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    My Dad's 1977 whisky glass only comes out on very special occasions! Dad was a grafter. I never told him as I never fully appreciated it in my youthful ignorance, but he grafted till he dropped, over twenty years ago, still in his fifties! What wouldn't I give to have poured that dram for him and celebrated with him. Celebrate what? Finishing ninth out of ten? No way. Winning a play off match? Nope. Had we lost, I would still have been so proud of Oran and the players! I reckon most of us would be. Dead and buried at Christmas, I never wavered in my belief that despite Stubbs best attempts to ruin us, we would stay up! We took it to the latest possible stage... Penalties after extra time after a play off! That's the St Mirren way. I would have applauded them off the pitch regardless of the result, for giving hope where there was none! I would have been far from alone there. Why celebrate? Those players fought tooth and nail, giving everything for the cause. They grafted. Where they were questioned, they stood up and fought harder. They took the blows, knocks and hurts for the team and kept nothing in reserve. They were a team that reminded me of my Dad, and one that he would have been proud of! Cheers! COYS
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    Slightly off topic, but having listened to S McGinn in the after match interviews, congrats to him, his future wife and all of his family in the coming celebrations. Not perhaps his finest game; he nevertheless played a captains part and his delight at the final whistle was a joy to see. I like grafters and all the McGinn brothers are certainly that.
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    Stubbs putting the boot in

    How many f**king times do we need to hear this pish. Allan, son, nobody is disputing the squad needed major surgery. The issues are; 1. The players you did sign were an utter load of shite. You know nothing about scouting and clearly have no good contacts - maybe just some guys who pretend to be your mate in order to cash in when they sell you aforementioned shite. 2. You have zero man management skills. In fact, you come across as an annoying prick that nobody would want to work for. 3. You have zero tactical knowledge. You couldn't beat an amateur side or a non-league side because your players had no idea where to even stand or pass the ball. Look forward to a resounding chorus of "Are you watching, Allan Stubbs?" when we beat United and stay up.
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    Very disappointed to see the stick Cooke is getting. Not the time or the place for such comments. We've watched some amount of guff this season (even in shape of one of Cody's predecessors!) That was not even close to the worst performance i've seen this season, it's not even the worst St Mirren performance i've seen this week. United tried to rough us up, Cody stood upto it and gave as good as he got, held the ball up well at times and gave 100%. You can't underestimate how a hard a task it is to lead the line on your own against a hardened defence in a game of that magnitude. I thought he done well all things considered.
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    Robbie Nielson

    Things Robbie Nielson says you need to be a Premier League team: Money Cojones Things Dundee United have: Money Get it right up ye ya shite talking tangerine fud!
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    Great to see Paul Dummett come up to support the Buds.
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    I'm not one to criticise refs after games. They are only human, and it is incredibly difficult to get every call right when things are happening so fast (and nowadays you have players cheating thrown in to the mix as well). However, over the two games there have been a series of utterly baffling head-scratching "are you f**king serious?" decisions that could have seen us relegated. Not least yesterday we had a perfectly good goal chopped off, a penalty awarded against us, a red card against us, and two red card calls for United not given - every single one of them clearly the wrong decision! If these are the best refs the SFA can provide then its clear there is a massive problem in Scotland. Surely we need to look at bringing in VAR and bring in expertise from overseas to run both the VAR system and the SFA's dysfunctional appeals and compliance system. These things are always said to be "too expensive for Scottish football" but its a multi-million pound industry in this country, and every club already has multiple cameras at every game. VAR installed on a smaller budget might bring some problems but it can't be worse than the nonsense we have been subjected to this season from the 4 penalties at Ibrox to Beaton's attempt to relegate us yesterday! I'd expect the club to be making some noise over this in the coming days, and to appeal Nazon's red card whether he is going to be staying here or not.
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    Desperately Seeking Susans


    Anton, you will always be remembered at this club. Thank you for your support. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48437922
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    Momentum and Form

    Crap. He could have scored and we still lose! We could have defeated the Dons at Pitoddrie. Accies did. We SHOULD have won in Hamilton. We dropped two points! Killer. To blame one missed penalty is short sighted in the extreme.
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    Our Strip. What Next?

