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    St Mirren FC Ltd AGM 2020

    Some rough notes I composed between songs tonight. 111 participants. Meeting recorded for other shareholders. GLS opened the meeting. Discussed questions relating to the accounts. 1. Police Scotland - St Mirren approached the Police to seek advice on an internal matter. PS spoke to previous BoD for history. Matter deemed closed. No further details due to confidentiality. 2. Investment in accounts re £250,000 - money was doing nothing in bank at the time due to low interest rate. . Was invested through Alan Wardrop. Lost money during market crash. Currently sits at £254,000 3. SMTV attendance - ST range from 1,800 to 3,000 ; PPV from 300 to 8000 match dependent 4. Financial Health - Tough times. Club looking to keep loss this season to a minimum. Runs in Cups key. 5. Fill in Corners - Not at this point in time 6. HMRC - processes and systems improved. No feedback to press issued as statement said what was required. Case closed 7. GLS Club Updates - GLS reduced input in running club as a result of help from Kibble. The club have been issuing short and regular updates instead. 8. Club Shop ref. concern about Kibble taking over - all avenues being looked at for future revenue. 9. Question about Kibble involvement - Fitzy was keen to close this issue down. We are seen as one organisation now. Kibble have brought the following benefits to the club: - Graphic Design and Signage - I believe a new sign announcing SMISA Stadium has gone up - Marketing improvements - One Town - One Team; Be in that number around town - IT Support - Training Centre and Stadium Maintenance and Refurbishment - All catering for staff and players - Matchday Hospitality - HR - Multiple Sponsorships in addition to shareholding - No threat to existing staff 10. Question on Off Field revenue - Jim Gillespie spoke about the club’s ambition to be the top 6 commercial football club in Scotland. We aim to have the best Youth Academy. At present the priority is working through a COVID-19 strategy to ensure that we still have a club. Plan is to augment staffing moving forward and sweat the stadium assets especially on non-match days. 11. Question ref Goalkeeper & COVID - St Mirren were given 24hours to resolve the situation and they had to get a player that had been tested. 12. Kyle Magennis - offered a contract to become highest player in squad. Once Jack Ross took over at Hibs, KM requested a move. KM felt it was a life changing move. Club felt they could not stand in his way. 13. Government Loans - Not required this season - cash flow strong. However it would be foolish not to investigate the process as we don’t know what the future holds. 14. Question on Kibble benefits - great resources and professionalism including a dedicated General Manager. Jim Gillespie’s friendship with Billy Bowie helped with the Brophy deal. 15. Scouting system - Jim Goodwin uses contacts, scouts and tools that SPFL provide plus the investment St Mirren have made. As a result of Brexit it has become a very challenging market. Points basis introduced for European market based on a large number of factors. Richer clubs won’t have same issues as they operate in a different market. No issue regarding RoI according to JG. 16. International Subscribers vs UK Season Ticket holders - as it stands international subscribers get to see all games - home and away for £150. Pricing needs to be looked at. 17. SMTV Matchday Sponsor - Club will look at ways to improve SMTV revenue 18. Question on Stadium Use as Car Boot venue on non Matchday weekends - will be looked at. 19. Question on Flu Clinic revenue - good sum of money, but won’t disclose. Club offered stadium for COVID-19 vaccine, but decision to be made by Health Board ========= MINUTES AND FINANCIAL PART APPROVED ====== Questions on Playing Side 1. Dressing Rooms & COVID - we have two of the largest in Scottish football so no issue regarding protocols. 2. Academy Update - some players have left as club felt they would not make first team. Club always looks to provide a pathway for those who leave. Academy games restricted due to COVID, but unlike some clubs (Hibs) St Mirren have kept the Academy going throughout the pandemic. Club have put some players out on load to gain experience, but there is limited football being played. High hopes for a number of players including Lewis Jamieson (Striker), Kieran Offord (Striker) and Dylan Reid. It is hoped that Dylan when he turns 16 this season will make his 1st team debut if all goes well. 3. Kevin Nisbett - Club made an offer to Dunfermline but were priced out by HIbs on fee and wages 4. Usual questions on Set Pieces - lots of work on training ground. Jim Goodwin said that the stats show that we produce enough chances in a game, however we lacked a 15-20 goalscorer - hence the reason we brought in Brophy. 5. Injury Update provided. No details to save the press and opposition from knowing. 6. Transfer Activity - we are always looking at improving the squad. Cards close to chest for obvious reasons. Jim Goodwin finished up by saying this situation has been difficult for everyone at the club as a result of the protocols. He and the players are missing the fans - especially at the cup games against Aberdeen and The Rangers - as they would have liked to have enjoyed the success with the fans. JG sees progress on and off the pitch however. He believes the quality of the squad he has now to what he inherited is like night and day. Jim congratulates the Board on not cutting the wages of the players and staff unlike many other clubs. This has kept morale high and should not be underestimated. Jim says we have only lost 3 of the last 17 and we are 4 points better off than last season, but wants to make improvements. He has received excellent support from General Manager and new directors from Kibble. End of meeting.
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    Welcome Collin Quaner

