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    Well since this thread has just ended up with folk abusing each other I'll close it. It's been fun!
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    I think the outcome is challenging for all parties. No matter how we look at it, all are investing greatly in something that is at the heart of all of us, St Mirren. I sincerely hope that Kibble help to grow the business, because in a few years, we, the fans will own 51% of the club. Many forgot that 51% is ownership, 70% was just a bigger number All this chat of GLS being a Simsa member and not allowed to sell his personal shares to benefit himself, having ensured that the fans have 51% is just pettiness. So he offloaded 8% so what! i am part of the minority’s of private shareholders. I bought some years ago just to be a part of the club. It was an ambition since boyhood. Remember those days you trawled the PDS looking for a small add selling st mirren shares. I then invested further when we had to get an all seater stadium. I would remind those sanctimonious members out there who think about fan ownership, most of the past share offerings were not taken up by grass root fans and had to be underwritten by people like Gordon, Stewart, George,. The final seats to make old love street an approved all seater stadium were bought by Jim Purvis. I doubt I will ever get the opportunity to sell those shares like GLS so what. It was a from the heart investment. GSL has a far higher value and I have no issue with him being able to offload them. the veto has taken on mammoth proportions but I would question its actual worth. The issues you can veto go to the fundamentals of the club. Day to day business is unlikely to be vetoed. If there is something that Kibble actually want to veto, as a fan shareholder I would have serious questions about what was going on that makes them take such a stand my only question, and it is something that has annoyed me for many years. In the bad time, 3 games postponed in winter, no income and the old shareholders had to give loans to aid cash flow, I have always worried how fan ownership handled that. Recently I have heard talk of a contingency fund. Is it only the major shareholder that needs to have that or will kibble equally have some cash to help us through tough cash flow times.. let us look at the German model 50%+1 is fan ownership and you run the club that is where we will be shortly As I type I think of brexit at end of it, all need to pull together in reading the pros and cons over past few weeks, I have seen some personal axes to grind, but at the end of the day we are all fans and want the best for our coub juat think what COYS means to each of us that is what is in our hearts
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    Kibble/SMiSA Partnership Proposal (Merged)

    Glad that's over. Surely the petulant whining will stop now. I was so unsure of how to vote, I didn't vote until 11.00 this morning. In the end I voted "No", as I wasn't satisfied with the answer to my questions by e-mail. I like a lot about the deal, but there were a couple of uncertainties that I just wasn't sure about. I'm neither happy nor unhappy as to the outcome, as I believe either outcome came with risks. I'll continue to pay my money and get behind the club. After all, for St.Mirren to flourish we need this deal to work. I think someone has just teetered over the brink...…………………….💥😡
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    St Mirren v Hearts Friday 21 Feb

    Must be bad. It's usually just the school kids they send home.
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    On Sat we played Away with a 4-4-1-1and attacked playing good football. Tonight at Home we start 4-2-3-1 with 2 sitting midfielders playing in front of the back 4 leaving acres of space in the middle. And Andre and McGrath didn't chase or put in a tackle. Could't believe Goody didn't change the formation after 20 mins as we were being overrun. Foley had his worst ever game and there was no leadership in the team. Felt sorry for Junior being taken off as he had put in a good shift and Andreu gets 90mins while contributing little. We got out of jail tonight but formation and personnel were Goody's responsibility and he made a mess of it. Hopefully that is our worst display out the way now.
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    What are the specific benefits to Kibble that would require a 27% shareholding in SMFC?
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    Magic Monkey

