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    Sorry i must be watching a different game i thought we were by far the better team and they stole it. Their first goal was a header that was getting saved till it bounced of our defenders head...pure luck. some horrendous refereeing decisions against us too. The 2nd goal was a sucker punch and we were more open when we went 2 up front, we were better with the 5 in midfield.. We do need a striker in January though to compliment some of our good build up play.
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    JG spoke for about 10 minutes or so in the 1877 post-match, explained that Magennis trained yesterday but that was his first in 5 days after taking a heavy knock v Hearts. With the Hibs game coming up they were taking care of him; He was honest enough to say that sometimes substitutions work, sometimes don't but was pleased that McAllister and Andreu were involved in the winner and praised the fans to the high hilt. Sam Foley also spoke well, said the team spirit was tremendous and that he's loving his time here.
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    What's going on?

    Maybe he was found out to be banned from the forum and was using another log on Apparently its a tactic that gets used a lot. [emoji6]
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    St Mirren v Ross County, 23rd Nov

    I can assure you Elvis is not gutted.
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    Jim Goodwin Out, Jack Ross Ross In

    You are definitely taking the piss.
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    How many threads is this subject going to appear on? We all know your opinion and that of others, ranting about it isn't going to change the player's situation, other people's entrenched opinions or indeed (it would appear your main objective) the board.
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    Probably the youngest player in the side, subbed on out of position, didn't play any worse than the more experienced pros... Every player was dross tonight and that's your gripe? Bizarre if you ask me
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    St Mirren v Hibs, Tue 26th Nov

    I thought we were robbed tonight. By far the better team but that counts for nothing unless you take your chances. Hibs were cynical and the ref wasn't up to the task.
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    Our play is too slow the build up to an attack is painful to watch and v predictable. Our free kicks and set plays are absolutely terrible. Tell me apart from a couple when jack ross was manager when did we last score from a corner? Since gus was a Manager we have had v little success from corners . Anyhow without naming names the team is very poor. I actually had more admiration for Oran Kearney who managed to gather 9 points 12 if u include opening day win by the shut down with a team that by in large was not his . Initially we were solid but our lack of a goal threat is killing our hopes. Tactics are poor and negative and I do want to see jim lose the place with these people more he was a captain who led by example a man who fought like mad to win yet on the touch line he looks devoid of any passion and continues to write we notes about players he signed that every single one of us can see are not good enough. We also have a fair few players left over who aren’t cutting it anymore either. Let’s remember we lost to East Kilbride , beat Albion on pens and struggled to a 1-0 v Edinburgh all after Dunfermline humped us. The league campaigns been utterly awful too. Make no mistake the next three games will define our season as after them we won’t take a point from Celtic or Killie . It feels like we’re going down and whilst we have been here before I suspect the cash isn’t available this time that will save us in January. Let’s be honest jack Baird won’t make much difference to this sorry lot. They have no fight and play football at a snails pace that is boring to watch and is also easy to play against. Go forward and attack was the cry yet time and time again we pass it back the way . It’s not good enough not by a long shot
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    Speculation Thread

    Currently playing in Moldova with Sheriff Tiraspol but it says he will be leaving so assuming he was only on a short term deal Would happily take Muzek back at Saints, a much better option than Waters.
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    Oi.......... feck all to do with me. I’m too busy interfering in upcoming elections.
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    Glad we are competing but increasingly worried that we don't take chances, especially missing penalties. We have to be ruthless to stay up
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    I am not sure why you think this. The financial statements show the books were balanced last year. Although expenses were high a fair chunk of it is non recurring. I would expect the player recruitment budget for the current year will have been set taking account of anticipated income and known ongoing costs. The fact that JG is talking about bringing in new players in January indicates that there is more cash to spend rather than a need for cutbacks.
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    Forum Moderation - A Fresh Start

    It took me a few minutes to work out how to do this but it's now like night and day. Selected the content to be displayed, pressed topic, went to the wee cog thing, selected all forums except Sin Bin. And the Sin bin posts vanished. Hallelujah! Thanks for the early Christmas presents. ETA. Need to Apply settings and then Save as an new Activity Stream and then use that option. A wee bit of inconvenience but no more of the family shull for me. Breath of fresh air.
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    St Mirren v Hibs, Tue 26th Nov

