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    Welcome Simeon Jackson

    Signed extension to end of season
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    Please stop talking pish[emoji106]
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    New Fan...

    Afternoon Gents, I must confess before I start I'm a Barnsley supporter but I'm going to be spending a bit of time in Scotland over the next few weeks, And I cannot help but notice a few of our former players are plying their trade at your club, So what better to do next Wednesday night than become a St Mirren supporter for the evening ey? This is where im looking for some advice.. Excuse my ignorance but would I have any trouble getting a ticket and what stand would you advise going in, parking etc.. Thanks in advance for that. Regarding the football, what an absolute dime you've signed in Adam Hammill and if I'm totally honest this is why I want to come to a game whilst I'm up here, He'd play with your emotions throughout his time at your club whether that be good or bad, He can be the most frustrating player in the world when he's not on his game don't get me wrong, but when he's in the mood he's a class act and one of the better platers I've seen at Oakwell and I genuinely hope he is for your club too. If you haven't yet id recommend looking at the goals he scored for us at Wembley in fact I think I've watched those two goals 2884626 times and they never get boring. Ermm regarding Cole Kpekawa….. I couldn't believe he's still making a living in football when I looked at your squad, wow he was bad, believe it or not we paid half a million for the guy...……. Onto Stevie Mallen, he was treat very unfairly in my personal opinion when he joined our club, I genuinely hoped he was going to be replacement for Conor Hourihane. His left foot was a wand at times (as you know for yourself) his delivery was exceptional and for whatever reason wasn't fancied by our managers at the time (the two managers he had weren't the best may I add) But from what we saw of him looked a talent, I believe if he was still at the club now he'd be in the starting 11 but is what it is. But yeah if anybody could give me some helpful advise regarding next Wednesday's game it'd be much appreciated, Looking forward to visiting..
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    Great performance from Ethan Erhahon. Still only 17!
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    The Oran Kearney Interviews Thread

    Anyone that thinks Kearney is going anywhere is f**king delusional. He will be St Mirren manager next season even if we are in the Championship. Stubbs squad was a complete disaster, that's the bottom line. If he keeps us up he will have done a tremendous job. I don't get the outrage with him having an assistant manager and a coach either. All perfectly normal.
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    Far more like it

    Much better. Bite in midfield. Paul McGinn Edwards best games. Belief can be gained from today. Proud to be a Buddie
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    Lol. ive sat in w7 since the start of it all, I certainly don’t know half the people there, it’s just a group of likeminded supporters wanting to create an atmosphere. We don’t ALL know eachother personally, anything decent involves a group at games will always attract the odd fanny, regardless of what club it is. It’s unnacceptable but it’s life. I agree ban the person, it has no place in football. But to go on as if it’s a group thing and assume we all know who it is and don’t want to stick them in is rather stupid of you to think. The cctv should find whoever it is anyway and the culprit will be dealt with through the proper channels. Stop trying to create a big hulabaloo and an us and them mentality towards w7 and the rest of the supporters.
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    Far more like it

    For me Jones & Erahahan had brilliant games today. Both McGinns were also good
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    Anton Ferdinand looks more of a captain than McGinn at the moment. I believe McGinn lost a bit of respect in the dressing room for publicly slating a few of his team mates
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    Some people clearly have an agenda against the manager He has inherited a squad which is weaker than last season who weren't good enough for this league anyway The blame lies at the feet of the BOD who appointed a chancer who told more lies than Walter Mitty at his interview They better back their new man in Jan They caused this mess
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    Isle Of Bute Saint

    Naming the Stands

    The 1926 stand / The 1959 stand / The 1987 stand / The 2013 stand.
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    East Lothian Saint

    Alan Stubbs Speaks

    Don't get me wrong. I'm not knocking McGinn for applauding the fans. I did appreciate when Jack and the team took the time to applaud us but in those days it looked like the team were putting in the effort. Stubbs wasn't a happy clapper but unfortunately his teams never usually rewarded us with anything on the park and Captain Fantastic's effort would have been appreciated more if he had done his talking on the park instead of waiting till the end to say thanks for coming boys n girls to another game where it looked like me and the boys never gave a shit but we're glad you paid hard earned cash to watch us. Join in the fans celebrations, YES but don't clap us out the ground when you have been woeful and every one thinks you should have tried harder,
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    faraway saint

    Alan Stubbs Speaks

    Ah cannie, I'm injured.
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    Jimmy Nicholl - Yet another coach!

