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    I am one of the SMISA members who pays their money and takes little other interest in the running of the assoc. However since this is such an important issue I thought I better register and vote . I logged on to the site you vote on. Can I ask that Ms Sturgeon can use a similar site if we have another independence referendum?. Loads of items extolling the virtues of the new deal and only a YES button visible. If you have the temerity to vote NO you have to use a wee drop down box to uncover the NO button. Certainly not an even handed approach. Will there be independent verification of the voting numbers?
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    At the press release. oh shit that’s already happened.
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    Dont be bringing facts to a propaganda campaign.lol
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    It's a fact Kibble are not investing in St Mirren,they are just buying shares from GS, thereby breaking the GS/Smisa agreement.The cash is going to the Chairman ,who until he says otherwise, will not be investing any of the cash into the club. It's a fact that this minority shareholder has demanded veto rights in the running of the club.
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    You just know that if the vote succeeds there will be claims that it's fixed !!! SMFC will be here long after all of us are 6 foot under of that I'm certain so all this hot air is just that. What will be will be. Wish it was all done and dusted either way.
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    You mean supporters of St Mirren, yeah probably about 600-900 of us Away and troll another web site
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    Just a wee word of caution all charities are founded with a set of aims and values by setting up a close relationship with SMISA kibble will be using the assets of the club in pursuit of theirs despite repeated attempts at contact, kibble have not responded to my request for a copy of their original trust deed which still governs their operation if you don’t know their aims then how can you sign up to a partnership with them?
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    That's not the impression you give on here.
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    That's what they say about SMFC, not just this forum. I was really wondering about how they, or any "outsider", viewed a Baz "discussion". [emoji38]
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    Ach, don't say that! The Scottish Cup's my favourite competition, as there's a (very slim) chance that we can actually win it! I've set my heart on a trip to Hampden this year for a semi-final at least.
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    Win this one and we're home to Aberdeen/ Killie with a lovely 7:20pm kick off time on Saturday 29th Feb. Live on BBC Scotland
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    Only half a turn.
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    Can u just f**k OFF!
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    That question! [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
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    As I said, you were negative towards the manager, the players and the club. Other forum members have the right to not agree with everything as well! As for Stubbs, it was a mistake in your opinion. The reality is that he had a more successful League Cup campaign than either Jack Ross or Jim Goodwin managed. He was sacked after 4 league games, 1 of which he won and 2 of which were away to Rangers and Hearts In effect, he was sacked on the basis of 1 game - a defeat to Livingston - as they were assumed to be cannon fodder. How wrong was that assumption! That highlights that you are a negative person in the extreme!
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    Yet you yourself were negative towards the manager, the players and the club at the start of last season and negative towards those who were positive, like myself. The reality is that you’re “positivity” is towards your own point of view and you’re negative towards anyone who disagrees with you.
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    One of them is talking about us having a "cure for Coronavirus". Oh and some auld duffer spamming every thread with posts like "well said" and "my thoughts entirely" and "if I'm being greedy I'd take two wins".
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    BIK is right on this. This place went into metldown after that meeting when it was clear that I think Dickson and one other (Drew I think) voted against Gilmour after his Armageddon speech and everyone else fell for that bullshit. You'd need to ask Gilmour himself what made him change his mind.
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    Feck it. voted. too late to change my mind now. Can get back to important stuff now. Need to get train tickets for Motherwel and the Fecking scotrail website is worse than interstadia. COYS
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    What about your GLS one?
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    You are not a positive person Baz. Why would you think that?
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    How many on that list have looked past the PR excercise that presented this as a done deal - its easy for emplyees and celebrities to support what is presented to them in that manner
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    I wonder what they say about this forum? [emoji38]
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    Can you please stop posting shit like that, it isn't helpful? In fact, it could be the exact opposite and end up killing someone if they are gullible enough to believe all it says. If things like that worked they wouldn't be called alternative medicine, they would just be called medicine.
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    The Relegation Battle - Season 19/20

    Kickback is always makes for good comedy reading.
