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    Update On Aaron Woodall

    Got this amazing update this afternoon from David Woodall, father of our Player of the Year 2015 winner Aaron Woodall. How about that then !!!!
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    A Message From The Players

    I spoke to one of the players today and he asked me to put a wee note out to the fans. The players appreciate that everyone is feeling frustrated, they are feeling it too. They are absolutely determined to put it right. They have asked that everyone gets right behind them from the off tomorrow, whether you appreciate it or not it makes an enormous difference to them. I think they all feel a bit on edge based on the conversation I had. We need to do our bit to boost that confidence as much as we can. So, if you are going tomorrow, please put on your positive shoes, and give the team every encouragement from the first whistle. Hopefully we will see a response. COYS
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    A timely reminder

    I started this website 15 years ago to give Saints fans a platform for discussing the club and the team with each other. We won't always agree on everything, otherwise there would be no point in having the forum at all. The only thing we all have in common should be a desire for the very best for the club. We want the team to succeed on the park and the club to thrive off the park. That should be a given. It's important to me that when we disagree we do so constructively and with respect for each others views. It's also important to me that the forum is not used as a vehicle to continually attack the club. The club make mistakes and should be called out on it when they do, but the players, the staff and everyone else associated with the club shouldn't be continually attacked by their own. It's not what the forum was created for. The stuff posted in the last 48 hours on a couple of threads, which have now been hidden, has been miles away from the sort of stuff I expect to read on here, and yes I'm including myself in that. It's been poor. Let's draw a line under it and move on and try harder to be civil to one another, using the ignore function if necessary to block out those users you don't wish to engage with.
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    David Van Zanten

    I'm very sad to announce that my time at St. Mirren has come to an end. The 9 years I've spent at the club have, without doubt, been the most enjoyable of my career. I'm extremely proud to have played for St. Mirren and, of course, to leave with 3 winners medals which I will treasure for the rest of my life. The club has given my family and I the most amazing memories and I've made some of my best friends in football there. I'd like to thank everyone involved with the club, from the board to the fans, for their support throughout the years and I'd like to wish Tommy, Jim & Gary all the best for the future. Finally, I'd like to thank my past and current team mates. It has been a pleasure to have shared a dressing room with these guys and they have played a huge part in my memories at the club. COYS
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    With all the criticism levelled at the club since Saturday, I want to buck the trend and say a massive thank you and well done. My Cousin came to Scotland for his first ever visit in his 49 years. His Dad, my Uncle Tom died not that long ago. Tom was a great Saints fan and was at the 59 cup final. He emigrated a year later. My Cousin is spending 6 weeks touring Europe, and although only spending one weekend in this area, the whole trip was scheduled to let him get to Saturdays game. Unbeknown to my Cous, I contacted Brian Caldwell at short notice and asked if he could help make the visit memorable. He said to arrive at the stadium at 1pm and he would see what he could do. We arrived at 1pm to be told that Brian was out on the pitch shovelling snow! At that point I resigned myself to a token greeting. Brian arrived 10 minutes later, full of apologies. He then spent almost 40 minutes giving Russell a full tour... Introducing him to Mallan, Goodwin, Thompson and Rae... all of whom willingly stopped and chatted. A visit to the changing rooms, Board Room, Tunnel and trackside followed... Along with a lovely chat with his fellow Kiwi Howieson. Brian shared wonderful stories of Saints past and present, and showed a pride and passion about Saints that took me aback. The game may have been postponed, but he made sure that my Cousin had a truly memorable day. One that he will always cherish. I will too. Well done Saints...truly proud to be a Buddie.
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    Progress Officially Made

    Plenty of Personal Bests confirmed tonight. Highest SPL finish.....check Highest Points total.....check Most goals scored in an SPL season......check Least SPL Defeats.....check Most SPL clean sheets.....check All achieved this season. Anyone still want to argue that we aren't progressing in the correct manner? Anyone?
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    Almost 500 Saints fans took the time to vote in our online Eurovision style poll recently to determine the 13th winner of the annual Black & White Army Player of the Year Award, for season 2014-2015. As the largest Saints unofficial website, our award is always coveted by the players. This season of course has been an incredibly disappointing one for everyone connected with the club, but one that we WILL recover from. The club will bounce back again, just like it has done many times before. Anyway, to the vote itself and we are really pleased to announce that the winner of this years Player of the Year award for 2015 is none other than.................... Aaron Woodall Aaron (circled in the photo) is one of our 2008 Junior Academy players who was diagnosed with a brain tumour late last year. Having successfully had his tumour removed this brave young man then underwent many weeks and months of really intensive Radiotherapy and is currently undergoing Chemotherapy as he continues to battle this disease. Aarron's strength & courage has been an inspiration to all of us, and a timely reminder of things around us that are much more important than football. We will be in touch with the club shortly to arrange to hand over our coveted trophy to this fine young man, who will also receive a framed St.Mirren shirt, signed by the League Cup winning team of 2013 as part of his award. Congratulations Aaron and all the very best with your continued recovery. Top Ten Players (in reverse order - total points received) Aaron Woodall - 4291 Kenny McLean - 4102 Jim Goodwin - 3089 Stephen Mallan - 2857 Jeroen Tesselaar - 2582 John McGinn - 2429 Marc Ridgers - 2380 Jason Naismith - 2309 Marc McAusland - 1782 James Dayton - 1408
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    Personal Abuse. Have A Think.

