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    How many threads is this subject going to appear on? We all know your opinion and that of others, ranting about it isn't going to change the player's situation, other people's entrenched opinions or indeed (it would appear your main objective) the board.
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    Jim Goodwin Out, Jack Ross Ross In

    You are definitely taking the piss.
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    The 3 Monthly Spend

    The 2nd table is SMISA committee members, their guests and other people connected to the club. All are paying out their own pockets to support youth development.
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    Kieran Offord has scored a double in the the Scotland Vs ROI U16 Victory Shield match, finished 4-0. Big congratulations.
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    It’s there as you say, for all to see. We’ve not been great so far this season. There are however many more positives than negatives. Some people have us relegated already, it’s not even close to that.We are still a top flight team yet although many know bottom half is ‘our level’ some people have unrealistic expectations. Aside from the Hearts game we have been ‘harder to beat’ it was actually a surprise to lose 5 goals as opposed to expected. I believe things will definitely click into place before Christmas and things won’t nearly seem so negative on the pitch. The forum however? Negative by many win/lose/draw , some appear to ‘hate’ the board, the price of a ticket , the pies etc. I think it must be hard work being so negative for so many on here , can’t imagine they’re a ‘joy to be around’ We win/lose/draw, it’s always been that way and always will be that way. We are in the top flight, let’s see what the rest of the season brings, I’m saying 8th minimum.
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    Club Should Demand VAR in Scottish Football

    It's got to the stage fans in England dont know whether to celebrate a goal or wait to see if it goes to VAR. Please dont bring VAR to Scotland.
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    vs The Fakes 19 October

    They showed it three times on the match analysis.
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    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    You are one of the reasons why this forum is f*cked.
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    Stephen McGinn

    S McGinn only 2 short of 200 Saints games. Congratulations. https://www.stmirren.com/all-news/3255-stephen-mcginn-looking-forward-to-being-back-at-home
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    Worst performance of the league season by far. The thing that worries me most is the lack of invention from all of our midfield players. There isn't one of them that looked like creating anything of note. The goals we lost were mostly all of the very soft variety. Jim Goodwin looks like he has a major task on his hands turning that squad into an attacking team that wins games.
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    Wendy Saintss

    Hearts against St MIrren 9/11/19

    This is better than Stubbs!
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    A bit like yourself then! [emoji38]
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    Sunderland Speak To Jack Ross

    Geez... don't you get it? There was NO hint! I stated what I believe. You are looking for something that isn't there! Budge dismissed him. I don't believe she will re-employ him. Why is that so hard to believe? Why are you so intent in making a mountain out of a molehill?
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    £29 Match v Hearts at Tynecastle

    Totally agree with you. you are spot on with this. Keep it up and ignore the muppets who condone it. Price of football in Scotland is a total disgrace
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    Hearts against St MIrren 9/11/19

    Is he getting sacked if they win the semi?
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    Well, that saved me the price of a Daily Mail (Scottish Edition )
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    Sci-Sports Scouting

    https://www.scisports.com/scisports-expand-international-club-relations-with-st-mirren-fc-as-first-scottish-client/ "SciSports is excited to announce that as of now, St. Mirren FC and SciSports will be collaborating in the field of player scouting. With the addition of SciSports’ data intelligence to the scouting department, the Scottish Premiership club is broadening its options on the recruitment side." Gus MacPherson, Technical Director of St. Mirren FC: “We are delighted to be teaming up with SciSports as we look to enhance our recruitment model. Working with SciSports will allow us access to a large database of players and help us find new talent from a number of different markets. It’s an exciting partnership for both the club and SciSports and we are looking forward to working with them.
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    well, that''s just great
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    Away Form

    This is true. There is no clear team destined for 3rd right now, in truth the Top 6 and even Europe is a major possibility for all sides presuming they can get their form in gear. Hibs and Hearts being shite, Dons and Killie being weaker has really opened the door in a similar fashion to our relegation season when there was no Edinburgh side or Sevco in the league - of course we did the opposite and got relegated in a season where there was no better chance to go high and make it into Europe.
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    Can't see IOBS causing trouble that day
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    vs The Fakes 19 October

    The first goal was always going to crucial with two teams understandably low on confidence. We got it and went on to win comfortably. St Johnstone may well play worse than they did in the first half next week and win. FWIW for all those bizarrely wishing to overlook McGinn’s contribution I suggest going back and watching the 90 mins again. After a quiet opening 30 mins (as with the rest of the team) he played a significant role working the ball through the middle and was always available to take it from the defence. He also didn’t give possession away once. I liked the balance between him and Foley (who seemed to get further upfield yesterday) and this will give Goodwin a nice selection headache for next week if Flynn is fit.
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    Scott & McPherson

    Is that even possible? You could misread something, be ignorant or uninformed on the matter, or the passage could have been badly written but I wouldn't say that it's possible to be "wrong in interpretation". If something is open to interpretation then all interpretations would be equally valid - that's why there are so many christian denominations.
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    Scott & McPherson

    4 different font styles in 1 post. Jesus. My eyes, my eyes........
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    Lord Pityme

    Scott & McPherson

    Nice! Is he fit? Had he previously stated he carries a permanent injury/condition? Or is he lying about it? What Facts had the player in question confirmed? And again..... Is He Fit?
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    £22 FFS for Match v Ross County.

