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    Shameless plug for my website! WWW.STMIRRENSHIRTS.COM Get in touch if you have anything to sell or trade! COYS
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    Missed The Pony?

    Tbh I'm more annoyed about Mooy and Mahrez.
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    Steak Pies at The Stadium

    This is why people are turning away from the forum. More and more are posting less and less and those with nothing decent to add are posting more and more, clogging up the forum with utter drivel. Div really needs to get to grips with this waste of space.
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    Hi, I'm Ricky, I post utter shite, welcome....................
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    Probably still miss.
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    Or 6 0-0 draws.
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    St Mirren v Hearts, Sat 28th Sept

    I too missed the game as I was at a wedding reception in the Grange Manor Hotel near Falkirk/Grangemouth and kept nipping out to the car to hear the radio. The only footage I can find is this
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    faraway saint

    REAL Fitba on the telly

    BBC Scotland deserve some credit. I've watched quite a few programmes since it appeared and their coverage of Scottish football is to be supported.
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    Is There Any Buddie Out There ?

    I don’t see why people get so riled up about others posting crap though, it’s easy enough to put people on ignore. Job done.
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    Facebook is heaving with Saints fans compared to BAWA. It's not for me but its certainly busy. Would be intresting to know how many under 20's post here. Outwith the promotion season fans have suffered for years as we struggled. Here we are again going into a season full of optimism made greater by beating Aberdeen. Sadly we are back to the norm struggling. Why the club cant progress in the top league is a real mystery.
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    Long John Baldy

    vs The Fakes 19 October

    They'll be saying the same thing. What's the stoopid bouncy thing meant to indicate?
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    Paisley Pubs

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    Missed The Pony?

    Obviously Scotland just need Paul McMullan to create all the chances for Shankland.
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    And in a wee while, he'll get another job that his record deserves. Good manager at a rotten club (Sunderland).
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    Bud the Baker

    Breaking News

    I've never supported the Sin Bin experiment, my solution would be a maximum of 20 posts per day - or in your case about 300. I only noticed this thread when IOBSs post supporting Mr. Yaxley-Lennon appeared in the 3 most recent posts. I also think it would be better if the word liar (hands up - I've used it) were restricted from the forum like hun and tim are - at the very least it would force people to be more creative!
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    Wendy Saintss

    Our Greatest ever player

    I’d possibly agree with the Victor comments. Think Gordon McQueen would be up there? However, my personal favourites of all time, the guys I enjoyed watching the most, were Frank McGarvey Ian Scanlon Frank McAvennie Peter Weir Iain Munro Ian Ferguson
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    Our Greatest ever player

    Have to agree, a full back, midfielder and winger - consistent and he knew where the goals were. Easily the best I've seen in the 60 years I've been going to games. My first hero was Willie Fulton who just made the game look easy.
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    Our Greatest ever player

    Mark Yardley
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    Value For Money

    Looking forward to your financial report demonstrating the financial savings you have stated the IT financial system will realise. I have no idea if it will or if it won't but your evidence of the savings will be very welcome. [emoji106]
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    Eric Arthur Blair

    Oan Djorkaeff

    Oan's goal from the reserve game on Monday.
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    Could any doctor in Stirling pay this fool a visit, he's on the edge.
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    Gloomy or Hopeful?

    And Rangers.
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    Wendy Saintss

    Gary McKenzie

    Tavanier scores 2 penalties for Sevco today Yet more proof that Paul McGinn is useless! [emoji23][emoji23]
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    Bud the Baker

    Big Boris, Our Prime Minister

    Similar to how Baloo was raised by wolves in The Jungle BooK?
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    beyond our ken

    Big Boris, Our Prime Minister

    He'll need to be quick or die in a ditch!
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    For Sale...

    FFS. Have you been rifling through the Christmas crackers early this year?
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    For Sale...

    It's a vax.... Just been collecting dust anyway! [emoji23][emoji12]
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    It looks like it's been another really, really generous contribution by the supporters, hopefully the best yet. It's definitely not all down to laziness, the vast majority of people who come along are just people in trouble for lots of different reasons. Don't get me wrong, there are wasters who get food but for every one of them there are another ninety-nine who need help, some of them needing help desperately. And a good chunk of those ninety-nine are people with "jobs" that pay so poorly and with so little security that all they can do is make choice between keeping a roof over their heads or feeding themselves. We need to ask ourselves what it says about our society, about us, that working people have to resort to food banks.
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    Football On The Telly

    A fabulous strike indeed. [emoji41]
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    Wendy Saintss

    Danny Mullen

    No you didn’t
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    I can never see the point of short corners. Get the ball into the bloody box
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    Assisted Dying

    I hope the people on the prosecution side can sleep at night for putting this woman through a court case.
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    It’s my birthday on Sunday and the people I plan to drink with cannot all afford to come up and watch the biggest game in Scotland. So instead we will drink locally and I should be hammered enough by the time 5pm comes to deal with us losing again. And your facts are inaccurate. It’s 550 miles 😛
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    Assuming he's fit, i think the way Goodwin has handled Stephen McGinn is spot on. He needs to show the hunger and desire to get his place back in the team, he's better than what he showed last season. Also, with Mullen same effect hopefully... giving the new guys a chance is the right thing to do and it's up to Danny to force his way in because of his form.
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    Welcome New Forum Members

