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    I think the record we've had since moving maybe influences peoples opinion of our stadium... That and it's no Old St Mirren Park. Could it have been designeda bit better with a different budget or being a bit more creative with the budget we had? Yeah probably. Have to say though I am a fan of our stadium and it's been a great place to be over the last few months. What excites me more is the potential it has. Plenty development opportunities and with the business Gordon Scott is in, interesting things could happen in the future.
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    Accies & the Nigerian Prince!

    Dave King will stop at nothing to get money.
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    FFS , Some folk are never happy. They put colour on it in 2015 & people were raging about it !!
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    Injury Updates

    Totally agree. Whatever the issue is Gary will be back when he is ready and not before then. Footballers deserve the same confidentiality as anyone else in their workplace.
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    Injury Updates

    What exactly constitutes a 'real injury?' There's a few rumours - wholly unsubstantiated at this point I might add...bit they are definitely there - that Gary is having a bit of a hard time in a non-physical sense with one thing or another. Does this fall under the category of 'petted lip' or 'ripped tights'? In this day and age, I think it's fair enough that a club might help and be patient with a player rather than telling them to stop whining and get on with it. As I said, no foundation to this yet but we've all heard the mumblings so it's fair to address them. If this is the case then well done to the club for not rushing the guy back.
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    I'm just resurfacing after the double boot in the baws of Scotland and St Mirren's respective exits last week. We could really do with a boost tomorrow. I think we will get one and will end the bogey run against Dumbarton. Dumbarton 1 St Mirren 2 Supporting evidence for this opinion ? None.
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    For the money we had our stadium is ideal. I'm in the minority as I like our ground. The "souless " part is mainly due to the shite football we've been used to watching.
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    If Alex Rae was still in charge they could have turned the stands to face outwards
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    I don't think the shape of the main stand is that bad, but certainly could have been a better colour put on it. As long as I like what I see when facing the pitch, the outside won't worry me. Large billboards with doors that can be opened at the 4 corners (similar to what Hibs have) would help to keep the noise in and maybe the ball as well
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    Quite a few people are concerned about this game so Dumbarton 1-4 St Mirren. Could be a good "win & BTTS" bet?
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    Scotland Football Club ( deceased )

    Oh come on. TC can identify a bad football manager with his eyes closed. Remember he was never fooled by Jack Ross. What scotland needs is experience, maybe in the Gus McPherson mould. He already knows how to play at Hampden....never had a problem there......ever.
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    East Lothian Saint


    Probably but Not as dangerous as a ride on the yellowduckmarine tour
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    He seems quite ‘adamant’ about it Either that or he’s taking the...
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    A bit dangerous taking photos in a toilet is it not
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    Hopefully the fans will treat the manager with respect
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    Or 5 new threads in Shull land.
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    [emoji16], ah, I didn't realise it was a pissing contest!
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    East Lothian Saint


    Looks like ADAM ANT was hosing in here too
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    Injury Updates

    Why would it have to be a fall out with the manager? Even if it isn't a 'real injury' (mere speculation at this stage) there are any number of personal issues that could feature that have little or nothing to do with his relationship with the manager.
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    Jimmy H

    St Mirren V Morton 28th Oct

    Because I'm nice like that
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    Callum Gilhooley

    St Mirren V Morton 28th Oct

    Wouldnt worry , he`ll probably start one anyway .
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    SFA have already begun negotiations with Big Sam.
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    http://www.scam-emails Go on, dare you
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    You didn't understand my post at all, did you? Would it have helped if I had used a bigger font size?
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    Falkirk don't own there stadium it was built and paid for by the local council so they obviously had a bit more cash to play with, but I agree the main stand looks great a bit like Hampden only smaller, yet the atmosphere inside the ground is pish with that 4th stand missing..
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    Filling in the corners of all 4 stands would make a huge difference to the look on the inside of the stadium, and help with solving the problem of swirling winds during the bad weather. I do agree with Elvis that more could be done to make the outside of the main stand more aesthetically pleasing. Well done to SMISA for the work already carried out as it has made a difference, feels more like home these days, although nothing will ever feel the same as the old girl love st.
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    Still going for score draw. 1-1 I don’t think we will lose to them this season, 2 wins , 2 draws.
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    Hospitality suite is not that big.
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    This has been done to death. The brief from the Tesco deal was a stadium built to SPL criteria. That was it, plain and simple. No scope for bells and whistles or bespoke features. Gordon Scott was as frustrated as anyone else about this. So, could it have been designed better? Well, no, not really. Not in the real world, anyway.
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    Injury Updates