    My favourite thread of every year without fail. Reading grown men having meltdowns about the design of a piece of fabric is joyous.
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    You want the club to put out rumours about who we're trying to sign [emoji23] Mmmm let me see, will I buy a season ticket or not. No I'll wait and see what the strip looks like first. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
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    Yeah , I wish the club would come right out and say how much we are getting . Would give other teams and agents a clearer idea of how much we can be fleeced for when looking at players for next season . 🤪
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    Dundee United have amassed a grand total of 4 points more this season and their goal difference is one goal worse off compared with last season. I think we now have a squad which is finally stronger than Jack Ross' team last season. Paul McMullan is one of their biggest goal threats - discarded by Alex Rae as not being good enough for us during his first season with us in the Championship. We've been on a solid run of form - narrow defeats to Killie, St Johnstone and Celtic being our only defeats in our last 13 matches where we have gone to Pittodrie, Tynecastle, Fir Park, McDiarmind Park, New Douglas Park and taken points and beaten Livingston (twice), Dundee (twice), Hamilton. Over a similar time frame Dundee United have lost to Morton, Partick Thistle, Queen of the South, Inverness Caley, drawn with Ross County and also relegated Falkirk. If teams in the lower half of the Championship can beat and draw with them I don't think we should be overly worried about facing them.
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    Isle Of Bute Saint

    Get Well Soon - Fiona

    Well known Saints fan Fiona is in hospital with a brain haemorrhage. Got to know Fiona at the 1877 club her heart is in the right place gem of a girl. My prayers are with you Fiona. Get Well Soon.
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    Title of this thread is disrespectful to the man who who orchestrated our great escape and preserved our top league status. Pretty poor thread In my opinion.
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    Peru, Iran, Holland................................semi finals here we come !!!
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    St Mirren fans

    We were discussing this last night, I think it's more of a mentality change... rather than anything W7 are doing, as such. We've been in some right sticky situations, and really learned to stick together and back the team vocally to drive them on. It really is a case of "in this together". We're different from any other support in Scotland, in that respect. Not usually one to boast, but I'd say our support is up there with the best in the UK at the moment. Our support really has been fantastic all season.
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    For the short time Ferdinand came on I thought he played very well.
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    North Bank retaliation policy

    Div tweeted tonight that fans were not to get pissed tonight. It appears that we have a man down already and the clock is barely scraping the arse of 8pm.
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    Top Four Says Tony

    The full interview is on Buddie Vision. I don't care if anyone thinks we will be ridiculed, I love having a passionate guy like Tony talking the club up.
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    Sorry if this is long winded but it was a long season. At the start of the season confidence was soaring, That we would be OK and goals we’d be scoring. Even though JR had walked, for pastures new, We trusted the board to get the right crew. AS was announced some fans had their doubts, That he knew what our club, was all about. As it so happened, It turned out to true, The guy just obviously, didn’t have a clue. The result were abysmal, we struggled to score, And the tenure of Stubbs was quickly no more. In came Oran Kearney, from over the sea, And made an immediate impact v Celtic FC, That was a false dawn, the squad was so weak It was impossible for OK to successfully tweak. He started the cull and scoured high and low To find us some players, outside the window. We continued to go, on the downward spiral, Still looking unlikely, for any kind of survival. Worse was to come, Big Sammy went too, Our legend in goal had flown the coop. January came in, and changes were seen, OK looked to the East, to bolster the team. Slowly but surely, improvements we see, Catching and passing the team from Dundee. Still in trouble at the end of the season, But we all had hope and with good reason. The team had went on a fantastic run, 8 games played, and losing just one. In the playoffs, in spite of that streak, A second Dundee trip in less than a week, A really dour game, and a goaless draw, Back down to Paisley, the second leg saw, The man in the middle, was changed to Beaton, And we were worried, that he’d be cheating. As it turned out, he gave the other Dundee, An absolutely shocking decision, A penalty. Within three minutes, true justice was done, Mullen the scorer, the result, was 1-1. Into extra time and Beaton strikes twice, Wrongly sends of the Duck, would we pay a price? The game ended all square, and up steps a hero. A penalty save, and United stay zero. Up steps McGinn, and he managed to score. Hladky goes back in and saves us once more. Popescu up next and he scores with ease, A step closer to safety, it's looking a breeze. The next one to face Hladky is Sow, But he fails in his quest, he hits the post low. Muzek has the chance to end the game, But he hits the post, his shot, quite tame. The time for a hero, and so it proves true. Vaclav saves another and we win by two. Safe in the premiership but let's just make sure, we make it less stressful while still being secure!
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    Anton Ferdinand & Adam Hammil

