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    The boy McKay ran him ragged. Although that could be said about our midfield too when ICT ventured forward. However, he was much better in the second half, most likely because we had by then reverted to a more stable flat back four. Thought our defending of high balls was uncharacteristically very poor and a lot of our defensive problems stemmed from losing out to their attackers in the air. Both our CH's had an "off" night. Alnwick, once again, was superb. POTY by an absolute mile. Not one of our outfield players has performed so consistently throughout the entire season so far. He's made a huge number of outstanding match winning saves.
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    Sunday story time... Been supporting the Saints for as long as I can remember first match was against hibs at love street 90/91 think we lost 1-0, started going to the games regularly at school, first away match down at Stranraer, I recall spewing upon arrival after the journey on the coach and winedy roads. Paid £5 to sit on the grass behind the goal, 2-2 last minute overhead kick equaliser for us. 2000 season back in the prem, unbeaten after the split but still went down, we signed that young lad from Coventry opposed to Ronaldinho 😂, down the sliders again for another 6 seasons, promotion, few seasons there and the final that shall not be mentioned. St mirrens day, 35 of us went to Hampden, me and the whole office, no one made it in to work on the Monday 🐼🐼, then the disaster from Lennon leaving the 8 managers that followed and almost relegation to 3rd tier. Ross revival what a season, and through to now a few blips along the way but 2 semis and league safety. I’m almost 40 now, been to finals, league triumphs and relegations. One thing is missing from this story... Europe. I was 5/6 last time we played and more interested with button moon than St Mirren. Anyone that says this doesn’t matter, it does. as a lifelong fan I want to travel away wherever we go and welcome any team minnows, or not, to St Mirren park. Hopefully covid permitting we could get a good few jolly’s away, and let’s face it the £3/4M that comes with it would be nice. Fingers crossed for today COYS 🐼🐼🐼
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    If we are hurting, can you imagine how the players and management feel right now? For many of the younger players they will may never experience a cup final in their career, never mind winning a major honour. You only need to look at our cup winning sides of 1987 and 2013 to see who won anything major in their careers. Gary Teale and Paul Dummett both played at a very high level in England but have only won one major honour in their career. For all the money they earned, the only major medal they have to show is the one they got at Saints. Paul Lambert and Ian Ferguson of ‘87 fame were the exceptions by going on to win further honours. We had Saints teams in the late 70s and early 80s who were head and shoulders above the 87 and 13 teams. Those were tough times as Saints fans and players dealing with incompetent refs in semi finals. Players like Billy Stark, Lex Richardson, Billy Thompson, Iain Munro, Dougie Somner, Jackie Copland, Ian Scanlon, Frank McAvennie, Steve Clarke and co all deserved to win a major trophy with Saints. Sometimes you need a bit of luck to succeed. Today the luck favoured St Johnstone, as we had some of the best opportunities today and Collum was the ref. It’s easy to point the finger at missed chances, poor substitutions, etc, but it was down to small margins today as to why we lost. On another day, those chances go in and we would have all been celebrating. Only a few seasons ago we were down to the last game away to Hibs facing League 1 football for the first time in our history. We rode our luck in the United play-off game and Hearts last season. Let’s try and find some positives. Our day will come in the future. When it does we can celebrate once again.
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    Subbing Tait just after they had introduced a left winger was naivety beyond belief . They were so strapped on the bench today that introducing a winger , either Middleton or Conway , was likely to be their only tactical change , yet we get suckered by it and concede from Middleton's cross within 4 minutes !
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    Marcus Fraser has signed an extension till 2023. Good news. https://www.stmirren.com/all-news/3978-marcus-fraser-agrees-contract-extension
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    I don’t agree with this ‘we have a cup semifinal’ or ‘the game means nothing’ so rest players! momentum is everything and every game is important. If we were in relegation trouble, which we have been and probably will be again in the future, we’d be raging if someone put out a weakened team. Be careful what you wish for and we are not a team who can afford to be arrogant. don’t get me wrong I hope it pays off next weekend but losing at home to Hamilton and dropping in the league is still hard to accept.
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    You haven’t missed much.....beat Celtic at parkhead for first time in 32 years, put Sevco out the cup (one of only 3 teams in Europe to have beaten them this season) we are two wins away from European football and have the opportunity to finish in our highest spot since the SPL was formed. Apart from that it’s been pretty rotten.
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    Gosport Buddie

