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    Regarding Thommos comments about the league being more important than the cup last night, I completely disagree with him and I’m surprised he made them to be honest. What we will all remember most from Thommo’s St Mirren career is those glorious goals in the semi and final of the league cup. They’ll still be spoken about in 50 years. He was also involved in some successful relegation battles, but no one will remember them. Nobody will come up to him and go remember that time you were a big part in that team who finished 8th in the league...? I could tell you the starting 11 that one us the cup in 1987. I was far too young to remember the game but they’re all club legends. By most accounts the team of the late 70’s and early 80’s was actually a better team than the 87 team. Don’t know anything about them though, cause they never even made a cup final. League positions come and go. Sometimes we get relegated, sometimes we get promoted, ‘Twas ever thus. It’s the cups where true legends are made for clubs like us. Our most important game of the season was last night. Our next most important game is the quarter final a week on Saturday. How can Friday be more important than either of them? Even if you do think the league is more important than the cups (which I don’t) nothing gets decided in the game against Hearts. We could win and get relegated or lose and stay up.
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    Just home, really want to slaughter the team but I can’t, we’re through shit happens, tonight was exactly what st mirren is about 😂 we will always do things the hard way, emotional rollercoaster, mon the fkin saints, work tomorrow will be tough 🙈😂
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    Special mention to Cammy McPherson. Could not get in the team at the start of the season and ended up with the captain's armband last night. Really proving to be an important player for us.
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    Just back from the historic game ( apparently we have never won a Scottish cup game on penalty’s) The 900 odd saints fans that made the trip to Motherwell got a much more than they had bargained for with the £12 gate price, they got excellent football and dire ,dire football in equal measures, the proverbial game of two half’s. To illustrate this, here are my thought bubbles from halftime: “wow saints are really starting to come together, this could be the game that turns there season around, they could easily score another couple of goals here” and from the 80th minute: ” for f#*cks sake, why the f#*ck did he take off Jakubiak and replace him with f#*ckin Morias!! , why did we decide to fall back to our box and defend for most of the f#*cin half? “ and after the penalty’s “ yaaaaasssssss , still in the cup, get it right up yeah Tony Watt “ so there you have it, if there is a difficult way to win a game stmirren will find it. Hampden here we come !!
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    Jakubiack is the man making us tick. Thought he was immense tonight. And McGrath gave us width and balance on the right. The best of St Mirren and the worst of St Mirren - all in the one game.
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    Don’t even care that we were shite second half. That game was f**king magic! Who needs the champions league?
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    Cup memories are great (well some of them anyway - 2010 gave me the biggest boot in the baws since the H game). Winning is great. Not winning is not so great and few remember cup runs than end in a semi final. For me I would take staying up over a Cup run this season. I think the Club now has a genuine ambition to break into the top 6. I have not thought that was the case in the past - wishful thinking but without a real desire to achieve it. In his first year in full time management I think Goody is learning on the job and making good strides forward. Hopefully if we stay up we can recruit properly and compete far better against teams of a similar size (and smaller size like Livi) and realistically go for a top six place. Killie made Europe last season. The Jonnies and Well have all played in Europe recently. And with the OF being successful there may be an extra place in the future for Scottish Clubs. For those old enough to remember European nights (Home or Away) - were they not enjoyable occasions that will not be forgotten even though we got pumped fairly early on? As we know only too well being relegated does not mean automatic promotion and the financial difference is staggering in Scottish terms. Staying up and building on it over the next few years is critical and I would not like to see us start all over again by being relegated as I feel we have genuine forward momentum. And I am still buzzing after last night
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    Agree TC In my time supporting I have witnessed 4 promotions( 77, 00,06,18) 3 relegations 4 Cups, ( SC 87, LC 13, B&Q 2006, Anglo Scot 79) I can remember fondly all Cup wins , the regular trips to Hampden in the 80s. However could easily forget Gus keeping us up by skin of our teeth and last season in total bar the play off final...…….. We have a genuine chance to get to a Semi and then anything is possible as in 2013. Embrace it, its what its all about, after all we can get 17-20 k fans to Hampden more than triple what we get at home
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    I think the main takeaway from that has to be what a f**king signing the Jak has been, and how much he brings out in Obika. I tend to think a 4-4-2 is a bit naive in the modern game, and you run the risk of being exposed in the middle, but if we can soak up a bit of pressure and then hit teams like that, then f**king bring it on. If we go down, let's go down with all guns blazing.
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    Well what a game for 12 quid. 2 team with suicidal defending. But made for an entertaining game. Obika was on fire first half. But Goody made a tactical mistake IMO taking jakuiak off and bringing Morias on and going one upfront. But anyway were in the next round and it's on to the Hearts game Friday night. Coys
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    Yes, FJ here. Was/am locked out of the original account and, for some reason I kept failing the security under my new guise. But, now I am on....just in time to jump on the runaway, unstoppable St Mirren juggernaut all the way to Hampden. COYS!
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    Aberdeen QF Celtic SF Hearts Final. Saints [emoji471]
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    Any reduced admission price will need to be agreed to by both clubs. However, whether it's Kilmarnock or Aberdeen they, and Saints, will face their EIGHTH game in February and with the game being live on terrestrial TV surely both clubs could reward the fans by agreeing to £10, £5 and £1.
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    Got to hand it to elvis. He’s been getting bites with the same bait for about 10 years now. Here’s to the next 10. Don’t be cruel.
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    and more like themselves in the second.
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    918 paying Saints Fans. We arrived at our end just in time for some terribly naughty boy opening the fire exit from the inside. Well over 1000 Buds in attendance.
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    It’ll become one of those legendary games that we’ll talk about for years.... Were you there that time we were 4-1 up at half time and then won on penalties...? Mental. That emotional rollercoaster, ecstasy, dejection, ecstasy, much more fun than drawing 0-0 and winning on penalties. Love it. Aberdeen or Kilmarnock at home in the quarters then. We’ve beaten both of them in Paisley already this season so fancy us against either of them. One game away from Hampden...
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    It's obvious you're a bit of a diddy but just to add some balance he deserves some credit for the starting line up and first half performance.
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    Welcome Jonathan Obika

