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    CIC constitution ideas

    It looks like the CIC triggers have been met and this will now proceed. The next step would be to ratify the constitution which would be decided by the members so why don't we debate some ideas regarding the constitution, membership prices and safeguards. Any guidance from 10000 hours on the type of things in the constituion would also be helpful. Membership fees - If, as looks probable, the membership is over subscribed should the membership fees be reduced ? My feelings on thi sis the initial membership fees should be fixed for at least 2 years in order to reduce the funding as quickly as possible and after the original 2 years they would then be reviewed. CIC Board - Should there be a maximum term that a member of the board can serve before having to step down and wait a period of time before being re-elected ? I think in order to keep things fresh there should be a maximum of 6 years service on the board and then a period of 1 year before they can seek re-election. Concessionary memberships - Should there be concessionary memberships for unemployed/pensioners/students etc ? Honorary memberships - Should there be honorary memberships for people who have significantly contributed to the CIC or club ? Should honorary members have the same rights as full members ? For instance Hugh Murray has been a great servant to the club, when he retires from playing should he be given an honorary membership ? There are probably many others players/fans etc that should be considered for one reason or another, what would be the criteria for honary membership ? Childrens/Juvenile memberships - Should children's membership allow either free or reduced prices for the panda club ? What sort of incentives for juveniles ? At what age should juvenile membership cease 15 ? 18 ?
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    Otto Repoman

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    The Club Buy Out - 10000 Hours

    I thought it was quite simple. If you have 100 pensioners getting meals on wheels and regular visits from the docial work department there is a cost for it. If 50 of those pensioners got a lunch club at the CIC the cost to the social work department is reduced by less meals on wheels and less visits by the scoial work department as well as the pensioners getting out of the house and meeting people, which can have a health benefit.. That 50% difference in cost to the social work department is the SROI which is offset against the balance of the funding. If you then add in Kibble staff operating the kitchen and serving the meals, there is an added SROI because the boys and girls from Kibble are being trained to work in hospitality and as they have been through the care system. The community benefits in various ways, pensioners get meals, Kibble staff get training and hopefully get full time work because of the experience. The CIC benefits because the debt is reduced and the club benefits because they hire out the facilities.
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    Div has wrote what is known I don't think we will get any more information than that at this time. I have not written I am against a community club at any time I have written dropping Provan Sports to me was not good. It is a local community shop who supported a local community club. That does not mean I am against a community club.
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    Michelle McManus

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    Leon Jackson.
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