a donation towards a replacement minibus. They declined all publicity at the time, but that donation allowed us to place an order for the bus. Sad indeed.
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    The Crown Estate belongs to the UK. Its ours, the Queen is a figurehead unless you think a hereditary monarch should own and rent out the seabed, shopping centres etc, etc. I'm not getting into these long winded exchanges that you post continually for days on end. If you want that contact bud the baker or buddin EK. It's nearly Christmas - I've got grinching to do.
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    Heading Ban

    13 corners today and good to see our players are still supportìng the ban [emoji23]
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    St Mirren v Broxburn Athletic 18/1/20

    f**king. Cringe.
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    Gender Balance in the Forum

    Because most women are too sensible to waste their time and energy fanning about on here.
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    Who's Out?

    Would keep Durmus, he puts a shift in at least.
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    St Mirren v Kilmarnock 29. 12.19

    I thought we were brilliant today on the 50:50 balls and won most second ball. I know what you mean about Obika and Morias as gosl scorers but they were both excellent today.
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    St. Mirren v Celtic, 26th December 2019

    St Mirren could improve their marketing and there is no doubt about that. However to state that there is 'no attempt whatsoever' to increase support is plainly incorrect. For children there are free season tickets, cheap tickets (£56 ST for those up to 17) and free tickets given to youth groups. There is pre-match entertainment for children (and sometimes for adults). Outwith those kids regularly attending games, St Mirren run many Community activities aimed at helping children which markets the Club and hopefully may see some of those kids start attending games. These initiatives include the Community Football centres located in outlying areas of Renfrew, Ralston, Lochwinnoch and Houston. There is also Street Stuff which is held every day of the week covering 17 venues across Paisley, Renfrew and Johnstone. (Last Easter holidays 1200 kids attended Street Stuff sessions). And there is the Panda Club held before all Home games. The St Mirren Charitable Foundation markets the Club over the local area. It has an initiative for kids as Future Entrepreneurs; the Men's Shed; Football Fans in Training and Festive Friends with plans for more outreach projects. There is also the Business Club and the Memories group for people with dementia. There is now the Women's football team that may encourage more young women to attend games. These are the sort of initiatives that may attract long term supporters. Letting a pal in for 10p did not make any difference to ICT's gate receipts or increase in support so us letting in a friend for a fiver for a one-off game would have little impact. There are 12 of us that are season ticket holders and some guys due to work commitments cannot attend some games. They cannot get takers offering their tickets to family and friends for nothing. The Club in my opinion is going about it the correct way - target kids and the wider community through involvement. There are a lot of people helping to market St Mirren on a daily basis. Of course they can improve on that. For example we raised £25k for the local foodbank. The foodbank say some of that money will be used to run their van. It would be a useful marketing tool to have the van sponsored by St Mirren fans. But the Club are doing something about their marketing.
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    Nightmare fixture against the mob with the biggest budget, at their hole and the dice stacked in their favour. Do I think we can win? Maybe one in 80 games against them or something like that. But Livi managed it this season and it is on Boxing day - a few of their pissheads overdoing it and our super fit guys pulling off their best performance AND this could be the one. Do I think we will win it - not likely. This would be an amazing scenario though - Keep it tight for 92 minutes and hit them on the break with a deft Cooke header. Then as the ref plays an extra 7 minutes, to give them every chance of coming back, keep it tight and hang on..... Now that would be 3 love points So could we take a draw - why not? Again now highly likely - I think it would mean us scoring as I cannot see us keeping a clean sheet... Mostly likely outcome is a defeat. Best case then is not by much . . . hopefully no injuries for us and not too many bookings or offs... Still remember watching us beat them 4 nil on tv at my pals house . . . what a match that was...
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    The Scottish Cup 19/20

    For me - I would want us to get a home tie and dodge Rangers, Celtic, Aberdeen and Motherwell - with hopefully the four of them matched up over two other ties.
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    St Mirren v Broxburn Athletic 18/1/20

    Our top goal scorer in the Premiership and in the current squad is not rated by many fans . . . Yet he links up well, shields the ball well, is a handful for any CB and scores more goals than anyone else in our squad. I said at the start of the season he would reach double figures if he stayed fit and yes like any striker he will miss easy chances and be frustrating at times BUT HE will still hit double figures AND WE NEED HIS GOALS. He might even continue to improve as his confidence grows. Even our new lad McGrath hit the post in stead of the net - but he will also start getting in amongst the goals too ! C O Y S
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    Who's Out?