    Welcome Jake Doyle-Hayes

    Another abysmal/anonymous performance. Another "reasonable" player that's had his head turned by an agent in search of a bigger fee. Time to withdraw any contract offer and use it to keep Durmus and McGrath long term
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    After the turmoil of that game - one outstanding plus point (apart from the result of course) is the classy performance by Jay Henderson. Another gem from the academy. Let's hope he maintains this standard of performance.
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    I've got to admit I was wrong when JG subbed both strikers, changed the team's mentality for the better.
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    Well, I saw that as a good old fashioned cup tie with both sides fully committed to winning. I’m just glad we managed to emerge victorious. Caley had plenty good chances and thankfully Alnwick was is good form. But, when was the last time we hit the woodwork four times in a match ? Bring on Killie ! COYS !!
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    Our Manager

    I think some people need to realise that this is Jim’s first full time post. He is still relatively inexperienced managing a fairly young squad. With a bit of luck we could easily have beaten a more experienced St Johnstone side to both top 6 and the Scottish cup final. Slim margins. Hopefully next year we can improve when we can all get the chance for some happy days out at Hampden. COYS.
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    TPAFKA Jersey 2


    Aye and maybe he could pull his socks up properly and make sure he wears fancier boots. If he can do all these things I’d give him a new deal. Honestly, with the absolute paucity of any genuine mercurial ability in our squad at the moment, how anyone would consider not giving this guy a contract is beyond me. He might not be the finished article but he’s more than good enough for us.
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    Im with Jim on this if someone had said at seasons start 2 national cup semi finals and just missing out on top 6. I would have taken that another summer and add to what we have top 6 and more cup runs will follow. Half the so called St Mirren fans on here have all became the new Pep Guardiola these players will always been inconsistent thats why they are playing for us.
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    Dummet strikes again

    Sorry you are probably right but I was just so excited...It's a SIGN
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    Speculation Thread

    Aberdeen just now would be a poor move for McGrath. They are a shambles of a club at the moment, leaking millions with many of the squad out of contract. Their inexperienced manager has a major rebuilding job for next season. Hardly a place to push on from. Jamie should sign an extension with us with a buy out clause and wait for a Championship club to come calling offering him and us megabucks.
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    Brilliant in the end but I never seen that one coming It just goes to show that anything can happen What an amazing finish 😂Can’t believe Tommy Wrights interview,nearly greeting about our penalty What made it all the more pleasing was that wee prick Kilties face,hope he enjoyed giving us the get it up yous after he scored 🤪 Does it matter if it wasn’t a brilliant performance?Not to me.........but I do wish they’d stop putting us thru the wringer Sweet Dreams Everyone.........even good old Elvis 😉 🏁🏆🏁
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    Ross County v St Mirren, Wed 21/4

    I just watched Jim Goodwin's interview from official site he literally admits he went there looking for a draw he didn't think we could win the game with the players he had at his disposal .He really needs to get rid of his cautious approach and start believing in his team even Erwin said it was the plan to sit off them Jim really needs to change his mindset and start believing in his players rather than worrying about other teams because we are a good team being held back
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    faraway saint

    Kilmarnock V Saints

    Got to give everyone, players and manager, some credit. Who would have thought, at 2-0 down, we'd have got a point? Lot's of positives, along with the negatives. Decent watch TBH.
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    Good bit of business.
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    faraway saint


    Agreed, steady, what we need. 👍
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    Should the manager play the fringe players in this game to avoid any more possible injuries before our cup game ? Doing so may result in the Accies getting a win, and therefore helping to put Killie down just to annoy Wright a bit more
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    We’re currently 7th in the table We finished 7th in both 1959 & 1987 🤞
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    Tommy Wright greeting about penalty..what a twat
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    A short summary of our achievements under Jim Goodwin and Lee Sharp this season (so far): First victory at Parkhead since 1990 [emoji122] First ever victory against The Rangers (and remain the only Scottish team to beat them this season) and as a result our first semi final since 2013[emoji122] Longest unbeaten run in the top flight since 1968 [emoji122] First win at Tannadice since 2013 and in the same game our biggest away win in the top flight since 1984 [emoji122] First Scottish Cup Semi Final since 2009 [emoji122] First time we have made both national semi finals in one season since 1982 [emoji122] Already matched our best top flight points tally since the 80’s, and there’s three games to go [emoji122] All of this achieved despite unprecedented off field issues and a ridiculous fixture pile up in February. In September we were signing goalies on the morning of games and other such madness. It’s been far from perfect (is it ever?). But, What. A. Season. What. A. Manager. The doubters have certainly been proven wrong. Hard to believe there was a fairly sizeable ‘Goodwin out’ brigade among our support in September and October. Credit to Gordon Scott for not listening to them. Can’t wait to see how the rest of it pans out, gutted we won’t be there.
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    They didn't have Lafferty the last time down there and we were lucky to get a point. It's all down to us , whether he's playing or not !
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    Smithers Jones

