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    linwood buddie

    Next St Mirren Manager

    So is Tommy Craig.
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    The Tommy Craig Must Go Thread

    Saturday was the first time I recall a chant telling our manager to GTF for quite a while. Can't remember similar for Danny or Gus, even when they were disliked by many, might be back to Coughlin for that.
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    Sorry, let me get this right, e=mc2 went to a police man to report a player giving fans the finger as he left the pitch? One can only imagine the distress his actions must have caused, for someone to get out their seat during a game to go to a policeman to report such a vicious incident! I would like to apologise for our players actions. I hope that you all accept my apology and we can move on from this. To e=mc2, I hope you have been able to sleep, after witnessing such a hate crime. No one should have to witness scenes like this at a football match!
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    The way i see it is. To get tommy out fans are going to have to do 1 of two things 1) mass boycott probably the Scottish cup game where it will hurt the board more as it will be all ticket. 2) a petition demanding tommy craigs resignation. If the majority of season ticket holders sign it then the board would have to take notice. One thing for sure is something has to change the football is dire and there is no fight in the team and thats the most worrying thing.
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    Big Yards

    Isma Goncalves The Legend

    Nice to see the legend has kept the number 77 at Rio Ave. Seems to be doing well too. Has a goal chalked off against Benfica just last week in the below clip about 1.20 in. And got Rio Ave through to the Europa League Group stage against Elfsborg https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=oxRaqsA5oQE How we could do with this man right now, absolute class act! Was a privilege to see him play in the stripes. If only we had the 400k at the time to pay for him, a bargain for a player of his calibre IMO, would've kept us up on his own! Hope he wins a move to Benfica, sporting or Porto and we see him in the champions league, he's good enough.
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    Tom Hendrie.. after 1 great season the fans were screaming for his head.. John Coughlin.. virtually from the start the fans were screaming for his head.. Gus Macpherson.. hated by many, eventually most fans were screaming for his head.. Danny Lennon.. Good guy brought success, but in the end at least half were screaming for his head.. Tommy Craig... see John Coughlin.. When are the fans of this club going to wake up and smell the coffee, what up and coming manager with ambition is going to come to us, what manager with any credibility in the game would want to manage us, this job is a career killer, our BOD would shite it to employ any manager with serious ambitions... Its been nearly 5 years since we signed a recognised centre half, WTF is that all about.... We'll be rid of Tommy fairly soon but those who think they'll see a big improvement are living on cloud cuckoo land Until the BOD leave, this club is going nowhere but down.. Poor Tommy he should never have been given the job in the first place, but what was SG excuse for getting rid of Danny (I feel our club should have the ambition to make the top 6) so he give the job to Tommy and cuts the budget, No wonder more and more of our fans just cant be fcuking arsed anymore...
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    Not buying this at all. Motherwell and killie are just like us but never get relegated. They have been in dreadful financial messes yet still stay up. No way should a club with the facilities we have be going down. It is poor management that will cause this from the top to the bottom. Look at this league and see how bad some of the teams are and watch us ? How have we become so poor but also why are we sitting back accepting it it cannot and should not be allowed to happen. We can still stay up but drastic action is needed and the fans will need to do something or this great club could be back in division one for a decade or maybe more
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    Callum Gilhooley

    Could Anyone Do Any Better

    In answer to the topic title..... Yes.
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    aber 87