    Is that 2 fascist types we have on the Forum today ? They dinnae like free speech. Hysterical Bazzzzzzzy
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    Lord Pityme

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    Where is the fit Kyle McAllister? Playing down the lagoon? Oram Kearney top of the league... maybe Hibs have an eye on him?
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    Nasty, ill informed & totally bonkers!
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    Fecking £29 but our support looks like it will do it's bit. I got my tickets on Tuesday but I heard they had sold out last night . I'm hoping Saturday is the day it all finally clicks and everything comes together as our boys realise their potential and we destroy hearts. But at the end of the day if its the usual performance we can take comfort in the fact I love Tynie away days but they would be so much better if we won See You you all there in large numbers it seems.
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    Ross Wallace

    Wallace can play left back ?
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    Big Boris, Our Prime Minister

    Got to be honest, I'm completely with you on this one. I am sick to death of negative people and their whining. It's a cultural illness in Scotland. The SNP have my vote for now but frankly I can't tolerate much more negativity from them.
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    Big Boris, Our Prime Minister

    No wonder folk avoid politics. End up posted on a forum where folk discuss whether you're waving or doing a nazi salute (or whether your face looks too angry)
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    Even if he has heard it, it is totally inappropriate to share unsubstantiated allegations on a public forum.
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    Is Twenty Plenty ?

    Midweek was only the second game I've missed this season with part of the reason being cost. I cant afford 2 away games in row when the price of admission is well over £50. There really needs to be a cap on this quickly or prices will continue to rise and attendances will drop for most teams. No more than £25 with £20 being the reasonable figure.
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    First quarter over and not detached from the pack. Considering the turbulent close season we had, I'm happy enough with that. We do need to get one or two of the strikers scoring but the team is organised and playing well in every other area. I think, because of this, that we are far better off than this time last season so I'm very hopeful for a top 10 finish.
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    A St Mirren player that can score? Give him a start on Wed.
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    Actually sick of watching Magennis make a complete hash of every almost every set piece he takes.
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    Kilmarnock v St Mirren 26/10

    What by telling people what's going to happen it's not my fault I am right
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    I've asked you enough times now for my big spoon back, hand it over. [emoji38]
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    Paisley Halloween Party

    And Saints’ll scare the shit out of us on Saturday afternoon, just to get us in the vibe....
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    We could maybe play 3 5 2..McKenzie mcloughlin,big kirky would be back 3,Danny and obika up front, then anyones guess for midfield
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    Away Form

    Can i add.... Stevie May.... Phew
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    Morais looked a bit fitter and sharper to me on Saturday, thought he needed a bit more fitness the first few games I saw him. Keep up the good work Junior,goals will come.
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    Brewers Fayre Phoenix.

    IOBS, not sure if you've been, but you missed out on an excellent meal in Elderslie Butcher Boys restaurant if you hadn't already been.
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    beyond our ken

    Jay Henderson

    He gets a bit shirty from time to time best leave this one alone
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    vs The Fakes 19 October

    If there is any chance whatsoever of extending his loan till the end of the season, I'd be doing everything possible to make that happen. Surely it benefits him and his parent club to have regular play at a top level? He is a find. So much so, Popescu isn't missed! He was superb yesterday. Solid.
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    vs The Fakes 19 October

    We could've been 2 or 3-0 down before we went 1-0 up mate.Do you only watch the end SMFC are attacking?
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    vs The Fakes 19 October

    I guess its all opinions but personally I think Ryan Flynn has been anything but average this season. You may be right on the next team selection, I tend to think that may happen but IMO its the wrong decision. A wee test for JG.
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    Big Boris, Our Prime Minister

    We don't have a land border with another country which will remain in the EU though. Even if we did, we don't have the potential for the return of violence and terrorism to contend with. It's a completely different situation. The argument about "we were told three years ago we couldn't have this ......" is one I have no time for at all. Things change. Compromise is a necessity of life. Apart from anything else, I thought Brexit was good for the Indy movement? But now it's bad? Fancy making up your mind?
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