    Hi all- Huddersfield fan here. Where to start with Collin, he was a big cult hero for us but hasn't played a great deal in the last 2 full seasons- had a hip injury that kept him out most of last season and our formation couldn't really accommodate him in the season before that. He's not particularly like any player I've ever seen, the closest I could get is Danny Welbeck in that they're both so ungainly and clumsy on the ball, but manage to confuse defenders enough for it to be effective. Despite being 6 foot 3 he's not a target man at all, one of the worst headers of the ball I've seen, and while he puts himself about he's very gangly and not as strong as someone of his size should be. He can go from the sublime to ridiculous while on the ball, but his vision and use of space can be absolutely top class (although it was very overlooked by our fans). Actually topped our assists chart in our first season in the Premier League, and was surprisingly effective as a winger that year. If you play him up front though he can lead the line on his own fine as he's a very hard working player. I'd expect him to take a while to get up to speed, and I have some reservations about whether he'll ever reach the same standard as a few years ago- in his few appearances towards the end of last season he wasn't as mobile as before. But I can guarantee he'll give his all and will be a great person to have in the dressing room, everyone here adored him- fans and teammates alike. I hope you enjoy having him as much as we did and I'll be looking out for your results- I noticed another ex player of ours is your manager as well. Good luck for the rest of the season!
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    Conor McCarthy - confirmed

    No I have been absolutely fine and my wife and two boys never got it I guess everyone's make up is different and we have been very lucky thank god.
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    See that attitude after we lost the equaliser? The refusal to let the heads drop or self pity to creep in or accept extra time as an outcome. So despite being outgunned, deciding to use the last few minutes of normal time to go for their throat. That sort of attitude is what gets an entire fanbase onside whether you win or lose. Its never all been about winning or losing for us or we wouldn't be buds. You want a side who isn't scared and shows no respect. Our entire performance outwith the first 25 mins was great but the attitude from the 89th - 95th minute last night, at a point where they should have had their heads down and feel sorry for themselves was just incredible.
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    Obika had a fine game. Did far more that Lyndon Dykes achieved the entire game.
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    faraway saint

    Welcome Scott Tanser

    This is the result of being safe last season and reaching two semi finals. The cash that brought in and the fact it's raised our profile has, IMO, made these signings possible. Anybody who think last season wasn't a success should possibly have a wee lie down.
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    Gus on way out

    The situation now is pretty different from 2 years ago. Back then we had a numpty signing players and wasting loads of money we could not afford. We were also offering these shite players 2 and 3 year deals with no-one else checking if they were worth it. Exit Stubbs and enter Kearney. Kearny knew little of the Scottish League and players so needed help. Enter Gus. Gus did sign some decent players but mostly on 1 year contracts which made us having to repeat the process all over again every 12 months. Gus also scouted far and wide for players. Enter Jim. Whereas Kearney did not have the knowledge and time to check players as he was back in NI every week Jim did have a good knowledge of Scottish football and had contacts and knowledge of LoI football. Kearney agreed to Gus's recommendations whereas Jim wants to personally check over all potential signings. Jim allegedly wants to concentrate on British players and continuity with 2 year deals so the need to change the whole setup every 12 months has decreased and we don't need someone to fly to Prague on a wet Tue night to watch a reserve game. Gus done a good and honest job with us and I wish him all the best however I can understand in these hard times that we cannot afford to pay for a full time senior scout when the manager is prepared to do the checking and has the final say on appointments. Best of luck Gus in the future.
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    Blue Bigots v Saints

