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    Steven Thompson

    the feeling of his emotions when he scored his goal and what it meant to him as he ran towards the saints fans at hampden.I thought he was going to burst out greetin http://www.photoboxgallery.com/stmirren
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    Steven Thompson

    only made better by Scott brown skulking off in the back ground.
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    West terrace it is then, our lucky end, our last 3 times we have been allocated that end the ground we have won, 1987 Scottish Cup semi and the final, and this years Semi.
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    You mean Dobies Four Square Tobacco factory.
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    Calum Paterson ruled out for remainder of Hearts season with ankle injury. Big plus for us, I always thought he looked dangerous any time I saw him this season.
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    Jimmy H

    League Cup Final Saints V Hearts 17/3/13

    Anybuddie know if we are being allocated the West terracing for the final? I hope so as it's our lucky end as well as making geographical sense.
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    My opposite number offshore (Of the C****c variety) has volunteered to stay on an extra week in March......... Hampden here we come !!!!
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    It's not THE Rangers facing the WU order. It's a Singaporean Company that are taking a Chuck Green Co to task for failing to settle a £400k bill from last November. I believe it was for introducing him/them to investors. But as it was done for The Rangers one has to wonder why a cash-rich company with 500million fans worldwide didn't pay that off with the shrapnel from their hip pockets... It IS embarrassing. Also, and perhaps more interestingly, it's the same trivial manner in which Craig Whyte's version of a similarly named fitba organisation started to unravel. Poor THE Rangers.
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    well st bud

    Internet Help (Please!)

    could this be your problem? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-21352762
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    3-1 st mirren,,crowd 52,000,,,no planes
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    Steven Thompson

    Says he's having the best spell of his career, hopes to play at least 2 more years in the SPL with us. Working towards his 'A Licence' at the SFA and hopes to manage St Mirren one day
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    Steven Thompson

    Seen a young girl with an "l love Steven Thompson" hoody on at the game last night
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    Steven Thompson

    Nah, definitely finished in a long sleeve shirt.
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    A freebie for Arbroath Harbour.
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