    We are all hurting very badly after the start to the season, and we are all very frustrated. By all means criticise the management team, the players and the board if you think they are at fault. That is your right and the forum is here to take your opinions. Please do not however allow your criticism to become over the top personal abuse. Have a think about the effect that sort of thing might have on potential signings who DO look at boards like these, or indeed the family and friends of the individuals you are abusing. These guys are doing their best, and if they come up short then fair enough we can be critical, but they don't deserve abuse.
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    W7 Appreciation Post

    I can't describe how much I've felt the atmosphere improve inside the stadium over the last two years, thanks to Josh and the rest of the boys in W7 - week in, week out they're arranging displays, setting up drums/equipment, giving out positive messages about the club on social media - not to mention singing their lungs out on a Saturday, win, lose or draw. Jack Ross referred to it a lot last season about how well the players respond and I have watched it genuinely having a positive effect on player performance and results. I know some of the boys take a bit of a battering sometimes but I raise a glass to them for helping turn our club around. Fantastic once again today. An absolute credit to the club
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    Captain Fantastic

    Stephen Mcginn happily getting his picture taken with my son at the end of the game ,then gave him his armband, said happy Christmas. ..the wee man's best Christmas what a gent ...COYS
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    Stephen Mallan

    Hi guys just wanted to give you a wee update on stephen,at present he's working everyday with the sports science team,coaching staff and manager,he's fit but as some have suggested just not quite there yet, he's been constantly doing dble and triple sessions in order to get to that level. the manager didn't want him on loan so he can work with Stephen everyday rather than send him out. as we know there's certain aspects of him game that he has to dramatically inprove on in order to be selected,at present his defensive side,his strength his heading his alround game has to lift. hes loving working with the manager and coaches and understands his position,and I'm sure when the manager thinks he's ready we will see a new and more improved stephen.
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    Tam Mcgarry

    Thanks everyone for their kind words.Tam donated his organs which enabled others the gift of life.I am so proud to call him my best mate.He was so upbeat about our bid to buy the club and as such we cannot let this opportunity go.I loved this guy so much and trust our fans to reach our goal.Theres only one Tam McGarry.He never left my side !!!!!
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    I have been working in Northern Ireland this week . Today I was working North of Antrim up to Ballymoney ,at lunch time I dropped into a wee place called Bellaghy for a bite to eat . The guy serving me , hearing the accent enquired where I was from , when I said Paisley , next question was which team ... as usual ! When I said Saints, he looked surprised. “pop your head into that office over there and tell them who you support “ Turns out the guy in the office is an organiser for the Belfast youth football group who visited us a couple of weeks back , he was singing the clubs praises , said the youngsters were given the whole package and treated like kings . Particularly singled out TF for praise saying he had the young uns captivated with his stories and enthusiasm. The lads have asked if they can wear .St.Mirren strips next season !! At times it is easy to become disillusioned with our club and sometimes things seem bleak , but it’s good to remind ourselves we can occasionally do things right Well done to all involved.
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    Remember first seeing him as a 16 year old playing in the u20s. He was so slim his top was to big for him. But sitting with Skodasaint and Burnsy we all said the same thing. this tiny skinny kid has something. He had blistering pace and we loved watching him in the u20s. And I was at a Dumbarton game last year and Lewis dad tap me on the shoulder and introduced himself. He said Lewis would like to give you his shirt at the end of the season. I asked why. He said as a thank you for supporting and encouraging him in the u20s. as you can imagine i was delighted and true to his word I met up with Lewis in the supporters club and gave me his shirt . I'm a massive fan of his and were ever he plays I always will be. he's a credit to the club and his family. Lewis thanks for the great memories. Coys
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    Stevie Mallon

