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    I thought the point of having a panel of pundits was you got a range of opinions and sometimes a panelist might balance out another panelist's view by arguing how the opposite position might be taken. After 10 league games where we lose 9 and win 1 I was actually looking forward to watching a Sportscene where we actually win with a great performance from 10 men for the majority of the game. Almost nothing was said afterwards about how well St Mirren started and how only 1 team had created any decent chances prior to the sending off. Instead, Jonathan Sutherland kicks things off with a pun making a dig at an 18 year old St Mirren player, "you've got to hand it to Stevie Mallan" and I think he repeated it again in case we didn't notice the emphasis on hand linking in to a discussion on how the referee had cheated Ross County out of 3 points (with the scores balanced at, er, 1-1 at the time) and could cost McIntyre and Dodds their jobs. Next talking point was on to the red card and why Bonner, Stewart and Sutherland all thought it was a straight red card and dangerous tackle. No mention of St Mirren playing well, or of how bad the camera angles were for the red card or judging which body part Mallon knocked the ball in with. Little was even said about Ridgers save or how little County offered going forward or our defence looking reasonably OK, indeed, Michael Stewart still found time to say "Every time I see St Mirren their defence is all over the place at 6's and 7's". Would it have hurt the panel too much to have said a few nice things about St Mirren on a rare week for he 2nd time in 11 games where we actually bloomin' win a game.
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    I don't think he was saying you were a slabbering bawbag - it was the pundits, and to be honest, I think he's got a point. These guys have stopped playing and all have their own petty agendas to pursue. What did you think of what Bonnar said when they put the magnifying glass on Scott Brown's deliberate kick on an Accies player in yesterday's game? Oh wait a minute, they didn't ask him, because they didn't show it. And that in a nutshell is what really pisses me off with Sportscene. Totally selective editing, and their editorial team seem to be able to decide who does and does not get punished for offences during a game.
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    Ross County V St Mirren Premiership 17/1/15

