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    Gordon Urquhart

    Is the CIC dead?

    Hmmmm, not sure what to think on this anymore........ Are we in another period of total radio silence? Is the CIC, erm co-operative a go-er or not? Who does Richards PR? Is the club shop still a mess? Who is ultimately responsible for the fishel site that keeps crashing, probably a commercial and revenue generating part of the club set up? Why can't fans buy Saints merchandising online like other clubs, apart from some strips, sometimes, through a third party? Has the use of the St Mirren Park facilities resource been increased as in all proposed business plans? If not, why? (St Johnstone have one funeral per week, St Mirren have one a year, etc, etc) Are these issues for the Commercial Director? The old board are tired, run out of ideas and want out, is there any potential for a new board or are they planning to stay now? Whats happened to Gordon Scott or Ken McGeough? (sorry spelling) Are any or all of these things linked? Just what is going to happen? Why am I asking so many questions? Certainly don't have any answers. Nurse, pills please, may regret this post in the morning, I'm sure it's all going to be fine........ A fan.
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    The Silent Majority

    Is the CIC dead?

    There has been no salary for any of the directors posts either past or present.
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    Monty Panesar

    I liked Monty best , when he ran the Flying Circus. .
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    reborn saint

    Is the CIC dead?

    Not realy a post about the cic A,B,C or D but more about Richard Atkinson. He has been our commercial director for 1 year and 9 months. There is no salary for this post and as his venture has failed you have to ask "why is he still here?". He said he would walk away if he could not achieve his goals yet he remains. He is a fairly rich man in our world with enough money to quote "I can put £500,000 into St Mirren" (source ...last meeting from his mouth). The thing is I think he is already putting money in and I think a more traditional takeover might be on the cards with Richard at the helm. Any thoughts ?
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    Speculation Thread

    borrowed time!
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