    My father in law, who is a bluenose, said I could go round to his house to watch the game, but on separate TV's. I suggested he watched it upstairs, with me downstairs, and he could fling pies at me, just to make it a more authentic Ibrox experience.
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    Welcome Sam Foley

    Gentlemen till the end. Goes with nothing but my thanks and best wishes. [emoji122][emoji122][emoji122]
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    Welcome Collin Quaner

    Hoepfully you're as on the money as you were about Doyle Hayes 😄
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    Gordon Urquhart

    I'll break my self imposed posting ban to pass comment on Steve's untimely passing... Yes Steve and I got together with the idea of doing a film regarding the closure of the Love St years. He was working in broadcast equipment hire and myself in broadcast TV coverage. It was a fair old bumpy ride putting the thing together, it never quite turned out as originally intended but we became good pals during or indeed 'in spite' of the process. Steve's marketing experience and good sales abilities were priceless throughout. I got to know his family too, him, the Mrs and young Andrew relocating to Troon after a time down south, around the time of the movie project. I hadn't been to many games or made much contact after we left Love Street owing to the usual weekend work commitments, but finally ran into Steve and Andrew at a cold midweek game in late 2018 after my leg amputation experience had seen me laid up for most of that year. Sadly that was when he informed me his beloved other half had contracted, and quickly succumbed to cancer and everything was up in the air. Steve somehow soldiered on and was still a regular at both home and away games with Andrew by his side. So with that in mind, I hope he's in a happier place now and that (if you believe in these kind of things) that they are back together. If you see Andrew at a game in the future, and know him, wish him well. My sincere condolences to family and friends. May they both rest in peace.
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    Welcome Jake Doyle-Hayes

    Really? Six years at Aston Villa. "During his time at the Villains he had loan spells at League Two sides Cambridge United and Cheltenham Town. It was at Cheltenham where Jake featured regularly – appearing 36 times for the Robins last season." That's not to be dismissed. Might indeed be shite... but I'd rather support the lad and give him a chance.
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    The results are merely part of the problem albeit a big one. I can honestly say that for the second half yesterday, I noticed myself doing something that I've been doing a lot more when watching these games on the telly. I switched off. Not physically, as the game remained on til the end but I found myself browsing my phone, drifting away onto another subject whilst the hopeless commentator mumbled a lot of stupid platitudes in the background and I realised, I wasn't f**king interested. Anyone who knows me from off of here, understands and knows that when I'm at a match, I'm usually one of those folk that the commentator is apologising on behalf of for the language. I attack every ball mentally, I live on the edge of my seat for the full 90 mins... always has been the case... even way back in mid 90s as a ball boy when I got 'booked' post match in the tunnel for calling the ref a 'f**king joke' under my breath as we trudged past him following a controversial loss. 😂 Point being, at the end, if we win, it's a boost mentally but if we lose, when I leave I make sure I never let it affect me personally or my mood outwith the immediate hour or two in the aftermath of the result. But as I sat yesterday, I realised, we're so mind numbing that I had my face in my phone for the full second half, I didn't care to mentally will the team forward or even get frustrated at them for misplaced passes etc, as the team, frankly are f**king boring. Not just shite. We've seen shite in the past, more times than I care to remember, but absolutely devoid of any ability in the opposition half, a basic competence of getting the ball into area where we potentially might score. When we do get into the final third, we seem to have stumbled into it rather than carved out a chance. My main criticism of Goodwin teams is that there is no attacking intent or finesse, it's a horribly panicked mantra of 'get the ball forward 50 times, one or two of those are bound to have a lucky bounce and let us in for a shot' and it's absolutely painful to watch. I'm not in the Goodwin out camp. Not yet anyway, but he's about 3 or 4 weeks away from being untenable. Even if the results do turn, the football served will still be the gash were subject to. I don't mind a team hunkering in and grinding out a result when the pressure is on but we should not be performing that way against teams around us. It's an eyesore and a total turnoff.
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    So very sad to read of the sudden passing of Steve Rowan last week. Steve of course was the producer behind the excellent "Love Street The Movie" DVD that was published to celebrate our time at the old stadium. The follow on piece to that film, featuring the last ever game at Love Street and Steve interviewing supporters and ex-players is on YouTube but the actual film itself is not. So, inspired by my good friend @Yflab and for everyone to enjoy who has not seen it, here is the full film. Rest in peace Steve.
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    Covid-19 Club Statement