    I don't think its a bad sign at all. Would you rather our coaching team stood, hands in pockets, and meekly accepted every dubious decision? What we saw was a bit of passion, and I for one welcome that wholeheartedly after Tommy Craig's touchline persona which bordered on indifference. The game is already over-sanitised. FFS, a player can hardly dare go for a 50/50 ball for fear of a card-happy official taking disproportionate action, and/or an opponent trying to get him sent off - and that's before the trial by Sportscene! I'm all for a bit of blood and thunder in the game. Sometimes its the only thing to get excited about!
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    I though the red card was soft, defo worthy of a booking but soft red card. He did catch him, there's no doubt about that but it looked to me as if the clumsiness of the challenge was down to the shove which pushed him off the park and off balance. He then just looked like he stuck the foot out to try and rescue the situation. Clumsy but no intent to hurt the player IMO and a yellow card. The Mallandona goal. He did bundle it in with his arm but I'd say he tried to head it and missed. His hands weren't in an unnatural position or outstretched, accidental and even if the ref did see he hit it in with his arm the goal should stand? Great 3 points, now bring on the Dundee teams to kick off our home winning run.
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    Angles can be deceptive. I think, watching the video, that the ball starts to go towards goal when it hits Mallen on the left side of his body. At that angle, and from that distance, a pic taken as the ball is heading towards the net would look just like that. That pic absolutely does not prove it was handball. Unfortunately though, the Sportscene mafia have decided that it was handball. As I said earlier, if there'd been a whiff of handball the RC players and fans would have gone mental.
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    It was just that good
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    On first viewing (and that's really what the ref gets) the red card award looked soft. You could analyse these things to death and from different angles and come up with different thoughts.......as are being illustrated on this thread. What I do find interesting is this "foot up, studs showing" justification, especially by tv pundits, for a red being shown I'd suggest that a footballer's feet are off the ground for a significant part of the time while playing. It's a requirement to walk, run and jump. Indeed, I'm struggling to think of how any tackle could possibly be made without some sort of movement of the foot taking it off the ground having been made!! Is football about to be made into a sport where players shuffle around the park?? For me, the "foot up, studs showing, over-the-ball" perspective was to prevent the high, horizontal lunge-type tackle which had the potential to break legs, ankles and/or severely damage knees, not justification for what seemed like an innocuous tackle by a forward. If you want to see a high tackle, have a look at the pic being used in the Mallon hand ball incident. The County defender's foot is "high, over the ball, showing studs" and a bit more dangerous looking that Arquin's ever appears
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    The pundits? Who gives a f**k what these slabbering bawbags think. They are an authority on the square root of bugger all.
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    I can't see the club appealing that one. It was a soft red but you can't go in with your studs showing these days. The behaviour from some of the RC guys was disappointing (disgraceful in Britton's case) - I hate seeing people trying to influence the ref to get guys sent off. The 2nd goal was rightly given - it was ball to hand at best. He's diving head long desperate to get his napper onto it. His arm isn't out stretched, his view is blocked by the covering defender and i'll bet you £100 his eyes were shut .
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    If we don't appeal then it's a sad day for all of football. The ref didnt need to send Arquin off on the 4th officials say so. It's still his decision, no different from consulting with a linesman and giving his original decision. He shat it and protected himself. Trial by television is ruining the game irrespective of whether or not the decisions fall in our favour. It would seem that refs, especially in our games, would prefer to give a red card and have it rescinded than be accused of having missed something, thus making the sport now all about them and no longer about the nail biting relegation battle our ten men have just won in the most dramatic way, which is what the spotlight should be on.
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    I'm not f**king watching Sportscene now! But I did watch the highlights of Aberdeen V Dundee just there online. Did they highlight or mention the dive by the Aberdeen player to win them their last gasp penalty? And did they put their bright spotlight thing on Ryan Jack, surely offside, when he scored the equaliser? Not asking that in a sarcastic sour way... just did they? I do feel St Mirren are an easy target for them...mock,mock, sneer, snigger. and no, we can forget the appeal. It wont succeed.
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    I can't believe because a couple of guys on the TV say it deserved a red card some of the sheep on here change their tune and claim it was a dangerous tackle. Watch the clip ffs, it is never a red card in a million years. Get the appeal in, hopefully the SFA can show the game isn't run by some muppets in a BBC studio.
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    Scoring goals with his hand? Scoring goals after beating half the opposition running from his own half? Just living up to the Malladonna moniker!!
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    Call Off The Search!

    Since Teale and Longwell have taken over the first thing to notice is a huge difference in the attitude and commitment of the players. They now appear to be playing for each other and giving 100%. The difference between the last 5 games or so and most of the games before that is night and day. The players obviously respect him and play for him. The second thing is he has dropped from the team all the players that many thought were nowhere good enough - Ball, Marwood, Drury, Caldwell and Reilly. And he has since got Caldwell and Drury off the books (and Plummer to save a wage). Teale saw where the weaknesses were and wasn't afraid to wield the big stick even though he had precious few options. We have been incredibly unlucky with refereeing decisions over his last few games some of which undoubtedly cost us precious points - not Teale's fault. He has also had the courage to stand up for his players and challenge two sending offs via Appeals. Something that TC was very reluctant to do. Teale has brought in a forward that looks like he will benefit the team. Considering its the January window when most decent players are still on contract and considering we have little money and our league position I would say his transfer dealing has been pretty reasonable. His knowledge of our Development Squad gave him the confidence to throw in Stephen Mallan who now likes like he could be our next big thing. Teale decided that Thommo's injury wasn't healing and it was now time to get it fixed properly - something that should probably have been done months ago. In four Away games since taking over he has won two of them - the same number of away wins that TC took 4 months to get. I do not see what else GT and DL could have done better in their short time in charge and doubt anyone else could have done better in the circumstances. Their knowledge of our squad had been a huge bonus and not a hindrance. The momentum is beginning to grow and I reckon they deserve the gig until the end of the season at least.
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    Call Off The Search!

