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    A message of congratulations to the team and the management for a magnificent turnaround and avoiding automatic relegation today. Of course we're disappointed about Hamilton winning but all of the people at the club have rescued us from a seemingly impossible position in a very short time. I believe that all of them deserve our thanks for getting over this first hurdle and to not have a magnificent achievement lost in the bowels of a matchday thread or in the negativity of Hamilton winning today or any nonsense about how we've been performing recently. That's 4 great results in a row against strong opposition with plenty of late goals. That's noteworthy right there. The boys never f**king give in. That's the spirit we need from here to the end of the season and we'll be fine. Part Two is to defeat Hamilton next week and leave us with something to play for on the last week. If we do that, we can enter the play-offs (if it comes to that) with our heads held high. Despite other results, I'm buzzing today and can't wait for next week. Let's f**king do this. COYS.
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    Isle Of Bute Saint

    Special day

    Yesterday I had a remarkable 85 year old at the game who watched Saints regular in the 50's and early 60's. He always aske's me about Saints. So I said I will take you to a game. This 85 year old got the overnight Thursday train to London to be a speaker for a fellow Golfer funeral. All his expenses were paid. With no hotel he came back Friday night again overnight train ( he wanted to keep costs low ) and be back for the St Mirren game. I thought he will be too tired 85 remember. There he is with me for the 12.15 ferry what a man. After the game we went to Elderslie Golf Club he wanted me to see a large Cabinet dedicated to him as he was a special local golfer who was invited to the Masters in America but could not afford the expense of going out there. No sponsorship in these day's. After the game which was not a classic he said what a goal going on about it. He said Ian you know what surprised me. What Stuart ? The Fans what a support they are fantastic getting behind the team. He went on they sang in my day but not like that. Took him home lost his wife 3 years ago. Got his own flat I got invited in for tea. Kept thanking me , how can you not do something for a fellow Buddie. Went home with a lump in my throat wishing my own dad was still here.
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    My Dad's 1977 whisky glass only comes out on very special occasions! Dad was a grafter. I never told him as I never fully appreciated it in my youthful ignorance, but he grafted till he dropped, over twenty years ago, still in his fifties! What wouldn't I give to have poured that dram for him and celebrated with him. Celebrate what? Finishing ninth out of ten? No way. Winning a play off match? Nope. Had we lost, I would still have been so proud of Oran and the players! I reckon most of us would be. Dead and buried at Christmas, I never wavered in my belief that despite Stubbs best attempts to ruin us, we would stay up! We took it to the latest possible stage... Penalties after extra time after a play off! That's the St Mirren way. I would have applauded them off the pitch regardless of the result, for giving hope where there was none! I would have been far from alone there. Why celebrate? Those players fought tooth and nail, giving everything for the cause. They grafted. Where they were questioned, they stood up and fought harder. They took the blows, knocks and hurts for the team and kept nothing in reserve. They were a team that reminded me of my Dad, and one that he would have been proud of! Cheers! COYS
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    Stubbs putting the boot in

    How many f**king times do we need to hear this pish. Allan, son, nobody is disputing the squad needed major surgery. The issues are; 1. The players you did sign were an utter load of shite. You know nothing about scouting and clearly have no good contacts - maybe just some guys who pretend to be your mate in order to cash in when they sell you aforementioned shite. 2. You have zero man management skills. In fact, you come across as an annoying prick that nobody would want to work for. 3. You have zero tactical knowledge. You couldn't beat an amateur side or a non-league side because your players had no idea where to even stand or pass the ball. Look forward to a resounding chorus of "Are you watching, Allan Stubbs?" when we beat United and stay up.
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    Very disappointed to see the stick Cooke is getting. Not the time or the place for such comments. We've watched some amount of guff this season (even in shape of one of Cody's predecessors!) That was not even close to the worst performance i've seen this season, it's not even the worst St Mirren performance i've seen this week. United tried to rough us up, Cody stood upto it and gave as good as he got, held the ball up well at times and gave 100%. You can't underestimate how a hard a task it is to lead the line on your own against a hardened defence in a game of that magnitude. I thought he done well all things considered.
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    Prague Buddie

    Vaclav Hladky/Josef Sural

    Spare a thought for our goalies friend and former team mate "Czech International" Josef Sural. Killed in a crash in Turkey after a match. They played together at Slovan Liberec. Keep your chin up Vaclav.
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    Momentum and Form

