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    I wonder if the team could answer some questions I have about the completion of the deal and give some indication on the rough timetable of events ? 1) Is completion of the deal dependent on the team securing it's SPL status ? Although £2m for 52% of the club already seems very high presumably it would be worth a lot less as a first division club (not that I expect that to happen !) 2) When will the actual individual sign up process begin ? 3) Once users sign up presumably no money will be taken until the threshold of 300 is reached ? 4) Is there a deadline for the 300 sign up figure to be reached, if so when is it ? 5) Are any of the selling consortium going to remain on the board for any length of time after the CIC has gained control of the 52% of shares ? 6) Are the selling consortium going to be paid in phases ? I assume so, if so over what period of time would they be paid their money ? 7) What happens if we start paying off the £2m and then half way through the process the CIC collapses for some reason ? 8) Are any of the selling consortium going to re-invest any of their money back into the CIC as corporate members ?
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    Dirty Sanchez

    The Club Buy Out - 10000 Hours

    I don't have any problem with the revelation of the existence of the Executive Board tier because I think they are mainly there to lessen the chances of an arse being made of things. However, further to the debate here, I believe that Richard Atkinson actually acknowledged that the Executive Board hadn't been mentioned before tonight. A guy on the pitch side of the room, near the back, pointed out that he hadn't heard of the Executive Board until that moment, to which Richard replied, "No, you haven't". There is also talk of why we haven't already been using some of these revenue generating ideas outside of the CiC. While this, of course, has merit, I have been convinced tonight that it is the involvement of the community that would be the main factor driving these types of initiatives, and allowing the whole thing to snowball. If we can get it to the point where it's snowballing we'll be in good shape, but that won't be easy. It was quite startling to see how much the budget could be affected by, e.g. 500 more people on the average gate, which made me reflect on the long term effects of the life draining football served up in the latter days of the last guy. The clincher, for me, is the assertion that the worst case scenario supposedly brings us back to the situation we are currently in, with the 52% up for sale. It's a cautious, but hopeful, 'yes' from me.
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    The Club Buy Out - 10000 Hours

    I answered your previous two questions and even took the time to bring out my crayon and draw you a picture to help you understand the big words !
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    I can understand most things (unlike that blummin' wummin' down the front tonight), but I cannot understand the uproar from some about the 'Executive Board'. The 'Executive Board' SHOULD be made up of RA, Chris Stewart, Jim Mullin, Scott McLennan and others. For 'Executive Board' read: The people who will actually make it happen. The people who have spent a year on this already. The people who are qualified in the areas required - marketing, accountancy, business acumen, banking, etc. No brainer in my view - without them there is no CIC! Help ma' boab!
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    Animal, I sit on a committee at a juvenile football club and the structure that is being proposed makes sense to me. We have various committees within the club - disciplinary, coaches and fund raising. All of them have their set functions but we also have an elected Executive Committee which deals with the club accounts, player protection, and communication. This is a structure that is outlined within the SFA's own club development programme and in reality all the Executive Committee does is approve or deny the various tournament requests from our coaches and we look to protect the reputation of the club. You could claim the executive committee within our structure has overall control of the club but it would be wrong. The power comes from beneath us because if we don't follow the direction our coaches and players want us to follow we won't have teams to field. Same goes for this structure. If the executive don't follow the wishes of the Corporate, Community and Individual membership they won't have those members in the second year.
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    10000 Hours Q&A Thread

    No it cannot. However the Board of the Club, which is of course controlled by the members of the CIC could decide to do this. However it would all need to be done transparently (which is what the CIC is all about) and as Directors of the Club they would have to legally act in the best interests of the club. It is an important disctinction but gives clarity and stability to the relationship between the CIC and the Club. However we can see very justifiable reasons why the club would chose to give such discount, although you always have to remember that the club can only spend on the pitch what it earns, so we think you would have to demonstrate that any discount to any group CIC or otherwise would bring in more revenue either in the short or long term. As a current example the club makes some free tickets avaliable to local schools and boys clubs in the, good, belief that this will biuld more fans of the future that will one day pay for their tickets., it would we think be the same sort of decision making process. 10000hours CIC
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    Public Meetings

    We hope to have the bar open!
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    Big Fras

    Tonights Public Meeting - Live Online

    I wonder if this means Div will be "trending" on Twitter tonight ? Div's going to be doing more tweeting than @StephenFry
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    Big Fras

    Pledge Your Support Now !

