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    portmahomack saint

    Armchair Fans

    Take it the Valentine date with Faraway didn't go too well Ricky
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    Guess we now just want a draw blood festival in Edinburgh with two players from each side being sent off in atrocious weather
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    I read that SMISA are paying the legal fees, Why would this be so if the deal is between GS and Kibble. Could be I’m mistaken but if not then , why are SMISA paying
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    Unbeaten weekend, get in!
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    Bank Branches

    It shouldn't be a surprise. The banks open after everyone has gone to work and then close before everyone gets home. Retail is the same in most towns and cities. You couldn't design a more stupid business model. Both types of business are stuck in the 1950s when women largely stayed at home and were available for shopping.
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    Latest Scores

    Jesus. I used to at least respect you, even if I don't agree with your standpoint. I can't even say that anymore.
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    Confident of 2 wins this week for us. Both games if on - Saints win 2-1 We’re honestly not a million miles away from a few wins in a row.
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    Latest Scores

    Nope but it's like a drug you know it's not good for you but you take it anyway. That's how it is for me watching them been an addict since i was about 14 apart for a couple of seasons I went to watch Celtic but got bored with them so went back to watching Saints
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    Armchair Fans

    He told me that en route to the date a better offer turned up. He spotted a freshly painted wall he could spend 12 hours watching dry. I was meant to pass the message on. I feel awful now.
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    Sadly because this game is off, that will likely mean lots of more pointless posts on the SMFC/SMISA thread
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    Hopefully the break helps those carrying minor injuries. Also hope the rain continues and postpones Tuesday's game keeping us fresh and full of energy for Friday
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    Why are we even in the Premiership, why didn't we just remain in Championship. Problem solved. I work in an environment full of bigots, but I'm not going to give it up, because it pays good money. If one lived next door to you, would you sell your house. Like to see how it will all be handled when or if fans take over.
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    Tues game will now be a league and cup game to save time. 🤥
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    Armchair Fans

    Predictably... He didn't turn up
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    Quick lets arrange a Boycott before they announce its off. I'm in, no going.........................
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    fact this, evidence that Then "I presume"!
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    Pitch inspection due 12.30
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    Poor wind-up, but the effort is amusing! Two ex flute band members from Drumchapel supporting a Renfrewshire team with a Kafflik name? 🤣
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    Not been on a match thread for a while because I've been driving to games. Back to normal today. On the train. Heading for a pre match pint or two. Would like to see Ross Wallace get 10 or 15 mins today. His goal videos remind me of Adam Hamill. Hopefully we can resurrect the 40 yards or 50 yards wallace always scores Chant See you all there COYS
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    We don’t play a passing game. We play an Infuriating and wasteful long ball game. Changing to a passing game is what we should be doing. The goal at Livingston through the week is exactly the kind of football we’re capable of playing and we’re far better at that than trying to gain second balls off of Obika.
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    FFS. Kibble CANNOT break the legal agreement between SMiSA and Gordon Scott. Only SMiSA or Gordon Scott can do that as they are the only two parties involved in the agreement. If they agree to another agreement then the current one is NOT being "broken", no matter who else is involved. The veto is part of the proposal put to the vote, therefore SMiSA members ARE being asked to vote on it. It really isn't that f**king difficult. Maybe next time try looking at what I was responding to before embarrassing yourself.
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    At the press release. oh shit that’s already happened.
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    They could probably tell you now... But that would be bad pr! [emoji50][emoji850]
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    History in Black & White

    www.stmirren.info - found this really interesting website which details the history of the club. I was even able to discern that we have never lost to Celtic on March 7!
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    Latest Scores

    Martin Tyler hates Liverpool, did you hear him at the start Talking about how Norwich won the second half at Anfield 1 - 0. Doesn't get you any points
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    I hope its hamilton who go down. Worst support along with Livingston.
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    Re., Hamilton: if that us getting 2 draws away from home, we would be pleased.
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    Latest Scores

    Good. My arse making buttons waiting on FT.
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    Latest Scores

    A few sending offs would be great.....
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    Latest Scores

    I'd take 2. 2 points dropped for both teams is better than one gaining 3 points.
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    If given a mandate... Of course they could. I bet that would not happen in the Bundesliga with the 50+1 ownership model that some would have us believe applies to SMiSA-Kibble partnership.
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    faraway saint

    Armchair Fans

    Check your wife's hands, red paint I bet.
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    As well as the one quoted here?
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    United ya numpty!
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    Allan Burrows tweeted that the pitch was playable at the time of the inspection but all officials involved felt that the rain looked like continuing and the wind was rising so the postponement was agreed.
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    I wouldn't concern myself too much about his views. To think he believes that, to swell our gates, the way forward is to beg for bigot scum to attend our games when they're at a loose end, while accepting their respective clubs are allowed to run roughshod over ALL the other clubs to the detriment of our game. He spouts soundbites and thinks it makes him appear intelligent while, mostly, he parrots others or posts to say, I agree is when he's trolling Faraway.
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    Livingston v St Mirren, Wed 12th Feb

    Nah, just plain old talking shite 😘
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    A six year old article where the watchdog said he was guilty of an oversight. Your trolling's getting worse - you really must try harder.
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    Kirk Broadfoot

    Loved this buddie’s tweet... https://twitter.com/StMirrenBanter/status/1228609881718042624/photo/1 😁
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    Plenty parking in streets down from their main stand if get there by half 2. Then about 10 min walk round to away stand. Never any kind of problem
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    Is this one of our potential new board members? BBC News - Council leader Mark Macmillan given non disclosure 'ban' http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-26480939
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    If Scotland’s most successful club and a new club are financed by attracting a bigoted, racist following to the detriment of the financial health of all other clubs in our wee nation, how can you see that as “great” and/or “something to celebrate”? Scotland does not have a competitive football organisation. all fans of the diddy teams are subsidising any successes the two poisoned parties may have. How can that be a healthy arena into which you’d want to attract the “young and youths in the area”?
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    I'll crack the jokes.
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    A difficult but correct decision. In time this will adjust if we continue to build home support at recent rates. A plus 60% over the last few years. Now running around 4 300. We are able to add around 25% more without starting to cut the allocation for visiting fans. Can it be done? I believe so. As to toxic atmosphere.. I deplore sectarianism. But.. I think that inside the ground at least, there is a reduction in these types of songs and chants. Looking at our own house.. Those of us there may well be St Mirren Supporters but we are no Saints in the giving out verbal stick department.
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    It's the one thing i'll never agree with our board on, no money or extra players is worth the toxic atmosphere they bring.
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    Troll Oh hang on , that’s factual I agree with Shull Wow , just wow
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    It's a fact Kibble are not investing in St Mirren,they are just buying shares from GS, thereby breaking the GS/Smisa agreement.The cash is going to the Chairman ,who until he says otherwise, will not be investing any of the cash into the club. It's a fact that this minority shareholder has demanded veto rights in the running of the club.
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    Well Done The Northbank

    Not missed by me at Livingston. No one bullying me out of my allocated seat, no drum and the atmosphere was fine. Only the result was crap.
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    £24.00 for an adult yes, but £3.00 for my son, furthermore you can get an adult and two weans for £28.00, so fair play to Motherwell!!
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