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    Inverness v St Mirren 31/03/2018(Maybe)

    Don't forget phone or Ipad, etc. Always be ready. An opportunity to start a Thread could arrive at anytime.
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    Looks like a 1000 piece jigsaw that's been drapped.
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    We could fill in a couple of the corners with temporary seating . Maybe get the attendance over 10000. Give the Greenock dudes, the corner between the West & the North. We fill out the rest.
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    Summer Transfer Window

    JR said after Tuesday’s game how delighted he was for Gav. JR dropped him as ‘he was a wee bit jaded’ but Gav showed in training that he was hungry to get back in the team and took his chance on Tuesday. Doesn’t sound to me that JR is thinking of ditching Gav. And i have heard Gav has signed for no-one yet but wants to stay. So there.
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    The fans who have turned up this season can be proud of their team and the support they have given them especially at away matches. However with a population base of 176,000 in Renfrewshire, it could be argued that the greater Paisley area does not deserve St Mirren. The Buddie Buoys and the Buddie Bears are a strange sectarian breed.
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    Naw, looking at that shite ah don't get the point. We're not playing at fecking home for a start.
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    Ach, away you go. No doubt the normal fear and anxiety associated with being a Saints fan will return next season and remain for the rest of our lives. This year we were league champions before Easter and we are swaggering!
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    I have said this before IMO he has been the best keeper in the league. Is he prone to the odd mistake or two. Course he is like nearly all keepers. If he wasn’t I’m sorry he would be plying his trade with us. Worthy to be competing for the number 1 jersey if we get promoted next season but I feel that if we do JR will look to strengthen that position with bringing in another keeper and offloading Stewart. Craig Samson St Mirren legend. Please treat him with the due respect a legend deserves.
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    Feel the "swagger" in this thread. Forget the title celebration and let's just win the game against Morton. Then celebrate in style.
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    And skull is the best for talking shit on a football forum. Legend he is.
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    Left Jimmy H in charge of getting oor Morton game tickets. West stand I said. Nae bother he said. Email comes through this afternoon. Got the tickets. M3. Useless bawbag! If there’s a guy counting planes next to me I’m no gonnae be happy.
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    Bid accepted for Kyle McAllister?

    I'd argue the piece that Morgan is already better than that charlatan James Forrest.
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    St.Mirren V Dumbarton 24th March

    Here is the link to Dumbarton highlights.
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    I'm expecting one last blood&thunder derby this season. JR noted in his post-Dumbarton interview that they had beaten us on their previous visit to GHR and I'm sure he'll be well aware that Morton are the only team in the division we haven't beaten so far and Morton will probably still be looking to maximize their points tally in the play-off race. One thing's for sure this won't be an end of season love-in!
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    Always a tough game up there. But our momentum hopefully will see us through. looking forward to the trip. Hope the weather doesn't spoil the day. Coys
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    Indeed it is unfortunately the lady is too young for you
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    Totally agree - I use my Ipad for most things but if I need to pick a seat I need to dig out my old PC and log in to be able to see seating availabilty - prehistoric in IT terms
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    party politics

    Interstadia and Tickets

    The biggest problem I find is after putting my tickets in the basket, the dropdown option only allows me to pick them up from the ticket office? As I don't stay in Paisley this totally negates the whole process of buying online for me. I now just phone the ticket office, where they are very helpful, and they pop them in the post for me.
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    That is hilarious reading that! I really hope we aren't giving them the full stand. They won't fill it and we should be selling the stadium out with saints fans in all 4 stands that day. Ideally just give them a wee section in the main stand or at worst split the away stand half and half. Does anyone know if this has been discussed within the club or are we just giving them the full stand?
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    Summer Transfer Window

    Just shows how strong our squad is. Reilly goes off the boil, and he did, and Mullen steps in with three very good displays. My opinion only.
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    linwood buddie

    I'm Listening To....

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    Seaside Nipper

    Scotland Football Club

    The whole Costa Rica friendly was an ill judged farce, most people accept that. 🤫 Empty house rumpus fella, jog on.
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    John McGinn