    I don't think our problem was effort. I think Tommy Craig single handedly sucked the life out of the players and indeed supporters.
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    What is this "nil" of which you speak?
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    Oh well, we're fecked then. BBC Sportscene really seem to have it in for us... and St Johnstone. Oh, and handball for our winner? The pictures I've seen don't show that. The reactions of the RC players don't show that. And the reaction of the RC fans behind the goal don't show that. Fecking shocking.
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    I don't want new people to chuck cash in or promise 'cash investment' and talk about Europe, challenging at the top, taking us to the next level, living the dream, or any of that shite. We've smelled that bullshit at other clubs. I want people to be running the club who aren't simply there for a buck, or to act as an intermediary for some kid's journey from Bogota to Berlin via a three month stint in a St Mirren strip. I would like people with ideas and drive, who are able to engage with the support. My personal belief is that St Mirren, as a club, an entity, wouldn't know a good idea if it jumped up and smacked them in the gob. We smack of a corner shop who is resigned to life as a corner shop. If other folk disagree, I respect their opinion.
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    Yep, all this 'agenda' stuff is rather embarrassing. As well as the pundits, bbc, officials etc. do all the st mirren fans who thought arquin's challenge was a bit reckless ALSO have an agenda against st mirren? It's a delusion of grandeur, that all these different people and organisations would hold a grudge/agenda against us. We're a small team who, out with the people who support it, no one really gives two f'cks about! Maybe I'm wrong, perhaps everyone does have an agenda against st mirren because they really really really want the famous Ross county to stay up. Or maybe I'm not.
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    windae cleaner

    Hamilton Accies

    Looking out a red and white scarf as we speak
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    I assume you are talking about Cheesy. According to most people who were actually at the match, Cheesy had an excellent game. One of the highlights at Dingwall for me and a lot of Saints fans was the look of sheer ecstasy on Cheesy's face at the end of the match. He is a buddie through and through and while he has made a few individual errors this season (as have a number of other players) this has been a year when collectively we have not enjoyed the rub of the green.
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    Club just confirmed that we have appealed Arquins red card.
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    I am going and takin two pals, when I say pals, one is a disillusioned Sevco supporter, he just wants to see how undersoil heating works
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    The Comeback...

    hate to be a spoilsport...but i blinked and missed it................
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    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha You believe that Over the past year it has been shown the media are anything but unbiased Scottish Fitba is corrupt and always has been in my lifetime I make my own opinions not what the media feed me
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    I'd always pictured GT being a very nice guy, and a nice guy is the last thing we need in charge right now. However, the pure fúcking fury on his face, in the direction of the fourth official on Saturday, has convinced me he has the fire we undoubtedly need. If he's happy to go all eyeballs-out, finger-pointy in the face of yet another official who's f**ked us over, then I'm happy for GT to lead us into battle. Fair play.
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    That isn't even worthy of a yellow. If it is, let's ban football boots, get everyone to play in slippers and ban tackling altogether.
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    If that is a straight red card, the game is fecked.
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    Who is the new SG, who is in the Paisley area on the ground, in the boardroom each meeting, in the directors box each Saturday, and who attends SPFL meetings representing St Mirren is one question (of many) I have asked in previous posts. Seeing as how we fans know nothing, all we have are our own guesses, so here's one. Say the Argentinian bid is for real and goes through. Say they sell SG and Co on the idea that St Mirren being a transfer holding area to process players through benefits both the club and the new owners - are there any examples of this arrangement working to the benefit of any other Scottish clubs? Has this been done before at a senior Scottish club? Are there any examples of a foreign consortium coming in, staying the course, and it not ending like Hearts, Livvy, Dundee or Gretna? If the answer is no, and there are no successful examples, then just what was so scary about the 10000hours plan not having been done before?
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    Hamilton Accies

    "He once started swearing out in the street at John Lambie, who was up in his office preparing for a game. "It was terrible abuse but John opened his window and threw down two free tickets and said, 'There you are, Fergie'. "Fergie just shouted, 'Thanks John. But you're still a w*****'."
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    So Farewell Then Mad Monk

    Opened front door and walked oot and waved cheerio the noo.
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    Having watched the Arquin incident yet again... It's still NEVER a red card. Shocking decision, made all the worse by the tossers on sportscene's analysis of the incident.
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    Just Like Ian Scanlon!