    Best striker this football club has had since Thommo. What a player. Love him.
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    I've read the proposal, watched the video, asked and had answered my questions and have now voted. I really do like the idea of the link up with Kibble and acknowledge the need for the expertise on offer but I still can't see why the shares are required to achieve the aims and requirements of both the club and Kibble, as a result i've voted no. I'll continue to pay my monthly cash no matter what the result so let's see what the result is on Friday.
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    Julian Banjos

    Welcome Jonathan Obika

    Jon is now amongst the elite few who have managed a double-figure goal return for us, as a top league club, in the past 2 decades: 16 = Thompson (11/12, 12/13 & 13/14) 14 = Higdon (10/11) 13 = Sutton (06/07) 13 = Mehmet (09/10) 12 = Mehmet (08/09) 12 = Dorman (08/09) 11 = Gillies (99/00) 10 = Obika (19/20)
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    Welcome Jonathan Obika

    Not as lucky as we are, at present, in being spared from further posting by his clownish detractors.🤡
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    Magic Monkey

    Welcome Jonathan Obika

    Just popped in here to see if anyone clueless f**ker was still giving him stick. We've got him signed on for next season, too. If we stay up, and keep him, he'll score 15 for us next year, no bother.
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    It already is, being a member of the SFA
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    Would be my player of the year if the awards were tomorrow. First name on the team sheet every week, he’s a proper player.
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    Welcome Jonathan Obika

    And welcome once more. Glad to have you at St Mirren. Two goals last night and ran for 120 minutes then scored your penalty.
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    My brother was saying it and i stupidly said no chance... what a bloody game though, nerve wracking at the penalties and great celebrations at the end! It's a learning curve for Jim, perhaps better to not try and sit on a lead for so long, maybe revert to those tactics in the last 20 mins but were very impressive when we played on the offensive.
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    He probably did,most of the away support thought the same.
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    Welcome Jonathan Obika

    He’s shite, get him aff.... Well in Big Man, whit a half!
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    Welcome Jonathan Obika

    Think Jakubiak is good foil for him. Jak is strong, skillful, works well with his back to goal and has pace. Obika seems to be at his best when he doesn't have time to think about his chances. Most of his goals have come from crosses that he's got on the end of and hit first time rather than taking a touch to set himself and they are usually with his feet rather than his head. I can only think of one or two that haven't.
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    Aberdeen will sell their allocation for this one,let’s do the same. 🏁
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    Of course we should be trying to win things. I want the Cup and 7th place this season by winning all our remaining games. Let's go for it
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    Ayrshire Saints

    St Mirren v Hearts Friday 21 Feb

    Pitch is going to have to take another all day deluge on Friday. Wee postponement wouldn't be the worst case scenario.
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    A bunch of daft wee fannies, knocking f**k out a couple of wee boys who were lucky if they were about 14....Well that's what I seen anyway.
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    He’s right though.
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    My feet are just starting to defrost, great entertainment from start to finish
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    Just back home! You summed it up well. Fantastic entertainment. Credit to both teams. COYS
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    First national quarter final since 2013 👏 Highest league position at this stage in a season since 2014 👏 First double figure return from a striker in a top flight season since 2014 (and it’s only February) 👏 What a job Jim and Lee have done so far. We’re very lucky to have them.
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    Why did we not use all four subs like Well! Jim’s main problem is the squads inbalance a couple of defenders on bench would have enabled us to shore up defence to help our young centre backs this has to be addressed immediately.
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    The strangest game I have ever seen in my life. Best £12 I have ever spent. I was saying at half time that we can't throw away a 3 goal lead. But all's well that ends well.
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    Big Boris, Our Prime Minister

    Priti Patel to deport own parents (Satire, I think)
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    What could go wrong with these clauses. From what i can see the conditions being applied are good governance for any business.. Kibble wish to stop SMISA aka the Club associating themselves with brands, names and organisations that may bring a quick buck but ultimately tarnish the club and the Kibbles name. The clubs legacy is one of its major assets that require to be protected. This clause is not the doomsday veto that is being mooted on here by others. The clause does go beyond the normal stature of company law However its not the smoking gun that some are looking for. The clause does not allow Kibble to force their will on the club. It stops the Club selling the brand or its colours to a strip club, money lender, drug dealer the list goes on. The Director clause is the biggest hurdle to overcome in that a Kibble Director in theory could n not be removed. However i suspect that should their presence be continually obstructive or create bad blood then Kibble would remove possibly remove them.
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    f**k off you annoying dick.
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    Nothing to worry about really.What alarm bells? What could possibly go wrong there? Kibble are just protecting their investment, or so I was told! Here's me thinking SMISA had invested even more. No matter how much this is played down or justified, there is the potential for some real scary shit in the future.
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    Bank Branches

    He'll now claim that he was only winding oaky up.
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    Does that avenge the '77 game ?
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