    Crap. He could have scored and we still lose! We could have defeated the Dons at Pitoddrie. Accies did. We SHOULD have won in Hamilton. We dropped two points! Killer. To blame one missed penalty is short sighted in the extreme.
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    Magic Monkey

    Potty Mouth

    I was getting that last night Kept hearing 'ya clueless wanker'. Then my wife went upstairs and it quietened down a bit.
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    Dundee United have amassed a grand total of 4 points more this season and their goal difference is one goal worse off compared with last season. I think we now have a squad which is finally stronger than Jack Ross' team last season. Paul McMullan is one of their biggest goal threats - discarded by Alex Rae as not being good enough for us during his first season with us in the Championship. We've been on a solid run of form - narrow defeats to Killie, St Johnstone and Celtic being our only defeats in our last 13 matches where we have gone to Pittodrie, Tynecastle, Fir Park, McDiarmind Park, New Douglas Park and taken points and beaten Livingston (twice), Dundee (twice), Hamilton. Over a similar time frame Dundee United have lost to Morton, Partick Thistle, Queen of the South, Inverness Caley, drawn with Ross County and also relegated Falkirk. If teams in the lower half of the Championship can beat and draw with them I don't think we should be overly worried about facing them.
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    Motherwell v St. Mirren 4th May 2019

    That is a tremendous result for a Saints team which was all but relegated just a few weeks ago. Immediate relegation has been avoided and I think that the whole team deserves a lot of respect for that. These players are digging out results against 3 teams 20+ points ahead of ourselves at a time when they are under enormous pressure to save jobs at the club and their own careers. That is something a few of the roasters above don't seem to be able to get their thick skulls around. Anyone wittering on about our performances clearly knows nothing about having to perform under such pressure. Anyone wittering on about how Motherwell players have nothing to play for clearly doesn't understand anything about having a career in football. If we can beat Hamilton next week we'll be going to Dundee a single point behind. I'd take those odds now. In fact I'll take a play-off right now as long as we go into them with the momentum we have now. Everyone is tlaking about Dundee Utd but I am sure it'll be Inverness. We should all be extremely confident about beating any play-off opponent over two matches with this set of players.
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    North Bank retaliation policy

    Div tweeted tonight that fans were not to get pissed tonight. It appears that we have a man down already and the clock is barely scraping the arse of 8pm.
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    Stubbs putting the boot in

    If Stubbs had had his way MacKenzie, Baird, Flynn and Stephen McGinn would have been out the door. And considering the quality of signings he did make we would not have had Hladky and Popescu. So in last night's formation we would have had Danny Rogers in goal, a back three of Jones, Heaton and Kpekawa with Willock and Edwards playing in midfield. However we would not have been at Tannadice last night as we would have already been relegated.
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    Jim McIntyre was on the radio complaining that it is impossible to sign quality players in January for a club at the foot of the league. In Popescu, Hladky, Muzek we have some evidence there he is wrong. Gus & Oran have done well there. Good to see Gary MacKenzie back proving that fanny Allan Stubbs wrong too.
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    Openly gay footballers

    When will it be ok NOT to define someone by their choices in personal life? Why should they be openly gay, hetro, bi? It's their own business. I don't want them to pronounce their sexuality like a badge. I want to see them play well on the park and be normal human beings off it. Their sexual preferences, as long as it doesn't do harm, is their private concern.
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    Isle Of Bute Saint

    Get Well Soon - Fiona

    Well known Saints fan Fiona is in hospital with a brain haemorrhage. Got to know Fiona at the 1877 club her heart is in the right place gem of a girl. My prayers are with you Fiona. Get Well Soon.
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    Potty Mouth

    The thing is it could be any area of the ground as the touchline mics pick up a lot of the things being said/shouted. I used to have my telly connected through a home cinema app and it was funny hearing the swearing coming through the surround speakers behind me, not particularly loudly, but creepy when there was a lull in the game punctuated by a "you're a prick" or similar coming from over your shoulder and there's no-one else in house
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    I was under the impression that Oran Kearney was "statistically the worst manager in St. Mirren's history". Oddly enough, haven't heard any retractions from those that posited said quote......
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    Slightly off topic, but having listened to S McGinn in the after match interviews, congrats to him, his future wife and all of his family in the coming celebrations. Not perhaps his finest game; he nevertheless played a captains part and his delight at the final whistle was a joy to see. I like grafters and all the McGinn brothers are certainly that.
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    I think I watched a different game tonight TBH. I thought we were very comfortable for large phases of the match and our midfield was dominant. It's the usual problem of creating good chances in the final third which is our problem.
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    Stubbs putting the boot in