    How much drink did you have to post all that. [emoji23]
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    faraway saint

    Telly Programmes

    I watched 10 minutes, tragic, as it has been for years. RIP.
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    Sean McLoughlin

    Believe Obika is the second top scorer in the bottom 6? What failure!
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    Speculation Thread

    Tony said in the club yesterday what positions we need and the number rounded off to 5 players in, not including a goalie which makes me think the club will resist any offers for Hladky. The most obvious positions of the 5 are two centre halfs and a left back. We have been threadbare incentral defence and there are no guarantees that McLoughlins deal will be granted an extension by Hull
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    Great result today but it could have been so much easier. Obika and morias made great contributions but just don't look like strikers. Makeshift back four did really well. Cammy had a mixed game, great ball winning but poor passing. We give the ball away too easily and don't compete enough at times for 50:50 balls. However the goal was fantastic and with a true goalscorer we would have been out of sight today. Well done saints for sending everyone home happy especially given Hamilton result
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    Great, so 3-0 to Killie then 🙄 Last season’s top scorers had a massive tally of 6 goals. Obika already has 5 this season. Whether or not he’s a shite footballer (I ain’t commenting on that part as I don’t see the games day in day out) he’s been our biggest goal threat since we returned to the SPL. That’s why we keep playing him. If he can hit similar goal scoring stats for the rest of the season and hit double figures then it doesn’t bother me how useless he is at everything else, because it’s goals that win games.
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    This argument is put forward on a regular basis however is there any substance behind it?Tourists come to see the castles and palaces, indeed if there was no monarchy and wider family living in them it could be argued that there would be more access to the buildings and estate therefore more tourist income. France does OK for tourists visiting it "royal palaces"
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    faraway saint

    Latest Scores

    ^^^^^^ Off your head, but nice story.
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    Once again Danny Mullen made a great contribution. It's time Danny was in the lineup at the very start - long overdue.
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    Not with you there Top Cat. Barrhead’s post was pretty balanced and if anything erred on the positive side rather than the negative. I agree completely with it. Suggest you read it again.
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    Wow Obika what a player [emoji57]
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    Decent joooglywilky over the advertising though.
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    St Mirren v Broxburn Athletic 18/1/20

    Perfect day weather wise for today's game.
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    faraway saint

    Heading Ban

    You're anger is making you look more of a twat than usual.......................away and eat that chip on your shoulder. https://www.nhs.uk/news/neurology/dementia-fears-for-former-footballers/
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    john scott

    Oh Dear Sunderland......

    I'm not saying you're wrong St Ricky but I've never heard such links living just up the road and coming into contact with Sunderland fans a lot in everyday life. Surprised.
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    Bud the Baker

    Who's Out?

    Meanwhile in the RealWorld it's was obvious that Djorkaeff was out of JGs plans and that Breadner & Erhahon were never in them, contrary to your arguments in the S&M thread for the past two months, S. McGinn differs from the three players above as he did get game time despite suffering from injuries which affected his form. It is clear that your GLS fetish prevents you from making objective assessments of our squad - as I said shameless!
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    Who's Out?

    Stephen has been a good player for us an an excellent club captain. Most would agree that he has looked like he was carrying an injury for some time. If this is true and he goea back to his best then that would be good news all round imo.
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    Akin Famewo

    Recently made the bench for Premier league game at villa. Nice of Norwich to ensure he's had a break [emoji6]
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    Wage League table

    Getting away from rankers Also shows that Hearts with no contingency plan for relegation better come up with one pretty damn quick.... 137k !!!! for 13 points
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    faraway saint

    Wage League table

    Do you have proof or are you just making shit up? Just asking. 🤣
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    Should play our strongest team in this game. If that happens, I can't see Cooke and Mullen starting.
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    Are you back to telling people, whoever your aiming this at, what to do with their time and money? What do you mean "armchair warriors"?
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    Speculation Thread

    That would be a huge mistake we have been very lucky picking up points with a makeshift defence. The opposition will quickly identify weaknesses and exploit them. We need two new centre backs, a full back and a goal scorer. We need our top players playing in position.
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    Speculation Thread

    I'm confused. We're linked with a striker from Montrose, who plays for Stirling Uni, and who has just signed a pre-contract with Montrose for next season. I didn't have that much to drink last night!
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    Sean McLoughlin

    What a bizarre post, even by your standards. Are we judging strikers on whether they are in contention for BBC Sports Personality of the Year, or whether they do a good job for us?
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    In fairness Goody had the summer to get some players in and ideas going. Kearney had Stubbs’ pish.
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    Nice catch there. [emoji106] I noticed a consistent liar hasn't posted on another thread since actual facts were published there. [emoji6]
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    Big Boris, Our Prime Minister

    I think my antipathy for Hamilton is that he benefited from a British education, growing up here and being rewarded by the appreciation of uk car-driving fans, but chose to avoid sharing any of his new wealth, as soon as he could.
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    The typical fan. All I hear is abuse towards Obika. I actually had people behind me questioning his man of the match against Livi. The c**t said "Obika has been given Man of the match" I knew more was coming. Because all I'd heard was a tut at Durmus touching the ball and mocking at Obika. So Obika was given man of the match, he then didn't know why. He maybe created the first, then scored 2. I think that deserves man of the match. But as our fans go, he's got the head of a 20p piece. He'll never jump high, his body weight is 99% top half, going to struggle in jumping.
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    Precisely. There are indeed many who currently vote SNP purely for the independence push, and will abandon them afterwards. I’ve seen a fair number say they’ll immediately switch to the Scottish Greens once independence is secured. I do think the SNP have a decent record and can’t see any major improvement being made under a different party, but I do understand the need to vote SNP purely for independence reasons and I get that a chunk of their vote share will drop when that day comes and Scotland is finally free.
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    I would have replied to this but Slarti and TPAF have covered what I would have said.
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