    Incredibly similar to Scan's famous goal against Celtic Although IIRC Pat Bonnar kicked it from his hands and Scan's shot went over his head into the top right corner?? Best Saints goal ever IMHO Not a bad effort by the Macc lad either!
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    linwood buddie

    Hamilton Accies

    But charging £15 to get back out if the games crap.
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    Probably because the commentators and press have all said so. The press's initial reaction was that the card was 'very harsh'. But as soon as TV pronounces its verdict the journos all close ranks. Even if he did end up stamping on Toshney's foot, it was not intentional, and while it may have been reckless it wasn't dangerous. I'd be complaining about a yellow card for that, but realise that's what's normally given for a forward's clumsy tackle. When you look at what Boyd and Miller got away with yellows for at Tynecastle last month, Arquin's was a yellow at most.
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    After 5 years of waiting for developments a few more days won't really hurt. Yes the timing is lousy but at the end of the day if these new owners are serious then they will have players lined up to come in as soon as they are in control so as long as it's done before the end of the month it won't matter too much.
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    Agree with this ... and I think the players should get more involved with the officials - we are too nice and don't complain enough when we get decisions given against us - we should moan at them - within reason - any chance we get
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    He definitely does stamp... on the ball. The RC player kicks the ball away and there's then contact. Awful red card. And on a day where Scott Brown gets a cosy wee chat from the ref for kicking an Accies player (and Sportscene don't even bother showing it) it stinks to high heaven.
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    I think it might have been Henry Ford, when warned that he might be breaking laws, said, "Don't talk to me about laws, I've got the power."If you believe that Mike Ashley does not "own" Sevco and and Oldham, then I concede that you're accurate. In a legal sense. Do you think Mike might know the difference - and care?
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    So Farewell Then Mad Monk

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/scottish/ Aw Callum. Bet an auld man by a minute.
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    You have to care enough to hate someone/something. We're just one of many 'diddy' clubs, inter changeable with many others. I bet if you went on every other team's forum in the league you'd get a few paranoid individuals claiming there's an agenda against their team...
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    Its not about them wanting Ross County to stay up . They just hate us . And there are several more names that should be on that list.
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    Have you scoured properly or did you Graeme it? The tax evasion was where Argentinian clubs engaged other clubs, those clubs were from Uruguay, Chile and Switzerland. When investigated in 2012, the Argentinian clubs stated it was legal. Pini, in an interview no journo has EVER referenced, stated the club used it because the system allowed them to. The money received allowed to develop the club so why not get involved. Pini was still running the club in 2013 and has never been done or ruined a club. For the record, the end result of the Argentinian investigation was 140+ agents suspended, 2 players suspended and new forms put in place for a refined registration sysyem. Compare that to clubs in administration, not exactly the same.
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    Pat Bonnar and Michael Stewart hardly corrupt That almost sounds like old firm paranoia
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    Well done young Stephen , brave header
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    I don't think it will be rescinded. Don't think it's ever a sending off, but I still don't think it will be rescinded. Fully expect us to appeal it wether we think it's successful or not. If we don't it's just rolling over and accepting it. It's time club's were allowed to question referees. It's got to be the only job in the world that's so closed to criticism. They're paid almost a grand a game and it's not even a full time job. Christ these guys get paid more than half our squad and probably a few other squads. Time for hem to be held accountable!
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    A complete hatchet job again by the BBC
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    I agree in general with your post. Regarding the bit I've put in bold, knowing some people on here, they would have reacted like "Aye, right Div! It's easy to say you knew something was going to happen after it happened." I do understand where Buddiecat is coming from though and agree that certain things should be a "no-no" for the public domain. Just for arguments sake, imagine that a bid for the Club, not necessarily this particular bid, was on offer and it got out on here or elsewhere. The interested party could immediately think "Well if that's how they conduct themselves as a business and a Club, we would rather go elsewhere." I'm not saying that's what will happen in this case but it's the sort of thing that I'm sure goes on in the world, so from that point of view I can get and agree with Buddiecat. This doesn't mean I'm anti-Div or think he's the reincarnation of Joseph Goebbels.
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