    I had the pleasure of siting next to Anton back in Oct at Perth when they mauled us. Anton told me he had fought relegation several times but never went down, often escaping on the last day. He said the Buds would stay up. I believed him. Having that attitude in the dressing room every day no doubt would have had a huge impact on players' mentality. Just glad he wasn't called Elvis. Thanks Anton. You are a great influence and a gentleman.
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    Magic Monkey

    What Do We Need for Next Season?

    Ferdinand played an important role on Sunday. Going down to 10 and losing McKenzie could have seen us rattled, but he was so calm and read the game incredibly well. Quite a few times it was coming to him and I was expecting a hoof forward, but he calmly picked out a midfielder and we retained possession instead of handing it back. Even though he's not played much, I'm very glad he stuck to his promise to stay around and help us stay up.
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    At a club of our size players and managers will move on to bigger things. John's transfer to Hibs in the end worked out very well for us. In fact, the sell on to Aston Villa now makes him the biggest transfer fee we have ever received. His agent was doing what was needed to force the move, it could have been handled better but on the other hand issues around the insurance payment after John got a spear through this leg could also have been handled better from the clubs side. John has even come back and sat in the stand home and away supporting us & his brothers. Last time I saw him was at Tynecastle earlier this season sat in with the St Mirren fans. You can either enjoy and celebrate the progress of guys like McGinn, McLean, and Jack Ross....or you can be bitter and twisted about how they left, transfer fees received, how many clubs they talked to etc. It is no surprise you would choose the latter, the majority of us though try to be a bit more positive about things and will enjoy seeing Paul Dummett, John McGinn and Kenny McLean up against the best players in the world next season and hoping the likes of Kyle McAllister, Stevie Mallan and Kyle Magennis can kick on with their careers and join them up there too one day.
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    Isle Of Bute Saint

    Robbie Nielson

    Nelson is a wee bit above himself but I don't really care Oran has class way above Nelson. Oran is a far better manager to pull off the January window with a fraction of what Dundee United spent shows we have the better manager. To punch the air as Nelson did after extra time surprised me he had the game won he thought. Anyone know how what end penalties should be taken ? That was Mr Nelson's last excuse of the play off where the shoot out took place was not good for his players. Dundee United tried every trick in the book to make it better for them. No Shed for us unlike last season , no drum , no flags. Nelson was right with his comment Dundee United have woken up but not at the expense of the club we all love. Had a great night in Rothesay when I got back so many well wishers telling me they were glad we are staying up and sending over drinks. Pub phoned me a taxi when it was time to go home. The driver Bob is a big Morton fan he came into the pub to get me and gave me a big hug well done he said. Even had my scarf out the window of the car going through Greenock, well you have to.
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    Seaside Nipper

