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    As the mods are taking no action after the complaints in the main referendum forum can you please ban the use of the "word" Natsi in the context of pro independence supporters. Better Together have today distanced themselves from a blogger who has used it and admitted it is unacceptable - it's beyong unacceptable it's downright insulting and degrading. If the H-Word is not allowed when referring to Rangers fans then why on earth are pro independence supports allowed to be referred to as Natsi's. Those that use it might come over all smug and claim it's an innocent play on words but we all know it isn't and we all know the emotions such a word stirs. I call on the moderators to stop it's use at once - no doubt you can use the same technology as has been used in the past to *** out the letters if the pathetic culprits cannot be mature enough to stop using it.
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    Hi all. I am a man city fan (here in peace!) and I am a member of MCFCFORUM where we have a feature called loan watch. In this feature we try to track the progress of our players out on loan, specifically our EDS (reserve) lads. I hope you don't mind me signing up and starting this thread but I find this is the best way of finding out how they are doing. If it ok with you guys I will pop on here as often as I can to get some feedback on how Ellis is performing. I will try to catch some games myself but I may not catch many. For a start though, how has Plummer settled in? Has he been playing regularly or off the bench? What position does he play for you, LB or CB? Thanks in advance for your comments and allowing me to get involved in your forum.
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    Speculation Thread

    Can I be the first to suggest you hold your breath in any event?
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    faraway saint

    Adam Drury Signs

    Maybe he's read this forum..............................nah, he wouldn't have signed if he had. ETA Welcome, hope you have a great time here and help us win more games than we lose..........................not too much to ask is it?
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    John Mcginn

    Are the board turning down investment? There's not exactly people queuing up at the door throwing money at us is there? The facts are we are an established debt free top flight club who have recently won a trophy and have the 3rd best academy in Scotland. We also own our own brand new stadium. We are the envy of many clubs our size.
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    Ellis Plummer & Adam Drury Progress

    He's been playing CB for us in the opening competitive games (played a couple of times at left back in pre season). It's obviously early doors yet but he's looking like an solid all round defender. Has decent pace, good in the air & is fantastic with the ball at his feet. He's smaller than most centre halves but seems to make up for it in his leap. His performance on the opening day at Motherwell was fantastic. Now is far too soon to make a good judgment on him but he's certainly made an impressive start here, I'm sure there will be plenty on here to tell you as soon as he makes the smallest error though Welcome to the forum and I hope we get more players in the mould of Ellis on loan again soon!
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    Alleged Best League In The World

    How much was it to get in?
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    The Referendum Thread

    The back door privatisation of the NHS is not a scare story, it's a fact. Good god, even the BBC covered it on last night's news. It's not an independence story per se, it's a national story. It just so happens that this is what the UK government is doing, and it's a very good example of why most people want Independence. The Scots by and large would choose to raise and spend their money in a different way than Westminster would. Simples.
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    The Referendum Thread

    My postal voting card arrived today. f**king Royal Mail, its taken them 307 years to deliver it...
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    Adam Drury Signs

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    Agree completely. The use of the word, and the the symbol, very offensive and is/was widespread. Disappointing.
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    If proof were needed........................................ Drury Signs...........................despite some support doing the usual, spouting pish.
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    Adam Drury Signs

    Welcome to the best club in the world, Adam. FFS, smile son!
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    Ellis Plummer & Adam Drury Progress

    Funny you should mention a striker as we have just announced Devante Cole (son of Andy Cole) has signed on loan at Barnsley. We also have a very promising striker called Jordy Hiwula who looks a great prospect. He's not yet gone on loan. We also have a really good midfielder called Seko Fofana. You might recall the name from a recent pre season trip to croatia where he was racially abused and the team ended up walking off. His style of play reminds me of Yaya.
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    Sometime later in 2014
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    Frank McGarvey' wonky legs

    Adam Drury

    Finally signed
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    So Farewell Then Fergus Mccann

    Hey, I've been to edinburgh zoo. I liked the ignoramus.
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    we could also do with a couple of midfielders and a half decent striker do you also have a manager you could loan us?
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    The Referendum Thread

    Nope , I still think Herr Dixon is a dick. .
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    Bud the Baker

    Too Much Too Young

    That's really my point - clubs tend to perform according to their income. Clubs that are funded above their natural level often come a cropper when that funding is withdrawn as it almost always is.
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    Adam Drury

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    First of all am gonae just say that aye his performance wasnae so good but there is nae need for half the slagging the boy get ffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He goes out there week after week playing for the team hes supported aw his life and tries his best and aw everyone ever does is gee him sh*t for it. Ive never heard a player get such a hard time as whit Chessey does,some lad sat near me the other night was shouting something about "GO DIE IN A FIRE!" about him,theres nae need hes trying his best for YOUR fuc*ing ya wankers YOU get on that pitch then and take all that abuse and dae a better job why dont ye!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    So Farewell Then Sam Galbraith

    Wait... you operated on your father in law
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    Alleged Best League In The World

    I subscribe to the evil empire too... They've got Scottish fitba, English fitba, Spanish fitba, God knows what else fitba... but more importantly to me, the NFL and the golf. Now, I know this makes me suck Satan's dick in a Bill Hicks fashion, but their coverage of the NFL is top drawer, with Kevin Cadle, Neil Reynolds and Cecil Martin/Jeff Reinbold. Their golf coverage is second only to the BBCs Open Championship coverage, and, let's be honest, their fitba' coverage - including Soccer Saturday with Jeff Stelling & Co, is slick and superbly presented. I'm a bad man, but there are a few things in life I enjoy that are bad for me and I ain't giving them up... Watching bloody St Mirren, eating chocolate, and sucking Sky TVs boaby. Strike me down Lord, but I'm not a smoker or drinker, so go easy on me, eh?