    The Tommy Craig Must Go Thread

    We can't score goals the numpty says in interview after game. You signed 3 strikers, all duds, you brought back Thommo too early and worsened his injury. Please you useless nonentity please leave
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    I think people criticising Celtic FC are falling into a trap. Lets face it the soldiers who lost their lives in WWW2 especially were fighting to preserve the kind of freedoms in UK society that allows individuals and organisations the right to hold their own opinion. Anyone trying to brow beat others into wearing a poppy are doing almost as much a disservice to the servicemen we remember as those arseholes amongst the Celtic support who chose to sing and shout abuse rather than respecting other people's right to remembrance. I read James McCleans letter to the Wigan fans as he explained the reasons why he refused to wear a poppy. I guess many others would have done too and it was hard really to castigate him for his opinion. He's from Derry, the scene of Sunday Bloody Sunday. I can understand why some from there might feel that the fact that we remember all fallen servicemen and not just the ones who died in the first and second world wars may seem distasteful to them. McCleans opinion is not one I share, but I respect his right to hold a different opinion from me, and to his credit he stood silently and respected the two minute silence prior to Wigans match yesterday afternoon too. Where Celtic have scored an own goal in my opinion is once again in the behaviour of their fans. It would be good if either the authorities or Celtic FC themselves could come out and make a statement about their lack of respect for the opinion of others but I doubt that will happen while fans of other clubs fail to respect Celtic FC's right to hold a differing opinion.
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    Greetings fellow buds. Inspired by the season long thread about Leicester City I'm going to use this thread to blog about my other footballing love Tranmere Rovers. Those of you who know me will already know that at 18 I left home to move to liverpool to attend Uni - 26 years later I've just not made it back! I'm lucky my folks still stay localish and now as a proud dad to a wonderful lad I've installed him into the Saints way much to his mothers dismay ! Anyway I digress - on arrival in Liverpool in 1988/89 I spent most of that season trying to cure my football addiction by attending both Anfield and Goodison watching both the reds and blues of merseyside - back in the day you could turn up and pay a fiver and stand on the Kop or Gladys Street End. Both the liverpool and Everton teams of the day were packed full of quality and many Scottish internationals played for both teams. However as the season went in I never really felt part of it- I was used to turning up to love street - standing in the same bit of the ground - seeing the same faces and feeling part of "something" I was used to crowds of 4000 so 40000 in the Liverpool or Everton grounds was alien to me at this point I didn't even know Tranmere Rovers existed ! One of the lads I played footy with at college came from a place called "the Wirral" only a short Mersey ferry ride or train journey away - he was a tranmere fab and encouraged me to go and watch them in the old Division 4 . The reason I'm going to blog throughout the season about tranmere - my memories and experiences watching them home and away is because last weekend tranmere sacked their manager and are currently rock bottom of the football leagues Feel free to post comments - get involved or just read along as hopefully throughout the remainder of the season starting getting some results and climb the league and don't drop out into non league obscurity like Chester City - Wrexham - and Stockport - all local tranmere rivals .
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    You're correct dave, it is petty..........BUT........what would the reaction have been if Goodwin had given the Thistle fans the finger?Be honest now dave,Santa is watching.
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    ball marwood and Caldwell put together couldn't lace one of his boots
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    Celtic Not Wearing Poppy's

    WOW! Dicko in reasonably sensible post shocker!
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    Increase Funding

    No Airline would be associated with a club in freefall
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    What play off,if he stays it's rock bottom His interview yesterday says it all His poor me act,injuries and not scoring goals Injuries mostly picked up at training Not scoring goals he signed 3 strikers Just leave please,you ain't up to it and can't change things Your management record says it all and you can't put that down all to bad luck
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    I do not feel sorry for Tommy at all. I he had an ounce of decency, he would walk away realising he is not upto it. He's clinging on , irrespective of how bad he is doing , if he won't make the decision, the board should.
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    Lizard King

    The Tommy Craig Must Go Thread

    Time for Tommy to go - quick sticks. 1 point in 21 at home? Ridiculous. It's getting to the point where the fans are going to vote with their feet and I must admit if my choice is golf membership or renewing my ST next year then there is currently a clear leader...it's just not in the slightest bit enjoyable any more. The team is utterly shite, the managers tactics (does he have any?) are woeful and the players spend most of the game hiding. To be honest I sympathise with Tommy as he should never been offered the job in the first place and for that our tight arse board can hang their heads in shame. It was a pathetic decision to appoint him. What are Gilmour and co thinking? Do they fancy our chances in a playoff against Rangers or Hearts? They need to act NOW because if we go down we'll stay there. And let's face it, as it stands we will be going down.
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    I suggest the Black Death or some locusts.
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    A G M

    Wasn't Lennon on £70k? Bigger question would be what would happen to his coaching staff? Would Goodwin and Teale go? How would they react to being 'demoted' back to the playing squad? It's all a f**king mess!
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    Could Anyone Do Any Better

    The players brought in were never good enough even the Man City boys are not as good as the Newcastle connection. Take his coat kick him in the baws put him on the 64 with his bus pass and make sure he never darkens our door again. He will not turn this around with his ability as a Manager so get a decent guy in and give him a chance to get looking at players to bring in.
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    Seaside Nipper

    Next St Mirren Manager

    Give Limmy the gig. At least that way we'd know it was definitely dark and abstract comedy we were getting, instead of turning up not quite certain until the game starts.
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    Tam M

    Next St Mirren Manager

    I think our problem is we can't sign decent players from lower leagues in England whilst other teams can. I would fancy Butcher. Yes he's a dick, but so was McPherson. He would make us hard to beat.
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    The time to change the manager is NOW.The Board got this appointment badly wrong and now have to face the subject. We have two weeks before the next league match.After Xmas is far two late given thr hectic schedule around that time.
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    Billy Mehmet

    Naw , nothing wrong with my eyesight. I see players now playing for us that lack basic professional skills. Mehmet isn't Messi but this is a thread about Mehmet and whether he would improve the team. Damn right he would be better than several now that we are stuck with that show no sign of improvement.