    Welcome Siefedin Chabbi

    I, for one, would like to welcome Chabbi and our new 2-3-5 formation.
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    I'm enjoying the fact that in the thread on our boxing day game, a few posters on here were slating Obika, and one or two (you know who you are) were saying he wouldn't hit double figures for goals this season. Yet here we are, still in February and he's on 11 (and should be 12 given his goal at Ross County was onside). Best way to prove the doubters wrong is to keep banging the goals in.
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    I think now that the outcome is settled we need to get behind it. However, we need real strength of leadership from Smisa going into the new model. We need people with a wealth of experience to lead the club and to not allow SMFC to be dominated by Kibble. I’ve concerns that Smisa could have been overly influenced to date by GLS. Some may agree or disagree with that. I think we have a challenge to try and ensure that doesn’t happen with Kibble as a minority shareholder. I’m all for Kibble bringing business expertise to the table. In fact, one of my main concerns with fan ownership was that we may not have the people, skills and experience to operate effectively. If Kibble can help with that then great - but it’s supposed to be a fan owned club so Kibble can’t be allowed to dominate proceedings. If we have a fans rep acting as a bystander, in awe of £30m turnover partner who has a big voice, then what’s the point? We’d have been been better just allowing the club to be sold into private hands in that instance. A challenge for all involved. I hope it all goes well - and mostly to the benefit of SMFC.
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    If all the arguments for and against were carried out in a non-emotional and professional way citing facts, figures and links to back up statements then maybe those undecided would have something to ponder. However like politicians there is a lot of shouting, emotional outburst and innuendo so floating voters are none the wiser. If people have genuine questions that they require elaboration on these should be put at the meeting and maybe confirmed in writing by the proposers before any deal is voted on. Guessing on here gets us nowhere.
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    Kibble/SMiSA Partnership

    Hates SMiSA. Hates Gordon Scott. Hated 10000Hours. Surprised to see LPM being opposed to this. Very surprised.
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    This feels like a big win. We have needed to start turning draws into wins so a goal with a few minutes to spare against 3rd in the league should give the team the belief. Delighted that two players that took some stick earlier in the season getting the goals
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    Kibble/SMiSA Partnership Proposal (Merged)

    Let’s not forget that Kibble are also saving SMiSA members £300K, an average of £250 a head. We probably also shouldn’t overlook the fact that as 51% shareholders, SMiSA will have the majority shareholding of the football club, and thus the football club will be, by definition, “fan owned”. By the end of next year. And its maybe worthwhile remembering that we get the benefit of the expertise and infrastructure of a 140 year old organisation who have a turnover 10 times the size of the club, working with us. And we get all of this, with a partner who is not driven by profit, but rather one that exists to help young people develop and prosper. Blind? Blinded by a personal grudge with the chairman I’d say.
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    Can you confirm that this proposal is an extraordinary one as defined by the SMiSA constitution and therefore must have 75% agreement from the total membership to pass.
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    Kibble/SMiSA Partnership

    After contacting SMISA with a query about an option to add "Save the Pot" to the 3 monthly spend pot votes. I met 2 members of the SMISA committee on Wednesday 28th November 2018 at Banco Nero. Their purpose was to dissuade me from pursuing the proposal on the £2 spend pot. During that meeting, they went through SMISA' finances with me, their forecasts & projections and stated to me, they'd have the funds (if member numbers remained at that level) to complete the purchase of St Mirren FC in 2023. They explained their plans to "build a rainy day fund" by maintaining member subscriptions beyond that date as "we have up to 10 years to complete the purchase of GLS' shares" 1200 members continuing to pay £12 per month for almost 4 years after they have the funds to complete the buyout realises a significant fund. The figure they put to me was in excess of £500000 which would help maintain "safeguarding The Club". Even if the £2 pot spend continued, they could raise more than half a million pounds if the BTB term went to the full 10 years. No matter when BTB completes, SMISA members will need to continue paying a subscription to remain a member. Even those who bought the £2500 package. That was a 10 year membership. I expect, there will be a drop off in membership once the Buds is Bought as there will be members who bought into a 10 year investment to safeguard St Mirren FC by bringing it under fan ownership. I am, in no doubts, this proposal to become co-owners with Kibble is dazzling but it is now very different to what SMISA sold to the fans. We don't need to be joint owners with Kibble or anyone else to make our fan ownership a success. SMISA can complete their purchase of GLS's shares and still have a very successful partnership/collaboration with Kibble without having Kibble as a shareholder. St Mirren will be safer owning 60+% of the shares, even safer owning 70+% of shares and even safer owning 80%+ of shares. It is unlikely SMISA will achieve owning of 100% of the shares but the more SMISA owns, the safer the club is. It really is that simple. Even though, SMISA become the majority shareholder, accepting this proposal, to accept a 3rd party purchasing 27% of the Club has it's risks. We have the gift to ensure the safety of St Mirren FC once & for all by buying the largest % of shareholding available to us and that is by continuing as is, complete the purchase in 2023 and build the rainy day fund through the continuing memberships required by each & every one of us to remain members of SMISA. I'd save the £2 pot too & create a bigger pot but that's a different argument
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    SMISA/ Kibble proposed BTB changes