    Thought we lost that game from kick-off. Hibs were only 3 points better off than us yet we started with everyone behind the ball 25 yards from our goal-line allowing them to pick passes (not that they did much with them) as we did not even press them. And when we did get possession we were far too slow in getting bodies forward and running into space. We gave a shit Hibs team far too much respect and sat back far too deep. And why was Magennis not taken off as he was poor (again) and we must have the poorest lot of strikers I have seen in years - and that is saying something. Yes we deserved something from the game but we have to start better and try and dominate teams instead of allowing them to dominate us. And can we find a striker that can actually control a ball? Frustrated as hell at tonight's performance as Hibs were there for the taking.
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    Let's be brutally honest - we're just not good enough. We've been gash for several seasons, but usually have been bailed out by some other team being even more sh*te than us. Don't know what the reasons are, but we continually sign donkeys who can't cut it at this level. Can't see a way out of this soon.
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    St Mirren v Ross County, 23rd Nov

    Good result, First half terrible, Still managed to come in even which must have been a kick in the stones to Ross County. Second half much better, Obika ragdolled their centre half, Still lacking composure and creativity in the middle but here's the thing After great starts by Ross County and Livy we are tucked in just behind them. While I expect hibs to kick on, I think we can finish top of the bottom Six, none of these teams are anything we should be afraid off.
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    It’s there as you say, for all to see. We’ve not been great so far this season. There are however many more positives than negatives. Some people have us relegated already, it’s not even close to that.We are still a top flight team yet although many know bottom half is ‘our level’ some people have unrealistic expectations. Aside from the Hearts game we have been ‘harder to beat’ it was actually a surprise to lose 5 goals as opposed to expected. I believe things will definitely click into place before Christmas and things won’t nearly seem so negative on the pitch. The forum however? Negative by many win/lose/draw , some appear to ‘hate’ the board, the price of a ticket , the pies etc. I think it must be hard work being so negative for so many on here , can’t imagine they’re a ‘joy to be around’ We win/lose/draw, it’s always been that way and always will be that way. We are in the top flight, let’s see what the rest of the season brings, I’m saying 8th minimum.
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    This has now become a must win game, absolutely huge! Lose this and we begin to become caught adrift at the bottom. After last night’s debacle the players owe it to our loyal fans to go out and play them off the park both in terms of skill and work rate.
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    Six foot, seven foot, eight foot DOWN!!!
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    Having just seen the penalty incident from yesterday on Sportscene I'm left wondering- how the feck was Lewis not sent off ? A red card all day long.
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    Accounts to Year Ended May 31st 2019

    I think Falkirk just had a near 700k loss. Now that really is troubling if you're a Falkirk supporter.
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    Lord Pityme

    Accounts to Year Ended May 31st 2019

    My god those accounts are a real laundry list of shit figures! Turnover up by only a third despite promotion But expenses up by fifty percent!!! Wages up Again by an eye watering fifty percent! Carrying financial assets down 70% But liabilities up 30%! And debtors up 160k If it wasn't for cough, cough.. Youth income going up (guessing that's the council's payment to run street stuff?) Then the REAL drop in profit would have been even larger... Add to that as Oaky highlights the shocking operating loss and you are in real Sevco territory. Going forward it will deteriorate as Oran & co payoffs are not included (after 31/5/19) theres no big transfer fee coming in, and whatever they spaffed on McAllister hits the balance sheet. And if our fortunes on the pitch don't improve the clamour to blame and bag the manager as gates fall will just accelerate that negative trend. The laughable chairman statement where he tries to say how well he has done by producing an 11k profit out of a 30% turnover increase and extra 300k player sales is a bit like the tories insisting there will be 50k more nurses if we don't detract the 19k already employed! Still the directors got a bit more so its "kushty" as Del Boy would say.
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    Copa Libertadores Cup Final.