    Wldnt u be frustrated if your kid didn't get the promotion in there work or missed out on an opportunity to do better in life,your right to mention it's upsetting,as for the PDE comment,no he didn't speak to Barnsley or sit with bags packed,because nothing was finalised,yes there was an agreement but that changed at the last minute to stop it,nothing to do with Barnsley going cold,or stephen personal terms,didn't even get that far,that's bullshit,so there's the truth, i do read what the fans say about my kid and yes it's hard to take at times but that's the life my whole family choose,from my grandfather who played here to now also my grandson,it's true your only as good as your last game,fans can say what they like but when it's a member of ur family that's being abused or slaughtered,regardless the industry it's still hard to take. contrary to what people think,stephen will come good again,the prospect of playing with better educated members of his team will breed through the team as was showing against Dundee,I do believe we won't go down I do believe with the player new in will gel,I also think the weeman will learn a lot of Stephen McGinn, wether as some say heart or dig or whatever,one thing for sure is he's still learning. oh and for the people that don't rate the weeman that's fine cos he has been shite more times this season than last but when he's good he's good that side of him you never see but that's your choice. believe me no one gets on his case more than me,yeah I have the same thoughts long passes to many times,floated corners,shit one twos,I do eat and sleep football believe me. i know I'm setting myself up for a fall but I tired of some of the shit people write about him,just (yeah) but it's still a team EVERYONE has a part to play,that's why it's a team.
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    Responses To Brian Caldwell Updates

    I've started regular email updates from Brian which I have been tweeting out on the @bawarmy twitter feed. I thought I'd use this thread to keep the forum users updated with what's been said. So here is today's update; Ryan Stevenson We did have talks with the player and made him an offer. Unfortunately he elected to sign for Partick Thistle. Darren McGregor Rangers were in touch a while back indicating they were going to speak wtih Darren. Club expects him to sign on at Ibrox shortly, think he is there for a medical today. John McGinn There have been no fresh bids from Sheffield Utd for the player. Kenny McLean Contract offer remains on the table, club are waiting to hear back from the players reps. Season Tickets We have sold 2150 so far which is ahead of this time last season. In total we had 2700 last season but there are plenty of new sign ups, especially in the family section so hopeful of breaking last seasons total. General Jim & Gary have been away on holiday, back now and meeting up with Tommy today for a progress update on player recruitment. There is a long list of targets and these are being pursued. The point was made that English players are all contracted until 30th June so there will not be much movement from South of the Border until July. So there you go. I will post updates to this thread as and when I get them. Sure there isn't much above you didn't already know but at least you know 100% that it's accurate !
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    Tennant's Lager

    Statement On Jd Sports

    From SMiSA.net:
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    Mr Zo

    Bubbles Gone But Not Forgotten

    I was talking to a friend through the week who was telling me that tomorrow the 5th March 2016 will be the 10th anniversary of the death of Brian 'Bubbles' Hetherston after dieing in his sleep of a suspected epileptic fit at the tender age of 29. ( I have read some places that the anniversary is today) Bubbles came onto the scene at St Mirren when I found myself attending most of the reserve home games and enjoying watching him strut his stuff. He was head and shoulders above the rest of the players on the park most games and everytime he got the ball you felt he could do something special. Just thought I would mark the occasion of his sad passing by starting a thread. Weirdly we play Raith tomorrow on the anniversary of his death and they were the club he finished his career with. A fantastic young footballer on his day and I will always remember him fondly from nutmegging Chris Waddle to scoring a peach against Morton at St Mirren Park. RIP Bubbles
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    Esmael Goncalves on way back

    Goncalves is a legend in more ways than one. In April or May 2013, I alongwith another plain clothes cop, were sent to a report of a fight in a flat at Renfrew Village, think it was Mulberry Square. Went to flat, called for back up, heard loud noises within. Adrenalin pumping round body. Knocked on door and muscular, bare chested, black fellow answered door and was looking happy. Could have knocked me over with a feather. GONCALVES. Told him why we were there and invited us in. The flat looked like the end of a Saturday night in Club Slapper. Drink everywhere. Goncalves and 2 Portuguese fellows within. Turns out, Porto (I think) scored last minute goal to secure Portuguese league and the three of them were going mental, celebrating. We all laughed, I relaxed where he then invites me into his bedroom. Started getting nervous as he is a big boy but he then proceeds to open up a set of drawers where there were an assortment of replica St.Mirren strips from cup final, every player was there. All fully embroidered with the match details under our club crest. He then asks me to pick one. I took Thommohawk's jersey, thanked Mr Goncalves for his time where he invited me back to party after my shift where I had to decline. Went back to office, declared the gift and gave it to wee Saints mad boy in my street who burst out crying when he got the strip and it is still up on his bedroom wall today. Sorry for long winded story but good to remember a legend.
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    Murray Resigns - Confirmed