    Looking forward to a sensible, rational, grown-up debate on these proposals. Anyone know of a forum where I'm likely to find that?
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    Kibble/SMiSA Partnership Proposal (Merged)

    And fair play to you for that. The only thing that surely binds all of us is a desire to see the club be the best it can be on and off the park.
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    It’ll become one of those legendary games that we’ll talk about for years.... Were you there that time we were 4-1 up at half time and then won on penalties...? Mental. That emotional rollercoaster, ecstasy, dejection, ecstasy, much more fun than drawing 0-0 and winning on penalties. Love it. Aberdeen or Kilmarnock at home in the quarters then. We’ve beaten both of them in Paisley already this season so fancy us against either of them. One game away from Hampden...
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    portmahomack saint

    Armchair Fans

    Take it the Valentine date with Faraway didn't go too well Ricky
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    Ross Wallace Signs

    f**ksake man what you want the manager to do.
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    The last few pages are absolutely f**king brutal reading. Can three or four of them be put in the sin bin? Maybe rename it the ‘Spin Bin’ as that’s all they shout at each other.
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    For all you slag LPM the feeling I got at Easter Road from the SMISA members I spoke to is one of great distrust to a proposal eight Months in the making without a murmur. The original plan merely ripped up and discarded. For all the confidence shown on here I think it could be a very close vote. Also do not think something like this should be decided on a simple majority. Should be 75% of all members for such a huge change.
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    https://communityshares.org.uk/resources/handbook/community-benefit-societies I think LPM is wrong when he says that the sale of shares to Kibble would be illegal after SMISA buys the club. That doesn't appear to be true. Many businesses in the third sector do sell off chunks of their assets to private companies. That is perfectly legal. The stipulation under the regulations would be that the money from that sale of those assets would have to be used for the benefit of the broader interests of the community and not profit any member of the society. However I do think it is healthy to hold a large degree of scepticism over the proposal. After all the Trustees of a charity have a legal duty to ensure that all of their resources are used only to further or support it's charitable aims and I doubt that handing over six figure sums to a wealthy property developer driving an Aston Martin for his shares in a football club that are supposed to be worthless would fit their legal obligations. So the question remains - what are they getting in return for their money that will further the aims of their charity? What is it that is being sold off at the football club for the sole financial benefit of Gordon Scott? And why are the committee at SMISA so happy to jump on board? I have to say as well that rather than turn ire on LPM for trying to raise awareness and discussion on the issue, it would be far more healthy for St Mirren fans to pour scorn and anger on the likes of - in this case smcc - who has posted to the effect that fans of the club should just do as the Chairman wants out of deference and respect to him. Many other football club fans have found to their cost that their chairman being a fan of their club doesn't offer any protection for the long term future of the club, when that individual is also driven by greed and a desire to make money out of every opportunity.
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    For those of us, who don't live in the virtual world, being there is the whole point. £12 or £24, both recent games have been well worth the cash for the emotional roller coasters that they were. I released a few endorphins and experienced a fair bit of euphoria during these two games. Real life experience has got to be your first choice guys. Can't wait for Saturday and I'd recommend it to all you Matchday keyboard warriors who could go but just can't be arsed or grudge paying the cash. I appreciate some people Can't go but I wholly recommend the real thing if you can make it. It's a rare day oot and me and the other 600 buds who were actually there last night will never forget it. COYS. Give it a try. You know it makes sense.
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    Durmus four goals have earned 10 points No bad
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    That Obika's pish.. eh? f**kin legend!
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    If you are a current, former or potential smisa member you need to understand this! Smisa is a Community Benefit Society, the crucial reasons for Smisa taking the lead in Fans owning the club are possibly much more crucial and fundamental than you may consider? Yes if the fans ( Smisa & small shareholders) own over 90% of the club, then no one organisation or individual can come in and run the club to suit the aims, which may not be in the club's best interests. But there are much more deeper, fundamental reasons that the club chairman, Smisa committee and shockingly an outside organisation are being allowed to "condition" you into believing "it's a done deal so just agree" and not consider before deciding how to vote. A community benefit society can only sell its assets if the proceeds of that sale benefit the community. The club chairman, Kibble and smisa committee know this, and know this sale of over a quarter