    Ross County v St Mirren, Wed 21/4

    When Durmus arrived I wasn't convinced he was any good, if he didn't beat his man with his first couple of attempts his confidence dropped and he didn't want the ball. Fair play to him, he has become a very important addition to the squad. I don't like him as much on the right or in the wing back role but he's done well regardless of where he has been asked to play. I really hope we can keep him.
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    Estate Agents

    I am an ex director of an estate agency. PM the details of the property and I will sort you out. Basically you need the flat presented in its best possible condition and get the best photos you can using lighting and angles. Put together an attractive but honest description. List it on property portals at midday on a friday to try and get early weekend traffic to build up interest which can lead to either a quick sale or gathered interest. Your property views on portals drops by 40% after 3 days and another 20% after 7 days. There is a sound selling process which most estate agents don't adhere to. I have sold hundreds of properties throughout glasgow and paisley but mainly west end glasgow. I will give you an honest appraisal and see if I can get you a discounted home report if you don't already have one. Presentation, productive marketing, putting on the portals at the right time and negotiation based on information and interest and the only key elements to selling a property. If anyone else tells you anything different they are lying.
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    St Mirren Academy

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    Whatever happens today, Durmus has been outstanding.
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    Because of a fantastic save. He did absolutely nothing wrong.
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    Fraser, Flynn, Obika, Brophy and Connolly all return from injury for Sunday according to Jim. Great news and we will have a full bench!
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    St Mirren Photos & Videos

    And while on the subject of graves, in Hawkhead Cemetery you will find this one for Andy Reid. Andy played 260 games for Saints before becoming trainer to John Cochrane during the 20s. As a management team they guided Saints to victory in Barcelona in 1922 and the Scottish Cup in 1926 before heading south to reform the partnership with Cochrane at Sunderland in 1929. At Roker Park they became the first management team to win the Scottish Cup and the FA Cup when Sunderland triumphed in 1937 having already won the First Division in 1936. Andy returned to Love Street in the 1940s and helped guide the team to the Summer Cup in 1943 before retiring at the age of 68 in 1950.
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    Speculation Thread

    As it turned out I think we did well to sell Kyle this season with the new talent coming through. It was Kyle that instigated the move and the club negotiated the best deal possible. He’s hardly played for Hibs.
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    Cookie Monster


    Or pay for SMTV instead of watching it on Hesgoals. [emoji848]
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    I agree with you. However I’d love to see Killie, their plastic pitch and Broadfoot relegated. That would be nice.
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    German or Elsewhere Postal Address

    Do you only have one leg?
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    The whole match is on BBC iPlayer... Sportscene, 2020/21: Scottish Cup Quarter-Final: Kilmarnock v St Mirren: www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000vmtn
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    Our name is on this. Sore one for Killie and cunts like God of War.
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    faraway saint

    Old Paisley Nightclubs

    Oaky has never been the same since. 😂
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    Great fightback last night. Durmus played well and got a deserved goal. Quaner looked the part - what a shame we haven't had a chance to see him properly until now - but perhaps a useful surprise to spring in the cup? When was the last time we could look forward to a Scottish Cup QF without worrying about a potential top flight relegation? Its a good feeling!
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    European Super League

    Sorry Baz, no amount of PR spin was going to detract from the situation where the richest clubs celebrated their wealth in a vanity competition when they had earned the right to participate in the stock echange rather than on the field of play.
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    The Vaccine

    Second AZ jag at high noon today. No reaction to first and, thus far, none to the second.
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    Amazing stuff FS, you picked out their main striker as their danger man up front ???? I'm in awe !!! 😜
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    If we’d been knocked out of the two semis by The Rangers or Celtic I’d agree but to fail to make the final against the fakes and livi feels more disappointing because of the relative sizes of the clubs involved.
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    Fergie's Furies

    Aberdeen approached us for Fergie 12 months beforehand , but Fergie knocked them back because he wanted to take his own Saints team into the Premier League. Aberdeen appointed Billy McNeil instead , but it became clear during 77/78 that Big Jock was on the way out at Parkhead and they wanted McNeil to replace him. In the run in to the end of the season Fergie had upset a few folk within the club , so when Aberdeen made it known that they were back in for him , everyone knew he was on his way , one way or another !
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    And yet again you are fud of the evening, what a guy.
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    Speculation Thread

    So today I have found out that Elvis is King..........of the shaggers 🥺
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