    I genuinely feel for the guy. He was subjected to a volley of vicious bile this afternoon as he trudged off the pitch looking like a broken man, and it wasn't nice to witness. The guy is young, has a family, and a living to make. He didn't set out to f**k this up, it just didn't work out. Thanks for doing your best, Ian. It wasn't good enough, but I wish you no ill, and hope you can move on from this.
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    We need you to stop talking shite.
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    West Ham Saint

    Kieran Sadlier Signs

    My son wrote that article. We have seen Kieran play loads of times as he progressed through the ranks and out of all the players that have been released he is the one we are most gutted about. It isn't just his ability but it is his hard work and attitude that set him apart in my opinion. Hopefully he will be given the opportunity by Teale to progress further and get the regular first team action that he has been craving. Sadly youngsters aren't getting a look in for the West Ham first team and that has a lot to do with the attitude of the manager who is not one for trying new things, he is safety first... and safety second, so don't take the fact that Kieran didn't make the first team as a negative. He trained with them regularly and they were all surprised that he was allowed to leave. Another massive positive (I'm sure you'll agree) is that his moving to St Mirren is that you now have two new followers in my son and we hope to come up and see his home debut against ICT where we hope to see him prove us right and Fat Sam wrong.
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    A message of congratulations to the team and the management for a magnificent turnaround and avoiding automatic relegation today. Of course we're disappointed about Hamilton winning but all of the people at the club have rescued us from a seemingly impossible position in a very short time. I believe that all of them deserve our thanks for getting over this first hurdle and to not have a magnificent achievement lost in the bowels of a matchday thread or in the negativity of Hamilton winning today or any nonsense about how we've been performing recently. That's 4 great results in a row against strong opposition with plenty of late goals. That's noteworthy right there. The boys never f**king give in. That's the spirit we need from here to the end of the season and we'll be fine. Part Two is to defeat Hamilton next week and leave us with something to play for on the last week. If we do that, we can enter the play-offs (if it comes to that) with our heads held high. Despite other results, I'm buzzing today and can't wait for next week. Let's f**king do this. COYS.
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    Kyle Magennis

    Can you believe that one of our players played in the first ever win over Brazil at any level.So proud of him and he was outstanding in the first half.He had a strain in the second half and had to be replaced.Pleased to say a large number of family members were there to witness the game.
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    Sir David Gray

    Well done St Mirren

    Well done to St Mirren today. You can probably tell from my username that I'm a Hibs fan. Thought your team were a credit to your club today, worked their socks off and there was also no shortage of quality on display, particularly from Morgan and McGinn and to a lesser extent Mallan (IMO anyway). More than deserved your point, an argument could even been made that you lot deserved to pick up all three but hey ho, I don't think any of us particularly care now! Also, massive credit to the St Mirren fans today. Filled the half of the stand you were given and made a hell of a lot more noise than the likes of Hearts and Rangers who bring double the numbers but about 10% of the noise. Not heard an away support like that at Easter Road in a long time. If you could keep that squad together and add another couple decent players I think you lot could definitely win that league next season. When you lot beat us 2-0 you were probably the only team to have beaten us this season that actually deserved to. Whether you'll be able to do keep them together is the key but then again, with the job Jack Ross has done I'm sure he'd manage to replace them fairly well. Good luck next season. I hope and expect to see you lot back in the SPL very soon.
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    For the past 13 years we have awarded our Player of the Year trophy at the end of every season. It's an award completely voted for by the fans and it's always been very popular and we hope it's one that is coveted by the players. Starting from this season we have decided to launch a Young Player of the Year award to go alongside this and we are this very proud to announce that this will be named in memory of Saints fan Tam McGarry who sadly passed away this summer. The naming of the award seems fitting given that Tam's son Steven came up through the ranks of the St.Mirren Youth setup, with his crowning moment in the stripes coming in that quite unforgettable season of 99-00. Tam was one of the biggest Saints fans you could ever hope to meet, and again this award will be voted for by the fans toward the end of the current campaign and every year after that going forward. Speaking to Steven this morning about our idea he said, "I think that would be very nice and very fitting, and as a family would be very proud that he would have an award named after him so thanks. We also appreciate all the support from all the fans over the last few weeks we have been all taken aback with all the message pictures and stories." So there you go, the Tam McGarry Young Player of the Year Award is here. Let's hope the young guns come up trumps and give us plenty of options this season! COYS. #MarchingInTogether
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    A G M

