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    Big Fras

    Pledge Your Support Now !

    Cannae argue - £10 adults/£5 kids for the forthcoming derby v. Bolton (and that is for away fans as well). The supporters bar idea is probably as close as we can get for legal reasons to the English situation of bars & bookies on the concourses inside the stands. When the Geordies went 0-3 down against Arsenal earlier this season, the fans weren't leaving the stands to go home as the TV coverage insinuated......they were heading downstairs for a pint and to watch the game on the telly, which is why the stands were full for the 4 goal comeback. That's a lot of spending in the ground beyond the match-day ticket I get a questionnaire from Bolton Wanderers every year asking for supporter feedback on the "matchday experience".....and unsurprisingly, they publish the poll results and take the relevant action where viable/legally possible. As Phil Gartside said: "Its simple - give the customer what they want, and they will want to come back to matches and will increase the chances of bringing new fans, This increases revenue to the club, which will be reinvested in the team". Bolton's gates are up, despite local competition and rising local unemployment. Revenue is up. Investment in the transfer kitty/wage structure is up. Team performance (bar the Wembley "experience") is way ahead of reasonable expectations. In short - it works. This doesn't sound too dissimilar from what is currently going on at SMFC, so this sort of thing (supporters bar) should be encouraged, and any other initiatives like it.
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    Without wanting to sound negative, I dont think that answers the question at all. I for one would like to know what happens if the CIC does go down the swanny and not why you think it won't. What would the implications be to St Mirren Football Club if the CIC collapsed?
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    Big Fras

    The Club Buy Out - 10000 Hours

    Yes, those were the days my friend (as the song said). Initially the numbers stacked up, then we just went mental - Tony's enthusiasm spellbound the BoD, and the majority of the supprt base lapped it up. It was great ! And lunacy. The wheels were already way off the lorry before H*y came and delivered the final nail in the coffin. I think everyone has learnt the lessons of that 3 year period of mayhem, which arguably led us to Greenhill Road. Memo to RA - don't let Tony take over the transfer kitty
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    The Club Buy Out - 10000 Hours

    In fairness the money spent on those players was offset by some hefty money coming in from the sale of playersi n the years before hand. We scooped £850K for Ferguson, we got £300K for Ian Cameron, christ sake we even got £275K for David Winnie and the same for Brian Hamilton ! In the pre-bosman days buying and selling players was very much part and parcel of the game in Scotland at that time. Dundee Utd were beating Barcelona home and away back then, it was a totally different era from the one we are in now. I think you are right though, that in 2011 the game needs a very different approach and it is one we are already well ahead on the curve on IMO whether we have a CIC or not. The club took a very difficult decision to invest heavily in Ralston when we moved stadium, and I think the fruits of that are beginning to be seen with the number of Saints players making their way into the national sides at u-16, u-17, u-19 levels. If we can keep up that investment the fuure is bright for us on the pitch and the frankly outstanding work the club is already doing in the community means we will hopefully have a whole new generation of support within the Renfrewshire area. I have never seen as many kids wearing St.Mirren shirts in and around town as I have done in recent years.
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    Public Meetings

    It will be a low tech text update service on the TTH site, possibly using Twiter, I will iron out the finer details on Wednesday. You will be able to download a copy of the presentation that is going to be shown at the meeting and I'll tell you when to move on with the slides though
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    10000 Hours Q&A Thread

    Related to this question to a degree, and apologies in advance if this is a bit daft. Working on the basis that we will effectively have two clear and discreet/distinct businesses at the heart of the club. The CIC who will own 52% of the shares, and St Mirren FC (based on this confirmation from 10000Hours earlier in the thread - Remember each business 10000hours CIC and St Mirren FC still has its own board of directors and those Directors have legal responsbilities to discharge under the Companies Act.) : a) The CIC will hold loans etc. and will therefore have creditors. Can a CIC go into administration or even be liquidated? b ) If the answer to the above question is yes, would the club be subject to the current sanctions that are associated with administration? If, so, this clearly increases the risk to the future of the club should the CIC initially get up and running but subsequently fail.
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    10000hours: In relation to the existing BOD being able to stand for 're-election' back onto the new board, how does the process of putting yourself forward for the club board and CIC board actually work? This applies to anyone, not just the current BOD of course. From a personal POV, I would find it extraordinary if for example the 5 consortium members sell their 52% for 2 million quid, then form the new club board! Would they, or anyone, need to fistly put themselves up for election, then effectively act like a politician and sell themselves to the members as being worthy of re-election? Will we be seeing 'Vote SG - you know it makes sense' posters at the ground? Or maybe 'Vote Animal' leaflets being distributed? Maybe I could stand myself -.'Vote Poz, better than a CIC in the nuts'.
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    JJ McG

    Speculation Thread

    They got released because they are shite!
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    The Club Buy Out - 10000 Hours

    Exactly. Posts made by anyone on this subject, who genuinely don't care about the future of the club, are both worthless and pointless. Even more so,if they've spent years rabidly critcising the club on everything they've done.
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    St. Sid


    With you on that one. I think you are underestimating the BoD role for the CIC. It is not going to be a free and easy sausage roll theiving c"ntcillor style role and let's hope none of those c"nts get anywhere near it. We will be looking for people that will make things happen, not folk looking for cushy kudos. There will be too much work to be done for public sector minded quango board types.
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    Bud the Baker

    The Club Buy Out - 10000 Hours

    Owed to the organizations previously listed, on the date stated.
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    St. Sid


    I might need to reconsider my previous post....between you saying you won't be back and Bluto already steering the religious voters my way it could be landslide victory for the bold St Sid. St Sid, the Fans President of St Mirren Football Club.
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