    Gus isn't a coach. The Technical Director was a new role specifically created for him. We lost 2 coaches when Stubbs and Jackson went. Only replaced with OK. So we are 1 coach down on where we were at the beginning of the season. Nichol would be a great appointment IMO. Got lots of experience to help OK and would have decent contacts.
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    We have to back Kearney. The difference between him and Stubbs is that apart from the naff signings he quite clearly lost the dressing room, how that happened...who knows. OK is clearly better in the man management and communication department. We need to allow the guy to build a team and hopefully see some improvement.
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    St Mirren v Kilmarnock 20th October

    You know, I could swear if you replaced Alan Stubbs name with Alex Rae and Oran Kearney's name with Jack Ross, you were spouting the same pish almost two years ago. Different managers but the one constant? You were a fanny then and you're still a fanny now.
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    Saints 6 Dumbarton 0 Saints 2 Dundee 1 Saints 0 Celtic 0 Missing out on Kenny Miller!
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    St Mirren v Motherwell Wed 31st Oct

    For all the concern about leaking goals at the back or the lack of anything up front - it’s the midfield I’m worried most about. They are overrun, outfought and outplayed every game. They’re simply nowhere near good enough. If we had a midfield that could compete then I don’t think our personnel at the back and up front would be left looking so bad.
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    St Mirren v Kilmarnock 20th October

    Willock had tired, correct call to take him off. We were getting overrun. It was an excellent first half performance. Only an utter moron (you'll find them above) would look at this team and not say we are making great progress under Kearney. BUT - we got horsed at Hamilton because we had Cammy at right back, McGinn at centre half...and it happened again today. We need some cover at centre back, we can't go to that set up when Baird or Ferdinand get injured. A lot of good performances today though, we will start picking up the wins in the next run of easier fixtures. Good to be a Buddie again!
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    St Mirren v Kilmarnock 20th October

    You were at a different game mate. We competed well today. Some excellent performances against a very good Killie side. Goal disallowed, lost big Anton and had to contend with a shite ref. The team showed a lot of passion today.
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    If we knew who it was they would be put forward 100%. We don’t control who sits in W7 hence there was rangers fans amungst us to start with so we are not responsible for the actions of anyone who is not a member of our group. If it came from W7 the person will be found the amount of TV cameras, police cameras and st mirrens own cameras should make that an easy job. Edit. P.s see you all at Dundee
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    Main Stand apparently. Not been to the ground for years but will be there tomorrow. Really looking forward to it. It's one of my boys birthday and all he wants to do is go the the match - I must have done something right. Be four of us there and really looking forward to it, and surely seeing a much better performance than Pittodrie a few weeks ago (the only other game we've been to) COYS
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    We can this weekend .
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    St Mirren v Kilmarnock 20th October

    Oran has no clue lol more like you have no clue no surprise to see you squirm as others have caught you out contradicting yourself. Willock Jackson Baird and hammill even though his injury was still causing him trouble today were our best performers today. Stubbs squad is mostly in the stand or already punted at how bad they were and proved so that they can’t even compete with st Johnstone reserves it’s no wonder why we were well and truly beaten by half time in most games under Stubbs. The 3 players Oran have signed have been great considering the circumstances outside the transfer window and a huge difference in quality from the ones Stubbs added. Let’s just forget the great appointment the board made with jack giving us some great times and call for them to resign after 1 bad appointment. I do also believe I’m a complete fud 1 for reading that pile of pish and 2 for even replying to it.
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    Not a bad prediction.