    Robbie Nielson

    Robbie Neilson, fair play, first thing he said was congratulations to St Mirren. No axe to grind with him at all. All he tried to do was seek out any advantage possible, be professional and use any gamesmanship possible. That's the nature of these things , it often comes from attempting to cover weaknesses. Dundee Utd will probably be a better outfit next season , tbh they were poor and we deservedly saw this play off hell through, thankfully. As for Robbie Neulson, I think he knew after the first leg his team were clearly not a better unit than St Mirren despite the usual suspects and their school boy punditry. Second rate psychology,it's all part of the play off show. OK employed tactics too, they were more pragmatic and not so headline grabbing, OK believed in his players. Fwiw Im glad going forward we have OK and not Robbie Neilson as Saints manager..
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    Robbie Nielson

    They seemed to run out of gas towards the end, loved his wee fist pump when it went to penalties only to be left with his head in his hands 5 minutes later
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    When Danny hit his goal all I could think about as it hit the net was his new baby and I won't lie I got a bit choked. Then when Hladky made that final save I thought about his mate who died and I really struggled to hold it together. Nothing but sport can do this to a grown man. I have been a grade A pussy today and I don't even care. Div told another married man that he loved him on Saturday night. I think I am in a good place in comparison. 😂 If Carslberg did sport they wouldn't be able to come up with a story like pur season culminating in that incredible finish today. You can shove your Champions League right up your arse in comparison.
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    Stubbs putting the boot in

    If Stubbs had had his way MacKenzie, Baird, Flynn and Stephen McGinn would have been out the door. And considering the quality of signings he did make we would not have had Hladky and Popescu. So in last night's formation we would have had Danny Rogers in goal, a back three of Jones, Heaton and Kpekawa with Willock and Edwards playing in midfield. However we would not have been at Tannadice last night as we would have already been relegated.
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    Thought he did really well. Cool head in the madness. Made some good headers and interceptions. A good option to bring on in that situation. Met him with my son before the game. Absolute gentleman who I think has been a great influence in the changing room too. Cheers Anton.
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    The last three seasons have been the best seasons in years. Coming back from the dead to stay in the Championship on the last day of the season with a draw at Hibs 2 years ago. Winning the league last season. Staying up with the last kick of the last game this season. Would we have it any other way? It is what being a Buddie is about. Poor Celtic fans have no idea the emotions we go through. We just need more defibrillators around the stadium
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    St Mirren v Dundee Utd Play Off Second Leg

    First.... A wee team like the Buddies will always struggle to retain quality back room staff - witness the exodus of the JR team. And we all understand that the silly money offered makes it impossible for those guys to stick here and not best finance their families' lives. And the second part.... I responded facetiously yesterday afternoon about someone's post on young Ferdinand. I was wrong - despite him probably/possibly being a yard or two too slow, he read the game so well that he created a wee time warp around hiself and the ball, that meant he was never overstretched. It was a master class. I am still bathing in a warm afterglow, even today. The world's the bright place I always suspected it to be.
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    Speculation Thread

    Mullen was our most prolific striker - of players with more than the equivalent of 5 whole games played - with a goal every 280 minutes last season in the Premiership. For comparison, Jackson got 1 every 354 minutes, Nazon 1 in his 478 minutes. Cooke had a far better record due to his hat trick against Dundee, but only played 310 minutes in total, with the 3 goals coming in one 24 minute purple patch. He and Mullen could make a very good partnership. Mullen also got crucial goals in the play off final, the goals that won us the opener against Dundee, and also the winner against Dundee away, plus a late equaliser against St Johnstone and the goal that put us ahead at Livingston, both in the post split fixtures, which helped us avoid bottom spot. Danny has proven he can score goals at the level we are at. Hopefully he can steer clear of injuries and get a clear run next season.
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    The McGinn Brothers

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    Hats off to the players who refused to be BEATON by some shocking and inconsistent refereeing decisions. This was more important than a cup win - there was more at stake - the pressure on the players must have been unbearable. Let's now take the opportunity to build sensibly on the pool of players we have at present rather than follow the recent St Mirren practice of decimating the squad in the close season.
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    While Mckenzie has his share of injuries, a sore one today, how many game shave we lost when he's been in the team? IMO well worth another season, never lets the team down, a solid defender, even in this league.
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    Would still demand an inquiry into Beaton’s performance. Justice done in the end🥳🥳🥳🥳
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    I think I watched a different game tonight TBH. I thought we were very comfortable for large phases of the match and our midfield was dominant. It's the usual problem of creating good chances in the final third which is our problem.
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    Stubbs putting the boot in