    So if I've got this right, TC wafted four names on a bit of paper, so we can relax safe in the knowledge he was on top of identifying signing targets. Strip sales are on a par with previous seasons, so we can relax safe in the knowledge that the current kit is well liked and sales figures reflect this. We have Plummer and Tess, so we can relax safe in the knowledge that we are well sorted in the CB positions. There are no plans to kit out the void as a supporters bar, so we can relax safe in the knowledge that Paisley pubs will not lose out on valuable revenue. No airlines were interested in an advert on the dome (the facility, not Jim Goodwin's napper), so we can relax safe in the knowledge we aren't missing anything if we fail to get a windae' seat on our holibobs. Our strikers are pish, but will be fine and dandy once Thommo' is fit, so we can relax safe in the knowledge that Thommo' is not only a legend and a handsome man, he's a fcuking miracle worker. Tommy will only 'fall on his sword' in eighteen months time, so we can relax safe in the knowledge that at least one Scottish pensioner won't be worried about affording those fuel bills for the next two winters. Finally, we let Gowser go, so we can relax safe in the knowledge that Paisley polis will feel safer out on the beat this festive season. Yo ho, fcuking ho. I'm convinced..... we are in great shape. Nothing to worry about, nothing to see here, move along....
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    Posted elsewhere some of this on last weekend's match thread but just a quick one here... Thanks for kind posts/good messages throughout the season for the St Mirren TV/Radio coverage. The producer of SMTV/Radio isn't on this forum but knows of your kind thoughts! Not been a vintage campaign but been an enjoyable experience personally and I've commentated on 27 games across both platforms this campaign, doing almost every game in the first part of the season and good chunk of the 2nd half of the season - with couple of the other guys doing some stuff also throughout the season - gaining experience. As it is a UWS project - I'm graduating from my honours year this summer so means Dumbarton was my final game last weekend in terms of commentary with this Sunday's game clashing partially Women's football work (although if you need a second team - Glasgow City play good stuff btw! ) Seriously, though looking ahead I gather the SMTV/Radio partnership will continue next season though - with a mix of students still there and newbies coming in. However don't take it gospelly yet. I'm sure that will be finalised at some point hopefully. Anyway just a thanks again. Although the game clashes on Sunday, still around pre-game presenting the St Mirren show at half 11, which I am looking forward to - wanted to do it at some point this season! Better late than never. After this season St Mirren might have a small lean in my heart now behind my local team... Rangers... Nope not that Rangers... but Berwick Rangers that is. I'm sure i'll still pop in now and again! C
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    Cheesy's Away.

    FWIW, I think he was singled out for disproportionate criticism. He wasn't a superstar, but at least he gave two f**ks, and was part of a team that won us the cup. He goes with my best wishes.
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    Balmullo Bud

    Dear Stewart

    First post, although I've been a regular follower of the forum for years. You can tell by the hour of this post that I've been out on the town(St Andrews, since I moved from Paisley 24 years ago), so apologies if I'm bletherin' nonsense. My dad(like his dad) took me to Love Street regularly since 1979 and I have inflicted St Mirren on my own son(partly his choice) over the past 3 or 4 years, instead of taking him to Tannadice with his two Arab nephews. That's another topic of conversation, supporting local teams etc,,,, We are at yet another turning point in the St Mirren saga/history and the Board have a difficult scenario to address. The decision of whether Tommy Craig is the right man to lead our club is not a difficult one....he clearly isn't and the BOD are wise enough to realise this. As has been stated on countless occasions on this forum, no one apart from the BOD will know why Tommy was gifted a 2 year contract(the cheap option doesn't explain the 2 year aspect???) Gilmour and the rest of the Board are supporters, like us, and want the best for St Mirren, the difference being that although the pain cuts very deep and it is worrying and depressing to us, I haven't had sleepless nights over our predicament. I think the BOD have, and realise their monumental cockup with Craig's appointment. I am not an expert on our finances, but know that sacking Tommy is going to hurt our club (and possibly the BOD personally) financially, when they rightly sack him in the next few days. They made a mistake and we are where we are. When Danny(Saints legend) left us, I thought it was the right decision as a new direction was required, but Tommy Craig was the most uninspiring appointment possible and that is without hindsight. The BOD will have to live with this cheap and narrow-minded decision, even after they hand over the reigns to whoever. This is yet another low point as a Saints fan, but we've been here many times. My inebriated point this morning is that we all make mistakes and the BOD have made a massive one this season. We need to trust them to attempt to fix their mistake and bring in another manager that can build belief amongst the current squad and bring in 3 or 4 players in January, in key positions through the spine of the team. Surely they realise that the longer Tommy is in charge, the further we will sink, so they need to act after yesterday!! Our family brick at St Mirren Park reads ," Bad times make good times great,", but I forgot how shi*e the bad times were. Good luck Mr Gilmour, you have some serious work to do before you go on your holidays!!! (This post was sponsored by Laphroaig, although other brands of whisky are available)
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    Some good news to start the year with My daughter gave birth to my first grandchild yesterday and has named her Mirren Ann (she just likes the name) Both Mum and daughter doing well in Ninewells Happy new year to you all
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    Dibbles old paperboy

