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    Ayrshire Saints

    Stick or twist in January?

    Yes a community based football club should be handing money to a convicted drug baron who was sentenced to 6 years jail. Just shut up you fool !
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    Latest Scores

    That makes about as much sense as trickle down economics
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    Indeed. . No emojis necessary.
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    Stick or twist in January?

    Elvis. Your reputation is built on your own very special brand of pessimism. We are (literally) behind every team in this league but were one position lower in our final and title winning game in the championship. We are bottom but there are not many points between the bottom four clubs. I do think it matters who the manager is and events over the last few years bear this out. Our summer disintegrated into a chaotic will he leave, when will he leave caper with JR with only two players recruited. Then came As and a motley crew of signings. Next came Oran and three decent out of contract player signings, one of whom has scored two goals which are both strong contenders for goal of the season. We are very inconsistent but plainly not playing well. Supporting a team is like a drug which captures your emotions. Truth is.. We are down.. But we are not yet out. We all need to show the fighting spirit we are demanding from the players from top to bottom of the club and as supporters. Release 10, bring in 5/7 experienced players with things to prove and let's see where it takes us.
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    Anyone got a few life Jackets for the terrified who want to jump off the ship. The crew are working hard to keep her afloat while the Captain has ordered a new engine arriving January for full steam ahead.
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    So Farewell Then Saint Sad

    What is sad is Fricky being disrespectful and accusing people without evidence then running to Div with his ‘A bad man did it then ran away’ nonsense
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    The Sin Bin TV Thread

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    So Farewell Then Saint Sad

    Saint-Sad maybe but what about his other screen names Abu Dhabi Saint and Faraway Saint?
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    Abu Dhabi Saints

    The Sin Bin TV Thread

    I know you feel the need to post in every thread, usually amounting to sweet FA, but do me a favour and stay away.
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    Callum Gilhooley

    Welcome Adam Hammill

    I would say , as things stand the average standard in Lg1 is better than the spfl premier. The ugly sisters may be able to operate higher at present and would eventually become a premier team but I’m afraid from ourselves up to to the fakes , we would all be relegation candidates.
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    Boris getting the gig seems hard to believe but l found it hard to believe he would get mayor of London too. . . .plus he seems to have much in common with Donald.
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    St Mirren v Aberdeen 15/12/18

    (From memory) BBC stats show tonight Dons had: 18 attempts 8 on target 9 corners If they managed that against Livingston, then we could be in for another long afternoon. ..
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    Abu Dhabi Saints

    Sin Bin Betting Thread

    Seems the powers of darkness have been busy tonight............................. Mothercare. Sevco thread...............
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    It’s the one topic in which the plane-spotting cabbie has been consistently correct and morally appropriate.
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    So Farewell Then Saint Sad

    Wgaf? the air is cleaner.
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    What if the Daleks did it?
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    He was going nowhere anyway, I know you and a few others have it in for Danny but can you really say you’ve seen us playing to his strengths once this year (or any of our strikers)? Only time I can think of is on Matchday 1 and he notched up a double.
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    Callum Gilhooley

    Welcome Adam Hammill

    Said partially in jest Bud. Hammill would be a great signing for JR and league one would be a great option with fantastic rewards for Hammill. At the stage he is at in his career , would be a no brainer. 18 month contract , half a season in League one with the chance to show he can earn a new deal at Championship level. ..... if he can’t cut it at Champ level , he will get another Lg1 gig on the back of a League one winners medal.
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    Bud the Baker

    Brexit Negotiations

    May at PMQs getting loud support from her "loyal backbenchers". Quite clearly Monday's cancellation was part of a strategy to force a party VoC followed by delaying the vote on her Brexit deal till Jan 21 (unless it can be further delayed) with the ultimate aim of bumping the deal through in a climate of fear of a "No Deal" exit.
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    Stick or twist in January?

    The forum jester, who somehow stays on here Maybe we should start a movement to get rid of the stupid fanny once and for all
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    Jai Quitongo

    Quitongo Charged FOOTIE ace Jai Quitongo was tonight arrested and charged following an alleged assault on his girlfriend. The Partick Thistle forward, 21, is suspected of leaving Lauren Smith hospitalised with serious injuries to her wrists. Insiders say she’s “terrified” after a reported incident outside a property in Carmyle, Glasgow, at 5.30am on Sunday. Shop worker Lauren, 21, was taken to the city’s Royal Infirmary for treatment. She now has bandages on her wrists. She was too upset to comment. But a source said: “This is still very raw for her.” Scots Under-21 star Quitongo — son of ex-Hearts star Jose, 44 — played the final minutes of the Jags’ 2-0 league win over Dunfermline on Saturday. Police said: “A 21-year-old man has been arrested and charged in connection with an alleged serious assault.”
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    St Mirren v Aberdeen 15/12/18

    Add in Louis Van Gaal, Guus Hiddink and Ottmar Hitzfeld also teachers. By the way Andy Roxburgh was my football manager at one point. (He was one of the poorer managers I played under though). The achievements of the others speak for themselves. OK will be a success, but he needs the right players to come in this window and the support to do just that...
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    I'm Listening To....

    Gracelands. The Album.