    Sin Bin forum for this pish.
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    I think we'll win this game, i've seen enough signs that we can get it right and the more games these players get together, the better the performances IMO.
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    Value For Money

    Remind me again, did you or did you not post this, what right did he have to give fans a "voice to change" to use SMISA' ringfenced money? (that's rhetorical! he had no right but it is what you said). As usual, you are posting utter shite and when called out on it, you go all flippy floppy with your excuses. Your credibility diminishes quicker than a politicians with the unadulterated pish you post.
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    Free Shull...

    The forum is a far more pleasant place when the illiterate scumbags are herded together in the sin bin. I will never understand the pathetic need to squabble constantly and it wears me down. However with the halfwits detained in the "idiot corner" known as the sin bin I must admit I have enjoyed navigating this little forum of ours more than I have of late. Damn all the sinners to Greenock, damn them to Greenock indeed.
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    Club Captain?

    I think we do have a better squad and a better starting 11 than last season. That being said - they still need to make it work. The pressure is on for them to gel and start working as a team and getting results. The longer it takes, the more pressure will come and confidence will drain. 3 points on Saturday would help and I reckon we'll get them. That would set us up nicely for another home game the following week against Hearts. I'd counter that as until we did go on that run there was nothing to suggest that the team were capable of it. I think we were very fortunate with some of those results, sendings off going in our favour, last minute goals, etc. and coming up against a number of teams that had nothing to play for at that stage of the season.
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    You are now changing things even further. Who mentioned religion? If I choose to believe something then it becomes my belief! It is my current belief that you are at the madame... Baiting and spinning! [emoji41]
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    Danny Mullen

    The bottom line here is we are seriously lacking goals form the team not just the forwards. WE need goals from all around the team, service needs to be better we need more pace in the team. Maybe start with both McAllister and Dumus on either side the forwards dont fill me with alot of confidence but service is needed and others need to step up with goals as well.
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    Anyone know or heard of folk representing St Mirren at athletics. Found this regarding my Great great grandad. http://www.anentscottishrunning.com/robert-mitchell/
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    Jonathan Obika

    Definitely! I thought JG was one of our players who most often gave his all - and he was tough, ball winning and could create and score some brilliant goals. I kept quiet mostly when everyone was touting him as this manager who was going to be the best thing ever. However, I did mention that the season before that his team, who were 2 goals up on us capitulated to a 3 v 2 defeat, when we were an absolute shambles that day. I know it is only one game, but other than teetering about the relegation places, he did not have a track record of huge success as a manager - I know that it was at part time Alloa. That said, he arrived into our regular summer turmoil and has tried to get rid of most of last years players to bring in his own. It does take time to build a team, but when we are making the same errors each week, changing one or two players every couple of weeks is not working either. It is easy to sit here and be critical - results have been awful apart from against the Dons - without that we would be bottom. There is no sign that we are growing together as a team yet... He has a very difficult task ahead, and if the Fakes beat us, I am not convinced we will attract great players in January to rescue us yet again. If however, we managed to beat the defensively poor Fakes, it could really help us and give us some breathing space through the following month of very difficult fixtures... I don't believe our players are rubbish - I just think they need to try different things and get some belief (which is easier said than done) - a good win against the Fakes is likely to be our ONLY decent chance for about a month - so, let's hope - it is better than dreading what might be . . .
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    Value For Money

    Revisited. Only mention of SMISA is a reference to the thread. It's the wee bit at the end "an IT system that saves us money" you said it. As I said I have no idea about it but look forward to you regaling how much it actually saves. That's that clarified. The next episode of Bollocks from Bazil will be along shortly. [emoji2962]
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    Gerry Baker. I remember a game at Love Street versus Hearts. He ran them ragged
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    Lord Pityme

    Missed The Pony?

    You mean he didn't get an offer he would accept! Word is it will cost clubs £2m to prise him from the Arabs in January. If true that is a shambolic mistake on our part. Cant see any offer coming in for McAllister in January or anytime.
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    Thomas Cook

    I'm sure they raised capital last year by selling assets and from that the rumours started, which now appear to be true. Don't understand how business can keep operating at such losses. Also seen last night that they have approached the Government asking for 200 million bail out. No doubt that will go ahead and then their board will all receive Knighthoods, lol
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    This seems rather unnecessary. Most of us are adults and I certainly don't require someone I don't know welcoming me to the forum. Back to bed for me, night.
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    I've chose not to read any more of this shite, and another couple of threads................................does that count? Also chose to stick the forum fool on ignore, THAT'S a good choice.
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    Bud the Baker

    Value For Money

    Astonishing level of paranoia there flipper85 I hope the supplies of tin foil never run out in your world - btw I did provide evidence. Oh and as I said the idea of you being a positive poster (juvenile debating tactic alert) is yours and not one that's universally accepted!
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