    There's an extra bit in one of the papers I found amusing: "I remember talking about Cammy Smith at the time when I was trying to do a bit of wheeling and dealing to try and get one out and one in. “And it was all ‘Oh but Cammy was our Player of the Year last year’. “But you look at the teams that were looking to take those players, it was all Championship teams. I think that really tells you a lot." Yes Alan - but we couldn't even get Championship teams to take the duds you had landed us with! We had to send Heaton back to non-league and Kpeweka followed him and has now been binned! Good to see him once again saying he isn't bitter.
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    What would you like them to do. Serve your Mrs first and to hell with everyone else
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    It'll probably rain as well. Then there will be traffic queues getting in an out of the city. A plague of locusts will hit. Then back to work on Monday. Why bother even getting out of b......zzzzzzzz.
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    Luther G. Presley

    Our Strip. What Next?

    Who gives a f**k what it looks like, it will be worn in the top division, that all that matters.
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    Top Four Says Tony

    I love the fact that we have people within the club who set our targets and ambitions high. Whether people think it's 'pie in the sky' or not, there is no point in competing at this level if you don't have ambition to strive to be the best you can. Top 4 may sound ambitious, though this is where the club were at when Tony was playing. People are saying that the crowds and atmosphere in stands are as good as they were back 30+ years ago. Why can't we have a team at least competing top 6? Killie never had a star studded side, though they finished 3rd and their crowds are at their highest in many of years. I believe there are many exciting things going to happen around the club over the next 6-7 years and once we get to where we want to be with that, this should hopefully strengthen us on the park and get us back competing at the right end of the table.
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    Speculation Thread

    On the contrary. He's been a very solid turn for me. Every bit as good as guys like Travner, Tesselaar and better than Franco Miranda.
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    Think what we witnessed yesterday with the referee was the SFA in full corrupt mode. Never a penalty Perfectly good goal chopped off Pawlett should’ve walked Connolly should’ve walked Never a red Anybody see the footage of Doncaster when the cameras were panning the crowd? Not even applauding his play off champions. Devastated. GIRUY!!
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    Not only did we have the “biggest cojones” we took theirs home in a jar 🏺.
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    No idea what has happened to FS recently but he's been an intolerable smug bastard for a wee while as regards our team. He doesn't attend games so he has zero understanding of what that result meant to the fans who go each week. There's always one person who pisses on everyones chips to make themselves feel superior and he seems to feel the need to take on that role under the misguided pretence of being "the voice of reason". After the shit everyone has been through this season, fans, players and management SHOULD be able to celebrate and feel raw emotion now that the pressure has been removed. FS has no right to make people feel stupid for that.
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    Just watched the BT highlights. Reminded me of when Peter Pawlett first came to our attention by catapulting himself into the box to win Aberdeen a late penalty in a game that was deadlocked at 0-0. I also remember the discussion on Radio Scotland that day, conceding that Saints had a decent young player on our hands, but guffawing at the idea that he might be better than Peter Pawlett. What's that guy John McGinn up to these days anyway?
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    AYE right - you are only pulling your own chain... It was clinging on for a chance until February and a month to shape some decent players into a TEAM. From then on we have amassed points that would have seen us top 6 if ORAN had been here to have done this from the start of the season, without Stubb's diddys . It came down to every single match where we gain points and kept putting in better goal difference scores than Dee and Hamilton. Best team in the last 5 matches of the play-offs and best team over the two legs in the play-off final... given that they got a non-penalty start -and the other crappy refereeing decisions, our players responded quickly and wholeheartedly far better than Utd's did.. You cannot take this away - it was a fantastic achievement after an horrendous start - Oran is a man of incredible courage, and his risk has paid off for us . . .
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