    Cannae argue - £10 adults/£5 kids for the forthcoming derby v. Bolton (and that is for away fans as well). The supporters bar idea is probably as close as we can get for legal reasons to the English situation of bars & bookies on the concourses inside the stands. When the Geordies went 0-3 down against Arsenal earlier this season, the fans weren't leaving the stands to go home as the TV coverage insinuated......they were heading downstairs for a pint and to watch the game on the telly, which is why the stands were full for the 4 goal comeback. That's a lot of spending in the ground beyond the match-day ticket I get a questionnaire from Bolton Wanderers every year asking for supporter feedback on the "matchday experience".....and unsurprisingly, they publish the poll results and take the relevant action where viable/legally possible. As Phil Gartside said: "Its simple - give the customer what they want, and they will want to come back to matches and will increase the chances of bringing new fans, This increases revenue to the club, which will be reinvested in the team". Bolton's gates are up, despite local competition and rising local unemployment. Revenue is up. Investment in the transfer kitty/wage structure is up. Team performance (bar the Wembley "experience") is way ahead of reasonable expectations. In short - it works. This doesn't sound too dissimilar from what is currently going on at SMFC, so this sort of thing (supporters bar) should be encouraged, and any other initiatives like it.
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    Look at that Dundee United team of 87 Div - John Holt, Maurice Malpas, David Narey, Billy Kirkwood, John Clark, Paul Sturrock, Dave Beaumont, and Kevin Gallagher were all at their first club. The only difference between then and now is that clubs today haven't worked out a way of getting young players to stay beyond the first sniff of Old Firm interest. Kids are being signed at the age of 10 and they are being sold again before they reach 14! Div, everyone knows I'm heavily critical of the youth set up at St Mirren. That's from experience - not of Ralston itself - but of what happens out there on the playing fields across the regions. The team I'm involved with in Lanarkshire for example made the last eight of the Scottish Cup, are second in their league, and are in the Semi Final of their League Cup. That's brought scouting interest from Motherwell, Hamilton, Aberdeen, c*ltic, r*ngers, Falkirk, Stenhousemuir, Hibernian, Dundee United and Hearts. The fact that St Mirren have the best of our talents on trial there just now isn't because of the efforts of some St Mirren scout...... But then that's why I envisage the off the field stuff being so important. Scouts can be notoriously unreliable. They sleep in, they look at the bad weather and decide they aren't going out, sometimes when they get there they meet an old mate and land up not even watching the matches. So why not target the people who are watching matches week in week out. Why not work in partnership with community juvenile clubs right across Scotland and use their qualified coaches to tip you off about the best players in each league? Why not tap into the local athletics club to have their sprint coaches work with your young players? Why not use their expertise to learn about the latest warm up methods? Why not share equipment? Why not teach them your drills and share the information you've got from Sports Scientists and nutritionists? Why not help them access funds, or supply them with unique experiences that can be auctioned off to raise funds? Why not use it to identify talented coaches and give them a pathway into senior football? Up till now St Mirren have stepped in the right direction but they are nowhere near tapping the potential. Mr Atkinson told me that was down to trust and that you need to be a CIC to change that. Perhaps he's right.
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    Stuart Dickson

    The Club Buy Out - 10000 Hours

    You won't get sustainable on field success without off field success - that was the point I was making. Did you not understand the last line in my post? Fitzpatrick tried to buy on field success and you landed up with Stevie Archibald, Roddy Manley and Fraser Wishart. Your club spent a fortune of players that flopped badly. Ferguson took care of the off the pitch stuff. Scouting and contact networks were built up. He dragged people into the ground kicking and screaming and he built a young side that could put on a show. Fergie did it right. What you are calling for is for candidates to come on here promising transfer budgets and more money for the playing side. Those promises won't be sustainable unless you can sort out the off the field activities to boost the revenue coming into the club. If you can't get your head around that then there would have been no point in trying to debate with you anyway.... Like you I don't know if the CIC thing is for the best or not. What I do know is that your current board ignored the massive potential that should have been tapped long ago and that at the very least the CIC mob are talking the right language.
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    St. Sid

    10000 Hours Q&A Thread

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    Tracy Barlow Loyal

    Church at SMP

    Yes indeed. A pile of [email protected] old pish this Website has become...
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    The Club Buy Out - 10000 Hours

    How much debt did we rack up doing this?
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