of the club to Kibble could not happen when Smisa takes over! So their joint aim is to deceive/convince you this is "the greatest deal ever" as they need you to do it now, before it becomes illegal. In essence they are trying to play you to agree whilst They benefit from it. There is not one reason why the club could not start to deliver almost every service that Kibble offer! The hard fact is Kibble want YOUR community asset to be able to use it to provide services to people from all over the UK. That's their business, why should we hand over our communities asset to benefit Kibble? Indeed the club actually make money at present from hiring facilities to Kibble that go directly into benefitting the community! There is no reason why, if required we couldnt hire/partner Kibble, or any other providers of the type of service we cant deliver ourselves, until we were able to deliver it ourselves without selling our community asset! But that crucially doesn't bebefit Kibble as much as it does OUR community! They are desperate for you to let this shocking stripping of your community asset NOW... before it becomes Illegal. So the simple question I believe Smisa members should consider is... " do I want to benefit my community with our assets, or Kibble and our chairman's bank balance? There are so many things others have said the club could never do, or be, that we have done and become. Play the long game, hold onto your community asset and use it to benefit your club and community. This below is what we should be building ourselves, not subbing it out in bits and pieces... https://www.foundationoflight.co.uk/about-us/
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    Much as i disagree with the outcome, I need to accept this decision. As previously expressed, I hope to be proved completely wrong in my fears and look forward to celebrating continued on and off field success and growth in the coming years. as a consequence of this vote.
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    Votes counted & verified. Here's hoping this deal proves to be as good for St Mirren as presented.
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    Regarding Thommos comments about the league being more important than the cup last night, I completely disagree with him and I’m surprised he made them to be honest. What we will all remember most from Thommo’s St Mirren career is those glorious goals in the semi and final of the league cup. They’ll still be spoken about in 50 years. He was also involved in some successful relegation battles, but no one will remember them. Nobody will come up to him and go remember that time you were a big part in that team who finished 8th in the league...? I could tell you the starting 11 that one us the cup in 1987. I was far too young to remember the game but they’re all club legends. By most accounts the team of the late 70’s and early 80’s was actually a better team than the 87 team. Don’t know anything about them though, cause they never even made a cup final. League positions come and go. Sometimes we get relegated, sometimes we get promoted, ‘Twas ever thus. It’s the cups where true legends are made for clubs like us. Our most important game of the season was last night. Our next most important game is the quarter final a week on Saturday. How can Friday be more important than either of them? Even if you do think the league is more important than the cups (which I don’t) nothing gets decided in the game against Hearts. We could win and get relegated or lose and stay up.
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    Just home, really want to slaughter the team but I can’t, we’re through shit happens, tonight was exactly what st mirren is about 😂 we will always do things the hard way, emotional rollercoaster, mon the fkin saints, work tomorrow will be tough 🙈😂
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    Absolutely heartbreaking. Probably our best player over the past 12 months. Actually, f**k the 'probably', he has been our best player. Two ACLs gone in the matter of a couple of weeks to two of our best guys. Stunningly bad luck for the players and the club. Best of luck with the recovery.
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    It's being resized to 51% of the original
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    It was a very positive meeting tonight. I was very sceptical beforehand but I came away feeling very positive about this proposal. I’d recommend that you all listen to the recording and make your own mind up before you vote.
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    St Mirren v Hamilton, 5th Feb 2020

    i think i speak for all the posters in here of a certain vintage ... typical st.mirren
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    I'd say there's a benefit in not having 2 board members from a seperate organisation who will have to prioritise the interests of that organisation and their investment.
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    faraway saint

    Speculation Thread

    Hang on, I'll get @Sweeper07 to make a call.
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    Welcome Alex Jakubiak

    It’s relevant in the sense that no one else is putting the ball in the net for us. Obika gets hounded yet he’s the only one who has some idea of how to grab a goal. Goals Scored - Obika is 13th in the league. Those above him are: Green Bigots x3 (Eduoard, Christie, Forrest) Zombies x3 (Morelos, Kent, Defoe) That leaves: Cosgrave (11), Dykes, Doidge (8), Lawless, Stewart (7) and Donnelly (6). Hamilton, Hearts, Kilmarnock and St Johnstone (1/3 of the league) don’t have a player who has hit 5 league goals yet this season.
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    Jim Goodwin Is Like Jack Ross

