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    Just about to leave Inverness to come down for the Match. Hopefully a quiet drive down to Paisley. Should get me down in plenty time to pick up my Compy ticket See you all tonight !!! COYS
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    St.Mirren V Dumbarton 24th March

    I don't think we'll win by a big margin tonight, hence my 2-0 prediction. I suspect it will be relatively comfortable, though. Similar to our two recent matches against Queens. It will take a wee while to settle into the match, then we will get a couple of goals (either side of HT possibly), and will see it out quite comfortably. As always, we, as supporters, should be patient, and recognise what the players have already achieved this past 14 months or so. They deserve 100% backing between now and the final minute of the final game this season. I'm looking forward to tonight.
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    Kilwinning Rangers‏ @steadythebuffs 9h9 hours ago More Tonight we recieved the results of the SJFA pyramid questionnaire and the vote was 99 clubs in favour 55 against, this means the SJFA will look to join the pyramid at the end of next season
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    Gavin Reilly will start scoring again soon. Hopefully get a couple tonight if he starts. Would live it to be Cammy Smith though just delighted to see us with so many goalscorers.
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    St.Mirren V Dumbarton 24th March

    I didn’t think Dumbarton would beat us this season at all & the 1-0 defeat was not only disappointing but a surprise. No such slip up tonight, once we break them down using each wing , they will give up the fight. A resounding 5-1 Saints win
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    Brechin v St. Mirren 7/4/18

    Pay at the Gate at Glebe Park on the day. Should be room for 3500 Buddies.
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    St.Mirren V Dumbarton 24th March

    A simple duster should do for cleaning rather than chemicals like Flash.
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    "There will be engineering work on the rail lines on Tuesday 10th April when St Mirren travel away to Dundee Utd. The work will be taking place around the Stirling area, and in turn could be problematic for fans looking to travel by train to the game. There will be only one train service leaving Dundee post match at 9:56pm. However, when the train reaches Stirling it will be a bus replacement service to Glasgow Queen Street, which is scheduled to get into Glasgow at 11:50pm."
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    WHOOSH- Ur just saying that cause he is Faraway ...... FAS's content is not only balanced and precise its also excellently punctuated ............... a cracking read - THE TIMES
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    Like to see all three finish with at least 15 each.
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    Each one worse than the last! No excuse. No reason you couldn't come back for tonight's game for such a short flight. (I once made a trip from Kimberley in South Africa around 2 pm to Johannesburg at 8 pm to Paris to Edinburgh arriving around 8 am on the Saturday - Got home around 11 am - Out for Brunch with my wife then drove the 55 miles to Paisley for the game. Flew back to Paris - Johannesburg leaving on Sunday at 6 pm and started work in Johannesburgh at 10.30 am on Monday. Stupid - Yes. Actions of many others will go beyond this!!!!) ENJOY THE SUN
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    Yet another feeble excuse for missing an important league game.
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    I suppose the second sentence tells us you have been following Saints for a wee while. .
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    I think the majority of folk might wait and see how results go tonight and Saturday before taking the plunge. Not many non away day regulars will be trekking to one of the hardest grounds in the division to get to (by public transport especially) if we can't secure the title and even more might not be in a position to make the trek up north twice in 4 days with Tannadice on the Tuesday night. There really is no need to buy tickets for Brechin anyway - plenty capacity and bound to let folk pay on the day.
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    It was a very big disappointment when you were that age, that's what it was.
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    The infamous chapter!!!
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    Faraway Saint obviously hasn't seen this thread as yet. just saying like.
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    I loved Camphill........the day I left.
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    Isle Of Bute Saint

    Summer Transfer Window

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    Scottish football and don't go hand in hand
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    St.Mirren V Dumbarton 24th March

    I remember back in 2010 a certain team coming to St Mirren park with a similar attitude. A few hours after the game Mowbray was out a job. We have to be professional about this game
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    St.Mirren V Dumbarton 24th March

    Will he not get sacked for sleeping on the job?