    On the plus side, we'll be the first team in Scotland to achieve herd immunity.
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    portmahomack saint


    Yes would be a miracle considering they didn't qualify
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    Well done Jamie on being called up to the Ireland squad.
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    I'm surprised more hasn't been said about our first goal yesterday. It was a fantastic team goal finished superbly by Dennis. From Alnwick to Dennis in around 15 seconds with mostly one touch football. A masterclass in fast, freeflowing football.
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    Eamonn Brophy

    29 goals in 70 starts for Kilmarnock. The only non OF player in Scotland outwith Brophy with a better record over last 3 seasons is Sam Cosgrove. His scoring record is good. We are never going to be able to attract proven 20 goals a season types, especially current internationals and guys in their early to mid 20s so I'm not sure what you expect in a signing. Brophy ticks a lot of boxes and strengthens out front line without a doubt. A signing that most of us thought would have his pick of clubs outwith the OF and he's picked us. I mean it just goes to show that some fans are impossible to please.
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    JJ McG

    The January Transfer Window

    Doyle Hayes on a new contract is the most important signing of January we could make, a serious player, glides through games and makes it look easy.
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    That church is something I'm quietly proud of! After closing as a church it went the usual way of being a furniture store / odds and sods salesroom, and slowly but surely it started to really deteriorate as a building. It was a nice Grade 2 listed building, but that made no difference to the owners. Having been dragged up in Paisley, but now working in the big smoke (of Glasgow), I was well aware that grants were available through a government funded body and they would support development of any building if you could show that benefit would come from the investment. I had the idea of creating three floors of flats with an atrium in the middle. The big problem were the long windows on each side of the building, and how would you introduce a floor detail for the middle level of flats. The Paisley Planners weren't at all enthusiastic and basically said we couldn't touch the building, or all we could create were two levels of residential, which didn't financially work. So I asked for Historic Scotland to become involved and one of their people came to Paisley and we turned up at the building with the Paisley Planner in tow. She was fully expecting to be backed up by Historic Scotland, but they backed our idea to the hilt and said that this was one of the best solutions they had seen for a building of this type. So the bottom line was that we carried out the development and I can actually say, I saved the building. The great advantage that it had was no burial ground around it and internally it wasn't too ecclesiastical so not that difficult to get the right look. I hope if any members of the forum live, or has lived here it would be good to hear what they thought of it. I haven't been in the building for a long number of years. The development was completed around 1988.
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    Lewis Morgan.

    I listened to the pod cast thought Lewis came over as the great guy he is. In his time at St.Mirren I was lucky to get to know him well and his mum and dad. Lovely family. Great player for us. I remember him playing his his first u20s he was so thin his Jersey was hanging off him. But he had pace. And good technique. I will always love his last game and scoring the winner V Morton. Then celebrating behind the goal to the Morton fans. Brilliant. Best of luck to him in Miami.
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    Speculation Thread

    Looks like we may have some movement before Saturday.
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    Not me.. StJ out played us three times, we were awful twice in Perth and we won in Paisley in the last 10mins against 10 men. I don’t think we were negative today but our inability to score goals is what cost us we are just not good enough at the top end of the pitch to be a top team and we also don’t score enough from midfield Mcgarth has obviously scored goals but 90% have been penalties. Our goalkeeper and defence is what put us in a position to be top 6 and I think all bar Fraser are contracted for next season so we now need to start looking at the midfield and the strikers if we want to take that next step.
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    Celtic v St Mirren, Saturday, 3.00pm