    Great victory tonight. For once, surely no prick will criticise our manager. Eh ?? What ?? Who ?? OFFS !!!
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    Special mention to Cammy McPherson. Could not get in the team at the start of the season and ended up with the captain's armband last night. Really proving to be an important player for us.
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    St Mirren v Hearts Friday 21 Feb

    Thank God we've finally found one!! 😉
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    Voted No I signed up to this for full fan ownership, not to reduce the holding and bring in an outside third party. They should have told us of their intentions when they first decided they were pursuing an alternative to the original plan. To suggest we now need a third party for the greater good seems odd, could no-one see that at the start and if not why not ?
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    If the deal goes through Kibble are getting a degree of control over the club that they plan to use as a base for implementing some of their projects while offering the club economies on various fronts in return, the carrot for SMiSA members is getting control of the club for less money (Is 51% ownership sufficient?) and for GLS it's getting his outlay back 5 years earlier. The key question is whether the part-time SMiSA board members will be able to effectively scrutinise the activities of a larger organisation who despite being minor partners (27.5% compared to SMiSAs 51%) will be on-site on a daily basis and whose representatives on Saints board may likewise have more time to spend at GHR and be better informed and better placed to steer the club.
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    Deserved nothing tonight. We were rotten from start to finish. I know people who were at the game will say the ref was shocking and he was. Our performance was disgusting especially first half. Could have been 3 down in the first half. There was no player except Hladky who deserved more than 1 out of 10. Why do we use the social media rubbish to pick a MOM. Cos I dont think anybody in the stadium thought McCarthy was MOM. People who are picking it are not even at the game. But one would be hard to pick. Could pick Durmus for his goal. But apart that the only other thing of note was how Andreu could clear the stand from 16 yeards. Must have landed on the dome. Play like that against Motherwell and we will be pumped. Bad night. Must do better. Goodys tactics were poor as well. High balls to Morias. What coaching manual did that come out of. Piss poor. Mr Newlands the ref should be seeking a different career cos hes not a SPL ref.
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    I am also struggling to see the benefit of passing part of our expected shareholding to a 3rd party. From my attempts to understand the proposal the summary would be 1 GLS sells some shares early and receives cash early 2 Kibble get a shareholding that was not in original proposals 3 Final SMISA shareholding on completion of buy out will be reduced So how does the proposal benefit St Mirren or SMISA and what do Kibble really get for their cash ?
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    What a hypocrite you are. You were all for 66% of the vote for the £2 Pot Spend Proposal to be successful. At last years SMISA AGM, my proposal put to the SMISA membership required (under SMISA' rules) two thirds of the vote for the "Save the Pot" option to get added to all votes. On the day, of those that voted, it got about 30%. There were about 70% of the vote against it. Basil, will no doubt trip over himself to remind us that, of the total membership, only about 1% voted for it. However, there was only 2% of the vote voted against it. That proposal was insignificant in comparison to the proposal of selling 27% of St Mirren shares to Kibble for which, the SMISA membership is being asked to vote on and sanction the breaking of the current agreement. SMISA must be consistent in their application of their rules. SMISA has a responsibility to adhere to their own rules and that is two thirds of the vote for any proposal to be passed.
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    It's where you make the point about Scott putting in £hundreds of thousands. Who cares? Why should Scott be given greater consideration in getting his money back than the thousand or so fans who dug deep and who will never see a penny of their cash back even if the deal was mis-sold? Why should Scott be unquestioned on the deals he does to get his money back out? How many parts of the club should he be able to sell off in order to recover his money? Why even make the point where there are ordinary football fans out there who don't drive Aston Martins who stretched themselves to pay in £2500 up front, or £12 per month without ever getting the level of access to the club and to Scottish Football that Scott bought for himself. The deal warrants close scrutiny. Not platitudes and compliments.
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    Kibble/SMiSA Partnership

    Maybe so... But my Motherwell supporting pal was asking me all about it believing it to be agreed going by press reports. The press coverage and photos are hardly impartial... They are leading and manipulative, aimed at selling the deal before SMISA members have even had the chance to discuss it. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.
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