    Maybe the problem isn't the lack of news but the villagers themselves? Gary will be back when he is ready to come back. In the meantime perhaps the villagers should get a life instead of speculating.
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    Isle Of Bute Saint

    Injury Updates

    You go to games and most faces become familiar just like a village something else familiar with a village is gossiping story's grow arms and legs from a grain of truth , being the big man got a head knock then in Greenock we find out he has been suffering from the head knock from the previous week anyone at the game in Greenock could see something was wrong with the big chap. Flick the coin , weeks have past with no news it would be great to get an update before the village goes into overdrive. One thing clear about Jack Ross he backs his players 150% thats why he has so much respect from them.
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    It is an ideal size no one is arguing that. To me the only problem with it is the look of the frontage Of the main Stand they could improve the entrance to both the hospitality and 1877 club to give them a more asteticly pleasing look and I am sure the same could be done for the main entrance by adding some sort of shape to each side to improve the look.
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    I agree , slim chance but still a chance . Our league form was a bit indifferent that season . Far better this season . Thats it , I've convinced myself .
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    I've come up from London for this game, my first since maybe Livingston away. Our record has been pretty horrific against Dumbarton in recent years, so hopefully this is the one to change that, wouldn't mind us keeping a clean sheet either.
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    Really don't think McKay is the guy for the job , I think it will go to Moyes.
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    A lot of fitba people have came out and said our ground is ideal Kilmarnock,Motherwell,St Johnstone have 3000 rattling about in grounds too big for them For our wee ground we have never had a sell out,have we ever reached the 7000 mark?
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    Only criticism from me is the roofs should have came out forther apart from that i like our home , noticed i said home and not new home
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    If you dont hate everyone including those cnuts Spartans are you really a Saints fan?
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    Whisky Drinkers

    Interesting... I bought Black Bottle last week and thought it a tad too peaty for my palate. I had a nip of Haig Club with coke last night. I could have sworn I was drinking a JD! Dangerously mellow! Off at the weekend so planning to try it neat tonight as the aroma was so pleasantly enticing!
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    I sat in an "Executive Box" at Fir Park for the fizzy pop final, not enjoyable. Wot we've got is ideal. Stadium design, your once in a lifetime opportunity to make a mark / statement, its says everything about scottish / british mentality, no vision.
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    We should get shot of Reagan also since we are going in a "Different direction".
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    As it says on the tin teams you dislike over & above the norm Spartans - for the 2005/06 cup game and particularly the fact that just about every interview from their manager seemed to contain the phrase "we're not looking to have them thrown out the competition" - liars Airdrie - an obnoxious set of fans. After one game "Section B" ran through Fountain Gardens to "attack" us but when they found nothing between us ran away until some police arrived and then ran back chanting & swearing once their was no actual chance of any actual argy-bargy - obnoxious & cowardly. The OF - without saying. Livingston - for comments when be passed them in 2001 "make way for a big team " and again in2006 when Chairman Pearce Flynn made a fuss about how the rules on USH couldn't be waived to accommodate - possibly less so over this one as he was acting in his own clubs interest but some pf the "they'll just have to bite the bullet like everyone else" were ironic given the financial history of that club. St. Johnstone - they're not the real Saints but there's nothing personal. ******************* ........and ones that I have no special dislike for. Morton - they're nothing special to me just another team, the club I measure us against is Partick Thistle. Gretna - a lot of our fans seemed to hate them when they were "living the dream" but it never bothered me. At the moment both Dumbarton & Hamilton are punching above their weight and are a bit cocky on P&B but in similar circumstances for the Saints I'd maybe do the same so I'll let them off. Hearts - some of their fans still hold a grudge against us for 1986 & all that but if the circumstances had been reversed I'd probably feel the same. What I do hate is Rangers fans who bring this up - it's nothing to do with them and they played weakened teams that affected relegation in the twice in the '90's immediately after winning the League.
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    I only good to watch the football, not to admire the outside of it.
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    Hope your feeling better Mr Positive Not a bad idea probably budget constraints from previous board so was not looked at. New board just in the door. Fans Council should take the entrances to both venues on as a project. When looking at the stadium from the outside to me it looks compact and clean no bad thing.
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    Dumbarton v St Mirren 14th Oct

    sorry forgot it changes in Oct and that is where we now are!! Good catch!
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    Telly Programmes

    Political correctness. Too many banned references to colour.
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    Gary McKenzie

    How would one know if one was having a twinge on an Achilles. Where exactly is it?
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