    There's an extra bit in one of the papers I found amusing: "I remember talking about Cammy Smith at the time when I was trying to do a bit of wheeling and dealing to try and get one out and one in. “And it was all ‘Oh but Cammy was our Player of the Year last year’. “But you look at the teams that were looking to take those players, it was all Championship teams. I think that really tells you a lot." Yes Alan - but we couldn't even get Championship teams to take the duds you had landed us with! We had to send Heaton back to non-league and Kpeweka followed him and has now been binned! Good to see him once again saying he isn't bitter.
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    What would you like them to do. Serve your Mrs first and to hell with everyone else
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    It'll probably rain as well. Then there will be traffic queues getting in an out of the city. A plague of locusts will hit. Then back to work on Monday. Why bother even getting out of b......zzzzzzzz.
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    Magic Monkey

    Potty Mouth

    I wondered that too, but I think he sits really close to the commentators and it's the commentators' handheld mics that are picking them up. Just my guess Well, yeah, as far as I'm concerned it was all part of the spectacle. In the cold light of day, it was a great game last night. Plenty of neutrals on Twitter and P&B have said they really enjoyed it. A few 'f**ks' here and there just complements that, IMHO. I've got a young son (3, so he repeats pretty much whatever he hears) and I reckon I could have put him in front of that without any fear of him picking up swears. The other thing that grinds my gears is that they never, ever apologise for sectarian chanting. Which is a bigger problem in Scotland? Bad language or Sectarianism?
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    I dont know how well it came across on TV, but anyone who was there last night cant have failed to be impressed and inspired to see so many groups of youth/kids teams sitting in the family stand. Getting excited, shouting, singing and celebrating! surely we, as the support need to lobby the board and say.. "that crowd, that atmosphere last night, with so many young people made welcome and involved.... thats the future of SMFC..! Our Town, Our Team and Our People. Stage that for every home game." that stand, and the area behind it should be sacrosanct as a fun, involved and safe place for all the youth, youngsters and families to attend EVERY game. Do that ticket deal for every game. We as the support do not care if you make another £30k selling the seats to sectarian, bigoted, violent thugs! We want what we had last night, and at the Dundee and Livi games every time. The club has to commit to building the support, and that cant be an on/off commitment depending on which racist support is in town. "Build it... and like last night.. They Will Come... in spades"
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    Motherwell v St. Mirren 4th May 2019

    Irrespective whether it was the wrong decision or not to take him off, as angry as he was, he should have sat on the bench and supported the team on the park for the remainder of the match. I'm sure he'll reflect on his actions and come to the conclusion that he behaved like a petulant teenager who had just been banned from playing their X-Box for a month. Was good to see Ferdinand going after him to take the heat out of the situation. I like Mullen, and I'm sure after having been booted around the park for most of the afternoon and been on the end of a few dubious referring decisions, the substitution was the last straw for him.
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    Would still demand an inquiry into Beaton’s performance. Justice done in the end🥳🥳🥳🥳
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    Nazon played in 4 games after the Killie game and I do not remember 'we all agreed he'd be a big loss'. He played 2 weeks later for most of the second half against the Fakes in Perth. A few days later he started against Dundee but was taken off just after half time because he was rank. He also played the last 20 mins against Celtic at home and the last 20 mins Motherwell Away. During these games he showed me that he is lazy with no work ethic and not a team player. His only interest was running into players (and losing the ball) in an attempt to score a great goal for his showreel. As a last throw of the dice in a desperate situation he may be worth 10/15 mins but in a game where everyone has to work hard I would not consider him.
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    W7/North Bank Treatment

    So anyone misbehaving will be attached to the pulley and ejected right out the Stadium?
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    I am very very happy.
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    Eric Arthur Blair

    Which two clubs?