    River Plate v Flamengo on BBC 2 tonight at 7-45
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    Big Boris, Our Prime Minister

    Given that Johnson seems rather popular in England, its not racist to say there are stupid people there. Its ironic that a lot of these folk are racists though.
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    St Mirren v Ross County, 23rd Nov

    Can someone explain why at least 5 times in first 30 minutes our players have made decent runs into the box and instead of crossing, passing or shooting we just turn away from the box to alleviate the danger for the opposition. Baffles the f##k right out of me. Every week is the same.
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    Jack Ross will do well there and will be next Scotland manager after Clarke, his ultimate aim.
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    Stephen McGinn

    S McGinn only 2 short of 200 Saints games. Congratulations. https://www.stmirren.com/all-news/3255-stephen-mcginn-looking-forward-to-being-back-at-home
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    Worst performance of the league season by far. The thing that worries me most is the lack of invention from all of our midfield players. There isn't one of them that looked like creating anything of note. The goals we lost were mostly all of the very soft variety. Jim Goodwin looks like he has a major task on his hands turning that squad into an attacking team that wins games.
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    Wendy Saintss

    Hearts against St MIrren 9/11/19

    This is better than Stubbs!
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    A bit like yourself then! [emoji38]
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    After recent results, luckily for me my anxiety has been replaced by apathy, so at least I won't want to kick the cat when, not if, we lose on Saturday.
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    portmahomack saint

    What's going on?

    If Mcloughlin leaves were well and truly
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    Don't give us a hope in hell today but its football so you just never know. Hope the travelling fans get a performance and we can sneak a wee result. COYS!
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    Yet you find it worthy of a reply. [emoji38] What do you want me to say? I asked you a question, you replied with the same assertions that you have made, without evidence to back them up, previously, and you expect me to give you something worthy if debate. Either provide evidence for your assertions, and we can debate them, or stop making them and everyone can move on to something that is worthy of debate. It's quite simple really. If you fail to provide evidence in your next reply, I'll take it as an acknowledgement that you don't have any.
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    Erm thanks, but that's a whoosh...
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    I’ll tell you how much they’re on .too much
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    Gone for Little Steak house for close proximity for beers after the olds are dispatched home. Like the sound of The Butchers Grill, will save that for next time my wife is in town with me. I am sure to need some brownie points then [emoji16]. Thanks all.
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    The Greatest Invention Ever?

    You are dead to me.
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    Long John Baldy

    Latest Scores

    Don't know what Clarke said at half time but it's working, different team so far, although Naismith has his boots on the wrong feet. ha
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    Scott & McPherson

    That was a bit Shull like response- seek therapy
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    Scott & McPherson

    No point, Baz is just spanking the monkey at work.
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    Bud the Baker

    Scott & McPherson

    You should go on the stage Flipper - that's absolutely knockout material. The Masterplan, you really threw yourself under a bus there - LMFAO! PS - I'm still waiting for my apology from the last time we crossed keyboards. PPS - Referring to yourself in the third person - totally bonkers.
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    As I have said in another post ,Jim is inexperienced at this level and still unsure of his tactics,but for the club to move forward we need stability ,and give Jim time. He should fix his set up and get players to fit it,some in January and then in the summer ,regardless if we go down.
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    £22 FFS for Match v Ross County.

    Is that 2 fascist types we have on the Forum today ? They dinnae like free speech. Hysterical Bazzzzzzzy
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    Nasty, ill informed & totally bonkers!
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    Hearts against St MIrren 9/11/19

    We have looked not bad going forward but defence have been pish
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    Please desist Folk can get these updates without you clogging up the thread
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    Fecking £29 but our support looks like it will do it's bit. I got my tickets on Tuesday but I heard they had sold out last night . I'm hoping Saturday is the day it all finally clicks and everything comes together as our boys realise their potential and we destroy hearts. But at the end of the day if its the usual performance we can take comfort in the fact I love Tynie away days but they would be so much better if we won See You you all there in large numbers it seems.
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    The 3 Monthly Spend

    The 2nd table is SMISA committee members, their guests and other people connected to the club. All are paying out their own pockets to support youth development.
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