    Dennis is a fantastic player. Scored goals everywhere he's been. Had an unfortunate beginning to his time in the stripes due to injury/illness. He is quick, clever and can strike a ball. His control and shot today for his goal showed us his true quality. That was in case you missed the way he set Flynn clear on Wednesday before he set himself up and pointed where he wanted the ball for the 5th goal. He also hooked the ball over his shoulder to set Connolly away for the 4th. We have a real baller here and like all forwards thrives on confidence. Imo he now has this and will be a great asset for us.
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    Ross County (a) Boxing Day

    I feel for Morais... I truly do. Nothing has really gone his way. If the ball hit Obika on the backside it would end up in the net. If the ball hit Morais on the backside he would get sent off for handball! He did some great work today and gave their defence a torrid time... but yes.. at times his decision making was poor and his final ball was wasted more often than not. YET... someone criticised us for not shooting from outside the box... Something Morais did twice, bringing out decent saves from their keeper. He continues to perplex, but I refuse to slate him as he gives his all every time.
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    Brandon Mason

    Chancer????? To me he is showing great initiative and drive. He regularly writes about all aspects of Scottish football far more incisively and intelligently than Tom English who is the Chief Sports writer on BBC Scotland. His video calls with players at home are insightful. But most of all his content is not about the Old Firm - unheard of in Scottish media. But he is only 19 with an HND so he must be shite.
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    Contrary to others on here, I thought we improved when Morais came on. Yes, he missed a sitter, and yes he gave away possession a few times, but overall I thought he proved more of an attacking threat than McAlister had. Hopefully both improve. Defence and keeper were excellent. Great three points for us !
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    JJ McG

    Speculation Thread

    You’re an absolute bunnet.
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    Welcome Scott Tanser

    Called it right enough. Fantastic signing!
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    Thank f**k they don't know what there talking about same as me lol lol
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    Without setting the heather on fire, we were solid, workmanlike and totally deserving of all three points. Fifth place in our sights. Durmus my MotM. Good performances from Obika, Erhahon, JDH, McAllister and Lyness. Happy with that. [emoji122][emoji122][emoji122]
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    McAllister had his best game for ages today. Great contributions to both goals. He even recovered from an injury. I said way back when Dennis made his debut that he looked a like a player who knew his way towards goal, if he got the service. Fantastic to see him delivering the goods. Thought every player played their roles to perfection. Kudos to JG for his hard work in sussing out the green arse cheek's system. As I'm in congratulatory mode, it would seem churlish of me to miss out praising Shane Duffy for his abject shiteness. So, well done Shane, you overpaid donkey.
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    Dundee Utd v St. Mirren, 27/01/21

    I think Dennis should get a lot more credit for his goal. It may appear for as a simple tap in but he orchestrated it. He was a lot further back when Flynn came into the box but instead of standing waiting for the ball he pointed to where he wanted the ball to go and evaded his marker to get there to tap it over the line. An intelligent striker's goal.
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    Cannae believe we’re all shitin it from Livi. A team we’ve beaten twice already this season are being made out to be Real Madrid. Is this what it’s come to? Bring them f**kin on I say.
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    Gordian Mothersole's funeral

    THANK YOU ALL On behalf of Susan, Graeme and Gordian and the Black and White Magazine team, we’d like to thank everyone who turned out to bid a Saints farewell to Gordian Mothersole today. The scenes at St Mirren Park and Houston cemetery will never be forgotten. To see the entire first team, Jim Goodwin, management, directors, coaching staff and friends line the stands and street to pay tribute was simply stunning. Sincere thanks go to all members of the St Mirren Community. Jack
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    Club covid executives - a statement.

    Three Scotland under 21 players have tested positive and eight others have to self isolate as they were close contacts. Hope there is a full investigation to see whether the SFA robustly adhered to protocols...
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    Morias had a very good game yesterday, particularly in the first half. He was a constant nuisance and the Accies back line struggled to keep him in check. My only criticism of him is that he snatched a bit wildly at the two chances that came his way but he certainly turned in every bit as good a performance as Jakubiak was doing last season and folk were raving over him for.
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    Hamilton v St Mirren Sat 15th Aug 20

    So, three points won away from home today. Our second clean sheet in three matches played. An away game against one half of the OF already out of the way. Six points ahead of the bottom of the table. Two first choice midfielders who have been unavailable through injury are both likely to be back within a few weeks. No hard luck stories of silly points lost or thrown away to bleat about. What's to complain about ?
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    Mid Calder Saint