    To propose changing the entire structure of the lower leagues to accommodate OF colts is totally farcical. Get it tae f**k.
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    missed all of this last night and could only follow the match various online means and the last 20 mins on car radio.. Hey, we have managed to boil it all down to a one off, home match, starting 0-0 against a lower league team to stay in the top league. Everyone one of us would have taken that at Christmas. I think OK has managed the tie pretty well thus far and will change line up and tactics on Sunday to win the match for us. What an occasion at St Mirren Park. I will be out, and I mean OUT out on Sunday afternoon after clearing away the MoK Run course and wearing my stripes proudly in Campbeltown pubs cheering us on like a crazy man.
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    Wondering if Stubbs has noticed that our best results all season have come after Stephen McGinn, Kyle Magennis, Gary MacKenzie, Jack Baird, Danny Mullen, Ryan Flynn,, Paul McGinn (all players Stubbs inherited) have returned to form and been joined by some well chosen andproperly scouted signings (Hladky, Popescu, Dreyer, Lyons, McAllister)?
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    Player of the Year 2019 Results

    Thanks to the 1,143 of you who took the time to vote in our Player of the Year polls this year. I'm delighted to announce that ETHAN ERHAHON was the runaway winner of the Tam McGarry Young Player of the Year award for 2019 with Cammy MacPherson runner up and Kyle Magennis taking third place. The Black & White Army Player of the Year for 2019 was much closer but was eventually won by VACLAV HLADKY who just saw off runner up Paul McGinn by a handful of votes. Mihai Popescu was third, Jack Baird 4th and Ryan Flynn came in 5th. Congrats to both Ethan and Vaclav. Awards will be given out at the Cockles Wilson POTY bash in the Bankhouse on 18th May. Thanks again to everyone who voted!
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    Player of the Year 2019 Results

    Kenny would have won it in 2015 if we hadn't punted him in the January (and sealed our relegation fate in doing so) but I think we can all agree that the guy who did win it that year, Aaron Woodall, is the most worthy of all the winners over the past 17 years!
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    Can this forum sink any lower than this.....Abusing guys for something as basic as stating they will be attending a game to support the team is a new low in my book. There really are some total and utter wallopers on here these days !!!!
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    beyond our ken

    Tommy Gemmell Archive

    You bid against the club, and cost them more money? Thereby wiping out all of the gains from the old firm in the south stand and the money stolen from SMISA
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    Special day

    Tosser! Either poor humour or poor reading of post. As for dying farts.... Nice post and good to hear IOBS.
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    Not long in and had a quick scoot through the highlights with a beer. Think most of us will remember this day forever. Pawllet deserved a red for his elbow on Popescu, their pen was soft if a pen at all, challenge on Duck was a clear 2nd yellow, Ducks red was a scandalous decision, to be fair Utd should’ve had a pen from corner 2nd half, but I think that numpty Beaton was due to take Utd’s last pen. Thought we edged it today, but I can’t go through that every year. Wee mention to the great performance of the ballboys behind the goals for the Utd pens.
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    Hats off to the players who refused to be BEATON by some shocking and inconsistent refereeing decisions. This was more important than a cup win - there was more at stake - the pressure on the players must have been unbearable. Let's now take the opportunity to build sensibly on the pool of players we have at present rather than follow the recent St Mirren practice of decimating the squad in the close season.
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    Ref was a c**t (not fit for purpose) we were better bawled like a wean naw seriously....i did first time its an age thing up yeez
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    Of course, I mean we don't need a guy who provided 5 assists in 10 games....who wants pish like that?
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    Ok people are anxious and we tend to go over the top when we’re anxious or excited... However ... f**k off Stubbs you’re a shit manager and all your tripe is sour grapes... There I think I’ve covered everything [emoji3]
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    Quite liked his statement ‘As I look round and see 3 stands with our support in it, Goodbye Rangers, Goodbye Celtic’ Clearly saying time for clubs to stop rolling over to those 2 teams !!! Bold but correct
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    Who left the doors open in the sin bin the mutants have escaped!!!
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    15 points from the last 24. What a f**king finish. I'm not sure what more our boys could have done TBH. I'm still feeling waves of relief that we have not been automatically relegated and now have a chance of completely controlling our own fortune again for the first time all season.
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    Magic Monkey

    Ryan Flynn Signs

    FFS, behave. He's not even in the top five worst players we've had this season. Plus, I think he's out of position. I think he's more of a number 10, but we've had better options there. No tears shed when he goes back to Blackburn, but he's nowhere near as bad as you're making out.
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    Would have taken this position 20 games ago 10 games ago and 5 games ago. In Oran we trust
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    Dan Is The Man

    Welcome Anders Dreyer

    Real shame. Has come onto a game in recent weeks and will be a big loss. Hopefully Kyle McAllister can step up and see out the season without injury. Certainly wouldn’t say no to having Anders back next season.
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