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    I am surprised that the CIC haven't agreed to install solar panels on all of the stand roofs, I am sure that there must be grants available for this. We will then be able to maximise revenue by then selling the excess electricity back to the national grid.
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    The Club Buy Out - 10000 Hours

    The anonymity of the internet makes it a poor medium for debate and this is obviously one of the biggest problems that the CiC will face in running the club. As a support and by the looks of this thread we cannot agree on the colour of the colour of dugs jobby, Let alone run a football club. Believe it or not on this thread has roughly 1700 posts but only has 122 unique posters and these statistics obviously don’t take into account any aliases or other internet bawbagary that goes on. There have been a number of good questions asked on this thread and good answers given by 10000 Hours or other posters who seem to have an understanding of what is being proposed. However there has also been quite a lot of hostile questions and answers by pro and anti CiC posters with the odd personal insult and attack on other posters or members of the CIC…. The sort of attacks or comments that you just would not make in a face to face meeting. My advice to anyone one reading this thread who is still not sold on the CiC is to go along to the public meetings, listen to what they are proposing I have yet to see a question on this thread that wouldn’t be answered by Richard or the team behind this. For me I can see no reason why this shouldn’t work…… I don’t have the evidence to back it up but St Mirrens turnover especially if / when we get relegated back to the first division will not be much larger (perhaps even smaller) than some of the larger Rugby or Cricket clubs down in England who run on a similar model to the one being proposed by the CiC. As great a job as Stuart Gilmore and the other directors have done in getting us where we are you cannot convince me that there isn’t another 5 fans who are buying into the CiC concept that could do a similar job.
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    faraway saint

    Far Flung Fud Club

    : Maybe I could have put that better Tracy, what I meant, of course, was chest size, to make sure the T-shirt is a good fit?
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    10000 Hours Q&A Thread

    None of the lenders would be considered normal commercial lenders. They exist to fund the sort of Community Interest Company that 10000hours is and the sort of security that commercial lenders normally require is not treated in quite the same way by social lenders. We are dealing with a number of organisations and each is different in how it leaglly relates to the CIC So unfortunanltly it is not as straight forward a question to answer as you might like. It is the case that the CIC's main asset (at least to begin with) will be a 52% shareholding in St Mirren FC, so if traditional lenders were involved (WHICH THEY ARE NOT) then this would count as a tangible asset and in theory if it was all not to work out then this could be put on the market and we would just be back exactly where we are today which is that 52% of St Mirren FC is up for sale. 10000hours CIC
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    The Club Buy Out - 10000 Hours

    I am puzzled by the comments of the likes of Animal and Yule Brynner. These are guys who took the time to attend the public meeting, listened to all that was said, and then ran back home to type on an internet forum about how terrible it all is. Yet they said nothing at the meeting. There was NO dissent shown other than by Michelle Evans who simply could not understand the concept being explained to her. When Reg Brealey addressed the AGM all those years ago he spoke incredibly well and had everyone present eating out the palm of his hand with his exciting tales of massive investment and a return to European Football. Yet at the back of that audience came some dissenting voices in the shape of Stewart Gilmour, Charlie Palmer et al. They had done their homework, they knew of the threat that was unfolding and began to pick apart the plan with consumate ease as it happened. Why do the dissenters to the CIC plan not do their homework ? Why not spend the time investigating in detail what is happening, go and speak to Richard on a 1:1 basis if that helps, then persuade the supporters WHY this is a bad plan that is putting the club at risk. And have the balls to stand up and say that at the public meeting. Don't sit behind your computer screen and label eveyone else a f**kwit - do something constructive with your argument and you might get more backing.
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    faraway saint

    Far Flung Fud Club

    I'll make a special case for you, since you're special.
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    Public Meetings

    Spot on. I didn't think either of them were listening to the answers or (more likely) did not llike the answer about the debt as they were unable to criticise. Yes, I felt an agenda was being served. I also thing the conduct of the two of them was very poor indeed.
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    That's not the point I'm making mate. JDL is saying now that SMiSA have come out in support of the CiC then supporters who are undecided/anti CiC should follow SMiSAs lead. Why JDL?
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    Glad to see. Hopefully the fact that smisa support it will quieten some of the dissenters who clearly have not been to any of the meetings!
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