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    The Mad Monk

    The Club Buy Out - 10000 Hours

    Don't understand what the big concern is as it is widely known the waiting game is for the last bit of founding. Would understand if the CIC was injecting £2 million in to the team. Things will be much the same for the next 10 years. Then when the loans are paid of we should see progress.
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    Mr Zo

    The Club Buy Out - 10000 Hours

    Not liking the cut of your jib. Was recently made aware of who your little gang are.
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    St. Sid

    What would you do?

    I don't see why. We can put whatever we like in a contract. Players that come through the St Mirren youth programme gt lots of benefits from St Mirren being a community club including courses at Reid Kerr. Why shouldn't we have something in their contract stating that they should carry out a couple of community related visits a month after training? Far better if the players volunteer like Marc did though.
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    The Mad Monk

    10000 Hours Q&A Thread

    Was thinking the same Mr Zoo an up-date on where things are would be welcome Edit to add Most contact with CIC is through computer. However I know a few Saints fans also who have computers but don't bother with Saints forums. These same people don't get the PDE ether so fore sure there is scope to get more onboard.
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