    No no no Stubbs had no idea No no no Stubbs either was not aware or just disrespectful of the history of our great club I am 75 and fortunate enough to have watched us lift major trophies and competed in Europe and of course had a great season early eighties finishing third in the top league broke the Scottish transfer record to sign McDougall from the Bankies no-one will ever convince me Well and Killie are bigger clubs than us and then of course you have Livi having a great finish last season on a lesser budget than us a club who barely sell 1000 season tickets quite simply Stubbs made an usher hash of things his signings mostly were awful and of course we paid £75k for Heaton who couldn't even perform well against amateur opposition in the League Cup and I believe is now back working on a building suite notice Stubbs never even mentioned that why the BBC gave him s platform to talk bollocks was out of order.
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    Speculation Thread

    Thanks for kind words on my PP days. I fair enjoyed them and glad some antics are remembered well. Alerted to your chat by a mate. Tafkapp
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    Total Bollocks in my opinion and you of course are entitled to yours. We as part of a civilised society do have a moral obligation to protect ourselves and others in society. TB was eradicated in the UK due to vaccination as well as polio, you only get that eradication when enough people in society become immune via surviving disease or vaccination, vaccination being the obvious and more palatable method. If someone has a genuine reason not to get the vaccine and I mean medical reason not religious or stupidity reasons then fully agree they of course should not but they are the very people being protected by the rest of us taking the vaccine. Too much bullshit is posted on social media nowadays and is too easily spread and sections of the f**kwit population seem to believe the bullshit contained therein. If we are individuals that dont give a toss about others then you are right no moral reason and to argue against it would be sanctimonious but if we are a society then that comes or should come with obligations to the weaker in society. If you believe this is a childish nonsense then that says more about you than it does about others. SS
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    The boy McKay ran him ragged. Although that could be said about our midfield too when ICT ventured forward. However, he was much better in the second half, most likely because we had by then reverted to a more stable flat back four. Thought our defending of high balls was uncharacteristically very poor and a lot of our defensive problems stemmed from losing out to their attackers in the air. Both our CH's had an "off" night. Alnwick, once again, was superb. POTY by an absolute mile. Not one of our outfield players has performed so consistently throughout the entire season so far. He's made a huge number of outstanding match winning saves.
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    Welcome Dylan Connolly

    That's a goal and 2 assists in his last 3 games. Really coming onto a game now. Definitely one who we should be getting signed up on a longer deal.
  47. 11 points
    Great to see Flynn even running in a saints jersey again. For me his performance was irrelevant but as usual he was great. I have a feeling he could be very important for the remainder of the season.
  48. 11 points
    We didn't lose the game yesterday on the park; we lost it on the drawing board. I find it hard to believe that our manager failed abysmally to recognise the limitation of Ernhanon, MacPherson and Mason's ability to confront the strength of the Livi side especially the current form of these players. I'm not blaming the players. The substitutions made in the second half was symptomatic of the realisation that the manager had made a huge mistake. I think the biggest impact of this result and the way it was lost will be on the morale of the players. Those subs who came on will feel they should have been chosen for the kick-off and for most of the other players seeing that mistake, their morale will have also taken a hit while looking at the whole picture. Our latest signing, Brophy; what will he be thinking after being subbed and who never received the service he should have got. His morale too will have weakened. I laid in bed last night thinking about all of this and I still find it difficult to come to terms with it. Given all the enthusiastic effort those fans made in decorating the town with our colours I feel truly sorry. Come Wednesday if we get beat this will underline Goodwin's failure yesterday. We are more than capable of beating Utd but not before their morale has been re-inflated.
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    Kyle Magennis

    We don't need a 20 goal a season striker in. There's no striker out there who would score 20 a season in this team. We need a player or two players who can create or contribute to several meaningful and incisive attacks per match. The sort of players who will pull defenders out of position, have a bit of ball retention and put passes in areas that attackers like to get on the end of rather than feeding off of scraps. Until we get that, we'll not score goals regardless of who is up top.
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    Magic Monkey

    Speculation Thread

    Fuxake guys, come on, slag each other on DM if you must but this is a public forum and absolutely nobody wants to read this shit.
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