    Dear Stewart

    I have no managerial experience, no coaching badges to my name, very little tactical awareness, but even I fancy that I could do a better job than Tommy Craig as St Mirren manager. I'll happily give it a bash for £50k a year, as I think I could get more out of a squad with 5 current and former Scotland U21 players and 2 ex-Scotland internationalists, 75% of home games where we don't score, 0% clean sheets, 50% of league games where we have 2 shots or less on target, 73% of league games lost games. Yours Dibble
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    Aaron Woodall

    I've just read what the St Mirren fans have done, by voting for young Aaron Woodall as your Player of the Season. I'm a Pompey fan (yes, I'm South of the Border!), but whenever I read or hear something like this, I just think how great true football fans are when something really important happens in their Community....so well done to the Black and White Army. You may know that we Pompey fans bought the Club a while back (after some terrible Owners nearly bankrupted us), and at the start of this season (although its finished now) we ensured that the first Team shirts were printed with the names of all those Soldiers from the Portsmouth regiment who lost their lives in WW1. That brought about an amazing response from other fans from all over the World.....and so I hope that you guys get the same recognition, and more importantly, that your efforts helps give support to young Aaron and his family. Good luck to both our Teams next Season.....I think we'll need it!!
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    St Mirren Bod

    This crew have been given an easy ride by many for far too long. Their stewardship of our club in recent years has been shambolic at best, and verging on negligent. They could have sold their shares to Gordon Scott - a Mirren supporter - but opted to sit it out for more money. How has that gone? Cheap, tight, greedy, and arrogant. Get yourselves to f**k!
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    Tragic News, R.i.p. Good Buddie

    I was with Simon on Saturday afternoon in the Star and Garter before the game with davej. Words cannot describe how I've been feeling since I found out on Sunday night. The police had requested that this didn't hit social media, hence why I hadn't posted anything earlier, but I guess it's out now. Simon was a true gentleman (with emphasis on the word "gentle") and a fantastic friend. Always there for you when you needed anything and always up for a beer and a laugh. A staunch Saints fan as well. I have many, many memories from over the years and a lasting reminder everytime I look at my wedding photos, as Simon took them all for us free of charge, just because he wanted to. That's the kind of guy he was. He will be sorely missed. Absolutely tragic.
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    mon the saints!!

    Peter Houston

    That Danny is our manager and I'm not interested in anyone else whilst he's in charge.
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    Well done !

    Just to say well done, you played us on the last day of the season to get a draw to keep you up last season and since we had won the league a few weeks before you were probably happier than us that day. Glad things are different this year on the last day, you are back where you belong IMO. That is getting beat by better teams like us See you next season GGTTH
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    Stevie Mallan Goal Of The Season

    Can I just say thanks to everyone for there kind words abt Stephen,just wanted to say the weeman did the club proud last night when he received his reward,anyone who has had the opportunity to talk to him will know what the club means to him,he also has so much respect for everyone connected with the club,especially his assistant dad in David longwell who has been the major influence in his development over these eh 14yrs,God am old. Again thanks steve snr.
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    I actually feel gutted for Danny. He's a decent human being, and whether he has run out of ideas/simply isn't up to the job, or hasn't received the backing of the BoD and/or some players, I don't think he deserves our scorn and contempt. One of the abiding memories I will have of Danny is when he simply turned and looked at the crowd at Hampden when Newton scored the 3rd goal in the final. I genuinely believe that he was at least as happy to have delivered that win for us as for himself. There is a warmth and regard there that few managers we've had in recent memory have felt towards the supporters - probably since Tony Fitz. And all that despite not having a long-term affinity with the club. I feel utterly deflated tonight, but I'm not blaming Danny Lennon. Of course he has to take his share of responsibility, but so do others, some of whom seem untouchable at times. Whatever happens, I'll always hold the guy in high regard for delivering the best day of my Saints supporting life. He'll always be a hero for that. Its a bloody shame.
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    Forum Moderation - A Fresh Start

    I've completely cleared the reporting system of all previous complaints. Starting from today I've made a note in my calendar to review each and every complaint that's made via the report button (this appears on each forum post) at 0930. I'll review (and respond) to every complaint made on a daily basis (even if on some occasions I won't be able to make 0930). If particular forum members are being overly abusive they will be sent to the sin bin for a period of reflection. If, upon release from the sin bin, they continue to be the subject of reports for being abusive, they will be permanently banned. All previous sin bin suspensions have now been lifted. You've been warned. Play nice, or fuck off.
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    Davie Longwell

