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    I am a season ticket holder and it breaks my heart 2 say 4 the first time a wont be back while Tommy Craig is in charge. It's not Tommy's fault he took the job on but they got rid of Danny Lennon because they wanted something different which is fair enough but to bring his number two in was not only the cheap option but a recipe for worse football than we had previously. We need a leader IMO we have brought through too many youngsters at the one time and played played some of the worst football ave ever seen. Please do us a massive favour BoD save our season and appoint a new manager who can keep us up before it's too late
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    The Tommy Craig Must Go Thread

    C'mon Stewart, this is our 9th consecutive season in the top flight. It's a decent run for a team like us, in fact it's a great run for a team like us. It will inevitably come to an end at some point, but don't let it be like this - with a miserable whimper and a barely noticeable shrug. Surely we're better than that - give us a chance. Bring in someone who knows how to manage a football team and can squeeze something out of the players we have. Someone who can give us something that we, as fans, can get behind. If we are going to go down at least lets us have our pride intact. Carrying on as we are just now is just throwing in the towel, after 9 years, that's not enough - we need more; anyone would.
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    The Frys Cream bar was a bit pricey, but worth the money
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    Why didn't they play this match today rather than midweek with a 2pm kick off. This would allow school kids and those working the chance to see the under 20s in action especially with no first team action.I remember the days when you could watch the reserves on a Saturday.
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    desert orchid

    Could Anyone Do Any Better

    Could any manager do worse? He is not a manager. Would he inspire you to perform better? He looks like a silly old fud in a tank-top that is out of his depth and doesn't know what he's talking about. And that is what he is, to our detriment.
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    St Mirren Legend Junior Mendes

    Came on against Beith yesterday. Still a very clever and skilful player. Was a joy to watch.
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    Poor R*ngers Theads Merged.....

    I wonder if Coisty will be blaming the missing international players for this one! http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/29965080
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    This was good chocolate if you could get it. . These wans always seemed a bit dear. .
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    Why should I care , if l have to Cut My Hair. .
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    Here to help.
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    Was murder waiting on a lift to goto the van when i was at my big cus's 15 bloody floors and i'm sure someone pressed for it to stop at every floor on the way up and down lol
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    Thats a wee bit judgmental !
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    Not bad at all, young lassie cut my hair. Maybe a wee bit thick in top, but I can never tell til the day after when I've had a chance to style it myself. 8 quid for adults, 6 for kids. Fiver for Shull tue-thu.
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    Gordon Strachan

    That is his opinion which he is entitled to. I was commenting on the job he is doing as Scotland manager... which is worthy of praise.
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    Johann Lamont Resigns

    from the referendum thread I assumed Studick, phil mccracken, and a50lennyc were all the same person, certainly spouted all the same shite.
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    desert orchid

    The Tommy Craig Must Go Thread

    What we would we be thanking him for? 1 point at home? A lucky spell of three games where we got 7 of our 8 points? Or, for signing a bunch of piss poor ( and I can't justify - forward/striker ) goal scoring machines? Agree with Thommo though, he couldn't be blamed if/when we drop. Yes you would, but football managers get paid out for being failures. Why they don't operate under the same rules as any other employee is beyond me. Well, I for one won't be there. My brother who was a regular, no games this season. My friend, another lifelong bud has been to 2 games max. The 'loyal' ex-season ticket holders are drifting away and that cannot be good. I only go to get away from the Mrs (misses), a saturday at home begins to look more appealing the longer TC remains. I remember a chant of "you don't know what you're doing" directed at GMcP. Can't remember who he took off (might have been perma-crock Dargo, but it wasn't a popular choice with the other managers in the Westbank. I think the sooner TC goes the better. I've never felt this strongly about previous managers, I did want Gus out (no regrets) and Danny not to be re-hired but not with the passion to get Tank Top Tommy out.
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    Could Anyone Do Any Better

    David longwell should be replaced from his current job never mind the ridiculous notion of putting him in charge of the first team! longwell should be judged on the transfer fees he's brought in and after 10 years his record is shocking part of the reason the first team is so sh1t is the lack of top quality youngsters he's found and the lack of money he has generated longwell should be out the door with craig just like you, they are both clueless
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    St Mirren Legend Junior Mendes

    He was responsible for one of the best crowd abuse of a player I've ever experienced. I'm sure everybody remembers the game just after he jumped ship to Dungvermin and they played us at Love Street. Every time he got the ball or even strayed into the general vicinity of the north bank, he was subjected to a cacophony of boos from what seemed to be every fan in there. It was almost constant for 45 minutes. The poor guy was totally demoralised by it and IIRC was subbed at half time. Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
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    The Referendum Thread

    Remember children, - ye cannae build warships in a foreign country...
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    Could Anyone Do Any Better

    I can't see the BOD splashing any cash to sack Tommy, so... Tell him he is now in charge of the U20s and put David Longwell in charge of the 1st team on a caretaker basis. Tell him if he does well, then he is our next manager. Sorted.
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    You obviously can't read very well, as that is not what I said. Something I did actually say is that you're not very good at this trolling lark, no matter what you're calling yourself today.
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    Smisa Panda Club

    the SMiSA Panda Club to date has been averaging an attendance of 50 kids at every home match On Saturday, the first day of the reduced fees due to the rebranding, had an attendance of 92 ! a massive thanks to those involved in making this happen, you know who you are ! and continued thanks to all SMiSA members. maybe one day every supporter will realise just how much difference £2 a month can make to the future of our club
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    Fantastic us plebs who invest a million quid every year into this club will, well might if they get a license, be able to get a drink before a game.We have to pay of course unlike our directors. You have to register as only 150 people can be accommodated ,so will we be restricted to time or number of beers? Are we really asking people to buy raffle tickets for a booze tent that may not happen , has no one taken on board the need for food banks and winter is on its way!!!! Is this the best we can do????
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    Fan Zone ? Any chance we can have a 'Player Zone' ? As we have a cracking big patch of grass inbetween 4 stands that is hardly used for its purpose