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    I would even say it's gone beyond that. A lot of smisa members I know are sold on fan ownership and fan ownership alone. The German model was always used as the beacon ie 51% does the job. We are miles away from the schemes in place in Germany to self support and protect clubs but it's seen as the most workable model. Plenty fan owned clubs there have strategic partnerships as they translate as. A lot of members just want to get to majority fan ownership as quickly as possible. Not saying that it the right road but it's a popular opinion. As always the massively silent majority will make the decision not the few on here.
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    SMiSA has a legal agreement with Gordon Scott - or at least so they tell us - to buy all but 8% of the shares he owns (giving them a total 71% shareholding). To facilitate Gordon Scott selling all but 0.05% of his shares to Kibble (giving them a 27% shareholding) SMiSA has to agree to set aside this legal agreement (thereby reducing their total shareholding to just 51%) That is the reason for the vote. SMiSA Members have not been asked to vote on whether to allow Kibble a veto on all ordinary and special resolutions on the club board. The SMiSA committee, Gordon Scott and Kibble have already decided that if they can get SMISA members to agree to waive their legal agreement the veto will be part of the arrangement. The "extended" veto is being sold to fans as something that protects all sides - which it does do in the interim period whilst Gordon Scott's shares are still being transferred over to SMISA ownership. However once this period has passed the veto is to remain in place. The only beneficiary from that would be Kibble. Under normal circumstances any minority shareholder with 25% of the shares in a company or more would be allowed a veto on Special Resolutions only. However in this proposal the veto is to be extended to "all major decisions within the club".
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    I wish tickets for all away games were of the sit anywhere variety. It would save a lot of misunderstandings and more importantly I can sit as far as possible from that bloody drum. I appreciate if a whole end is likely to be sold out specific seat numbers are easier to manage but how often does that happen?
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    Vitamins are great. Not just C but all of them play a huge role in good health both physical and mental. Mainly in a preventative way though, not as a cure.
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    Indeed, about 14,000 for the ding dong Dundee derby.
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    Maybe we don't have as many glory hunters (or gloryhole hunters ) in our support as they do? To be honest, our support tends to stay quite steady, whatever kind of season we have. It's the away supports which make the most difference to whether our average attendance goes up or down.
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    Really? Wow that really would smack of desperation.
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    I sent in a question and got an answer within the hour.
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    Why are there a)reminders to vote going out and b)directors asking people to go onto to Facebook to back the deal. Low voting g?
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    That's totally irrelevant to my point.
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    You've lost it bud! A blind man can see you are posting made up drivel. Honestly I worry for your mental health.
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    Now, that is irony.
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    Oooooooh I could crush a grape!

    Years ago, I got a part time job delivering Yellow Pages. I drove to a place in Bellahouston to pick up my allocation. I drove an Avenger back then! [emoji41][emoji23] As I loaded the boot, the rear end of the car got lower and lower. Boot full... Back seats were loaded too. Car filled, I set off for Paisley. The underside of the car was scraping along the road all the way! [emoji50][emoji50][emoji50] How that car didn't catch fire I'll never know. All books successfully delivered... In the pishing rain... Mostly to tenaments! [emoji25][emoji25][emoji25]
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    His opinion is baseless because he hasn't backed it up with facts... Yet YOUR opinion, not backed up with fact, differs how? [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
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    Just a thought but if Kibble come on Board maybe that shitfest of a ticket website run by InterStadia will get punted and we'll all be able to buy tickets online with no hassle. Hopefully they will have the contacts and resources to assist there. That would be a great Contribution.
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    My argument still stands - they would be reacting to a press conference giving it as a done deal - they wouldn’t spend any time looking any further
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    Greedy bastard! Only thinking about yourself! Hoarding solves nothing, ya c**t. [emoji38]
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    I notice in the SMISA reminder that the ‘half the time’ soundbite is still being pushed. Is it not truer to say ‘5 years early instead of 3 years early’
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    Liedown, St Midden bastards ?
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    Excellent post Ricky 👍 you nailed it
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