    Was down at the stadium today and bumped into Davie Longwells Dad who I know from the u20s games. He's was telling me that Davie has left Orlando and signed a 7 year deal with New York Red Bulls to manage their Academy. Good luck to him. .
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    Lord Pityme

    I believe Anton

    Watched Saturday's game on the telly, just couldn't muster the will for the six hour round trip, rain, bigot infestation and the eventual final outcome. What did hit me between the ears though was the programme on sky before the game 'SPFL Matters' where Boyd and Commons were interviewing big Anton. The as you would expect they were on about being in Rio's shadow, playing in the EPL etc, but big Anton put them firmly in their place when they did eventually get onto talking about St Mirren. They asked him something like 'how frustrating/demoralising is i, when your teammates just arent up to it?' He chopped them down straight away by saying very clearly 'we are all frustrated, but at the business end of the season, when there are others round about us, WE WILL stay up!' having seen how Erhahon, Jones, Edwards, etc got on, I Believe Anton.... i think despite the now monotonous, feeling sorry for yourself, excuse ridden drivel being peddled by some about 'Stubbs Duds'. We already have the players, quality, desire and passion in the squad to remain in this league, and that will start this weekend in Dundee. The squad can go there with their heads held high to get a win and push Dundee down below the surface. We will start to claw our way back in Dundee, it will be a long, bitter hard fought battle till May, but I believe Anton will lead us through it, and show his qualities in leadership, professionalism and team work. Youre not going to hear him whingeing about his teammates! A lesson a few others should take!
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    Tuesday v Arabs

    Evening. Just dropping by to say we are welcoming away fans for this fixture same as we have on previous visits for your Fans. We are a pub based 100m from Tannadice and welcome all football fans. We are mainly a Dundee pub so won't have any arabs. We have pints from £2.40, jukebox, 2 x pool tables and Sky, BT Sports. Buses and supporters clubs are welcome as well as lone supporters. Any clubs interested if they get in touch i could arrange food etc. Appreciate its a midweek game but offer is there. If anyone is interested get in touch so i can put on additional staff to make sure we cater for everyone. I can put on some ST Mirren highlights for you all aswell. Regards Stephen 07857173397
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    Well I'm glad I proved a lucky charm Thought that was an excellent win. Deserved to win through bossing the parts of the match that mattered and being clinical with chances. First half was iffy, Baird and Mackenzie looked like an accident waiting to happen - they couldn't handle Dobbie and nearly sold O'Brien down the river with two or three appalling backpasses. But second half they upped their game and McGinn shielded them well, while Queens became easier to defend against because Irvine and Eckersley were absolutely rock solid in the full back positions so they had to funnel all their attacks through the middle. Would probably pick Lewis Morgan for man of the match, he got in behind their defenders all afternoon and won the crucial penalty, but Mallan finished his chance brilliantly and kept the midfield humming over well. Didn't feel like Loy and Smith got into it as much but Saints easily did enough, controlled the game well once they were 2 up. That puts you in a much more positive position and I'm delighted. The fans were absolutely brilliant, made one hell of a noise and never stopped singing. Good luck for the rest of the season and I daresay I'll be visiting Paisley before too long.
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    http://smisa.net/news-archive/180-smisa-statement-fan-ownership-gordon-scott There have been some important developments of late which the committee of the trust are keen to share with members and the wider support. Over the past few weeks we have been working with former St Mirren director Gordon Scott on plans to make a joint offer for the shares held by the selling consortium. As part of our research into that we conducted a survey of fans, which had about 600 responses, and we would like to thank everybody who took the time to fill it out. All in, 96% of fans backed the idea of fan ownership, and 94% backed the principle of a fan on the board, while 60% said they would be willing to make a financial contribution towards a scheme that would bring about either or both. Those results have encouraged us to go public on plans which if realised could ensure St Mirren stays in the hands of the people who care about it most...you. Members of the consortium have already indicated to the trust that they are happy to listen to what we put forward. We would stress things are at an early stage and there is a lot of work to be done before we would be in a position to make a formal offer to them. However we have the basis of a plan which - should an offer be accepted - would bring about meaningful fan representation over the short and medium term, and a transfer to majority fan ownership over the long term. The model we are looking into is as follows: - Gordon will put up most of the money, and SMiSA will fundraise the rest. The fundraising campaign will only start if we agree a deal in principle with the consortium; - if a deal is done, Gordon would become the majority shareholder and chairman of the club; - SMiSA would substantially increase its shareholding, and receive a place on the board, to be elected by the fans; - Both parties would have an agreement that would see SMiSA continue to fundraise over several years to raise the cash to buy Gordons majority shareholding at some point in the future The financial details are still to be decided but we envisage a £10-per-month membership scheme being the primary source of long-term ongoing funding, while other short-term income streams would be needed to fund the trusts contribution to the initial share purchase. The trust has a five-figure sum of money in the bank as it stands, however we would only commit this towards an offer for the shares if a majority of members were happy for us to do so. We see the benefits of the proposed model as being as follows: - the current board deserves a tremendous amount of credit for the job they have done over the years, but they have made it clear they would like to move on. This would allow them to do so while keeping the club in the hands of St Mirren supporters; - it would see control of St Mirren transfer to Gordon, a lifelong Saints fan with the business background and boardroom experience to take the club forward, while the fans would have a direct representative with influence over its day-to-day running; - the previous attempt at fan ownership suffered because it had to find all the money at once; this would be different as Gordons presence means an Ann Budge model where we would have years to raise the funds to buy him out and put a viable fan ownership structure in place; We are very keen to hear the thoughts of members and the wider support on these plans, and invite your feedback. Although we believe SMiSA is best placed to be the vehicle through which this process should happen, ultimately it belongs to everybody who cares about St Mirren. We have already begun the process of engaging with fan groups because we know what we are proposing will only work if the wider support is willing to back it. As it stands, the SMiSA committee is a small group and we would welcome the input of any fans who feel they have the expertise and skills to help us take it forward. As we say, things are at a very early stage and there are a lot of hurdles which would need to be cleared before any of this could become reality. It wont happen overnight, but we will do our best to keep members and the wider support updated whenever there are developments to be shared. However, we are excited by the possibilities of what this could mean for our club and hope you are too. The SMiSA committee
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    Howieson's Black & White Heritage

