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    Renfrewshire Cup Final

    Since Andy Murray's win at Wimbers does that now make Morton's wait to win the Renfrewshire Cup the longest unfulfilled sporting achievement ? Could lightning strike twice ?
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    Organ Donation Register

    After years of putting this off, I was filling in my online car tax disc details and after finishing I was auto-directed to the NHS website asking if I wanted to register as an Organ Donor after my death. Brilliant idea to link these sites IMO. It took less than 30 seconds to do it. If there are others like me who have been putting this off the link is here:- http://www.organdonation.nhs.uk/ Press the big REGISTER button, enter your name address and date of birth and it's done.
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    Also. Anyone who misses a sitter should get bumped oot. ;-) with me taking their place Sent from my C6603 using Black & White Army mobile app
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    Yeah i was bit concerned when filling out that form that a league might be set up and something happens to our Wednesday game. The thing I like most about this is the fact that no one takes it too seriously and just TRY to play some football. It varies in skill level and fitness throughout the group. A league would certainly take away some of the enjoyment factor when people try to compete. Certainly agree that the Standby list is getting too big. Maybe the person wanting the Monday game could create a new one, although i'd hate not to have the chance to play with the guys I played with in the first 6 weeks again, who are now stuck in standby due to various holidays. Any update from Brian re the advanced payments?
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    that the good weather will continue
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    Danny Says No More Signings

    I was told years ago that juxtapose translates as 'I'll show you mine, if you show me yours'.
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    faraway saint

    T In The Park

    You're cool.
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    Renfrewshire Cup Final

    I love you had to edit that.
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    The Queen's Highways

    That techie stuff is only necessary if you drive slower than 56 mph.Keep on truckin!
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    Le Tour De France . . 2013

    Indeed , Froome once again stamped his authority all over the race again today. He only had to drop Quintana for the win , the wee man just couldn't hack in the end . Ventoux means a lot to the Tour riders , especially the British ones. ..
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    T In The Park

    I can see where you are coming from but, Mr Brightside....come on!!
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    Leicester Saint

    T In The Park

    'Good' is a compliment to them. They're 'alright'. The crowd look like a right bunch of chavvy bastards though! Especially when you hear that 'here we f**kin go' neddy f**king chant.
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    He's got the transfers 100% so far. I have it on good authority you've to sit tight
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    Tv Programmes - Good & Bad

    Mrs Brown's boys is great if you like swearing and men dressed as women. I see why shull and smokie like it
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    faraway saint

    Danny Says No More Signings

    Hey Max, if you're not Tony how come a newcomer gets so excited about me and you seem to know I'm a regular at St Mirren games? Then again, you're a fanny, same as Tony.
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    Tony Watt

    What deal can be done when this lads on 7k p/w?
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    Midgie Alert !

    Is that no fir a "urine infection"
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    Darryl Duffy

    I think you're being kind with the use of your last three words.
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    Look on the bright side they don't troll
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    Renfrewshire Cup Final

    We have to got to respect a fellow supporter's opinion.
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    T In The Park

    What is the world coming to when you can get nicked for wearing seventies trousers/bell bottomed jeans?
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    Guy Gone

    Do you seriously believe that? It's simple. Let me explain it one more time: Danny told 4 players they were free to find another club this summer, in the hope that they would and the club could get shot of them without paying them off. Those players were the aforementioned. Of course, these players knew there was no way they'd find a club that would pay them anything like we were, so they sat tight. After a few weeks the club realised they were going nowhere and sacked 3 of them with ' mutual terminations '. That way the players get a few months wages before they beat it. Why would they leave before then? Take Guy for example. He is getting a good wage at us,and he is free to train with other clubs while we are paying him. He could go on trial for as many clubs as he liked while picking up a wage from us. Why on earth would he leave for nothing? With Mair it's simple, he said he's staying. This means he will not be agreeing to any mutual termination, for us to pay him off we'd need to pay him a years wages, and of course we won't be doing that. Who can blame him? He has a young family who are settled in the area.
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    Hello and welcome to the forum,I've sent you a PM of the striker who we are signing.
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    faraway saint


    FFS are you..................... A) A Lunatic? B..... A Lunatic C) A Lunatic?
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    Steven Thompson

    Steven Thompson is a bona fide St Mirren legend. No doubts. Davie Lapsley, Tony Fitzpatrick, Billy Abercromby, Shuggie Murray, Steven Thompson - he's in that sort of company, that top bracket of absolute legends. Surely no argument!