    Cameron Howieson was being interviewed by BBC Alba up at the Saints exhibition at the Museum this afternoon. His great-great grandfather was James Howieson, a member of Saints' 1926 cup winning team, and he was being interviewed about this for a piece that'll be shown before the Raith Rovers game next Friday.
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    I was at the 3-0 game at Fir Hill on 10th November 2013 with Simon, my mate of 39 years, his nephew Keith, and another best friend Jim. Jim, Simon and me had stood on the Love Street North Bank from a young age - I lost count of the number of games we saw, home and away. 10th November will forever be etched in my brain. We had an excellent day out - beers, watching the Saints win, curry and laughs - exactly what best mates should do. Shortly after midnight I said my farewells to Simon and planned to do it all again a month later away to Motherwell. I walked one way, Simon walked the other. Shortly afterwards some random bastard killed him for no apparent reason. I was the lucky one. Not only is this an attack on my best mate, it's an attack on society - it could have happened to anyone reading this. I can't bring myself to attend tomorrow - do Simon proud Saints. The murder trial begins on 9th June. Justice for Simon.
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    Tragic News, R.i.p. Good Buddie

    I first met Simon when Jane and I started going out, maybe 4 years ago. He welcomed me into the crowd with open arms and really made me feel part of the gang and in general, made me feel welcome in paisley. One of my favourite times was after the Aberdeen cup game, we watched it on the Saturday lunchtime in Borgia. Me, Jane, Simon, herbie, Danny Carnon and Jane's pal Kay, what a laugh we had, Simon, Danny and herbie were in great form playing off each other, old jokes and stories from their youth. I really felt part of it, and probably that day had a big effect on my interest in St Mirren. Danny headed up the road and the rest of us headed on to the wee howf, via that place that's now hamish's hoose. I really have no idea what time we left at, but it had been an all dayer to beat any. And we all laughed from start to finish. From that day on he'd always say hi, talking in length about Thistle, St Mirren and music. He'd always come for a chat at half time if I was at a st mirren game. Last Thursday he messages Jane asking what the plans were for the game and where I was suggesting for a drink. Star n Garter, it would be. He was in great form as usual, and in even better form after it. Me, Jane, herbie and a few jags fans were heading down to the Woody, so I went over and said Cheerios. A couple of the lads were having a laugh with me about the score, but Simon put them right, go easy, Big Dave's a good guy. So many things have went through my head since hearing this on Sunday night, what if I'd said to them, mon down to the Woody with us. It would have changed the whole timeline of his night... But you can't think like that. He was having a great night, and I was proud the St Mirren boys were enjoying their night in a thistle pub, my pub. And off we went with a hug goodbye, I think I may have joked he hAd really effeminate soft hands, but I can't recall. I just rember that big smile of his as I walked out the door. So often when you hear of a tragedy like this, words like, kind hearted, genuinely honest, good natured, lovable, always smiling, are used to describe the person... Well every one of them, and more could be used to describe Simon. He really was all of these things and more. Although I only knew you for a few short years, I'm honoured to have. I'm going to miss you Simon.
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